Booming QuickHeal with 13% up today

it's overall +35% return for me. & its counting.

Like I always say, Secret of wealth generation in market is to buy great stocks at cheap value & wait to let market discover its true worth in long run.

My thesis to buy this stock is - The next virus that will be halting global economy will be digital virus.
& as recently as last month one such attack happened to one of big Oil /Petrol producing company of US.

Further, given the war between Israeli & Palestinian will force Israel to gather more money to fund the war. and we all know the cyber might of Israel. Hence the math is easy.

This is just the starting, Going forward more cyber virus like - Ransomware or Worms will hit global economy. Thus holding anti-virus companies makes sense for a long run.

I still believe this stock is greatly undervalued. Let's see how much more this will cream.

Target - +100% return
Achieved - +35%. ............ at least +75% return to go!

Disclosure - Invested.


*correction not 13% but a freaking 20% circuit today! 😂