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Coins that have lost the most in price

Spotting market trends is key for financial success. Opportunities may hide in unexpected places, and it may be wise to buy the dip. Explore the coins that lost the most value to find those with potential.
Change %
Market cap
Circ supply
WTCWaltonchain7870.0047 USD−31.88%419.413 K USD37 USD89.237 MInternet of things, Logistics
STARLStarlink6540.0000019714 USD−27.35%19.673 M USD12.862 M USD9.979 TMemes, NFTs & Collectibles
SOFIRAI Finance7440.018096 USD−26.78%7.882 M USD2.715 M USD435.543 MInteroperability, Payments
GXAGALAXIA7750.0012991 USD−19.80%3.269 M USD962.181 K USD2.516 BPayments
CTKShentu3600.9037 USD−18.85%121.673 M USD74.641 M USD134.639 MSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, Cybersecurity
FERFerro7620.007070 USD−17.93%6.593 M USD5.156 K USD932.53 MLending & Borrowing, Loyalty & Rewards
SAMOSamoyedcoin5130.01347925 USD−17.72%49.295 M USD9.992 M USD3.657 BMemes
MMEWcat in a dogs world1920.00435046 USD−16.51%386.708 M USD104.257 M USD88.889 BMemes
POPCATPopcat (SOL)1710.45379796 USD−12.92%444.71 M USD53.124 M USD979.973 MMemes
PPEPE20Pepe 2.05720.000000073080 USD−12.18%34.275 M USD8.667 M USD469 TMemes
INTERInter Milan Fan Token7352.032434856 USD−11.40%9.908 M USD3.07 M USD4.875 MSports, Fan Tokens
OGOG Fan Token6424.52047976 USD−11.33%21.867 M USD21.664 M USD4.837 MSports, Fan Tokens
LADYSMilady Meme Coin3030.00000022886 USD−10.00%168.067 M USD36.311 M USD734.366 TMemes
VEXTVeloce7570.05291 USD−9.74%7.112 M USD1.099 M USD134.421 MGaming, Social, media & Content, Loyalty & Rewards, Sports, Web3
AAIDOGEArbDoge AI4210.00000000051207 USD−9.20%89.334 M USD21.557 M USD174455.897 TMemes
WIFdogwifhat293.49389693 USD−9.06%3.49 B USD981.046 M USD998.906 MMemes
TRUTrueFi2660.188761 USD−8.95%215.543 M USD89.116 M USD1.142 BLending & Borrowing, DeFi
GALGalatasaray Fan Token7012.24801 USD−8.94%13.951 M USD6.01 M USD6.206 MSports, Fan Tokens
COSContentos4880.011195 USD−8.89%57.251 M USD51.527 M USD5.114 BSocial, media & Content
MMYROMyro2460.26094697 USD−8.83%246.387 M USD42.484 M USD944.204 MMemes
SLERFSLERF3160.3147 USD−8.52%157.349 M USD63.88 M USD499.998 MMemes
EVAEvadore7880.001752 USD−8.46%304.539 K USD894.584 K USD173.823 M
GALGalxe1803.689985783 USD−8.43%426.243 M USD37.484 M USD115.513 MData management & AI, Web3
CELCelsius5311.19680876 USD−8.33%45.144 M USD26.261 M USD37.72 MLending & Borrowing
BONKBonk510.0000344216 USD−8.33%2.321 B USD862.157 M USD67.422 TMemes
COREcVault.finance4646446.7 USD−8.25%64.467 M USD1.545 K USD10 KDeFi, DAO
KISHUKishu Inu4980.000000000583 USD−8.19%54.298 M USD3.226 M USD93136.097 TMemes
CHZChiliz720.146000561 USD−7.91%1.298 B USD287.774 M USD8.888 BLoyalty & Rewards, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
ASRAS Roma Fan Token7643.36951258 USD−7.86%6.375 M USD14.224 M USD1.892 MSports, Fan Tokens
WENWen3090.0002200190 USD−7.69%160.112 M USD25.766 M USD727.717 BMemes
MLTMILC Platform7030.10948 USD−7.68%13.622 M USD343.282 K USD124.423 MSocial, media & Content, Metaverse
UFTUniLend5770.4441 USD−7.54%34.751 M USD9.395 M USD78.25 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
STOSStratos5880.8261 USD−7.53%32.053 M USD353.822 K USD38.801 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
BOSONBoson Protocol4660.49666 USD−7.49%63.81 M USD1.325 M USD128.479 MNFTs & Collectibles, Payments, E-commerce, Marketplace
