Wockhardt Pharma - Time to Buy - Target 520

Stock: Wockhardt Pharma
Setup : Closing above month high after downtrend and sideways movement. (Quick Bounce)
Entry : 460-480
Stoploss - 440
Target 1 - 520
Target 2 - 580
Time Frame - This is positional trade idea for 3 to 6 months and is a high risk trade.

Risk: Wockhardt Pharma is currently reporting losses since last two quarters and prior to that was reporting losses from 2017 to 2020 (4 years)
The company promoter has pledged 34.44% of shares. This is a red flag for the counter and needs to be watched very closely.

Please invest and trade based on your knowledge and risk profile. Do do consider this trade setup as investment advice.
Trade active: Target 1 reached of 520 in 2 day.
Trade active: Stoploss trailed to 480