Industrials (Sector)

Mkt Cap
Div Yield
Perf Month
Perf Year
Perf YTD
AEG ACTIVE ENERGY GROUP PLC ORD 1P 3.00-0.05%-0.00Sell21.269K32.674M-0.0166.00Electrical Components & Equipment
AERO STRAT AERO PLC ORD 0.2P 1.02-7.27%-0.08Sell17.038K3.410M-0.028.00Airport Services
AFN ADVFN PLC ORD 0.2P 25.00-3.85%-1.00Sell1.877K6.406M25.350.0153.00Professional Information Services
AFS AMIAD WATER SYSTEMS LTD ORD ILS0.5 197.500.00%0.00Buy24944.953M18.420.11Environmental Services & Equipment
AGK AGGREKO PLC ORD 4 329/395P 706.200.89%6.20Buy8.389K1.787B18.610.385978.00Business Support Services
AHT ASHTEAD GROUP PLC ORD 10P 2357.000.73%17.00Buy8.949K11.773B12.061.9515809.00Business Support Services
AIR AIR PARTNER PLC ORD 1P 125.001.01%1.25Buy7.101K65.533M18.690.07267.00Airlines
ALFA ALFA FINANCIAL SOFTWARE HOLDINGS PLC ORD 0.1P 171.00-0.23%-0.40Sell52516.000M19.880.09301.00Business Support Services
ALU ALUMASC GROUP PLC ORD 12.5P 135.000.00%0.00Strong Sell11.253K48.780M8.060.17511.00Construction & Engineering
ANX ANEXO GROUP PLC ORD 0.05P 113.000.00%0.00Sell0124.300M390.00Business Support Services
APC APC TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC ORD 2P 6.500.00%0.00Sell50.000K8.769M16.880.0076.00Electrical Components & Equipment
ASCL ASCENTIAL PLC ORD 1P 460.400.04%0.20Buy1.576K1.863B84.240.051736.00Business Support Services
ASH ASHLEY HOUSE PLC ORD 1P 13.85-2.12%-0.30Buy1058.483M-0.0442.00Construction & Engineering
ASTO ASSETCO PLC ORD 10P 395.000.00%0.00Buy048.234M50.670.08193.00Business Support Services
ASY ANDREWS SYKES GROUP PLC ORD 1P 500.000.00%0.00Strong Sell2.450K210.872M14.990.33544.00Business Support Services
AUG AUGEAN PLC ORD 10P 36.000.00%0.00Sell51.901K37.234M-0.03452.00Environmental Services & Equipment
AUK AUKETT SWANKE GROUP PLC ORD 1P 2.230.00%0.00Sell30.000K3.684M-0.01246.00Business Support Services
AVAP AVATION PLC ORD 1P 225.000.00%0.00Sell4.930K141.818M8.750.2620.00Aerospace & Defense
AVG AVINGTRANS PLC ORD 5P 223.500.00%0.00Buy4.456K69.423M-0.19242.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
AVON AVON RUBBER PLC ORD #1 1432.00-0.21%-3.00Buy69449.838M19.220.75783.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
BA. BAE SYSTEMS PLC ORD 2.5P 673.40-0.44%-3.00Buy42.812K21.536B25.290.2783200.00Aerospace & Defense
BAB BABCOCK INTERNATIONAL GROUP PLC ORD 60P 729.63-0.40%-2.97Strong Sell13.788K4.060B11.020.6735427.00Construction & Engineering
BBA BBA AVIATION PLC ORD 29 16/21P 335.60-1.87%-6.40Sell2483.505B28.070.126700.00Airport Services
BBY BALFOUR BEATTY PLC ORD 50P 286.60-0.62%-1.80Sell3.080K2.010B12.310.2420238.00Construction & Engineering
BEG BEGBIES TRAYNOR GROUP PLC ORD 5P 68.900.88%0.60Sell5.878K75.378M55.030.01519.00Business Support Services
BIFF BIFFA PLC ORD GBP0.01 234.000.00%0.00Sell391581.250M18.810.127773.00Environmental Services & Equipment
