Bitcoin Bullish Target At $84,000, No Longer $60,000! +Altcoins

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BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
We love to mention that the entire cryptocurrency market is interlinked, all crypto-assets are connected.

Getting back to our bullish bias/scenarios, it is clear that Bitcoin is super strong with many positive developments taking place.

The fundamentals are really strong; think global crypto adoption and the technicals as well ( BTCUSD is trading above all EMAs with bullish indicators & more).

Now, new information has presented itself which leads me to believe that we will no longer hit $60,000 but instead will go and hit $84,000 on the next impulse and beyond.

$60,000 Was just the initial target and we were surely expecting more mid-term thanks to the Bitcoin Network Taproot upgrade but now we have even more signals pointing straight up.

Watch the price, sit back and relax.
The next bullish wave is about to come.

Altcoins Market Update

All Altcoins (ALTSUSD/ALTSUSDT) will hit new highs/ATHs.

All Altcoins (ALTSBTC) will hit multiple year highs, breaking their highs from 2020, 2019 and beyond in many cases.


This is one tool we have never discussed before but very important for us to reach our goals.

Here we are in the numbers game, trading for gain, "buying and selling" dots and letters on a screen.

We do this not for fun but to make money, we do it for the win.

We trade mainly to make money and this money we use in whatever way we want.

Most of us want/use this money for more freedom, freedom of time, freedom of choices, to improve our diets, for better comfort.

It doesn't matter how you look at it, when trading money is the main goal.

Money can lead to changes in your personal life.
Money is not only about trading and work.

Since changes must take place when you earn money, then you need change to be able to accept the money that you have won.

How can you accept more money?
How can you go from small amounts of money to millions and millions and beyond?

Detachment is what you need!

To be detached, is to experience everything but not let it get under your skin.

It is being able to enter a trade and letting the market decide what the results will be.

Detachment is not getting excited, nor happy nor sad when you experience a win or a loss.

You need to be detached because a situation can suddenly become too big which can lead to you to lose balance, it can lead to losing control.

If you make millions and you have attachments to this result, your mind can go on wandering and your next move can lose it all.

With detachment, you can maintain a calm demeanor a wisdom perspective which will allow you the time to make the right decisions when the money comes home.

What to do when you are earn big?
What to do you when the loss is too much?

Sit back and meditate...
Give it time... As much time as it is needed.

And only take action after all of your emotions are under full control.

This is a recipe for long-term success...

Now that you have access to this knowledge, to the trades...
All that remains is for your mind to be ready to accept change.

Meditate... And see how much more money you'll be able make.


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