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As I have been accustomed to in recent months and this time my technical analysis had an accuracy rate of over 95% and I will try to continue to keep this percentage as long as possible

I said in the last weeks ...s you can see, the W pattern for a week is almost perfectly respected and GU has already reached level 1 that I proposed last week!
from here ... I expect a rejection and a small retracement move and after ... DOWN AGAIN to target 2
...even if it will remain in the range in this area because the volume in the market is extremely low in August ... my target for the next period remains the 1.35 area, continuing the idea I promoted in the last weeks
...GU went down and is fast approaching the 2nd target from 1.35 making the 700 pips that I have predicted since May

THIS WEEK...this week I will draw a parallel between the 1 week chart and the 1 month chart because the month has just ended and I would like to know what to expect ...
just like EURUSD , GU reached target 2 and made the 700 pips that I have been talking about in the last months and now it is time to do a new analysis ...
In the next period I think it will play more on economic factors taking into account the economic crisis in the UK but in the long run ... I think GU will start a new rise of 200-300 pips even if it can, it will test the 1.34500 area again
GU closed above the extremely strong 1.34500 area formed in the last 5 years and on the 1 month chart it rejected from the Fibonacci 0.5 area
but I repeat ... pay close attention to the economic news in the UK because the decline could be wider ... 200-250 pips and from there UP again to 1.37

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