How to ride on a swing trade ??? Ex :AMZN

How to ride on a swing trade?

One good strategy in price action is to use 21 EMA and ride on swing trades for short or long terms. 21-day EMA can be called as the Goldilocks of all moving averages. 5,8,13 can be too tight and 50,100,200 are too loose for looking at moving averages, hence 21 EMA can be considered as a powerful average.

In this strategy 21 EMA LOW and 21 EMA HIGH are plotted on the graph forming a channel. Any channel breakout up or down triggers a buy or sell respectively. The bar which detaches with the bar which pierced out of channel can be used as a buy or sell. Please remember this bar should be in the trend up or down respectively to the earlier bar which is piercing out of the channel and not at same levels. In uptrend, high of that second bar can be used to buy and in downtrend, low of the second bar can be used to sell.

Put stop loss of one bar below for uptrend and one bar above for downtrend. Keep trailing as per the risk appetite. We can add during the trend when the candlestick bars touches the channel line and again detaches itself to follow trend, same second bar high should be used as explained earlier for buy or sell respectively.

Keep raiding this trend until the bars touch lower channel in uptrend and upper channel in downtrend respectively. There are many ways to take profit as per your money management. Book profit at 1:2 or 1:3 or 1:4 etc as per the risk. One best way is to put trailing stop loss at high of every bar, it can also be at low but if the size of bar is big and in case of reversal of trend, that bar length of profit would be lost. If the bars are too big then half of the bar can be used for stop loss to average out of profit on reversal. If the bars are far away from channel profits can be booked.

This works very well for 1 hour and above time period. Certain stocks may not fall into this strategy due to way they operate or may very rarely follow the above 21 EMA channel pattern.

Above chart is an example and we tried to put strategy as simple as we can. Exceptions to strategies will always be there, so please back test as much as you can to understand this method.

Hope this helps to gain a bit of knowledge!
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