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" GOD MUST BE A MATHEMATICIAN " If we look at the construction of universe and movements of the planets & other celestial objects movements, flowering & fruiting cycles in trees etc. everything has a pattern and they are cyclical in nature. That very same assumption is applied and works well in stock market, commodities and forex as well.

Identifying the time zones of a stocks is a pure trial and error method where one needs to find the high and low making cycle of a particular stock manually. Here NLC INDIA LTD has been taken as an example and a Price and Time analysis has been done on monthly chart using Time Zones & Fibonacci Spiral for future support and hypothetical path identification.

The lows of the trend labelled as W, X,Y in rectangular spots. Point "X" has been formed 79 Months after the point "W". But magically Point "Y" has been formed after 79 months after Point "X"
The highs of the trend are labelled as A & B in circular spot. Point "B" has been formed 79 Months after Point "A". Looking at the cycle of 79 Months in the Lows and Highs Formation we can make an assumption that the next high ( Point "C" ) would be after 79 Months from Point "B" ie. Dec 2023.

Fibonacci Spiral is a natural pattern that can be seen everywhere in nature including flowers, pinecones, hurricanes and even huge spiral galaxies in space. This is rarely used but useful pattern in charts for finding expected supports and resistance. In this chart we can see that after the formation of low at Point "Y", with the help of Fibonacci Spiral we have a continuous expected support. Till now after 2.5 Years the monthly closing of a single candle has never been below the Fibonacci Spiral(try to adjust the X axis of the chart incase you don't see a perfect fit).So the fact if Fibonacci Spiral used wisely can be a useful pattern for finding support and resistance levels cannot be denied.

Currently NLC INDIA LTD is at resistance of the trendline drawn from the previous 2 highs ie. Point "A" & "B". Hopefully it will breakout because stock increases at a increasing near its high, which hasn't happened yet with this stock. Till now NLC_INDIA is far away from its expected high according to the time cycle and Trend based fibonacci retracement level. The gann level of 1.33 is at 136.55 by Trend based fibonacci retracement and the expected time is Dec 2023 time cycle. Thus this is how a hypothetical conclusion can be drawn that NLC INDIA LTD will attain a price level of 136.55 by DEC 2023.

Recently a study was done on NIFTY, predicting perfectly the low making day and the target date for NIFTY proving that time cycles works very well with indices and stocks.Link has been given below.


Trade active:
Recently in the month of FEB 2023, NLC INDIA has taken a support exactly on the Fibonacci Spiral by punching a low at the level of 73.
Trade closed: target reached:
Thus NLC INDIA LTD achieved price level of 136.55 before DEC 2023


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