The highest priced coins

Explore high-priced cryptocurrencies, from the original Bitcoin to lesser-known projects. Check the list below with change, volume, and other important stats to discover potential investments.
Change %
Market cap
Circ supply
WBTCWrapped Bitcoin14070064.19791981 USD−1.67%10.893 B USD701.429 M USD155.477 KWrapped Tokens, Cryptocurrencies
BTCBitcoin170014.62 USD−1.69%1.379 T USD47.308 B USD19.702 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
YFIyearn.finance2427276.53753384 USD+0.24%243.27 M USD28.343 M USD33.432 KDeFi, DAO
COREcVault.finance4606787.6 USD+8.46%67.876 M USD4.837 K USD10 KDeFi, DAO
WEETHWrapped eETH1413921.93469080 USD+2.48%4.483 B USD63.452 M USD1.143 MWrapped Tokens, DeFi
WBETHWrapped Beacon ETH1423920.47 USD+2.48%3.514 B USD35.89 M USD896.342 KDerivatives
STETHLido Staked ETH1393778.18258643 USD+2.58%35.181 B USD302.554 M USD9.312 MDerivatives, DeFi
ETHEthereum23777.33 USD+2.49%453.761 B USD37.868 B USD120.127 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
MKRMaker443050.342760895 USD−4.29%2.83 B USD153.418 M USD927.625 KLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
XAUTTether Gold1222423.28506192 USD−0.21%597.398 M USD5.148 M USD246.524 KAsset-backed Tokens
PAXGPAX Gold1712410.49369000 USD−0.35%443.141 M USD15.638 M USD183.838 KAsset-backed Tokens
BNBBNB4620.19 USD+3.25%91.531 B USD3.581 B USD147.586 MSmart contract platforms, Centralized-exchange, SEC security token, Layer 1
YFIIDFI.Money652520.3357 USD+0.83%20.083 M USD4.139 M USD38.596 KDeFi, DAO
BCHBitcoin Cash15510.89 USD−1.41%10.069 B USD665.304 M USD19.709 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
LEASHDoge Killer528434.6187 USD−2.28%46.225 M USD3.472 M USD106.357 KMemes
TAOBittensor43421.14918668 USD+4.92%2.867 B USD73.038 M USD6.807 MDistributed computing & Storage, Oracles, Data management & AI, DAO
BIFIBeefy Finance594368.95002228 USD+1.71%29.516 M USD1.892 M USD80 KDeFi
UNCXUniCrypt677355.4 USD+4.28%16.533 M USD33.174 K USD46.52 KDeFi
GNOGnosis97334.81891178 USD−5.10%867.043 M USD20.004 M USD2.59 MPrediction markets, DeFi, Layer 1
MSOLMarinade Staked SOL147211.06691804 USD−4.20%1.071 B USD15.38 M USD5.076 MDerivatives, DeFi
SOLSolana5177.84 USD−4.18%79.877 B USD4.585 B USD449.151 MSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
XMRMonero49138.04807621 USD+2.57%2.546 B USD74.467 M USD18.44 MPrivacy, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
TRBTellor226113.79644857 USD−5.05%293.121 M USD128.271 M USD2.576 MOracles, Data management & AI, DeFi, Web3
QNTQuant7597.97385077 USD−3.97%1.183 B USD24.21 M USD12.073 MInteroperability
AAVEAave6697.157374157 USD−1.33%1.44 B USD119.376 M USD14.817 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
ILVIlluvium18694.55659435 USD+1.39%409.223 M USD17.642 M USD4.328 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, DAO
KWENTAKwenta55688.77 USD−4.60%38.332 M USD154.614 K USD431.809 KDecentralized exchange, Derivatives
LTCLitecoin1987.69 USD−0.94%6.538 B USD628.738 M USD74.556 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
WNXMWrapped NXM39380.3266 USD+2.54%102.7 M USD31.579 M USD1.279 MWrapped Tokens, Insurance, DAO
METISMetis16878.59602585 USD+3.61%444.408 M USD104.467 M USD5.654 MScaling
CGOComtech Gold72677.74 USD−0.37%10.961 M USD625.667 K USD141 KAsset-backed Tokens
KP3RKeep3rV157877.28 USD−0.17%32.858 M USD3.102 M USD425.178 KDeFi, Jobs
FARMHarvest Finance50474.65 USD−2.29%51.135 M USD11.084 M USD685.003 KDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
CREAMCream Finance33472.700 USD−7.85%134.906 M USD15.28 M USD1.856 MDecentralized exchange, Lending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