BILB BILBY PLC ORD 10P 123.60-1.12%-1.40Buy41.549K50.363M14.590.09355.00Construction & Engineering
BILL BILLING SERVICES GROUP LIMITED COM SHS USD0.59446 2.500.00%0.00Sell62.500K4.137M-0.02130.00Business Support Services
BILN BILLINGTON HOLDINGS PLC ORD 10P 271.000.00%0.00Sell2.864K35.003M9.310.29360.00Construction & Engineering
BLTG BLANCCO TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC ORD 2P 76.000.00%0.00Sell27.000K48.632M-0.02273.00Business Support Services
BMS BRAEMAR SHIPPING SERVICES PLC ORD 10P 260.00-1.74%-4.60Sell4.939K85.507M-0.08783.00Marine Freight & Logistics
BMT BRAIME (T.F. & J.H.) (HOLDINGS) PLC 'A'NON.V ORD 25P 1235.000.00%0.00Buy018.648M11.851.19125.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
BMTO BRAIME (T.F. & J.H.) (HOLDINGS) PLC ORD 25P 1415.000.00%0.00Buy018.648M11.851.19125.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
BNZL BUNZL PLC ORD 32 1/7P 2310.000.13%3.00Buy3.002K7.802B24.660.9417595.00Diversified Trading & Distributing
BOE BOEING CO. COM STK USD5 356.125.92%19.91Buy157161.270B26.2510.53140800.00Aerospace & Defense
BOKU BOKU, INC. ORD USD0.0001 (DI) REG S 125.40-0.46%-0.58Buy788267.545M-0.21150.00Business Support Services
BOOT BOOT (HENRY) PLC ORD 10P 275.00-1.79%-5.00Sell20.237K372.781M8.740.32486.00Construction & Engineering
BWO BARLOWORLD LD ORD R0.05 590.000.00%0.00Buy01.499B13.010.5619201.00Passenger Transportation, Ground & Sea
CAR CARCLO PLC ORD 5P 108.001.41%1.50Buy55.070K78.051M9.300.121442.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
CGEO GEORGIA CAPITAL PLC ORD 1P 980.00-0.11%-1.10Strong Sell12390.315M3280.00Industrial Conglomerates
CGVD CG POWER AND INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED GDR (REPR 5 ORD INR2)(REG S) 4.000.00%0.00Sell0407.258M-0.076288.00Heavy Electrical Equipment
CHG CHEMRING GROUP PLC ORD 1P 228.15-0.15%-0.35Buy2.365K643.724M-0.032510.00Aerospace & Defense
CKN CLARKSON PLC ORD 25P 2430.00-0.61%-15.00Sell44731.643M23.491.041546.00Marine Freight & Logistics
CLG CLIPPER LOGISTICS PLC ORD 0.05P 400.00-1.48%-6.00Strong Sell83411.839M31.050.133908.00Ground Freight & Logistics
CLSU CLEARSTAR INC. ORD USD0.0001 (DI) 70.501.44%1.00Buy5.000K25.339M-0.0438.00Employment Services
CMS COMMUNISIS PLC ORD 25P 54.20-0.73%-0.40Strong Sell394115.352M9.740.062081.00Commercial Printing Services
COB COBHAM PLC ORD 2.5P 131.55-0.04%-0.05Buy9433.145B38.770.0310736.00Aerospace & Defense
COST COSTAIN GROUP PLC ORD 50P 425.001.19%5.00Sell315457.548M13.720.314118.00Construction & Engineering
CPI CAPITA PLC ORD 2.066666P 163.45-0.15%-0.25Buy15.815K2.735B-0.4969459.00Business Support Services
CPP CPPGROUP PLC ORD 1P 10.200.00%0.00Buy087.435M18.230.01593.00Business Support Services
CPS CPL RESOURCES PLC EUR0.10 530.000.00%0.00Buy0145.818M13.360.42802.00Employment Services
CSFG CSF GROUP PLC ORD 10P 2.500.00%0.00Buy04.013M-0.04161.00Construction & Engineering
