Indian companies operating in the same movies/entertainment industry

The list below has Indian companies that operate under the same industry, movies/entertainment. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as PVR INOX LTD or those with the best price dynamics like SRI ADHIKARI BROS, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
PVRINOXPVR INOX LTD140.053 B INR1428.60 INR+0.12%919.512 K1.26−41.42 INR−133.95%0.00%Consumer Services
SAREGAMASAREGAMA INDIA LTD82.663 B INR429.25 INR+0.76%721.085 K0.9842.7910.03 INR+2.66%0.93%Consumer Services
Strong buy
TIPSINDLTDTIPS INDUSTRIES59.68 B INR464.40 INR+1.02%268.261 K1.2149.819.32 INR+63.12%1.61%Consumer Services
WONDERLAWONDERLA HOLIDAYS55.521 B INR981.35 INR+1.00%58.969 K0.4132.5830.12 INR+39.23%0.25%Consumer Services
Strong buy
IMAGICAAIMAGICAAWORLD ENT LTD39.786 B INR82.50 INR−0.48%1.915 M0.7611.397.24 INR−81.83%0.00%Consumer Services
DELTACORPDELTA CORP LTD32.213 B INR120.35 INR−0.95%1.247 M0.7214.468.32 INR−13.48%1.04%Consumer Services
PFOCUSPRIME FOCUS30.585 B INR102.05 INR+1.14%119.587 K1.06−6.01 INR−68.29%0.00%Consumer Services
BASILICBASILIC FLY STUDIO9.301 B INR400.20 INR+3.76%67.2 K1.270.00%Consumer Services
GFLLIMITEDGFL LTD8.732 B INR79.35 INR−0.31%113.748 K0.880.38206.75 INR0.00%Consumer Services
BALAJITELEBALAJI TELEFILMS7.82 B INR76.85 INR−0.97%115.352 K0.4226.532.90 INR0.00%Consumer Services
PHANTOMFXPHANTOM DIGITAL EF6.301 B INR464.00 INR−0.68%45.9 K1.0022.0821.02 INR0.00%Consumer Services
UFOUFO MOVIEZ INDIA5.548 B INR143.55 INR+6.49%961.217 K4.3460.042.39 INR0.00%Consumer Services
SHEMAROOSHEMAROO ENTERTAIN4.337 B INR158.50 INR−1.22%45.882 K0.72−7.92 INR−428.00%0.00%Consumer Services
CINELINECINELINE INDIA LTD4.216 B INR122.70 INR+3.50%107.204 K1.59−1.77 INR−937.56%0.00%Consumer Services
DIGIKOREDIGIKORE STUDIOS L3.473 B INR548.35 INR+0.59%10.4 K1.630.00%Consumer Services
TIPSFILMSTIPS FILMS LTD3.012 B INR696.05 INR−3.74%1.707 K1.10−1.93 INR0.72%Consumer Services
BBTMLBODHI TREE MULTIMEDIA LTD2.118 B INR17.00 INR+4.94%803.864 K0.4541.940.41 INR−97.54%0.29%Consumer Services
EEROSMEDIAEROS INTL MEDIA1.905 B INR19.80 INR−1.00%201.555 K0.42−13.56 INR−31.50%0.00%Consumer Services
BBAWEJABAWEJA STUDIOS LTD1.696 B INR92.05 INR−2.13%9.6 K0.520.00%Consumer Services
CCINEVISTACINEVISTA LTD1.17 B INR20.25 INR+0.75%105.541 K0.38−4.75 INR−69.89%0.00%Consumer Services
PPNCPRITISH NANDY COMM837.061 M INR57.65 INR−0.52%19.186 K0.38−0.24 INR+85.86%0.00%Consumer Services
VELSVELS FILM INTERNAT809.332 M INR62.70 INR−5.00%2.4 K0.220.00%Consumer Services
IINSPIREINSPIRE FILMS LIMI428.693 M INR31.50 INR+1.12%12 K0.320.00%Consumer Services
SSILLYMONKSSILLY MONKS ENTERTAIN LTD164.912 M INR16.15 INR+2.22%7.622 K0.52−3.94 INR−66.47%0.00%Consumer Services
CCREATIVEYECREATIVE EYE LTD89.259 M INR4.45 INR−4.30%24.816 K1.94−1.33 INR−16374.07%0.00%Consumer Services
RRADAANRADAAN MEDIAWORKS88.283 M INR1.60 INR+3.23%7.196 K0.38−0.28 INR+75.48%0.00%Consumer Services
SSABTNLSRI ADHIKARI BROS30.538 M INR80.90 INR+9.99%1211.03−610.70 INR−0.91%0.00%Consumer Services