Taiwanese companies with small market cap

Explore Taiwanese companies with the smallest capitalization: their shares might be pretty volatile, but sometimes — more profitable. The smallest value companies are on top: study all available data to make informed decisions.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
33117TECSTAR TECHNOLOGY CO LTD158.232 M TWD6.94 TWD+3.58%13.007 K0.28−3.85 TWD−1295.68%0.00%Electronic Technology
77516SEA MILD BIOTECHNOLOGY CO LTD185.366 M TWD9.60 TWD−2.04%29.383 K0.6129.960.32 TWD0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
44304SUNVIC TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.187.398 M TWD5.20 TWD+1.96%69.147 K5.07−3.02 TWD−86.02%0.00%Process Industries
66813GENETOUCH CORPORATION189.94 M TWD5.00 TWD−9.91%764.474 K1.62−3.88 TWD−496.26%0.00%Electronic Technology
77551FLASHAIM INC189.97 M TWD15.70 TWD0.00%20.108 K1.51−1.63 TWD−725.97%6.37%Commercial Services
44804DA LUE INTERNATIONAL HOLDING CO LTD190.461 M TWD4.20 TWD+2.44%46.205 K0.38−3.09 TWD+39.35%0.00%Consumer Services
66473MEIMAII TECHNOLOGY CO LTD214.551 M TWD9.80 TWD−6.67%265.597 K1.44−1.82 TWD−233.01%0.00%Technology Services
66428TAIWAN TAOMEE CO LTD216.61 M TWD12.25 TWD+0.41%4290.0338.630.32 TWD0.00%Technology Services
77558BRYTON INC220.656 M TWD11.85 TWD−3.66%38.231 K2.20−4.26 TWD−215.11%0.00%Electronic Technology
55345TEAM YOUNG ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY CO225.15 M TWD11.85 TWD0.00%5.175 K0.64−2.04 TWD+16.09%0.00%Electronic Technology
225.689 M TWD16.30 TWD+0.62%12.015 K1.16−1.86 TWD−131.08%0.00%Electronic Technology
66848RBC BIOSCIENCE CORPORATION228.371 M TWD17.60 TWD+1.15%42.506 K0.4735.530.50 TWD−78.71%6.36%Health Technology
77443FLUXTEK INTL CORP235.4 M TWD10.70 TWD0.00%1 K0.2091.140.12 TWD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
66780STUDY KING CO LTD235.693 M TWD14.50 TWD+0.35%15.149 K0.55−0.00 TWD−100.23%8.28%Technology Services
33603UC & GN INTERNATIONAL CORP239.499 M TWD9.64 TWD−2.92%148.11 K0.5723.150.42 TWD−58.75%0.00%Retail Trade
66559HIGH POWER LIGHTING CORP246.959 M TWD10.65 TWD−1.39%73.367 K0.40−0.35 TWD−1.74%0.00%Electronic Technology
265.105 M TWD3.64 TWD+2.54%22.353 K0.11−2.62 TWD−41.94%0.00%Electronic Technology
66626GAME HOURS INC271.097 M TWD10.15 TWD+1.00%8.103 K2.25−3.06 TWD−120.19%0.00%Technology Services
66673INNOVISION FLEXTECH CORPORATION272.739 M TWD10.35 TWD+2.99%74.002 K0.93−3.23 TWD−944.71%0.00%Consumer Durables
66583YOOSONN ENTERTAINMENT CO LTD287.046 M TWD18.00 TWD0.00%1.001 K0.0657.230.31 TWD−94.27%19.61%Consumer Services
55205TAIWAN GREEN ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY291.1 M TWD28.40 TWD−0.35%1.3 K0.42−1.58 TWD−233.23%0.00%Technology Services
44197VISGENEER INC313.882 M TWD10.40 TWD+0.48%50.202 K1.14−0.65 TWD−2486.03%0.00%Health Technology
66744FENG CHI BIOTECH CORP323.18 M TWD22.00 TWD−0.23%4 K0.3514.881.48 TWD−1.23%6.14%Health Technology
