Bharti Airtel: Remember what was said for Bharti Airtel at 525

Bharti Airtel

This is what was posted on July 04, 2021 when Bharti Airtel was at 525

- momentum might come in once closing is above 560 (on a weekly or monthly closing basis)

- the importance of 560 was derived from February 2021 month candle ( Shooting star candle)- where the Open was at 559 and close was at 556 but intraday high was at 623.

That candle reflected that close above 559 would lead to at least February highs of near about 623 levels in quick time

it consolidated for the whole of July but in month end it closed at 561.65. Today Bharti Airtel has made a high of 619 (already 10% rally) in 4 trading sessions.

That idea (posted on July 4) had just 5 Likes but those who followed the idea are reaping the rewards now...

Technical Analysis can give you a lot.... the question is are you willing to listen to charts???

Follow for more such ideas...

But don't just follow me blindly
learn to identify such opportunities independently...


Missed your original post at 525. That cup of tea should be tasting really good now bro. Fantastic analyis. I love every single post of yours. Very clear & detailed. Please keep them coming as we are learning a lot.
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indiamarketoutlook Bharath_Trades
@Bharath_Trades, Thank you very much for the appreciation.... Yes... Charts don't lie and garam garam chai... make a good combination...πŸ˜€
wsnd4q4s6c Bharath_Trades
Indeed excellent analysis, i could only see your first one now . Keep going. Share your telegram or WhatsApp I’d to my Thanks.
Can I make fresh entries?
indiamarketoutlook Ruturajmore5571

If you are looking for a longer term, then on any dips towards 568-580 levels, you may consider to buy.