Indian companies operating in the same miscellaneous commercial services industry

The list below has Indian companies that operate under the same industry, miscellaneous commercial services. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as LTIMINDTREE LTD or those with the best price dynamics like KRYSTAL INTEGRATED, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
LTIMLTIMINDTREE LTD1.448 T INR4888.90 INR−0.60%218.62 K0.4031.54154.99 INR+7.02%1.23%Commercial Services
SYNGENESYNGENE INTERNATIO300.868 B INR749.05 INR+2.33%2.553 M4.7960.2612.43 INR+15.75%0.07%Commercial Services
NBCCNBCC (INDIA) LTD240.3 B INR133.60 INR−2.05%7.087 M0.4764.322.08 INR+93.07%0.40%Commercial Services
CYIENTCYIENT LTD231.671 B INR2088.95 INR−0.59%215.293 K0.5735.1859.37 INR+29.15%1.34%Commercial Services
RITESRITES LTD167.346 B INR696.55 INR+2.23%1.747 M1.0436.2819.20 INR−15.63%2.73%Commercial Services
CONCORDBIOCONCORD BIOTECH LTD163.374 B INR1560.00 INR+3.28%750.214 K10.810.00%Commercial Services
FSLFIRSTSOURCE SOLUTI141.872 B INR203.50 INR−0.49%1.181 M0.8527.287.46 INR+3.90%1.72%Commercial Services
ECLERXECLERX SERVICES119.436 B INR2436.95 INR−1.95%35.84 K0.5423.31104.55 INR+10.71%0.04%Commercial Services
LATENTVIEWLATENT VIEW ANALYTICS LTD111.373 B INR540.35 INR−2.40%533.986 K0.2675.687.14 INR−6.05%0.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
RTNINDIARATTANINDIA ENT LTD99.703 B INR72.20 INR−2.70%2.807 M0.7726.992.67 INR−11.53%0.00%Commercial Services
MAPMYINDIAC.E. INFO SYSTEMS LTD99.46 B INR1841.80 INR−0.93%24.397 K0.1581.2522.67 INR+21.77%0.16%Commercial Services
INFIBEAMINFIBEAM AVENUES L98.817 B INR35.55 INR−1.93%25.521 M0.5764.930.55 INR+13.35%0.14%Commercial Services
NIITMTSNIIT LEARNING SYSTEMS LTD67.633 B INR500.35 INR−0.57%42.278 K0.230.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
SISSIS LTD65.249 B INR452.15 INR+0.11%381.343 K6.0722.5520.05 INR−15.22%0.00%Commercial Services
CHOICEINCHOICE INTERNATIONAL LTD60.294 B INR303.15 INR−1.62%576.324 K0.6150.336.02 INR+165.50%0.00%Commercial Services
HGSHINDUJA GLOBAL SOL40.261 B INR867.00 INR−1.25%19.98 K0.3361.8214.02 INR−99.02%4.33%Commercial Services
AXISCADESAXISCADES TECHNOLO25.423 B INR606.35 INR−1.12%46.28 K0.4063.699.52 INR0.00%Commercial Services
UDSUPDATER SERVICES LTD20.801 B INR310.75 INR−1.19%229.352 K1.090.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
NIITLTDNIIT14.695 B INR108.85 INR−1.89%287.483 K0.4283.991.30 INR−91.35%0.46%Commercial Services
KKRYSTALKRYSTAL INTEGRATED14.242 B INR1016.30 INR+19.33%4.106 M5.650.00%Commercial Services
APTECHTAPTECH LTD13.837 B INR238.90 INR−1.65%186.582 K0.4823.2210.29 INR−0.26%1.80%Commercial Services
VERANDAVERANDA LEARNING SOL LTD13.646 B INR197.25 INR−0.70%77.782 K0.38−12.22 INR+12.89%0.00%Commercial Services
SNOWMANSNOWMAN LOGISTICS11.994 B INR71.80 INR−0.55%891.654 K0.5076.630.94 INR+93.76%1.39%Commercial Services
ALLSECALLSEC TECHNOLOGIE10.87 B INR713.20 INR+1.89%32.212 K1.6119.6236.35 INR+2.12%4.21%Commercial Services
ONEPOINTONE POINT ONE SOLU10.632 B INR54.40 INR−2.07%297.778 K0.4155.430.98 INR+153.53%0.00%Commercial Services