IZIIzumi Finance7450.010999 USD−7.40%8.661 M USD145.4 K USD787.4 MDeFi
APMapM Coin7340.006711 USD−7.33%10.046 M USD4.414 M USD1.497 BPayments, Loyalty & Rewards
KUJIKujira3101.2983 USD−6.69%158.847 M USD2.653 M USD122.35 M
MCMerit Circle1482.743 USD−6.57%883.525 M USD62.541 K USD322.102 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, DAO
NTXNuNet6310.04552 USD−6.55%22.946 M USD325.186 K USD504.085 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI
UOSUltra4590.17966 USD−6.48%67.388 M USD2.076 M USD375.085 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
AMBAirDAO6000.00943995 USD−6.38%28.529 M USD14.89 M USD3.022 BPayments, DeFi, Layer 1
AGLAAngola7730.00890 USD−6.22%4.232 M USD299.968 K USD475.45 MNFTs & Collectibles, Social, media & Content
POOLXPoolz Finance6992.846308 USD−6.21%14.045 M USD1.043 M USD4.934 MInteroperability
TURBOTurbo1810.00657195 USD−6.18%418.467 M USD373.923 M USD63.675 BMemes, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles, Web3
TSUKADejitaru Tsuka7020.013928 USD−6.18%13.928 M USD327.03 K USD1 BMemes
HTRHathor6800.06364 USD−6.05%16.082 M USD413.846 K USD252.71 MSmart contract platforms, Scaling, DeFi
UPPSentinel Protocol5560.077022960 USD−6.02%38.345 M USD1.199 M USD497.835 MData management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Loyalty & Rewards, Cybersecurity
VTSVeritise7720.01993 USD−5.95%4.465 M USD365.889 K USD224.055 MIdentity
CCDConcordium5930.003125 USD−5.87%29.728 M USD656.695 K USD9.513 BDevelopments tools, Identity, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
FLOKIFloki Inu480.0002535224 USD−5.86%2.423 B USD675.326 M USD9.559 TMemes, Gaming, Metaverse
SCLPScallop6400.3371 USD−5.84%21.771 M USD923.749 K USD64.583 MPayments, DeFi
GRVGrove Coin7700.05053 USD−5.83%4.805 M USD1.26 M USD95.083 MDeFi
DIONEDione Protocol3780.0115959 USD−5.81%110.287 M USD825.569 K USD9.511 BEnergy, DeFi, Layer 1
1INCH1inch Network1290.469095039 USD−5.74%547.063 M USD81.982 M USD1.166 BDecentralized exchange, Payments, DeFi
CHNGChainge5030.11456 USD−5.66%54.307 M USD1.752 M USD474.046 MAsset management, DeFi
SISSymbiosis Finance6760.27172 USD−5.43%16.675 M USD3.848 M USD61.368 M
SWEATSweat Economy4690.00928309 USD−5.38%62.968 M USD7.187 M USD6.783 BNFTs & Collectibles, Move to earn, Web3
SRMSerum7360.03602 USD−5.33%9.482 M USD1.507 M USD263.245 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
ALEPHAleph.im4500.30320 USD−5.31%74.957 M USD1.555 M USD247.22 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Identity
HEXHEX2320.001564 USD−5.28%271.215 M USD292.702 K USD173.411 BCryptocurrencies
CRVCurve DAO Token1260.471497074 USD−5.21%576.489 M USD47.652 M USD1.223 BDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
RACARadioCaca4190.00024856 USD−5.20%90.458 M USD9.537 M USD363.929 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, Marketplace
BZZSwarm6520.3802 USD−5.19%19.999 M USD2.538 M USD52.601 MDevelopments tools, Distributed computing & Storage
BOMEBOOK OF MEME950.01332811 USD−5.16%919.191 M USD425.162 M USD68.966 BMemes
AUDIOAudius2450.198208532 USD−5.15%242.756 M USD19.225 M USD1.225 BSocial, media & Content, Web3, DAO
RENRen4550.071659 USD−5.09%71.596 M USD12.758 M USD999.128 MInteroperability, DeFi
BOBABoba Network4790.34570893 USD−5.03%59.332 M USD11.689 M USD171.624 MInteroperability, Scaling, Layer 1
STEEMSteem3440.298851998 USD−4.97%138.363 M USD120.279 M USD462.98 MSmart contract platforms, Payments, Social, media & Content, Web3
