Yes Bank chart view

CMP 194.20

- The stock is trading between 20 day EMA and 50 day EMA just before result announcement

- in our previous post on Yes Bank when the stock was at similar levels we had suggested that below 190 the stock may fall up to 182 (low made was 181.50) and above 198 there is a strong possibility of stock rising up to 208 (high made thereafter 209.55)

Given the movement of yo-yo trade between 180-210 and current setup of trading between 20 day EMA and 50 day EMA there is a good possibility of Yes Bank continuing its consolidation and closing in the same range of 180-210 in Jan series

- One may consider the following strategy for YES BANK

Short strangle strategy

Sell Yes Bank Jan expiry 210 Call option around 4.5


Sell Yes Bank Jan expiry 180 Put option around 4.5

Lot size 1750

Total incoming 1750 *(4.5+4.5) = Rs 15750/-

Maximum profit if Yes Bank is closing anywhere between 180-210

Loss if stock is closing below 171 or above 219 on 31st January 2019

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Trade closed manually: Yes Bank

Strategy update
Stock has moved up

Yes Bank 210 Call option CMP 6.5

Yes Bank 180 Put option CMP 1.5

Current status 1750 *(9-8) =Rs1750