A word of caution for Investors, Nifty's downside targets

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index

Nifty has been performing poorly since the last three months, even if we leave the index constituents aside, the situation is even more dire in midcap and small cap indexes some of which can be attributed to the Adani stocks.

Adani stocks, put pressure on the banking index and banking index constituents especially SBI collapsed due to the grenade explosion orchestrated by Hindenburg's report. Meanwhile Nifty IT, Nifty metals, Nifty AUTO did try to give support to the market, despite these sectors performing there was a broadway midcap sell off conducted in the last 3 months.

Recently China opened its borders and said it was ready to shrug off covid(finally!) and open its borders for business. This news set the Chinese markets blazing and were up nearly 40% from their near time lows. Moreover the valuation comfort in the chinese markets which were nearly half as expensive as their Indian counterpart, gave fuel to the FIIs sell off. As Indian markets was the place where FIIs could book their yearly profits and pocket their fat bonus cheques.

Now coming to the mother market, US. DOW Jones had been a failure for the 5th time last week to give a weekly close above 34k levels.(link to the explanation below). The inflation numbers had been blazing hot, new mortgage applications at a 25 year low, fed's target rate 4.5-4.75 % already high enough to give US residents a headache and further talks to increase it by 50 bips, phew ! It is now becoming highly probable that there might not be any soft landing now and the fall, consuming many , will be a hard one.

Since US would be raising rates further, despite the situation being fine in India, Indian RBI governor will have to raise rates in India to arrest any declines in Rupee vs US dollar, which will ultimately put pressure on Indian equity markets too. Many Indian banks are already offering fixed deposit rates as high as 7-8.5%(and further high if you are a senior citizen). If you look deeper, soverign gilt funds are offering good options too and Indian treasuries are offering yields as high as 7.4%, imagine what the equity markets have to compete with !

Alas, I would like to say, overall macros and micros do not look good for the equity markets across globe. For all the investors/traders who entered the markets post covid, and "BUY on dips", was their holy sentence, my suggestion to hold your horses for the time being , take a step back and assess what the markets are trying to convey. My targets for Nifty over the next 6 months might seem to be disturbing but I have tried to chalk out the scenari that Im able to foresee. Let me know in the comments what do you think about market future.


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