Will the history repeat again ? Price action & Ichimoku analysis


200EMA :
here 200Ema is above the price so we will initiate buying position. Trend of the stock is up.

Price Action and Breakout strategy :
we can draw a parallel channel to catch up Buying and selling pressure In particular range.
Price is acting as strong Resistance . price has Made high selling Points and given Excess or Reversal point ,
these fake breakout was actually Buying Opportunity.
price Got Throw out by sellers,
after it price has taken support by breaking previous resistance
Price had made a Move ( flag Pattern ) which I shown bellow :
price has taken two test at resistance and 2 test at support but with 3rd support price had broken resistance line.
now check the current price we are getting same move !
If price breaks resistance we can get one more !
as per Breakout Strategy we can initiate out buying position after breakout

Ichi Moku analysis :
Cloud :
price is above the cloud. we got bullish cross over above the cloud so we will liable as strong buying signal.

chikou Line :
Chikou is above the cloud
Chikou is above the Tankan Sen
Chikou is free and above the price,
these all are giving Bullish view

K/T :
Tenkan sen is above the kijun with strong bullish cross over .
after cross over price has started impulsive move with Trend.
price has taken 2 support and 2 resistance.
now price is facing 3rd resistance.
If we have to enter in trend so we must wait for support Breaking opportunity.
ichimoku is giving buying signal !
Comment: Buying was above 1405
price had made high at 1465
most people has taken profit of 65 points.
if price will Break 1465 then we can get big bullish move !
or sell-side opportunity will take place.