BSVBitcoin SV7068.647464280 USD−2.82%1.353 B USD53.386 M USD19.705 MCryptocurrencies, Scaling
COMPCompound13661.712980490 USD+3.13%509.029 M USD45.444 M USD8.248 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
OKBOKB4150.97399321 USD−1.54%3.058 B USD10.083 M USD60 MCentralized-exchange, Layer 1
SSVssv.network16245.0239 USD−6.07%450.239 M USD72.642 M USD10 MDevelopments tools
ARArweave4244.91422652 USD−4.55%2.94 B USD183.698 M USD65.454 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
ORDIORDI9543.72119802 USD+0.84%918.145 M USD182.918 M USD21 MNFTs & Collectibles
AVAXAvalanche1141.03 USD+1.91%15.726 B USD784.2 M USD383.272 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
EGLDMultiversX8040.527112124 USD−1.60%1.093 B USD48.65 M USD26.967 MSmart contract platforms, Gaming, Distributed computing & Storage, Identity, Scaling, Enterprise solutions, Payments, Loyalty & Rewards, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, Layer 1
BTGBitcoin Gold12134.073 USD−4.67%596.752 M USD61.916 M USD17.514 MCryptocurrencies
GMXGMX21732.91853132 USD−3.93%312.753 M USD24.853 M USD9.501 MDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, DeFi
TIMEChrono.tech63432.6716 USD+2.00%23.201 M USD600.596 K USD710.113 KPayments, Jobs
XCHChia21232.4462 USD+0.12%333.756 M USD6.988 M USD10.286 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
KSMKusama23032.19834369 USD−0.06%272.723 M USD20.862 M USD8.47 MSmart contract platforms
ETCEthereum Classic2531.40502381 USD−1.92%4.622 B USD742.79 M USD147.168 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
DASHDash20331.00707547 USD+0.16%365.896 M USD39.309 M USD11.8 MCryptocurrencies, DAO
NMRNumeraire27229.513800800 USD+0.33%201.419 M USD10.919 M USD6.825 MData management & AI, Asset management, Analytics
INJInjective4827.586198321 USD−1.81%2.577 B USD106.755 M USD93.4 MSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, Layer 1
FNSAFINSCHIA27126.4136 USD+0.37%207.356 M USD1.095 M USD7.85 MCentralized-exchange
ALCXAlchemix48125.825 USD+0.50%57.698 M USD3.621 M USD2.234 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
ZECZcash19124.58638137 USD−2.03%401.453 M USD53.803 M USD16.328 MPrivacy, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
RPLRocket Pool17221.65053196 USD+5.71%441.001 M USD6.911 M USD20.369 MDerivatives, DeFi
DCRDecred20721.6278 USD+1.07%347.604 M USD2.906 M USD16.072 MCryptocurrencies, DAO
MLNEnzyme48521.4524 USD+0.63%57.18 M USD18.029 M USD2.665 MAsset management, DeFi
ENSEthereum Name Service11221.267995854 USD+21.39%665.004 M USD486.398 M USD31.268 MIdentity, Web3, DAO
LPTLivepeer11420.757639980 USD−1.91%671.966 M USD83.948 M USD32.372 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
CHEELCheelee14620.28774 USD+3.13%1.092 B USD5.535 M USD53.838 M
PRIMEEchelon Prime10919.86282793 USD+0.53%710.57 M USD10.124 M USD35.774 MGaming, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles
DESODecentralized Social29419.010 USD−5.00%168.895 M USD10.227 M USD8.885 MSmart contract platforms, Social, media & Content
AUCTIONBounce Finance Governance Token36118.068538143 USD+13.95%117.446 M USD55.028 M USD6.5 MDeFi, Metaverse, Marketplace
NFTXNFTX72717.97 USD+2.28%10.902 M USD27.313 K USD606.672 KNFTs & Collectibles, DeFi
LINKChainlink1616.76 USD−2.16%9.84 B USD635.681 M USD587.1 MOracles, Data management & AI, Web3
ORAIOraichain26316.5000 USD−1.38%209.65 M USD6.59 M USD12.706 MOracles, Data management & AI, DeFi, Analytics, Layer 1
MPLMaple45416.110 USD+9.74%71.174 M USD1.749 M USD4.418 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
NEONeo7815.8674 USD−2.85%1.119 B USD54.69 M USD70.539 MSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions
