CrudeOil Important levels to watch!

MCX:CRUDEOIL1!   Crude Oil Futures
Crudeoil important levels to watch are as follows

#Support: 6600
Sell below: 6600 only on 15 minute candle closure below the level.
Target 1: 6570
Target 2: 6520

#Resistance: 6675
Buy Above: 6675 only on 15 minute candle closure Above the level.
Target 1: 6740
Target 2: 6860

#Demand Zone: 6600-6620 may act as a immediate buying zone, and price may bounce from the region marked in green on the chart.

#Supply Zone: 6740-6770 may act as an immediate selling zone, and price may reject from the region marked in red on the chart.

#Remember each level will act as a support and resistance individually so there is a probability of reversal on either side. Please do your own research before initiating any trade. Always keep stoploss in order to protect your capital.

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Breakout, Retest and Boom !!
Trail your SL as per your risk appetite from now onwards.

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Approaching target 1

Crude Oil is at crucial level now!

Previous resistance 6675 may act as a support which is marked in green line. Also, Formation of head & shoulders kind of pattern can be seen on 15 min time frame, and its neckline support is exactly at previous resistance. or current support.

Breakdown from which may drag crude prices towards green dashed lines that is 6640-6600 and if took support again at 6675 further upside towards red dashed line that is 6730-6760.

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just the way it was planned !!

well, again at the demand zone, Will it bounce back upward or will it be able to break it now ??

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The chart says it all
perfectly trading within demand and supply since last 3 days.

gap up opening, Long positions towards target 2 and further upwards can be initiated above day High on confirmation.
After achieving both targets on upside price has come down towards the support.

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