CTG CHRISTIE GROUP PLC ORD 2P 153.500.00%0.00Buy50040.719M16.230.091214.00Business Support Services
CTO CLARKE (T.) PLC ORD 10P 81.000.00%0.00Sell139.000K33.882M6.160.131348.00Construction & Engineering
DATA GLOBALDATA PLC ORD 1/14P 622.501.22%7.50Buy3.978K726.400M-0.022404.00Professional Information Services
DIA DIALIGHT PLC ORD 1.89P 484.00-3.20%-16.00Sell15.129K162.606M123.720.041536.00Electrical Components & Equipment
DLAR DE LA RUE PLC ORD 44 152/175P 512.001.19%6.00Strong Sell167522.361M5.450.943188.00Commercial Printing Services
DMTR DEEPMATTER GROUP PLC ORD 0.01P 3.550.00%0.00Buy96.432K19.551M-0.0012.00Business Support Services
DPLM DIPLOMA PLC ORD 5P 1370.000.15%2.00Buy2241.558B31.080.441700.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
DRV DRIVER GROUP PLC ORD 0.4P 82.500.00%0.00Buy5.000K44.437M19.970.04408.00Construction & Engineering
DTG DART GROUP PLC ORD 1.25P 970.00-0.56%-5.50Buy1.788K1.456B13.160.756322.00Airlines
DWHA DEWHURST PLC 'A'NON.VTG ORD 10P 555.00-5.13%-30.00Sell1.830K63.966M21.820.50369.00Electrical Components & Equipment
DWHT DEWHURST PLC ORD 10P 1090.001.40%15.00Buy80563.966M21.820.50369.00Electrical Components & Equipment
DX. DX (GROUP) PLC ORD 1P 10.10-0.79%-0.08Buy134.177K58.372M-0.343044.00Air Freight & Courier Services
EBQ EBIQUITY PLC ORD 25P 57.50-4.17%-2.50Sell13.392K44.543M22.350.03932.00Professional Information Services
ECM ELECTROCOMPONENTS PLC ORD 10P 728.800.08%0.60Buy2.727K3.254B26.630.285868.00Electrical Components & Equipment
EGMD EVERGREEN MARINE CORPORATION (TAIWAN) LD. GDR (REPR 10 COM SHS TWD10)(REG S) 5.460.00%0.00Sell01.356B7.040.054966.00Marine Freight & Logistics
EKT ELEKTRON TECHNOLOGY PLC ORD 5P 39.100.00%0.00Buy4.937K75.371M39.780.011050.00Electrical Components & Equipment
EMR EMPRESARIA GROUP PLC ORD 5P 74.500.00%0.00Sell24.116K36.519M9.380.081367.00Employment Services
EPO EARTHPORT PLC ORD 10P 10.123.42%0.34Buy95.009K61.041M-0.03184.00Business Support Services
EQN EQUINITI GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P 217.500.69%1.50Sell1.504K787.279M60.520.044578.00Business Support Services
ERM EUROMONEY INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR PLC ORD 0.25P 1374.00-2.83%-40.00Sell201.528B11.731.212187.00Professional Information Services
ESL EDDIE STOBART LOGISTICS PLC ORD GBP0.01 139.500.72%1.00Sell4.699K525.396M240.100.015700.00Ground Freight & Logistics
EXPN EXPERIAN PLC ORD USD0.10 1921.00-0.60%-11.50Buy35.628K17.729B32.060.6116239.00Professional Information Services
EZJ EASYJET PLC ORD 27 2/7P 1635.42-0.40%-6.58Sell3.700K6.707B14.901.1211655.00Airlines
FA. FIREANGEL SAFETY TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC ORD 2P 67.500.00%0.00Sell21.450K30.986M63.500.01147.00Business Support Supplies
