The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) is the sole public stock exchange of the Middle Eastern country Israel. Its operations are supervised by the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) and the exchange is headquartered in Tel Aviv, the country's financial centre and second largest city. TASE began operations in 1953 and fully converted to electronic trading in 1999 which is conducted through the TACT system, which gets its name from the acronym for Tel-Aviv Continuous Trading. TASE lists 459 equity companies and has a market cap of US$ 216 billion. It also houses corporate bonds and exchange traded funds.

Among those listings are well-known and actively traded companies such as Bank Leumi, the Azrieli Group, Elbit Systems, Frutarom Industries and Ormat Technologies. The main stock index is the TA-35 which is widely seen as the flagship index of Israel's stock market. It tracks the performance of the 35 companies with the highest market capitalization. It replaced the TA-25 index early 2017 and added another 10 companies to the mix. Other key indices are the TA-125 with the largest 125 stocks and the TA-90 with stocks included in the TA-125 that are not included in the TA-35.