🇮 30 Trade Ideas Prove The Future Can Be Predicted | BTC Rally

Question: Is it possible to predict the future?

Answer: The answer is a big and resounding YES! if you know how to read charts.

Let's get started!

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On the 21st of November 2022 bitcoin hit a new low.
Based on the length and strength of the bear-market, recent price action and simply experience with reading cryptocurrency charts, I became convinced that bitcoin was about to move up.

If not a full-blown recovery, a "relief rally in the least".

I made this clear by sharing a full trade signal even with leverage just two days later.

(1) 23-Nov-2022 🅱️ Bitcoin Goes Bullish (Easy 333%+ Potential 10X Lev.)

With this trade active and in place, the bearish bias was still too strong and we considered a "flash crash" scenario that did not materialize... Bitcoin went on and started a consolidation phase.

Early December, I was ready to call for $21,650 followed by $26,420...
The deal was simple, it is going up but by how much?

(2) 1-Dec-2022 🅱️ Bitcoin $21,650 Followed by $26,420 vs Altcoins BTC Pairings

Then comes the first signal, the MA200 indicator on the weekly timeframe.
My thinking was simple, this is a long-term support that has failed, it needs to be tested as resistance before bitcoin can go any lower.

If it fails as resistance then we just keep going up, if it holds, then a new low can be set...

(3) 4-Dec-2022 🅱️ Bitcoin Weekly | MA Analysis Points To $24,000 and $27,000+

Just the next day the next signal is found... The SPX and BTC detach, when you hit play now the target/resistance level is hit with perfect accuracy...

(4) 5-Dec-2022 🅱️ Bitcoin and the SPX Detach 5-Nov. (Good News)

Another signal, this time a bull flag... I am convinced, up we go, up we go but nothing yet takes place...

(5) 8-De-2022 🅱️ Bitcoin Daily Bull Flag | $21,000+ Possible Now Within Days!

Going back a little bit, one day earlier, I make the case the bitcoin bottom is already in... The whole argument was based on the capitulation phase we were expecting since early 2022 and the fact that after it happened we only needed to confirm if the next move would be a higher low or lower low before the cycle ends.

 I also compared 2018 to 2022... below, the chart...

(6) 7-Dec-2022 🅱️ The Bitcoin Bottom Is In (No Click-Bait Tile, Read)

Then the FED and inflation, here I looked at 3 different potential scenarios and the only prediction was a recovery after 14-Dec. and ended with "Bitcoin, we start GREEN in 2023

(7) 10-Dec-2022 🅱️ Bitcoin 2023 | Fed Interest Rate Hikes & The Consumer Price Index

By mid-December I was ready again with making bold predictions and I even shared a strategy with step by step instructions on how to get the most of the bullish wave that is happening now... A month ago.

No genius level on this strategy, it simply said "Buy everything always at all times until early January and then enjoy the ride on the way up".

It also mention to keep an eye on the chart to consider selling in early February if the major correction takes place.

(8) 15-Dec-2022 🅱️ LONG bitcoin Feb. until 2023 - PART II | Strategy

The same day I found that the major downtrend has been broken based on the linear scale BTCUSD weekly.

I wrote "The easy target is set at the $20,000 - $21,000 range in the coming weeks."
Also added: "There can be more, bitcoin can hit $24,000 and even $27,000..."

(9) 🅱️ Bitcoin Breaks Free - Major Nov. 2021 Downtrend | Linear Scale

Of course, at the same time I am writing about Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Dogecoin, Binance Coin and the rest of the pack.

The next day I read some facts in a book and decided to share them with you, "Buy the dip"... Only around 400,000BTC will be minned in 2023 and it goes down every year.
Less than 250,000 in 2024, 165,000 in 2025, etc.

(10) 16-Dec-2022 🅱️ BUY THE DIP! Less Than 400K bitcoins will be Mined in 2023

Another "bottom signal" the next day... This is getting old, I even shared a chart from 17-Nov-2022 mentioning that Bitcoin would recovery within 1-5 months...

(11) 17-Dec-2022 🅱️ Bitcoin Performance In January Since 2012 + Bottom Signal

Doubt can creep in at times.
When you are writing on a daily basis and interacting with hundreds of bears, you can become infested... But I am an astrology fan and this would always help me clear the doubts.

Yes, anything is possible as they say but Jupiter is moving forward and other planets that have been retrograde for months are also moving ahead, bitcoin is bound to follow.

The next day I asked... Do you believe in miracles?

(12) 18-Dec-2022 🅱️ 🪐 Bitcoins Connection To The Stars, Do You Believe In Miracles?

The next signal is the classic bullish divergence... In this case, the target was hit with perfect accuracy, only now this can be appreciated when you hit "PLAY" on the chart...

(13) 20-Dec-2022 🅱️ ₿ Bitcoin Daily Bullish Divergence (85% Jump Mapped!)

At the same time I am reading the Tesla (TSLA) charts with perfect accuracy, drop after drop and later called the reversal that is now taking place.