DAODAO Maker3690.7723 USD−4.96%115.842 M USD8.668 M USD149.997 MDeFi
MNGOMango6040.02724500 USD−4.96%27.245 M USD197.084 K USD1 BDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, DeFi, DAO
VRVictoria VR4450.01481186 USD−4.95%79.04 M USD2.022 M USD5.336 BGaming, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
AXSAxie Infinity807.533829163 USD−4.89%1.095 B USD52.358 M USD145.28 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, SEC security token
MOGMOG Coin1520.00000136588096 USD−4.85%533.472 M USD42.925 M USD390.57 TMemes
VIDTVIDT DAO6070.03338 USD−4.84%27.443 M USD2.794 M USD822.141 MSmart contract platforms, Gaming, Internet of things, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability, Enterprise solutions, Cybersecurity, Web3
LEVERLeverFi3590.0037823 USD−4.81%121.764 M USD14.539 M USD32.193 BAsset management, DeFi
KSMKusama23831.02451577 USD−4.78%262.781 M USD16.18 M USD8.47 MSmart contract platforms
AKITAAkita Inu6670.00000025980 USD−4.77%17.685 M USD1.06 M USD68.072 TMemes, Gaming
TABOOTABOO TOKEN7460.0008756 USD−4.72%8.566 M USD971.985 K USD9.783 BSocial, media & Content
DCDogechain6690.0006204 USD−4.70%17.843 M USD2.173 M USD28.76 BMemes
BONEBone ShibaSwap3230.661968 USD−4.69%152.202 M USD8.535 M USD229.923 MMemes, Decentralized exchange, NFTs & Collectibles, DeFi
CORECore591.95495645 USD−4.64%1.741 B USD81.171 M USD890.566 MScaling, Web3, DAO
SLNDSolend6410.55405000 USD−4.60%21.563 M USD36.161 K USD38.918 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
SFUNDSeedify.fund3482.18464 USD−4.54%132.089 M USD6.155 M USD60.462 MGaming
OOPENOpen Custody Protocol6570.02613 USD−4.54%19.988 M USD1.041 M USD764.93 M
HOPRHOPR5860.09392 USD−4.50%32.043 M USD578.541 K USD341.174 MPrivacy, DAO
AUCTIONBounce Finance Governance Token31923.783485837 USD−4.50%154.594 M USD115.281 M USD6.5 MDeFi, Metaverse, Marketplace
ALUAltura5820.04503003 USD−4.49%32.411 M USD17.686 M USD719.755 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, Marketplace
API3API32393.035029464 USD−4.48%262.293 M USD35.576 M USD86.422 MData management & AI, Web3
LMWRLimeWire3260.52805 USD−4.47%151.516 M USD3.887 M USD286.935 MData management & AI, Social, media & Content, Web3
JJTOJITO1653.72770698 USD−4.45%454.937 M USD106.615 M USD122.042 MDerivatives, DeFi, DAO
TONTokamak Network4311.976247000 USD−4.39%86.642 M USD696.5 K USD43.841 MInteroperability, Scaling
TOMItomiNet5350.38206 USD−4.38%44.097 M USD30.652 M USD115.419 MDevelopments tools, Web3
YOOSHIYooShi6730.00000004604 USD−4.38%17.115 M USD141.873 K USD371.736 TMemes, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles
BABYDOGEBaby Doge Coin2370.0000000018284 USD−4.32%262.903 M USD7.678 M USD143788.8 TMemes
AURORAAurora4240.18968738 USD−4.27%88.877 M USD643.579 K USD468.546 MInteroperability
KARKarura7240.11229 USD−4.21%11.819 M USD101.527 K USD105.25 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
VLXVelas5660.013962 USD−4.21%36.235 M USD820.598 K USD2.595 BSmart contract platforms
PREPresearch7610.016971 USD−4.20%6.73 M USD133.841 K USD396.578 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Web3
GODSGods Unchained4510.24632 USD−4.20%73.451 M USD993.471 K USD298.194 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles
TLOSTelos3950.27852 USD−4.19%104.605 M USD9.104 M USD375.574 MSmart contract platforms, NFTs & Collectibles