Stocks that have increased the most in 52 weeks

A 52-week high can be considered as a technical indicator that reflects the maximum price of a stock for one year which often forms a strong resistance level. There are many investment strategies based on the value of the 52-week high. One such strategy is when you buy and hold stocks that are making new highs in a new 52-week period, or sell stocks that have failed to do that.

AAD Added Capital Inc 0.18350.00%0.14Buy57.245K681.120K-0.0067.00Financials
ABCN Abcann Global Corporation 2.9617.46%0.44Buy3.076M251.059M-1.27Healthcare
ALM Alliance Mining Corp 0.0633.33%0.01Strong Buy467.000K3.990M-0.00Basic Materials
ANX Anaconda Mining Inc 0.55378.26%0.43Strong Buy291.926K48.597M-0.015.00Basic Materials
APS Aptose Biosciences Inc 4.127.29%0.28Buy197.050K104.120M-0.8221.00Healthcare
AX.PR.U Artis Reit Pref Series C Usd 25.200.76%0.19Strong Buy25.250K2.157B16.460.87Financials
AX.UN Artis Real Estate Investment Trust Units 14.340.14%0.02Buy285.330K2.157B16.460.87Financials
BAM.PF.F Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pref Ser 40 25.000.04%0.01Buy4.520K52.878B93.390.5955000.00Financials
BAM.PR.R Brookfield Asset Mgmt Pref Ser 24 20.970.87%0.18Strong Buy2.796K52.878B93.390.5955000.00Financials
BAM.PR.T Brookfield Asset Mgmt Pref Ser 26 21.591.50%0.32Strong Buy4.500K52.878B93.390.5955000.00Financials
BANK Bmo Glb Banks Hgd To Cad Etf 22.860.93%0.21Buy1.745K
BBD.PR.B Bombardier 2 Pr 11.28-0.18%-0.02Buy5.567K7.032B-0.3966000.00Industrials
BCE.PR.D Bce Inc. Preferred Shares Series Ad 21.46-0.60%-0.13Buy4.949K52.313B17.973.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.F Bce 1st Pref Shares Series Af 20.430.59%0.12Strong Buy3.360K52.313B17.973.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.G Bce 1st Pref Shares Series Ag 19.860.81%0.16Buy13.500K52.313B17.973.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.I Bce 1st Pref Shares Series Ai 19.492.04%0.39Buy37.700K52.313B17.973.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.K Bce Inc Pref Series Ak 19.480.36%0.07Strong Buy84.589K52.313B17.973.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.L Bce Inc Pref Series Al 19.452.91%0.55Strong Buy10052.313B17.973.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.M Bce Inc Preferred Shares Series Am 19.930.66%0.13Strong Buy1.900K52.313B17.973.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.T Bce Inc. First Preferred, Series T 19.910.56%0.11Strong Buy65052.313B17.973.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCI New Look Vision Group Inc 37.000.00%0.00Strong Buy610572.576M49.050.771464.00Consumer Cyclicals
BCR.H Bluerock Ventures Corp 0.2581.48%0.11Buy33.980K1.246M-0.01Financials
BEP.PR.M Brookfield Renewable Lp Pref Ser 13 25.14-0.32%-0.0870.917K7.492B-0.14Utilities
BLX Boralex Inc. 24.780.00%0.00Buy121.277K1.890B-0.09325.00Utilities
BMO Bank Of Montreal 104.700.25%0.26Buy1.801M67.661B13.197.9545000.00Financials
BNC Purpose Cdn Financial Income Fund Etf 23.931.48%0.35Buy150
