Coins with high transaction volume

The list below contains coins with the highest transaction volume, which may indicate significant "whale activity" in crypto. While it may suggest trading opportunities, always do your research before jumping in.
Tx vol in USD
Change %
Market cap
Circ supply
BTCBitcoin155.246 B USD67073.79 USD+1.27%1.321 T USD25.487 B USD19.7 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
DAIDai2231.438 B USD1.00024 USD+0.04%5.349 B USD604.455 M USD5.348 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins, DeFi
ADACardano1011.151 B USD0.48 USD0.00%17.124 B USD378.956 M USD35.676 BSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
USDCUSD Coin610.107 B USD1.00008 USD+0.02%33.43 B USD6.01 B USD33.427 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
USDTTether36.939 B USD1.00029 USD+0.01%111.368 B USD52.157 B USD111.335 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
ETHEthereum24.856 B USD3114.29 USD+2.17%374.096 B USD13.565 B USD120.122 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
LTCLitecoin193.014 B USD84.53 USD+1.15%6.301 B USD307.655 M USD74.543 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
STETHLido Staked ETH1392.282 B USD3111.23170913 USD+2.13%29.116 B USD107.896 M USD9.358 MDerivatives, DeFi
DOGEDogecoin81.596 B USD0.15551 USD+1.22%22.446 B USD1.064 B USD144.338 BMemes, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
WBTCWrapped Bitcoin140803.385 M USD67015.31746360 USD+1.09%10.421 B USD226.564 M USD155.497 KWrapped Tokens, Cryptocurrencies
XRPXRP7482.231 M USD0.5242 USD+0.48%28.982 B USD846.451 M USD55.289 BCryptocurrencies, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
BCHBitcoin Cash15297.304 M USD485.00 USD+3.31%9.558 B USD531.527 M USD19.707 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
LINKChainlink16208.434 M USD16.37 USD+0.99%9.611 B USD797.882 M USD587.1 MOracles, Data management & AI, Web3
AVAXAvalanche12137.675 M USD37.39 USD−0.37%14.302 B USD463.573 M USD382.505 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
TRXTRON13118.435 M USD0.1244 USD+0.08%10.879 B USD257.403 M USD87.448 BSmart contract platforms, Payments, SEC security token, Layer 1
SHIBShiba Inu11108.239 M USD0.000025019 USD+0.71%14.743 B USD434.431 M USD589.272 TMemes, Cryptocurrencies
IMXImmutable X2997.079 M USD2.430363381 USD−0.97%3.603 B USD72.489 M USD1.482 BDevelopments tools, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Scaling, Marketplace
INJInjective5079.755 M USD24.997046107 USD−0.83%2.335 B USD72.493 M USD93.4 MSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, Layer 1
RNDRRender Token2770.313 M USD10.077508522 USD−1.03%3.917 B USD279.55 M USD388.643 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Metaverse, Web3
LDOLido DAO5952.59 M USD1.83896646 USD+3.40%1.641 B USD142.44 M USD892.32 MDerivatives, DeFi, DAO
XVGVerge38947.809 M USD0.006023 USD−0.28%99.512 M USD7.986 M USD16.522 BCryptocurrencies
GRTThe Graph3940.457 M USD0.315148058 USD+1.35%2.989 B USD146.017 M USD9.484 BData management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Web3
MATICPolygon1832.457 M USD0.7216 USD+1.94%7.149 B USD245.169 M USD9.907 BScaling, SEC security token
MKRMaker4430.308 M USD2845.287791500 USD+3.70%2.633 B USD104.75 M USD925.426 KLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
ETCEthereum Classic2426.392 M USD28.99843422 USD+1.97%4.266 B USD251.366 M USD147.108 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
FRAXFrax14926.313 M USD0.99795545 USD−0.03%648.106 M USD22.041 M USD649.434 MStablecoins, Algorithmic Stablecoins, Seigniorage, Lending & Borrowing, DeFi
FTMFantom4922.269 M USD0.85908382 USD+7.16%2.409 B USD484.43 M USD2.804 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
AMPAmp21719.272 M USD0.00713309 USD+0.36%301.214 M USD11.141 M USD42.228 BPayments, DeFi, SEC security token
ZRX0x13218.186 M USD0.60843346 USD+21.51%515.645 M USD218.067 M USD847.496 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
ICPInternet Computer2018.114 M USD13.34 USD+2.54%6.191 B USD125.191 M USD464.063 MPrivacy, Smart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, NFTs & Collectibles, Lending & Borrowing, Interoperability, Payments, DeFi, DAO, SEC security token, Layer 1
STORJStorj25617.695 M USD0.555024741 USD+2.25%213.73 M USD10.389 M USD385.083 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
