Cardano (ADAU19 / ADABTC) Breaks And Restest Resistance!

Cardano (ADAU19/ ADABTC ) can resume its recent break above resistance.

Just recently EMA100 was broken and quickly tested as support (4H candle close needed for confirmation). A long wick showed up where all the sellers were bought off.

All the details are available on the chart.

Signals and details on the chart are as follow:

  • Trading above EMA10/50/100.
  • Increase in green volume .
  • Bullish chart and market sentiment.
  • Blue lines represent support levels (down).
  • Magenta line represent resistance levels (up).
  • The red line is the trendline.
  • The purple line is the main resistance to break and close above for more up.

Thanks a lot for reading and your continued support.

This is Alan Masters.


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