FAN VOLUTION GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.01 202.50-0.25%-0.50Sell44.780K403.706M26.920.081460.00Electrical Components & Equipment
FFX FAIRFX GROUP PLC ORD 1P 125.00-0.79%-1.00Buy2.874K198.871M362.070.00101.00Business Support Services
FGP FIRSTGROUP PLC ORD 5P 87.70-1.07%-0.95Sell17.950K1.106B-0.25100046.00Passenger Transportation, Ground & Sea
FIH FIH GROUP PLC ORD 10P 369.100.57%2.10Buy4746.689M18.280.20335.00Industrial Conglomerates
FIPP FRONTIER IP GROUP PLC ORD 10P 71.750.00%0.00Sell2427.465M19.700.047.00Business Support Services
FJET FASTJET PLC ORD 1P 8.25-2.94%-0.25Sell3352.741M-0.05211.00Airlines
FLO FLOWTECH FLUIDPOWER PLC ORD 50P 169.00-0.15%-0.25Sell6.915K108.817M17.590.10414.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
FLX FALANX GROUP LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) 4.090.93%0.04Sell25.000K10.712M-0.0126.00Business Support Services
FLYB FLYBE GROUP PLC ORD 1P 41.500.61%0.25Strong Buy1589.154M-0.052346.00Airlines
FSJ FISHER (JAMES) & SONS PLC ORD 25P 1930.002.66%50.00Buy16.631K944.962M24.270.802724.00Marine Freight & Logistics
GATC GATTACA PLC ORD 1P 126.25-1.75%-2.25Sell13.459K41.374M-0.30870.00Employment Services
GDWN GOODWIN PLC ORD 10P 1895.000.00%0.00Sell1136.440M21.460.881154.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
GEC GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY COM STK USD0.06 11.950.00%0.00Sell091.771B-0.27313000.00Industrial Conglomerates
GFRD GALLIFORD TRY PLC ORD 50P 867.00-0.80%-7.00Sell3.760K978.158M18.260.485506.00Construction & Engineering
GFS G4S PLC ORD 25P 269.50-0.19%-0.50Buy9.859K4.220B16.010.17573671.00Business Support Services
GHH GOOCH & HOUSEGO PLC ORD 20P 1505.00-0.33%-5.00Strong Buy6.380K373.604M37.760.41775.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
GLPR GLOBAL PORTS INVESTMENTS PLC GDR (EACH REPR 3 ORD) (REG S) 2.682.29%0.06Sell20.405K387.292M-0.212726.00Marine Port Services
GLTR GLOBALTRANS INVESTMENT PLC GDR (EACH REPR 1 ORD) (REG S) 11.142.39%0.26Buy281.535B9.970.841534.00Ground Freight & Logistics
GMAA GAMA AVIATION PLC ORD 1P 210.000.72%1.50Buy690127.769M9.910.21666.00Airlines
GMS GULF MARINE SERVICES PLC ORD 10P 42.00-0.94%-0.40Strong Sell28.009K149.024M-0.04490.00Marine Freight & Logistics
GOG GO-AHEAD GROUP PLC ORD 10P 1534.00-0.07%-1.00Sell555658.956M7.122.1629000.00Passenger Transportation, Ground & Sea
GOR GORDON DADDS GROUP PLC ORD 1P 176.500.00%0.00Buy84250.761M322.670.0182.00Employment Services
GPH GLOBAL PORTS HOLDING PLC ORD GBP0.01 515.002.18%11.00Sell7.819K318.009M-0.20635.00Marine Port Services
GRA GRAFENIA PLC ORD 1P 11.752.17%0.25Sell50.000K9.410M-0.02179.00Commercial Printing Services
GTLY GATELEY (HOLDINGS) PLC ORD 10P 169.45-0.03%-0.05Buy2.517K185.967M15.850.11696.00Business Support Services
GYG GYG PLC ORD GBP0.002 95.001.06%1.00Sell136.580K44.030M12.790.07431.00Shipbuilding
