Hathway stock ready to quick gain analysis


1. Today we'll discuss another stock which is HATHWAY CABLE & DATACOM LTD
2. Today Date is 16-09-2021
3. Currently stock is trading at 24.50 which is shown in candle chart.
4. There is quick Technical Target 27.90 which is shown in image above, which is approximately 13.30% gain. Because stock is now trading in perfect range as per my analysis.
5. How much time it takes to reach target, according to my analysis, it takes maximum 1 months or we can say very soon.
7. FII and DII has increased there holding. Coming quarterly result is except to be in profit..
8 FII means A foreign Institutional Investor, we call in short fII which refers to outside entities investing in the Indian stock market.
9. DII means Domestic Institutional Investors are those institutional investors which undertake investment in securities and other financial assets of the country they are based in.


10. Only invest 3 % of your capital in one stock, Please don't ignore this rule because we are investing our hard-earn money here so risk management is best part of trading.
11. We never sell stock in loss.
12. We are investing in equity share.
13. Patience is the key in equity, sometime great company went down that is the opportunity to buy these companies because we know they will come back very quickly.


14. Every person who is trading in Indian share market, definitely need to read company balance sheet before trading and also look technical chart.
16. From my experience is best website for reading company financial data/ balance sheet and for technical chart is best website.
17. My experience/learning is saying that if we have proper plan in share market we can easily earn money in equity.
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Disclaimer:- I'll post here stocks analysis for educational purpose where you can learn. This blog is totally educational purpose, not a recommendation of stocks buy or sell.