BPO.PR.W Brookfield Office Properties Pref Ser W 15.600.52%0.08Buy6.800K
BPO.PR.Y Brookfield Office Properties Pref Ser Y 15.611.04%0.16Strong Buy300
BYL Baylin Technologies Inc 3.600.28%0.01Buy77.779K109.088M-0.28801.00Technology
CALL Evolve Us Banks Enhanced Yield Etf 22.370.36%0.08Buy1.010K
CALL.B Evolve Us Banks Enhanced Yield Unheg 22.083.18%0.68100
CAPS.B Evolve Active Us Core Equity Unheg 22.154.63%0.98100
CASA Casa Minerals Inc 0.147.41%0.01Strong Buy32.500K3.740M-0.01Financials
CBN Ishares Balanced Growth Core Etf 21.830.51%0.11Buy980
CBN.A Ishares Balanced Growth Core Etf Ac 21.910.27%0.06Strong Buy315
CEF Sprott Physical Gold Silver Trust 16.70-1.76%-0.301.000K
CES.B First Asset Core Us Equity Etf Unhgd 26.601.26%0.33Buy1.035K
CES.U First Asset Core Us Equity Etf Usd Unhgd 25.212.15%0.53Strong Buy750
CEW Ishares Equal Weight Banc Lifeco Etf 13.48-0.15%-0.02Buy19.308K
CEW.A Ishares Equal Weight Banc Lifeco Etf Ac 9.780.41%0.04Buy162
CF.PR.A Canaccord Genuity Group Inc Pref A 15.800.13%0.02Buy6.400K749.176M50.960.131953.00Financials
CF.PR.C Canaccord Genuity Group Inc Pref C 18.560.32%0.06Buy1.600K749.176M50.960.131953.00Financials
CFF Conifex Timber Inc 6.242.13%0.13Strong Buy15.260K161.535M10.700.57Basic Materials
CFP Canfor Corp 28.20-0.49%-0.14Buy279.518K3.664B14.901.906257.00Basic Materials
CIC First Asset Canbanc Income Class Etf 12.640.24%0.03Buy10.550K
CIU.PR.C Cu Inc Preferred Series 4 17.260.82%0.14Buy650
CIX Ci Financial Corp. 29.951.29%0.38Strong Buy572.607K8.121B15.761.881578.00Financials
CJT Cargojet Inc. 63.180.13%0.08Buy16.296K837.613M65.980.97727.00Industrials
CLE Clean Commodities Corp 0.1713.79%0.02Buy3.853M11.431M-0.01Energy
CMED Cannimed Therapeutics Inc 37.798.69%3.02Buy811.894K849.550M-1.12Healthcare
CORP Exemplar Investment Grade Fund 20.070.30%0.0624.400K
COV Covalon Technologies Ltd 5.685.19%0.28Buy44.443K116.070M60.180.09Healthcare
CSX Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd 0.62-4.62%-0.03Strong Buy99.400K34.223M-0.09Industrials
CTC.A Canadian Tire Corporation, Cl. A, Nv 172.650.33%0.56Buy219.070K11.731B17.0410.1212356.00Consumer Cyclicals
CUD Ishares Sp Us Div Growers Idx Etf 42.420.40%0.17Strong Buy13.336K
CUZ Cruz Cobalt Corp 0.394.05%0.01Buy4.124M26.993M-0.02Basic Materials
CYB Cymbria Corporation Cl A 55.380.14%0.08Buy3.606K799.755M7.127.77Financials
CYBR.B Evolve Cyber Security Index Uh Etf 22.050.23%0.05200
CYH Ishares Global Monthly Dividend Idx Etf 20.600.49%0.10Strong Buy3.541K
CYH.A Ishares Global Monthly Div Idx Etf Ac 20.405.15%1.00Strong Buy1.644K
DASH Neptune Dash Technologies Corp 0.600.00%0.0013.456M
DFE Desjardins Emg Mkts Mf Ctrl Vol Etf 20.572.14%0.43Strong Buy3.500K
DGR Wisdomtree Us Qlty Div Gwth Idx Etf 26.950.56%0.15Buy4.891K
DGR.B Wisdomtree Us Qlty Div Gwth Idx Etf Nh 25.720.59%0.15Strong Buy5.295K
DISC Bmo Glb Consumer Disc Hgd To Cad Etf 23.890.25%0.06Buy300
DQI Wisdomtree Intl Qlty Div Gwth Var Hgd 24.711.35%0.33Strong Buy585
DRC.H Dragonfly Capital Corp 0.1033.33%0.03Buy9.000K631.100K14.250.01Financials
