ETH, Greatest invention of our time. "Hopium Chart"

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Pay close attention to what the chart has been doing .

Cut the noise and do what you have to do ,incase this plays out..

Clear invalidation below 1700s .

Good luck .


Really - $ETH didn't invent smart contracts ... Bitcoin did, etc etc etc ... ETH didn't invent proof of stake, they invented little but they built a behemoth thing that others like to build upon. Most users of it find it to be slow, sucky and often ridiculously expensive to the point of fear of touching it. They fixed it - its already like that again. But in Crypto looney is bullish so go hard. I have some.
@sandog, Well we all are aware of the shortcomings, but thats the price of being early and "guarding decentralisation" if you will.
There are cheaper things already built but its compromised in security and governance, but I think you already know that.
With all this inconvenience its still growing, all ico,nft,uniswap mania still happens there regardless. The inconvenience is the result of inproportionate growth and it needs scaling which is being solved. I am optimistic, so will be the rollups :)