MOVRMoonriver33115.6796 USD+2.52%140.526 M USD9.643 M USD8.962 MSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, Layer 1
OOMNIOmni Network29715.6366 USD−0.11%162.488 M USD32.988 M USD10.391 MScaling, Layer 1
UNIBOTUnibot69314.85628976 USD+0.69%14.856 M USD2.939 M USD1 MLoyalty & Rewards
ICPInternet Computer2013.21 USD−2.94%6.133 B USD141.147 M USD464.255 MPrivacy, Smart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, NFTs & Collectibles, Lending & Borrowing, Interoperability, Payments, DeFi, DAO, SEC security token, Layer 1
DEXEDeXe11112.0432 USD−1.02%687.704 M USD5.52 M USD57.103 MAsset management, DeFi
STRKStrike50211.267633300 USD+5.12%55.615 M USD1.973 M USD4.936 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
RNDRRender Token2611.090524122 USD+3.09%4.31 B USD452.19 M USD388.643 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Metaverse, Web3
PROMProm28110.283240066 USD−1.87%187.669 M USD5.937 M USD18.25 MNFTs & Collectibles, Marketplace
KCSKuCoin Token8910.21785380 USD−0.24%979.085 M USD1.622 M USD95.821 MCentralized-exchange
XVSVenus3079.83572304 USD−1.21%156.278 M USD7.638 M USD15.889 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
TIACelestia579.68524381 USD−0.25%1.765 B USD127.746 M USD182.249 M
ANTAragon1829.6845 USD+3.93%418.173 M USD10.002 M USD43.18 MDevelopments tools, DAO
UNIUniswap229.613280787 USD+3.83%5.758 B USD325.058 M USD598.93 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
TRIASTrias Token (new)4029.45701 USD+6.32%93.45 M USD2.223 M USD9.882 MMetaverse
APTAptos289.260883135 USD+2.64%4.03 B USD211.183 M USD435.118 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
CYBERCyberConnect2769.026226094 USD+9.10%200.701 M USD61.84 M USD22.235 MSmart contract platforms, NFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability, Social, media & Content, Web3
ZENHorizen3408.91762690 USD−1.83%133.91 M USD7.858 M USD15.016 MSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Web3
ATOMCosmos318.772706325 USD−1.29%3.43 B USD195.019 M USD390.931 MSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, SEC security token, Layer 1
GTGateToken1028.17977303 USD+0.00%762.577 M USD4.501 M USD93.227 MCentralized-exchange
AXSAxie Infinity777.871120965 USD+0.27%1.142 B USD68.79 M USD145.052 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, SEC security token
NEARNEAR Protocol177.735800063 USD−5.09%8.339 B USD638.54 M USD1.078 BSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, SEC security token, Layer 1
DOTPolkadot137.657 USD+1.54%11.01 B USD286.286 M USD1.438 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
UQCUquid Coin4467.4742 USD+2.90%74.742 M USD964.002 K USD10 MPayments, DeFi, E-commerce
RUNETHORChain526.79712734 USD−5.30%2.273 B USD362.834 M USD334.471 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, Layer 1
GAFIGameFi.org4526.594 USD+2.87%72.172 M USD532.283 K USD10.945 MGaming, Metaverse, Fundraising
TONToncoin96.32 USD−3.36%21.959 B USD280.158 M USD3.475 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
PENDLEPendle876.30938272 USD+4.30%970.75 M USD280.608 M USD153.858 MSocial, media & Content, Web3
WINGWing Finance6076.254 USD+2.57%26.817 M USD2.485 M USD4.288 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
FILFilecoin306.184961038 USD−0.54%3.433 B USD290.187 M USD555.077 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3, SEC security token
MCBMCDEX Token6396.145 USD−9.50%23.483 M USD111.333 K USD3.822 MDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, DeFi
SANTOSSantos FC Fan Token5766.03873160 USD−1.12%33.491 M USD5.952 M USD5.546 MFan Tokens
LEOUNUS SED LEO235.96360545 USD+0.01%5.525 B USD1.98 M USD926.373 MCentralized-exchange, Payments