DXC Dyn Ishares Active Cdn Div Etf 22.420.45%0.10Buy500
DXF Dynamic Ishares Act Global Fin Ser Etf 22.730.66%0.15Strong Buy2.880K
EHE Wisdomtree Europe Hedged Eqty Idx Etf 26.660.23%0.06Strong Buy4.286K
EHE.B Wisdomtree Europe Hedged Eqty Idx Etf Nh 26.981.50%0.40Buy100
EL Engagement Labs Inc 0.179.68%0.01Strong Buy289.500K22.018M-0.06Technology
EMH Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc 8.5512.50%0.95Buy3.178M840.446M-0.07Healthcare
EMV.B Wisdomtree Emerging Mkts Div Idx Etf 28.001.16%0.32400
ENB.PR.C Enbridge Inc Pref Series C 20.900.00%0.00Buy5.000K83.092B25.171.977733.00Energy
ETAC Equium Global Tactical Allocation Fd Etf 20.570.54%0.11Neutral1.400K
EUR First Trust Alphadex Euro Div Idx Etf 24.150.29%0.07Buy1.241K
EUR.A First Trust Alphadex Euro Div Idx Ac Etf 24.012.69%0.63Strong Buy4.000K
FBF Fab-Form Industries Ltd. 0.7210.77%0.07Buy7.715K5.308M17.680.04Basic Materials
FBU First Asset Us Buyback Index Etf 28.010.32%0.09Buy23.200K
FCY First Asset Cambridge Core Us Equity Etf 24.620.78%0.19Buy200
FFH.PR.D Fairfax Fncl Holdings Ltd Pref Series D 24.120.00%0.00Buy5.400K18.546B369.342.7831100.00Financials
FFH.PR.E Fairfax Financial Hldngs Pref Series E 19.260.31%0.06Strong Buy1.350K18.546B369.342.7831100.00Financials
FFH.PR.J Fairfax Fncl Holdings Ltd Pref Ser J 22.40-0.04%-0.01Buy1.935K18.546B369.342.7831100.00Financials
FHB First Asset European Bank Etf 9.991.01%0.10Buy3.028K
FHC.F First Trust Ad Us Consumer Staples Etf 20.610.00%0.003.400K
FHD First Trust Alphadex Us Cnsmr Dscrtn Etf 26.482.99%0.77Strong Buy1.200K
FHG First Trust Alphadex Us Industrials Etf 28.690.74%0.21Strong Buy200
FHH First Trust Alphadex Us Health Care Etf 25.521.51%0.38Strong Buy450
FHQ First Trust Alphadex Us Technology Etf 34.230.44%0.15Strong Buy3.526K
FIE Ishares Cdn Fin Mthly Income Etf 7.830.26%0.02Buy113.161K
FIE.A Ishares Cdn Fin Mthly Income Etf Ac 7.130.14%0.01Buy22.639K
FOM Foran Mining Corporation 0.593.51%0.02Strong Buy327.066K62.659M-0.015.00Basic Materials
FQC Fa Msci Can Quality Index Class Etf 23.900.55%0.13Buy100
FSF First Asset Global Financial Sector Etf 22.200.36%0.08Strong Buy227
FSR First Trust Dw Us Sctr Rtn Idx Etf 23.660.81%0.19Buy100
FST First Trust Cdn Capital Strength Etf 34.120.38%0.13Strong Buy2.366K
FST.A First Trust Cdn Capital Strength Etf Ac 28.660.07%0.02Strong Buy2.260K
FTS.PR.I Fortis Inc Pref Series I 19.060.53%0.10Buy2.635K18.395B17.592.508425.00Utilities
FTU.PR.B Us Finl 15 Split 2012 Pref Sh 8.900.56%0.05Strong Buy1.000K2.387M42500.000.00Financials
FUD First Trust Value Line Div Idx Etf C Heg 27.510.22%0.06Buy100
FURA Fura Gems Inc 0.86-1.15%-0.01Buy23.695K63.314M-0.12Basic Materials
FUT Fa Us Tactical Sector Allocation Idx Etf 24.630.74%0.18Strong Buy300
FWZ Fireweed Zinc Ltd 1.63-6.86%-0.12Buy323.817K31.074M-0.03Basic Materials
GBR Great Bear Resources Ltd 0.5114.61%0.07Buy342.128K8.110M-0.05Basic Materials
GC Great Canadian Gaming Corporation 36.261.57%0.56Buy147.278K2.173B25.571.425600.00Consumer Cyclicals
