South African stocks that lost the most in price

South African companies below are the biggest stock losers today. They are outsiders now, but may provide trade opportunities in the future, so make sure to check all their stats.
Change %
Rel Volume
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
ADWAFRICAN DAWN CAPITAL LTD−54.55%5 ZAC8.654 K0.283.676 M ZAR0.00%Finance
TTOTRUSTCO GROUP HLDGS LTD−18.37%40 ZAC134.365 K1.61627.811 M ZAR−0.35 ZAR−184.83%0.00%Finance
SEBSEBATA HOLDINGS LTD−16.55%116 ZAC12.278 K0.48133.301 M ZAR−0.19 ZAR+90.87%0.00%Technology Services
FGLFINBOND GROUP LTD−16.44%61 ZAC284.056 K1.13336.486 M ZAR32.280.02 ZAR0.00%Finance
SZKSAB ZENZELE KABILI−8.64%3700 ZAC7961.38834.685 M ZAR2.0118.41 ZAR0.00%Commercial Services
CSBCASHBUILD LTD−6.30%14899 ZAC12.589 K0.263.215 B ZAR−2.03 ZAR−107.70%4.41%Retail Trade
GPLGRAND PARADE INV LTD−5.71%330 ZAC209.435 K13.911.418 B ZAR3.03%Consumer Services
SYGSYGNIA LIMITED−5.42%2041 ZAC32.328 K1.313.089 B ZAR10.012.04 ZAR+13.35%10.28%Finance
NVSNOVUS HOLDINGS LIMITED−5.42%576 ZAC8.042 K0.091.817 B ZAR7.590.76 ZAR+154.99%0.00%Commercial Services
CPPCOLLINS PROPERTY GRP LTD−5.33%852 ZAC1.05 K0.012.809 B ZAR2.004.25 ZAR8.22%Finance
AFHALEXANDER FORBES GRP HLDGS−4.53%717 ZAC199.739 K1.048.446 B ZAR13.820.52 ZAR+69.62%6.56%Finance
SSUSOUTHERN SUN LTD−4.48%533 ZAC3.557 M1.227.087 B ZAR8.640.62 ZAR0.00%Consumer Services
AYOAYO TECH SOLUTIONS LTD−4.26%90 ZAC1000.00309.713 M ZAR−1.34 ZAR−68.37%0.00%Technology Services
CGRCALGRO M3 HLDGS LTD−4.21%546 ZAC65.844 K0.45484.505 M ZAR2.891.89 ZAR+78.71%1.74%Finance
SEPSEPHAKU HOLDINGS LTD−3.55%136 ZAC252.725 K0.32348.646 M ZAR18.680.07 ZAR−72.48%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
PPRPUTPROP LTD−3.13%310 ZAC19.494 K2.16131.468 M ZAR10.370.30 ZAR+57.37%4.19%Finance
RENRENERGEN LIMITED−3.00%1001 ZAC158.03 K0.511.477 B ZAR−0.75 ZAR−168.75%0.00%Energy Minerals
MHBMAHUBE INFRASTRUCTURE LTD−3.00%485 ZAC1600.02267.482 M ZAR5.060.96 ZAR−19.41%7.22%Finance
PIKPICK N PAY STORES LTD−2.86%2653 ZAC1.819 M1.0412.718 B ZAR−6.61 ZAR−361.96%0.00%Retail Trade
SUISUN INTERNATIONAL LTD−2.62%3679 ZAC475.054 K1.898.984 B ZAR8.784.19 ZAR+318.98%9.54%Consumer Services
VODVODACOM GROUP LTD−2.56%9548 ZAC4.817 M2.78184.633 B ZAR11.558.27 ZAR−15.95%6.65%Communications
CHPCHOPPIES ENTERPRISES LTD−2.53%77 ZAC13.691 K0.281.231 B ZAR5.640.14 ZAR+6.18%3.08%Retail Trade
YYLBEEYEBOYETHU (RF) LTD−2.38%2050 ZAC3000.461.085 B ZAR−40.04 ZAR−159.50%8.93%Finance
SPGSUPER GROUP LTD−2.37%2889 ZAC1.252 M3.209.816 B ZAR6.804.25 ZAR+36.47%2.77%Transportation
KALKAL GROUP LIMITED−2.25%4691 ZAC192.118 K8.613.303 B ZAR7.446.31 ZAR+22.42%3.84%Commercial Services
BATBRAIT PLC−2.11%93 ZAC295.343 K0.381.254 B ZAR−0.37 ZAR−139.22%0.00%Finance
Strong sell
TRETRENCOR LTD−2.05%717 ZAC81.489 K1.801.241 B ZAR10.030.71 ZAR+1965.61%0.00%Finance
NNRPNEPI ROCKCASTLE N.V.−2.05%13101 ZAC5.253 M2.7186.568 B ZAR8.7414.98 ZAR+122.09%8.10%Finance
MSPMAS P.L.C−1.82%1672 ZAC5.016 M7.3211.849 B ZAR6.062.76 ZAR+20.92%0.00%Finance
EXXEXXARO RESOURCES LTD−1.79%17580 ZAC1.709 M2.7742.457 B ZAR3.7646.70 ZAR−8.93%12.25%Energy Minerals
Strong buy
ARTARGENT INDUSTRIAL LTD−1.60%2147 ZAC6.31 K0.331.122 B ZAR4.744.53 ZAR+59.30%4.89%Producer Manufacturing
