A gap up opening in Nifty and BN

SGX Nifty at 10,221 whereas Nifty closed at 10113, up by more than 100 points difference, not counting the premium. so a gap up opening. Already holding BankNifty 5 Apr 24300 CE bought at 201, will buy more at opening.

Stay tuned for updates.
Comment: A slight gap down in BN though Nifty abd Sensex are gapping up! Adding to long position : BankNifty 5 Apr 24300 CE
Comment: Bought BN 24300 CE at 219 TSL 170.
Comment: Damn sure it will go up especially in secon holding. Already holding longs in Nifty future and BN future since 23 Mar.
Comment: Exiting BN Call options at 151. Will buy Nifty CEs later as that seems to be more potent! Continuing to hold futures both in Nifty and BN.
Comment: Nifty all set to trap bears who were expecting levels below 10000! BN though is NOT participating. Waiting for next intraday retracement to buy Nifty CEs.