Bitcoin bybit chart analysis August 22

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Bitcoin 30 minute chart.

It's a neutral strategy.

Will the Nasdaq break through the resistance level on the 4-hour chart?
After the awkward rebound, again to the daily peak support + main peak center line
It's up to you whether you go down

In the case of the beat, the resistance line is also pressed a lot
The sound is also thick, so it seems like it will take some time to rise.
please note.

*In light blue finger movement path

Short -> Long Switching Strategy

1. Entry into short position at $26197 / stop loss when orange resistance line is broken

2. $25924.5 long position switching range / stop loss when breaking the light blue support line

I caught enough of the hand loss
Nasdaq movement will be important, but

Since it is a strong position, the medium-term trend is viewed as an uptrend.

My analysis so far is for reference only.

I hope you operate safely with principle trading / stop loss essential.

thank you

Trade active:

according to Nasdaq

When falling directly from the current position (vertical fall)
Up to the blue support line marked at the bottom of $25166
can fall

Pay attention to the support line on the 6-hour Bollinger Band chart.

thank you
Order cancelled:
it's a BItcoinGuide.

I will check the movement after writing the analysis on August 22nd.

Bitcoin 30 minute chart.
The major sections were marked with a black finger.

Light blue finger 26197 dollars short position entry section can not touch
As I left a comment,

After the vertical decline, the Bollinger Band 6-hour chart hits the support line.
There was a lower tail rebound.

The strategy was canceled.

In the case of yesterday
Following the Nasdaq movement

Even if it rises up, short -> long switching
If it breaks below, short -> long switching (Bollinger Band 6-hour support line explained)

I couldn't break through the turquoise resistance line I marked.
Vertical decline along the parallel line support line as it is

The 25166.5 dollar rebound section shown
Unfortunately, I couldn't touch it.

Next time I'll pay more attention so I won't miss it.

The overall view is the same as yesterday.

We leave the main drafting tools,

See you in the afternoon analysis.

thank you
Trade active:

Real-time bitcoin key construction tools are left behind.

I'll see you in the afternoon.

thank you

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