11594JU-KAO ENGINEERING CO LTD335.522 M TWD10.10 TWD0.00%12.22 K0.22−1.30 TWD−187.62%0.00%Consumer Services
55701JANFUSUN FANCYWORLD CORP337.699 M TWD5.84 TWD−1.02%79.041 K1.66−0.38 TWD+49.33%0.00%Consumer Services
88067GISH INTERNATIONAL CO343.62 M TWD16.60 TWD−1.19%21.081 K2.41−0.43 TWD+66.29%0.00%Distribution Services
66784TSKY CO LTD356.93 M TWD19.35 TWD−0.51%18.732 K1.31−1.28 TWD−763.76%3.10%Electronic Technology
55348EMPOWER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION369.116 M TWD12.75 TWD−1.54%23.1 K1.072602.040.00 TWD−98.13%0.00%Electronic Technology
88080TAIWAN OSTOR CORP377.57 M TWD16.30 TWD+2.52%19.008 K0.72−0.09 TWD−101.16%0.00%Electronic Technology
44946CAYENNE ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY C387.021 M TWD42.10 TWD−1.17%15.279 K0.40−9.89 TWD+38.52%0.00%Technology Services
33288SILICON TOUCH TECHNOLOGY INC396.75 M TWD26.45 TWD+1.73%6.002 K0.58−0.36 TWD−282.36%0.00%Electronic Technology
404.852 M TWD7.15 TWD−0.69%48.535 K0.94−2.54 TWD−110.90%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
33085NEWRETAIL CO LTD410.623 M TWD14.15 TWD−3.08%4.665 K0.20−1.74 TWD−143.72%0.00%Commercial Services
44530HONYI INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD413.296 M TWD8.36 TWD+6.36%10.103 K0.31−1.30 TWD−255.15%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
66621UNIPHARMA CO LTD418.892 M TWD11.90 TWD−2.06%113.833 K1.33−0.61 TWD+70.93%0.00%Distribution Services
66734IXENSOR CO LTD431.338 M TWD6.38 TWD+1.27%151.998 K0.58−1.14 TWD+17.10%0.00%Health Technology
33095TAIWAN CHI CHENG ENTERPRISE CO LTD433 M TWD43.30 TWD−9.79%436.742 K3.2845.240.96 TWD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
11585TOPGREEN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.434.298 M TWD8.05 TWD−2.42%113.237 K1.87−1.68 TWD−36.69%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
33115TRUST SEARCH CORP LTD439.161 M TWD10.05 TWD0.00%5.122 K0.54−0.62 TWD−34.84%0.00%Electronic Technology
44609AIRLUX ELECTRICAL CO448.303 M TWD9.35 TWD+1.85%16.18 K0.95−0.75 TWD−325.59%0.00%Consumer Durables
66622BOSSDOM DIGIINNOVATION CO LTD457.459 M TWD12.90 TWD−0.77%19.5 K0.84−2.43 TWD−398.82%0.00%Consumer Services
464.26 M TWD16.70 TWD0.00%4.83 K0.6642.780.39 TWD0.00%Consumer Durables
66729LUMINESCENCE TECHNOLOGY CORP468 M TWD18.60 TWD−0.27%65.312 K2.9716.141.15 TWD+34.04%8.06%Process Industries
44738TATUNG FINE CHEMICALS CO477.215 M TWD6.15 TWD+0.99%26.028 K0.35110.410.06 TWD−19.51%0.00%Process Industries
66984ACPAY CO LTD479.04 M TWD30.65 TWD+2.51%29.423 K2.64−3.59 TWD0.00%Electronic Technology
11293LYTONE ENTERPRISE INC479.49 M TWD28.05 TWD0.00%10.0017.191.63 TWD−19.44%3.57%Technology Services
8472GOMAJI CORP LTD484.187 M TWD27.30 TWD+0.74%3.061 K0.36−4.38 TWD−9.95%0.00%Commercial Services
66493TTBIO CORP487.012 M TWD20.25 TWD+1.25%760.0273.000.28 TWD−42.10%6.17%Health Technology
