Bitcoin bybit chart analysis November 1

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Bitcoin 30-minute chart
It is a one-way short position strategy.

There is an announcement on US interest rates at 3 am today.

We implemented a strategy based on the overall pattern and Nasdaq movements.

Because the MACD deadcross on the daily chart is depressed.
Depending on today's rebound, there may be a further decline after tomorrow.
Please check the main time zones.

*Sky blue finger movement path

Short -> Long switching strategy

1. $34433.5 short position entry zone / stop loss when the orange resistance line is broken

2. Long position switching at $33,849 / Stop loss when breaking out of the light blue support line

Because there is a possibility of sideways movement today
I set my stop loss with plenty of room to spare.

If the purple support line is maintained, it is likely to rise to the top.

The green support line indicated
When the Bollinger Band 4-hour chart support line is reached
Depending on the rebound, a sideways market or strategy may be successful.

There will be a sideways market today,
Light blue finger long position switching section timing

Please note that miscellaneous altcoin circulation pumping may occur.

Please note that my analysis is merely for reference.

6 principles of trading / stop loss is essential to operate safely.

thank you
Trade closed: stop reached:
it's a Bitcoin guide.

I will check the movement after writing the analysis on November 1st.

This is the NASDAQ 30-minute chart.
Major sections are marked with black fingers.

Red finger 14342.7 after long entry
The red resistance line indicated is 14458.1 -> Top -> Great.
Everything has been overcome.

As the interest rate announcement was frozen at 5.50%,
I expected that there would be a moderate wave according to the trend.
It ignored the resistance line and rose strongly.

In addition, the indicator announcements that occurred yesterday are classified by time zone.
I left it for you.

9:15 -> 11:00 -> 3:00 -> 3:30

In all, good news came out.
By filling the gaps in the middle,
It rose strongly.

Now just touch the remaining “upward trend”
We can go on an upward trend again.

We'll take a closer look at it in the evening.

Bitcoin 30-minute chart.
Major sections are marked with black fingers.

Sky blue finger after short entry at $34433.5
Breaks through orange resistance line

Stop loss processing.

I judged it to be a deviation from the center line of the 4-hour chart.
I proceeded with a short->long switching strategy.
At 9:30, a stop loss occurred as it coupled with the Nasdaq.

Touch the top section indicated at the top
Waited for Monday and Tuesday
There was a whipsaw movement, but after a rebound from the green support line

A breakout to the Whipsaw Line is in progress.
(It is difficult to whip saw twice a day,
The mark was left, but whipsaw conditions were not available yesterday.)

There was a clear strong rebound from the support line on the 4-hour chart.

Overall, NASDAQ had the greatest impact.
In the end, the gap retracement at the bottom did not occur.

Lastly, among the minor altcoins mentioned yesterday,

*Just (JST) achieves up to 35% profit
*Kyber Network (KNC) achieved 18% profit.

Today's Bitcoin purchase entry timing or sideways trend
It might be a good idea to look forward to circular pumping.

Although it did not go down as much as desired due to the positive news on Nasdaq,
In short->long switching strategy
Bitcoin's rebound feels good.

Operate safely with principled trading/stop loss required.

I'll see you in the evening analysis article.

thank you
Trade active:

Old Gap 2 section neatly at the top right
It was completed after touching $36032.5.

See you in the evening.

thank you

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*빙엑스 BingX 50%DC+$6800 (청산할때만 총1회수수료)

*바이비트 Bybit 20%DC+$100

*게이트아이오 Gateio 30%DC+$6666

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