HAL HALOSOURCE CORPORATION ORD USD0.0001 (REG S) (DI) 1.300.00%0.00Buy07.079M-0.03118.00Environmental Services & Equipment
HALO HALOSOURCE CORPORATION ORD USD0.0001 (DI) 0.900.00%0.00Sell60.000K7.079M-0.03118.00Environmental Services & Equipment
HAS HAYS PLC ORD 1P 193.50-5.70%-11.70Buy40.528M2.987B19.790.1110000.00Employment Services
HAYD HAYDALE GRAPHENE INDUSTRIES PLC ORD 2P 58.500.00%0.00Sell19.929K15.987M-0.2310.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
HDT HOLDERS TECHNOLOGY PLC ORD 10P 44.000.00%0.00Buy01.830M32.910.0163.00Electrical Components & Equipment
HILS HILL & SMITH HOLDINGS PLC ORD 25P 1502.00-0.86%-13.00Buy361.202B22.380.694031.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
HLMA HALMA PLC ORD 10P 1385.00-0.22%-3.00Buy10.403K5.269B37.770.376341.00Electrical Components & Equipment
HON HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED COM STK USD1 159.070.00%0.00Buy085.609B33.133.48131000.00Industrial Conglomerates
HSS HSS HIRE GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.01 32.00-7.65%-2.65Sell204.440K58.977M-0.473066.00Business Support Services
HVN HARVEY NASH GROUP PLC ORD 5P 110.00-2.00%-2.25Sell125.513K82.448M23.430.052518.00Employment Services
HYDG HYDROGEN GROUP PLC ORD 1P 38.000.00%0.00Buy2.000K12.940M-0.04215.00Employment Services
IAG INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATED AIRLINES GROUP S.A. ORD EUR0.50 (CDI) 687.00-0.58%-4.00Buy38.298K14.100B8.340.8663422.00Airlines
IBPO IENERGIZER LD ORD 1P 66.000.00%0.00Buy1.427K126.025M8.020.081367.00Business Support Services
ICGC IRISH CONTINENTAL GROUP PLC UTS (COMP 1 ORD EUR0.065 & UP TO 10 RED) 5.120.20%0.01Sell932873.545M11.790.39308.00Passenger Transportation, Ground & Sea
IKA ILIKA PLC ORD 1P 22.000.00%0.00Sell10.360K17.249M-0.0438.00Electrical Components & Equipment
IMI IMI PLC ORD 28 4/7P 1140.00-0.09%-1.00Buy1.639K3.137B22.150.5210647.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
INSE INSPIRED ENERGY PLC ORD 0.125P 20.500.00%0.00Strong Buy115.859K122.594M42.440.00266.00Business Support Services
IPEL IMPELLAM GROUP PLC ORD 1P 475.000.00%0.00Sell5.446K238.687M7.820.613267.00Employment Services
IRV INTERSERVE PLC ORD 0.1P 68.64-1.10%-0.76Buy3.644K97.543M-1.7655350.00Business Support Services
ITE ITE GROUP PLC ORD 1P 85.00-2.63%-2.30Sell143664.490M-0.031393.00Business Support Services
ITRK INTERTEK GROUP PLC ORD 1P 5926.000.14%8.00Buy6339.477B35.091.7143906.00Business Support Services
JAR JARDINE MATHESON HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.25(SINGAPORE REG) 62.350.00%0.00Sell037.062B6.517.74110000.00Industrial Conglomerates
JDG JUDGES SCIENTIFIC PLC ORD 5P 2370.000.00%0.00Sell1.426K146.565M36.710.66439.00Electrical Components & Equipment
JDS JARDINE STRATEGIC HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.05(SINGAPORE REG) 34.410.00%0.00Neutral033.764B5.585.4730000.00Industrial Conglomerates