44154RAKU CO LTD492.936 M TWD13.80 TWD−0.36%35.05 K1.14−3.65 TWD−218.52%0.00%Health Technology
55271HORNG TONG ENTERPRISE CO LTD498.814 M TWD7.08 TWD+2.16%436.08 K2.23−0.82 TWD+48.34%0.00%Electronic Technology
66259BULL WILL CO500.463 M TWD22.75 TWD0.00%46.736 K1.6019.311.18 TWD+49.66%2.89%Electronic Technology
66403ACSIP TECHNOLOGY C525.72 M TWD14.35 TWD+0.35%30.6 K0.29−0.40 TWD−3.02%0.00%Communications
66536TIGA GAMING INC526.48 M TWD20.00 TWD+1.01%16.056 K1.2422.910.87 TWD0.00%Technology Services
66103AVID ELECTRONICS CORP529.911 M TWD38.95 TWD+2.77%1 K0.234143.620.01 TWD0.00%Electronic Technology
22067CHIA YI STEEL CO LTD530.374 M TWD11.75 TWD−0.42%29.07 K0.82−1.64 TWD−317.16%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
66616TECHCENTIAL INTERNATIONAL LTD530.525 M TWD15.15 TWD+1.00%163.011 K0.310.62%Consumer Durables
66661WELGENE BIOTECH CO LTD534.833 M TWD22.95 TWD−0.65%73.129 K1.55−0.15 TWD−135.23%0.79%Health Technology
66240SUNG GANG CORP LTD535.096 M TWD23.40 TWD−0.21%30.03 K0.60−0.79 TWD−134.23%0.00%Finance
66169INTERSERV INTERNATIONAL INC546.272 M TWD23.35 TWD−1.06%39.475 K0.57−0.69 TWD−691.74%0.00%Consumer Durables
88291SHINEMORE TECHNOLOGY MATERIALS CO.567.744 M TWD12.00 TWD−4.76%106.675 K0.45−1.60 TWD−19.80%0.00%Electronic Technology
55277PROLIGHT OPTO TECHNOLOGY CO568.318 M TWD8.35 TWD−0.24%18.005 K0.28−1.85 TWD−440.22%0.00%Electronic Technology
66246TAIWAN THICK-FILM INDUSTRIES CORP573.449 M TWD15.15 TWD+1.00%12.017 K0.10−0.51 TWD−225.21%0.63%Electronic Technology
44406HSIN SIN TEXTILE CO576.223 M TWD11.10 TWD+0.91%466.258 K5.38−0.32 TWD−584.49%0.00%Process Industries
88041TECO ELECTRO DEVICES CO LTD581.859 M TWD33.80 TWD−0.88%21.828 K1.3640.310.84 TWD−76.13%5.92%Producer Manufacturing
44183EPS BIO TECHNOLOGY CORP583.1 M TWD24.50 TWD−0.20%113.198 K0.6919.251.27 TWD+20.24%4.00%Health Technology
44413EST GLOBAL APPAREL CO LTD588.716 M TWD18.80 TWD+2.17%26.144 K1.1322.280.84 TWD−29.02%2.66%Process Industries
33632PAPAGO INC588.812 M TWD14.40 TWD−0.69%55.305 K0.64137.540.10 TWD+109.82%0.00%Technology Services
22733VIGOR KOBO CO LTD590.362 M TWD24.00 TWD−0.41%9.391 K1.25−1.62 TWD+81.82%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
88298GENIE NETWORKS LTD601.071 M TWD23.45 TWD+3.53%6 K3.9143.030.55 TWD−29.63%2.13%Technology Services
44559JOY INDUSTRIAL CO LTD603.791 M TWD10.35 TWD+3.50%27.132 K3.97−1.87 TWD−725.02%3.86%Consumer Durables
84581 PRODUCTION FILM609.45 M TWD17.00 TWD+3.34%160.544 K0.92−0.47 TWD+90.17%0.00%Consumer Services
8923CHINA TIMES PUBLISH610.554 M TWD20.10 TWD+0.50%119.25 K2.6717.441.15 TWD+31.50%4.98%Consumer Services
66758A-SPINE ASIA CO LTD612.259 M TWD45.45 TWD+1.00%22.02 K2.8866.690.68 TWD−47.99%2.20%Health Technology
88047GREAT COMPUTER CORP620.829 M TWD14.90 TWD+0.68%133.222 K0.19−1.00 TWD+29.86%0.00%Electronic Technology