DYDXdYdX (ethDYDX)13417.14 M USD2.07310854 USD+0.65%509.712 M USD31.483 M USD245.868 MDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, DeFi
APEApeCoin9916.319 M USD1.262403264 USD+2.92%763.622 M USD37.526 M USD604.896 MNFTs & Collectibles
FXSFrax Share20415.893 M USD4.37454919 USD+1.47%346.708 M USD16.188 M USD79.256 MAlgorithmic Stablecoins, Seigniorage, Decentralized exchange, DeFi
PENDLEPendle9715.768 M USD4.99904910 USD+8.88%769.456 M USD146.324 M USD153.921 MSocial, media & Content, Web3
UNIUniswap2314.703 M USD7.588640759 USD+0.69%4.545 B USD105.453 M USD598.93 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
XLMStellar3514.334 M USD0.108821270 USD+0.67%3.151 B USD51.678 M USD28.96 BCryptocurrencies, Smart contract platforms, Layer 1
CROCronos3213.685 M USD0.125616347 USD+0.76%3.338 B USD10.773 M USD26.572 BSmart contract platforms, Centralized-exchange, Payments, Layer 1
ALGOAlgorand6213.262 M USD0.186146796 USD+3.49%1.518 B USD55.427 M USD8.157 BSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
DCRDecred20612.781 M USD21.0679 USD+1.99%338.441 M USD2.4 M USD16.064 MCryptocurrencies, DAO
GMXGMX22412.108 M USD30.08880197 USD−2.39%285.706 M USD17.956 M USD9.495 MDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, DeFi
AXSAxie Infinity7711.435 M USD7.535389733 USD+2.47%1.091 B USD38.985 M USD144.735 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, SEC security token
BTGBitcoin Gold11510.058 M USD35.152 USD−5.82%615.649 M USD12.512 M USD17.514 MCryptocurrencies
GUSDGemini Dollar4239.411 M USD0.99927094 USD+0.01%83.688 M USD853.856 K USD83.749 MStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
DASHDash2008.9 M USD29.88393188 USD+0.88%352.519 M USD36.727 M USD11.796 MCryptocurrencies, DAO
EOSEOS858.679 M USD0.823049806 USD+0.46%926.95 M USD98.879 M USD1.126 BSmart contract platforms
RBNRibbon Finance1688.599 M USD0.82191 USD+0.42%441.442 M USD6.765 M USD537.093 MDerivatives, DeFi
GNOGnosis968.018 M USD303.96468343 USD+10.38%787.143 M USD24.523 M USD2.59 MPrediction markets, DeFi, Layer 1
SANDThe Sandbox807.554 M USD0.448815831 USD+0.77%1.017 B USD59.931 M USD2.266 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, Marketplace, SEC security token
CRVCurve DAO Token1297.513 M USD0.433390017 USD+1.07%526.321 M USD53.641 M USD1.214 BDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
USDPPax Dollar3197.107 M USD1.001440374 USD+0.07%145.942 M USD3.065 M USD145.732 MStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins, Cryptocurrencies
FRONTFrontier3776.556 M USD1.214538 USD+6.59%109.308 M USD51.61 M USD90 MPayments, DeFi
QNTQuant716.485 M USD97.89387977 USD+2.61%1.182 B USD15.803 M USD12.073 MInteroperability
AUDIOAudius2676.379 M USD0.158639919 USD+1.02%194.294 M USD5.777 M USD1.225 BSocial, media & Content, Web3, DAO
MANADecentraland946.275 M USD0.436409630 USD−0.28%832.809 M USD49.201 M USD1.908 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, SEC security token
ILVIlluvium1966.153 M USD85.14894080 USD+1.97%367.69 M USD9.443 M USD4.318 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, DAO
WOOWOO Network1235.617 M USD0.30279754 USD+2.90%566.152 M USD13.609 M USD1.87 BCentralized-exchange, Decentralized exchange, DeFi
CVXConvex Finance2455.538 M USD2.44194243 USD+2.62%233.55 M USD4.296 M USD95.641 MDeFi
AAVEAave675.366 M USD88.927724618 USD+0.85%1.317 B USD59.275 M USD14.815 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
CREAMCream Finance3655.191 M USD59.493 USD+25.52%110.399 M USD48.985 M USD1.856 MDecentralized exchange, Lending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
STGStargate Finance3955.187 M USD0.465733296 USD+1.94%95.167 M USD7.971 M USD204.338 MInteroperability
LRCLoopring1985.125 M USD0.261606426 USD+2.16%357.565 M USD13.536 M USD1.367 BDecentralized exchange, Scaling, DeFi
TRUTrueFi3175.011 M USD0.130298 USD+9.96%148.275 M USD24.624 M USD1.138 BLending & Borrowing, DeFi
LPTLivepeer1164.444 M USD19.139880347 USD−0.76%618.171 M USD60.132 M USD32.298 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
SNXSynthetix914.41 M USD2.697108926 USD−1.78%884.029 M USD39.409 M USD327.769 MDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, DeFi, DAO
ZECZcash1884.159 M USD23.62526378 USD+0.07%385.76 M USD45.389 M USD16.328 MPrivacy, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