RBXRAUBEX GROUP LTD−1.44%3961 ZAC798.217 K2.777.161 B ZAR8.414.71 ZAR+55.14%3.91%Industrial Services
Strong buy
MSTMUSTEK LTD−1.31%981 ZAC24.253 K0.10563.317 M ZAR3.962.48 ZAR−46.08%7.87%Electronic Technology
AFTAFRIMAT LIMITED−1.29%7111 ZAC532.631 K1.6310.755 B ZAR13.825.14 ZAR−5.90%2.11%Non-Energy Minerals
TGATHUNGELA RESOURCES LTD−1.28%11157 ZAC1.034 M4.5815.672 B ZAR3.0236.92 ZAR−23.22%17.93%Utilities
ASCASCENDIS HEALTH LTD−1.27%78 ZAC127.401 K1.28487.105 M ZAR−0.08 ZAR+97.62%0.00%Health Technology
PPEPURPLE GROUP LTD−1.27%78 ZAC421.312 K1.201.098 B ZAR−0.00 ZAR−106.10%0.00%Finance
WHLWOOLWORTHS HOLDINGS LTD−1.24%6062 ZAC20.221 M3.5554.827 B ZAR13.364.54 ZAR+46.34%4.99%Retail Trade
SURSPUR CORPORATION LTD−1.23%3281 ZAC68.975 K0.652.754 B ZAR11.762.79 ZAR+87.49%6.25%Consumer Non-Durables
VUNVUNANI LTD−1.06%187 ZAC1.085 K0.21300.846 M ZAR20.350.09 ZAR−75.78%10.70%Finance
INLINVESTEC LTD−0.93%13171 ZAC2.079 M2.25242.028 B ZAR5.5423.76 ZAR5.89%Finance
Strong buy
CAACA SALES HOLDINGS LTD−0.91%1200 ZAC88.14 K0.495.729 B ZAR9.761.23 ZAR+113.22%1.63%Distribution Services
AELALTRON LIMITED A−0.78%1406 ZAC374.918 K1.075.336 B ZAR−0.43 ZAR−112.92%3.13%Technology Services
Strong buy
BLUBLUE LABEL TELECOMS LTD−0.74%400 ZAC1.323 M4.023.517 B ZAR4.750.84 ZAR−18.48%0.00%Distribution Services
HLMHULAMIN LTD−0.74%401 ZAC179.713 K0.101.294 B ZAR4.940.81 ZAR−55.02%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
WWBCWE BUY CARS HLDS LTD−0.69%2740 ZAC1.533 M1.7111.439 B ZAR0.00%Retail Trade
HARHARMONY GM CO LTD−0.69%16314 ZAC5.808 M2.83102.245 B ZAR11.3814.34 ZAR+1198.59%1.36%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong sell
TKGTELKOM SA SOC LTD−0.65%2438 ZAC1.566 M1.2411.9 B ZAR6.423.80 ZAR−26.97%0.00%Communications
MTNMTN GROUP LTD−0.63%8514 ZAC14.516 M1.88153.455 B ZAR39.292.17 ZAR−70.86%3.88%Communications
FBRFAMOUS BRANDS LTD−0.62%5265 ZAC105.55 K0.255.273 B ZAR11.534.57 ZAR+44.21%7.05%Transportation
ARLASTRAL FOODS LTD−0.60%16001 ZAC432.715 K5.666.169 B ZAR−5.81 ZAR−128.52%0.00%Process Industries
MPTMPACT LIMITED−0.56%2655 ZAC14.268 K1.163.922 B ZAR5.484.85 ZAR+40.39%4.52%Process Industries
Strong buy
BWNBALWIN PROPERTIES LTD−0.56%178 ZAC69.642 K1.01929.747 M ZAR3.850.46 ZAR−36.13%13.41%Industrial Services
OOUTOUTSURANCE GROUP LIMITED−0.50%4545 ZAC3.695 M2.3669.608 B ZAR20.712.19 ZAR−55.65%3.06%Finance
TRLTRELLIDOR HLDGS LTD−0.49%204 ZAC8.6 K0.45194.228 M ZAR−0.02 ZAR−105.00%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
PPMRPREMIER GROUP LIMITED−0.46%7102 ZAC4.529 K0.072.735 M ZAR9.987.11 ZAR0.00%Distribution Services
Strong buy
MTAMETAIR INVESTMENTS LTD−0.44%1144 ZAC2.605 M6.562.209 B ZAR23.460.49 ZAR−85.91%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
SDOSTADIO HOLDINGS LIMITED−0.40%498 ZAC109.556 K0.474.229 B ZAR20.630.24 ZAR+66.25%2.00%Commercial Services
ABGABSA GROUP LIMITED−0.33%17269 ZAC9.588 M1.88143.161 B ZAR7.2223.93 ZAR7.93%Finance
BAWBARLOWORLD LTD−0.31%9013 ZAC1.155 M2.5116.842 B ZAR9.179.83 ZAR+14.45%5.55%Distribution Services
RLOREUNERT LTD−0.09%7006 ZAC727.883 K3.6911.172 B ZAR11.785.95 ZAR+22.71%4.74%Consumer Durables
MDIMASTER DRILLING GRP LTD−0.08%1238 ZAC5180.001.873 B ZAR4.962.50 ZAR+27.30%4.24%Non-Energy Minerals