66820ACON OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS INC622.572 M TWD29.00 TWD+2.65%3000.0445.490.64 TWD−18.78%5.17%Electronic Technology
8477KUOBROTHERS CORP624.871 M TWD18.00 TWD+0.28%31.741 K0.64−3.54 TWD−3.04%0.00%Retail Trade
55276DA HUI LIMITED628.05 M TWD15.90 TWD−3.05%7 K0.34−0.66 TWD−179.45%3.77%Consumer Durables
22245NWW MANUFACTURING CO LTD639.225 M TWD47.35 TWD−1.56%13.004 K3.039.115.20 TWD+33.53%5.28%Producer Manufacturing
66977UNITED PURIFICATION TECH CO LTD646.428 M TWD47.50 TWD+0.42%1.014 K0.1839.991.19 TWD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
55547JIOUSHUN CONSTRUCTION CO LTD649.5 M TWD21.65 TWD−1.59%25.577 K2.4013.831.57 TWD−26.22%5.54%Consumer Durables
654.652 M TWD17.05 TWD0.00%4.004 K0.19−2.75 TWD−106.10%2.64%Consumer Durables
66816METAEDGE CORPORATION660.156 M TWD54.2 TWD−0.55%5.509 K0.6513.464.03 TWD+11.70%6.09%Technology Services
664.02 M TWD13.20 TWD+1.54%193.642 K0.53−0.86 TWD−216.29%0.00%Electronic Technology
44170VECTORITE BIOTECH INC674.079 M TWD15.40 TWD+0.65%44.341 K0.28−0.15 TWD−220.83%0.00%Transportation
55254CEN LINK CO LTD680.464 M TWD30.10 TWD0.00%15.136 K2.2716.661.81 TWD−29.30%6.64%Electronic Technology
33672CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS INC681.421 M TWD22.50 TWD−0.66%44.892 K2.07−1.48 TWD−46.34%0.44%Electronic Technology
66241AMIGO TECHNOLOGY INC.681.8 M TWD14.00 TWD+2.19%73.008 K0.80−0.38 TWD+80.24%0.00%Electronic Technology
77419MORTECH CORPORATION684 M TWD17.10 TWD−1.72%33.702 K0.37−1.48 TWD−104.77%0.00%Process Industries
55248PIXON TECHNOLOGIES CORP687.225 M TWD28.05 TWD−0.88%21.2 K0.6632.900.85 TWD+35.06%1.25%Electronic Technology
689.728 M TWD12.05 TWD+0.42%47.29 K0.78−1.98 TWD−75.71%0.00%Electronic Technology
33585ADVANCE MATERIALS CORPORATION689.872 M TWD6.52 TWD−0.91%88.966 K0.52−1.34 TWD−832.72%0.00%Electronic Technology
66512GOMAX ELECTRONICS INC697.5 M TWD27.90 TWD+0.72%89.075 K0.26−0.68 TWD−390.04%0.40%Consumer Durables
33067PNC INTERNATIONAL INC703 M TWD35.15 TWD−0.14%27.4 K2.3034.421.02 TWD0.00%Consumer Durables
44115SUNDER BIOMEDICAL TECH CO LTD714 M TWD11.90 TWD−0.83%2.105 K0.17−0.55 TWD−146.83%2.52%Health Technology
66864ANTI-MICROBIAL SAVIOR BIOTEQ CO LTD714.289 M TWD25.20 TWD0.00%22.375 K0.84−2.06 TWD−73.62%0.00%Commercial Services
33492ADVANCED CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY INC715.962 M TWD20.15 TWD−0.25%87.119 K0.3220.320.99 TWD−20.69%4.96%Electronic Technology
44554ORANGE ELECTRONIC CO LTD725.753 M TWD31.15 TWD+1.14%191.785 K3.1515.661.99 TWD3.21%Electronic Technology
44553ALFOT TECHNOLOGIES CO LTD726.44 M TWD22.00 TWD+0.46%4 K0.21−0.77 TWD−144.34%4.49%Producer Manufacturing
88421XU YUAN PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY CO LTD731.809 M TWD13.35 TWD0.00%88.248 K0.61−0.00 TWD+99.60%7.57%Process Industries
66882REALLUSION INC742.37 M TWD32.00 TWD0.00%16 K0.7526.381.21 TWD−53.45%6.56%Technology Services