Will Crude oil touch 3648 before 2021?

Crudeoil has started an Elliott wave and made the 4th wave, and now it's making a fifth wave. As per the rules of the Elliott wave , the fifth wave will be completed at 61.8% (3648) or 50% (3600) of Fibonacci retracement 1+3.

The 2nd wave is 61.8% of the 1st wave, the 3rd wave is (more than) 261.8% of the 2nd wave, and The 4th wave is 38.2% of the 3rd wave.

After the completion of the fifth wave, there will be the ABC correction. And it would be completed between 3356 and 3216.

If the trend breaks the 3356 and 3216 both the levels, then the Elliott wave may fail. But if the trend completes the Elliott wave , the trend will again start to rise.