VIMTALABSVIMTA LABORATORIES10.615 B INR477.95 INR−1.83%14.44 K0.7926.0218.37 INR−12.44%0.42%Commercial Services
AGSTRAAGS TRANSACT TECH LTD9.357 B INR77.00 INR−4.47%169.405 K0.86−7.55 INR−2937.29%0.00%Commercial Services
RADIANTCMSRADIANT CASH MGMT SER LTD9.084 B INR85.20 INR+0.18%101.993 K0.4517.354.91 INR−12.06%3.52%Commercial Services
FCSSOFTFCS SOFTWARE SOLUT7.249 B INR4.25 INR+2.41%14.454 M1.83−0.06 INR−1016.67%0.00%Commercial Services
GLOBALGLOBAL EDUCATION LTD5.084 B INR249.70 INR−0.64%99.287 K1.6913.2018.91 INR+131.62%2.00%Commercial Services
CLEDUCATECL EDUCATE LTD4.723 B INR87.25 INR−1.13%29.362 K0.4429.892.92 INR−34.82%0.00%Commercial Services
DUGLOBALDUDIGITAL GLOBAL LTD4.617 B INR66.20 INR0.00%20 K0.270.00%Commercial Services
VINSYSVINSYS IT SERVICES4.541 B INR309.35 INR−5.11%32 K1.750.00%Commercial Services
KKAPSTONKAPSTON FACILITIES MGMT L2.706 B INR266.75 INR−0.15%2.133 K0.2925.2510.56 INR+121.54%0.00%Commercial Services
GGVPTECHGVP INFOTECH LTD2.15 B INR13.20 INR+1.15%170.645 K1.31184.870.07 INR−98.15%0.00%Commercial Services
EEFACTORE FACTOR EXPERIENC1.937 B INR148.00 INR+0.51%6.4 K0.190.00%Commercial Services
AARSHIYAARSHIYA LTD1.9 B INR7.15 INR−2.05%51.101 K0.04−11.52 INR−156.63%0.00%Commercial Services
TTOUCHWOODTOUCHWOOD ENTERTAI1.661 B INR149.85 INR−2.63%3.86 K1.7557.072.63 INR+4.69%0.23%Commercial Services
MMITCONMITCON CON1.595 B INR118.75 INR−1.78%7.437 K1.1334.163.48 INR+1442.88%0.00%Commercial Services
SSUVIDHAASUVIDHAA INFOSERVE LTD1.226 B INR6.00 INR−0.83%143.804 K0.71−0.55 INR−604.72%0.00%Commercial Services
AADROITINFOADROIT INFOTECH LTD974.49 M INR18.05 INR+4.64%97.933 K2.40−0.22 INR−113.05%0.00%Commercial Services
AADROITPP.E1ADROIT INFOTECH LTD974.49 M INR4.10 INR+2.50%36.163 K0.82−0.22 INR−113.05%0.00%Commercial Services
WEWINWE WIN LTD897.318 M INR88.10 INR−3.50%65.684 K0.3737.762.33 INR+7.89%0.00%Commercial Services
AARIHANTACAARIHANT ACADEMY LTD871.949 M INR144.00 INR+1.23%4 K0.310.00%Commercial Services
GGTECJAINXG-TEC JAINX EDUCATION LTD780.362 M INR87.20 INR0.00%90.0095.740.91 INR0.00%Commercial Services
EEXCELEXCEL REALTY N INF747.668 M INR0.50 INR−9.09%4.95 M1.06−0.01 INR−58.82%0.00%Commercial Services
SSERVICESERVICE CARE LTD666.913 M INR58.00 INR0.00%2 K0.3214.543.99 INR0.00%Commercial Services
VERTEXPLUSVERTEXPLUS TECHNOL658.97 M INR120.25 INR−3.45%3.6 K0.4745.942.62 INR0.00%Commercial Services
AADLARCHIDPLY DECOR LIMTED496.788 M INR89.55 INR−1.21%9.35 K0.43−0.01 INR−100.47%0.00%Commercial Services
EEDUCOMPEDUCOMP SOLUTIONS445.78 M INR3.65 INR−3.95%35.836 K0.670.00%Commercial Services
KKEEPLEARNDSJ KEEP LEARNING366.994 M INR4.30 INR−4.44%21.161 K0.55140.980.03 INR−53.29%0.00%Commercial Services
BBGLOBALBHARATIYA GLOBAL INFO LTD61.788 M INR3.90 INR−4.88%8.019 K0.43−1.86 INR−61.14%0.00%Commercial Services
AAARTECHAARTECH SOLONICS LTD179.10 INR+4.37%145.858 K5.51Commercial Services
QQUADPRO.STQUADPRO ITES LTD5.75 INR+4.55%12 K0.23Commercial Services
KKANDARPKANDARP DIGI SMART26.25 INR+0.19%8 K0.56Commercial Services
KKHFMKHFM H AND F MGT S69.05 INR−0.72%37.2 K0.63Commercial Services
DDYNAMICDYNAMIC SERVICES &145.90 INR+5.84%70 K2.72Commercial Services