OBEROIRLTY is an attractive cheap BUY.

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The LAST CLOSE PRICE of OBEROIRLTY is 958.85. The PARABOLIC SAR is showing the BUY SIGNAL with TREND as UPTREND . The FIBONACCI LEVELS analysis shows that the CLOSEST FIBONACCI LEVELS is 0.5 at the FIBONACCI STOCK PRICE LEVEL of 943.65. From here, the Key Support and Resistance levels are SUPPORT 1 at 929.75, SUPPORT 2 at 912.55 with RESISTANCE 1 and RESISTANCE 2 at 957.55 and 1002.55 respectively. The Key 50% FIBONACCI LEVEL stands at 943.65 which is the crucial Fibonacci Level determining whether the scrip will maintain the trend or not.

The STOC RSI has the values K and D as 46.07 and 37.08 respectively. At this level it the status is WITHIN OVER BOUGHT AND OVER SOLD RANGE. When we look at the Moving Averages, MACD is the crucial indicator to look into. With MACD VALUE at 8.45 and 5 at 8.42 alongwith HISTOGRAM showing valus of 0.02, the STATUS is clearly BUYING CROSSOVER.

The best indicator to determine the Trend Reversal is FISHER TRANSFORM and currently the values of FISHER and TRIGGER stand at 1.05 and 0.59 with signal as UPTREND. A very important factor while making the investment is to see if there has been already too much of Buying or Selling, and that are we entering too late into the transaction or not. Thus, with WILLIAM's R% value at -0.371 the STATUS is WITHIN OVER BOUGHT AND OVER SOLD RANGE.

No one wants to buy costly things, and thus always look for the bargain or appropriate price levels to buy things. Same applies to Stocks, howver the only exception would be some Hot Stocks that one wants to have any price. Looking at this perspective, the P/E RATIO of the stock stands at 17.96 which signifies its Price Level to be VERY CHEAP.


TARGET PRICE 1 = INR 957.55.
TARGET PRICE 2 = INR 1002.55.

STOP LOSS 1 = INR 929.75.
STOP LOSS 2 = INR 912.55.

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Trade closed: target reached


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