Bull flag in BN

What we are seeing is basically a bull flag (past 3 sessions) against the big up6move on Monday 27th March.
Comment: Bought 10200 CE in Nifty at 173, target 300 till tomorrow, Stop loss 120.
Comment: In Nifty Spot terms stop-loss is 10145 NS.
Comment: Tomorrow it will be a gap up, so continue to hold and carry forward,
Comment: In spite of so many bearish and unsure views all around, I was simply long and that too from previous week! Had mentioned markets will be up in the weekend tweet/post. And Nifty is not only ending 90 points up, it is also on the verge of breaking out above previous Monday!!

This is the Midas Touch!
Comment: And even that breakout is here! Nifty above last Monday's high of 10208!