Distribution Services

Sri Lankan companies engaged in distribution services sector

These Sri Lankan companies operate in the same sector, distribution services. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: giants with large caps like LANKA IOC PLC, top gainers like SATHOSA MOTORS PLC, and more. Filter the list and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
LIOC.N0000LANKA IOC PLC67.091 B LKR126.00 LKR0.00%1 K0.004.8126.19 LKR−63.01%3.17%
Strong buy
VONE.N0000VALLIBEL ONE PLC59.224 B LKR52.0 LKR+0.58%7290.006.038.63 LKR+1.37%1.92%
CARS.N0000CARSON CUMBERBATCH PLC49.097 B LKR264.75 LKR+5.90%30.007.9533.32 LKR−58.62%0.84%
BRWN.N0000BROWN & COMPANY PLC23.867 B LKR118.00 LKR0.00%110.004.8924.15 LKR−67.74%0.00%
LGL.N0000LAUGFS GAS PLC13.863 B LKR38.3 LKR−0.26%1110.01109.430.35 LKR−83.72%0.00%
LGL.X0000LAUGFS GAS PLC13.863 B LKR25.2 LKR+0.80%2.52 K0.3572.000.35 LKR−83.72%0.00%
KFP.N0000KEELLS FOOD PRODUCTS PLC3.749 B LKR147.25 LKR+0.17%2071.02−10.55 LKR−219.47%1.36%
AUTO.N0000THE AUTODROME PLC1.284 B LKR105.50 LKR−2.31%30.0327.043.90 LKR+269.25%0.00%
SMOT.N0000SATHOSA MOTORS PLC1.207 B LKR199.50 LKR+10.83%10.0013.0915.25 LKR0.00%
ASIY.N0000ASIA SIYAKA COMMODITIES PLC1.17 B LKR4.4 LKR−4.35%30.005.450.81 LKR−14.34%12.22%
CTBL.N0000CEYLON TEA BROKERS PLC912 M LKR4.9 LKR0.00%4040.018.940.55 LKR−35.07%13.60%
GEST.N0000GESTETNER OF CEYLON PLC285.05 M LKR109.75 LKR+2.33%90.013.0536.03 LKR+85.57%9.32%
OFEQ.N0000OFFICE EQUIPMENT PLC78.105 M LKR95.1 LKR+2.26%70.08