Tata Steel: Chart set up and trading strategy

Tata Steel

Observations are mentioned in the chart itself.

Any rise towards 1430 / 1451, needs to be watched carefully. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Given the set up suggested F&O strategy,

One may consider to sell Tata Steel 26 August expiry 2021

1460 Call option around between 35 - 42 (Closing price 37. 05 )

Max profit potential in strategy Rs 31492/- per lot (at closing price) till 26 August 2021

More importantly, the strategy has an inbuilt risk cover for a rise in price up to 1497 till expiry day.

Take care & safe trading....!!!

- The view expressed here is my personal view
- Past performance is not a guarantee for future predictions
- Use this for educational purpose
- Any decision you take, you need to take responsibility for the same
- It's your hard earned money. Treat it wisely
- Trade / Invest keeping in mind your trading style, goals and objectives, time horizon & risk tolerance
- if trading in F&O, understand that F&O trading involves risk
- Do take proper risk management measures
- Do your own analysis and consult your financial adviser if need be

Trade active: Got the bounce we were looking for in the zone of 1430-1451 sooner than we thought...

Tata Steel 1444


Instead of Selling 1460 Call option

we have gone for 1500 Call Short at 39

Max profit potential Rs 33150/- per lot

Risk coverage for a rise in price up to 1539 till 26 Aug expiry

Take care & safe trading...!!!
Comment: Strategy update
Tata Steel 1500 Call option cmp 15.8 (recommended selling at 39)

Current profit Rs 19720/- per lot

Consider booking profits as per risk appetite

Happy trading...!!! 😀
Tata Steel has bounced back to 1405 levels

Tata Steel 1500 Call option CMP 24

Consider selling again


hey sir what's the new analysis dir tata steel