Now comes "Bitcoin sideways" and it reads like this...

"We can see/have a sideways bitcoin until mid-January 2023 or 12-January.
"At this point we can see the bulls win the game... But why?

"Because Mars moves forward/goes direct! 😅🤣 "

I use the emoji so the trolls and bears won't kill me for using all available tools to help me predict the future. The charts + astrology. They don't believe in astrology so they think it is unreal... Yet bitcoin breaks perfectly and produces the biggest jump 12-13 January, exactly when Mars stations direct after almost 3 months of retrograde. And exactly as predicted.

(14) 21-Dec-2022 🅱️ (₿) Bitcoin Sideways | You Deserve To Succeed!

Late December I am convinced the "Wait Is Over" but I am accused of "sensationalism"... Wait what? What the heck is that? To me I am just sharing my honest view, what I see coming, my analysis, what the charts are saying, my predictions.

Relief rally or full recovery? We don't know yet.

(15) 29-Dec-2022 🅱️ (₿) Finally... The Wait Is Over | Bitcoin Goes Bullish!

2023 starts and we look at all the signals, higher lows, EMAS, candlestick patterns and the rest... Predict a $20,960 target "next".

(16) 1-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Bitcoin 2023 | Multiple Higher Lows Since 2022 | $20,960 Target

The same day, another signal, this time we look at the long accumulation phase, a clear give away to me... Can you see it?

(17) 1-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) 4.5 Months Later Bitcoin...

We are getting closer now... My certainty continues to rise... I can feel the hate pouring over me.

The bears are fighting me left and right but I never give up.

Another scenario, the SEC labeling everything securities yet, still 100% bitcoin bullish. I also remind you of the strategy to buy everything, always, at all times...

(18) 4-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Why Bitcoin Will Rise Suddenly Beyond $150,000 Explained

(19) 4-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Remember The Act Now! Strategy

At the same time I am sharing short-term charts on the XBT ticker; Also bullish.

I was laughing inside as I received the vision for this article... I was making excuses for bitcoin not yet rising... Imagine that, I blamed the holidays.

(20) 5-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Excuse The Holidays... The World Wants Bitcoin

The next day I ate some cookies and my heart started raising... I was feeling so good yet decided to eat the damn cookies... As I lost my balance, a vision started to come in... Ahhh, I recognize this, it is a ROTE, a ball of thought packed in energy form.

I am inspired to write the following article word by word... Satire, maybe, but 100% TRUE!

Note: The fact I mention the formalities to be "nonsense", is because we are supposed to be greedy billionaires that care about nothing but money... Don't take it to mean we are heartless yet we still don't care about nobody.

Life is an endless game. You die and you are born again, over and over... You cannot stop it even if you wanted to, you can take it easy.
.. Relax, it is all meant to be fun.

(21) 6-Jan-2023 🅱️ Billionaire Planet Friend Just Called, Ready To Buy Bitcoin!

The next day I go on a rant... "Really, are you guys going to believe the mainstream media?"

And also share my updated view of the market, a potential $48,000 wave in the making...

(22) 7-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Money Tightening vs Money Easing | Nothing Else Possible

(22) 7-Jan-2023 🅱️ ₿ If 2018/19 Repeats, The Bitcoin Bottom Is In, $48K Next!

A new signal comes in... This time based on the ATH vs the Bottom, is it possible?

Again we make hidden references to Mars as being the main catalyst of the upcoming bullish wave which is now a confirmed fact... Uranus hasn't gone forward yet and that's the big one.

(23) 8-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Can This Inverse Reaction Signal The Bottom Is In?

On the 10th of January, now literally 2 days before the rally start I shared 3 trade ideas all bullish detailing exactly what is coming... Daily, Weekly and Monthly... The bears continue in complete disbelief.

(24) 10-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Bitcoin Daily, To Hit $19,000 Followed by $25,000 Feb. 2023

(25) 10-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Bitcoin Weekly, Best Case Scenario... First Time Since April 2020 ($35K to $55K)

(26) 10-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Bitcoin Monthly, Points To $23.1K to $24.1K Minimum...

It is so obvious, I stop writing... Just mention "BULLS Confirmed" and leave it at that... I know my people took action. If you didn't take action then you are not in the flow.

(27) 11-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Bitcoin | BULLS Confirmed

The next day many new signals show up... The bears are in complete disbelief, I even share the USDT.D chart with the inverse BTC relation called "Final Confirmation"... It didn't help.

📈 Tether Dominance, The Final Confirmation

(28) 12-Jan-2023 🅱️ (₿) Another 6 Major Development On The Weekly Bitcoin Chart

13-January 2022... The final signal... MA200 daily and Bitcoin-Bonds!

(29) 🅱️ Bitcoin Moving Above MA200... $48,000 Now Possible!

(30) 🅱️ Game Changer | Bitcoin Bonds | El 🇸🇻 Salvador

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