NEONeo754.089 M USD15.7253 USD+0.75%1.109 B USD32.891 M USD70.539 MSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions
ENSEthereum Name Service1553.965 M USD15.027337617 USD−0.09%469.468 M USD36.145 M USD31.241 MIdentity, Web3, DAO
1INCH1inch Network1563.861 M USD0.402473561 USD+2.79%466.282 M USD24.113 M USD1.159 BDecentralized exchange, Payments, DeFi
OCEANOcean Protocol1243.483 M USD0.982187063 USD+2.29%558.257 M USD33.6 M USD568.381 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI
NEXONexo1023.401 M USD1.3218 USD+1.37%740.208 M USD10.72 M USD560 MLending & Borrowing, Payments
ANKRAnkr1613.127 M USD0.045644341 USD+2.28%456.443 M USD14.585 M USD10 BDistributed computing & Storage, Derivatives, Enterprise solutions, Web3
PAXGPAX Gold1653 M USD2387.65585924 USD+0.81%439.899 M USD10.01 M USD184.239 KAsset-backed Tokens
ONTOntology2212.736 M USD0.31880836 USD−0.62%287.15 M USD14.794 M USD900.698 MSmart contract platforms, Identity
CHZChiliz782.707 M USD0.121563152 USD+2.07%1.08 B USD61.241 M USD8.888 BLoyalty & Rewards, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
MPLMaple4702.691 M USD13.780 USD−1.29%60.88 M USD772.161 K USD4.418 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
GHSTAavegotchi4032.649 M USD1.7638 USD−2.09%93.037 M USD6.198 M USD52.748 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, DAO
QIBENQI4222.591 M USD0.018659 USD−0.16%84.39 M USD3.984 M USD4.523 BLending & Borrowing, Derivatives, DeFi
OXTOrchid3942.568 M USD0.099066171 USD+2.46%97.063 M USD16.717 M USD979.779 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Web3
JOEJOE2782.467 M USD0.50806703 USD+0.74%182.749 M USD8.127 M USD359.694 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
BNTBancor3902.42 M USD0.736689989 USD+1.54%99.138 M USD5.282 M USD134.572 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
UMAUMA2182.332 M USD3.67649270 USD−0.14%296.412 M USD30.871 M USD80.623 MOracles, Derivatives, DeFi, Web3, DAO
AMPLAmpleforth5602.33 M USD1.274433 USD+2.44%36.034 M USD820.178 K USD28.274 MStablecoins, Algorithmic Stablecoins, DeFi
COMPCompound1572.312 M USD57.164784698 USD+0.83%463.88 M USD28.648 M USD8.115 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
BALBalancer2602.286 M USD3.56379807 USD+0.46%202.782 M USD6.721 M USD56.901 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
TRACOriginTrail2012.267 M USD0.86409369 USD+1.35%350.5 M USD4.642 M USD405.627 MPrivacy, Distributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Interoperability, Enterprise solutions, Marketplace, Web3, Layer 1
BADGERBadger DAO4202.168 M USD4.3889 USD+3.36%84.46 M USD5.961 M USD19.244 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
POWRPowerledger2922.163 M USD0.319908732 USD+0.92%163.913 M USD13.718 M USD512.375 MEnergy, Marketplace, SEC security token
API3API32502.016 M USD2.586045915 USD+2.84%223.491 M USD20.053 M USD86.422 MData management & AI, Web3
NMRNumeraire2732.008 M USD27.664402700 USD+2.38%188.77 M USD7.168 M USD6.824 MData management & AI, Asset management, Analytics
SUSHISushiSwap2281.902 M USD1.11537910 USD+0.19%276.928 M USD27.324 M USD248.281 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
TRBTellor2261.848 M USD108.48843480 USD+0.26%279.396 M USD73.059 M USD2.575 MOracles, Data management & AI, DeFi, Web3
MLNEnzyme4771.812 M USD22.2192 USD+0.77%59.224 M USD11.578 M USD2.665 MAsset management, DeFi
MDTMeasurable Data Token5461.77 M USD0.059820 USD+0.25%40.448 M USD4.758 M USD676.157 MData management & AI, Marketplace
IOTXIoTeX1371.585 M USD0.051611542 USD+2.25%487.284 M USD15.117 M USD9.441 BSmart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, Internet of things
STARLStarlink5971.52 M USD0.0000027732 USD−5.92%27.674 M USD3.989 M USD9.979 TNFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
SRMSerum7251.44 M USD0.04315 USD−10.97%11.359 M USD1.639 M USD263.245 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
TUSDTrueUSD1331.399 M USD1.00094020 USD+0.06%510.181 M USD45.609 M USD509.701 MStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
YGGYield Guild Games2101.325 M USD0.926006164 USD+9.54%338.418 M USD77.274 M USD365.459 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, DAO
BOBABoba Network4721.316 M USD0.35062141 USD−0.00%60.175 M USD6.289 M USD171.624 MInteroperability, Scaling, Layer 1