GLIN.P Global Investments Capital Corp 0.244.35%0.01Strong Buy1.000K
GMP Gmp Capital Inc. 4.498.19%0.34Strong Buy556.135K326.770M-0.78316.00Financials
GSB.UN Goldman Sachs Us Income Builder Trust 8.683.21%0.27Strong Buy2.300K
GWO.PR.N Great West Lifeco Inc Pref Srs N 19.021.17%0.22Strong Buy3.300K34.879B14.352.4624300.00Financials
HAC Horizons Seasonal Rotation Etf 19.790.10%0.02Buy7.051K
HADM Horizons Active Intl Dev Mkt Eqty Etf 10.484.49%0.452.500K
HAJ Horizons Active Emerging Mkts Div Etf 14.230.14%0.02Buy2.453K
HAU Horizons Active Us Dividend Etf 12.650.88%0.11Strong Buy2.000K
HAW.P Haw Capital Corp 0.309.09%0.03Buy3.000K
HBF Brand Leaders Plus Income Etf 9.850.51%0.05Buy34.489K
HBF.U Brand Leaders Plus Income Etf Usd 10.100.80%0.08Strong Buy2.890K
HBG Hamilton Capital Global Bank Etf 23.450.56%0.13Buy1.641K
HBG.U Hamilton Capital Global Bank Etf Usd 18.690.48%0.09Sell1.350K
HBL.UN Brand Leaders Income Fund 11.903.48%0.40Strong Buy200
HCN Horizons China High Dividend Yield Etf 28.331.03%0.29Strong Buy651
HEA Horizons Enhd Income Us Equity Etf 15.620.58%0.09Strong Buy502
HEF Horizons Enhanced Income Fin Etf 9.540.21%0.02Strong Buy469
HERS Evolve Na Gender Diversity Idx Hgd Etf 22.310.50%0.11Buy100
HERS.B Evolve Na Gender Diversity Idx Uh Etf 22.242.58%0.56100
HFP Horizons Active Flt Rate Pref Etf 9.970.00%0.00Strong Buy2.520K
HFU Betapro Sp Tsx Cap Fncl 2x Dly Bull Etf 41.700.36%0.15Buy1.607K
HFY Hamilton Capital Global Fin Yield Etf 17.210.35%0.06Strong Buy525
HID Wisdomtree Us High Div Idx Etf 21.880.97%0.21Buy100
HII Horizons Cdn Insider Index Etf 12.990.62%0.08Strong Buy1.309K
HQU Betapro Nasdaq 100 2x Daily Bull Etf 64.202.07%1.30Strong Buy27.440K
HSU Betapro Sp500 2x Daily Bull Etf 57.531.41%0.80Buy94.318K
HTA Tech Achievers Growth And Inc Etf 10.440.68%0.07Buy27.498K
HTA.U Tech Achievers Growth And Inc Etf Usd 10.310.59%0.06Strong Buy100
HTO.UN Global Water Solutions Fund 10.461.06%0.11Strong Buy3.370K
HUL Us Equity Plus Income Etf 9.790.31%0.03Buy4.400K
HXDM.U Horizons Intl Dev Mkts Eqty Idx Usd Etf 27.351.71%0.461.400K
HXF Horizons Sp Tsx Capped Fncl Index Etf 42.810.04%0.01Buy361
HXQ.U Horizons Nasdaq 100 Index Etf Usd 37.920.74%0.28Strong Buy485
HXS Horizons Sp 500 Index Etf 66.110.43%0.28Buy5.190K
HXS.U Horizons Sp 500 Index Etf Usd 52.740.21%0.11Buy189
HZ Hybrid Minerals Inc 0.500.00%0.00Buy07.240M-0.02Basic Materials
IAG.PR.G Industrial Alliance Pref Ser G 24.400.08%0.02Buy12.010K6.580B12.205.105350.00Financials
ICI.P Inceptus Capital Ltd 0.15-6.25%-0.01Sell41.000K
IFC.PR.D Intact Financial Corp Pref Shares Ser 4 24.000.00%0.00Buy20014.135B18.745.4212000.00Financials
INSR Bmo Glb Insurance Hgd To Cad Etf 23.09-0.43%-0.10Buy1.461K
IQD Wisdomtree Intl Qlty Div Gwth Idx Etf 25.140.16%0.04Buy400
IQD.B Wisdomtree Intl Qlty Div Gwth Idx Etf Nh 24.812.86%0.69Strong Buy200
KAN.P Kanzen Capital Corp 0.22-12.00%-0.0330.000K
KGF King George Financial Corp 0.8528.79%0.19Strong Buy50033.623M3.320.26Financials
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