JLG JOHN LAING GROUP PLC ORD 10P 282.80-0.77%-2.20Buy2401.399B8.320.35158.00Construction & Engineering
JSG JOHNSON SERVICE GROUP PLC ORD 10P 132.780.59%0.78Sell3.095K483.784M19.090.075119.00Business Support Services
KETL STRIX GROUP PLC ORD 1P 173.60-0.23%-0.40Buy1.284K331.740M13.720.13838.00Electrical Components & Equipment
KEYS KEYSTONE LAW GROUP PLC ORD 0.2P 370.00-1.33%-5.00Buy1.069K117.277M63.530.0639.00Business Support Services
KIE KIER GROUP PLC ORD 1P 946.00-0.16%-1.50Sell5.566K932.694M225.700.0417940.00Construction & Engineering
KLN KELLAN GROUP (THE) PLC ORD 0.01P 0.72-0.00%-0.00Sell317.784K2.462M6.420.00162.00Employment Services
KLR KELLER GROUP PLC ORD 10P 1080.000.37%4.00Strong Buy22778.247M10.101.0810534.00Construction & Engineering
KMK KROMEK GROUP PLC ORD 1P 27.900.90%0.25Strong Buy433.704K71.999M-0.00109.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
KZG KAZERA GLOBAL PLC ORD 1P 1.620.00%0.00Sell7.000K4.174M-0.00100.00Construction & Engineering
LAKE LAKEHOUSE PLC ORD 10P 42.750.00%0.00Sell13.082K67.343M18.190.022073.00Construction & Engineering
LPA LPA GROUP PLC ORD 10P 103.500.00%0.00Sell6.000K12.810M7.890.14181.00Electrical Components & Equipment
LTOD LARSEN AND TOUBRO LIMITED GDS (REPR 1 ORD INR2)(REG'S') 18.22-2.67%-0.50Sell32.516K20.285B23.990.5943354.00Construction & Engineering
LUCE LUCECO PLC ORD GBP0.0005 40.200.25%0.10Sell12.502K67.536M6.450.062136.00Electrical Components & Equipment
MBO MOBILITYONE LIMITED ORD 2.5P 4.600.00%0.00Sell04.890M-0.0170.00Business Support Services
MCON MINCON GROUP PLC ORD EUR0.01 137.500.00%0.00Buy1.000K286.325M32.380.04324.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
MED MEDAPHOR GROUP PLC ORD 1P 12.000.00%0.00Sell010.884M-0.1122.00Business Support Services
MEL MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION COM STK Y50 1456.00-1.36%-20.00Sell32.000K21.740B11.730.86142340.00Industrial Conglomerates
MER MEARS GROUP PLC ORD 1P 320.00-2.14%-7.00Strong Sell21.595K338.843M15.810.2011636.00Business Support Services
MGAM MORGAN ADVANCED MATERIALS PLC ORD 25P 359.80-0.17%-0.60Buy3.282K1.027B9.950.368720.00Industrial Machinery & Equipment
MGGT MEGGITT PLC ORD 5P 565.400.78%4.40Strong Buy9.121K4.364B19.460.2911226.00Aerospace & Defense
MGNS MORGAN SINDALL GROUP PLC ORD 5P 1360.00-2.16%-30.00Sell3630.057M12.401.196409.00Construction & Engineering
MIDW MIDWICH GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.01 706.256.60%43.75Buy11.285K526.344M38.990.17646.00Business Support Services
MMC MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GROUP PLC ORD 1P 1.50-11.50%-0.20Strong Sell235.000K27.126M-0.03197.00Business Support Services
MNZS MENZIES(JOHN) PLC ORD 25P 589.000.00%0.00Sell92477.862M43.670.1436653.00Air Freight & Courier Services
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