Bond market

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Bonds of Africa

African countries are often perceived to face economic instability and political risks, so to attract investors and encourage capital inflow, governments issue high-yield bonds. You can see them in the table below.
Yield %
Maturity date
Time to maturity
Change %
ZA03MYSouth Africa 3 Month Government Bonds Yield8.450%2024-05-28908.450 ZAR−1.74%−0.150 ZAR
ZA05YSouth Africa 5 Year Government Bonds Yield10.50%9.050%2026-12-211027103.481 ZAR+0.50%0.045 ZAR
ZA10YSouth Africa 10 Year Government Bonds Yield8.00%10.255%2030-01-31216490.175 ZAR+0.54%0.055 ZAR
ZA12YSouth Africa 12 Year Government Bonds Yield8.25%11.085%2032-03-31295485.105 ZAR+0.59%0.065 ZAR
ZA20YSouth Africa 20 Year Government Bonds Yield9.00%12.515%2040-01-31581675.967 ZAR+0.24%0.030 ZAR
ZA25YSouth Africa 25 Year Government Bonds Yield8.75%12.615%2044-01-31727772.027 ZAR+0.24%0.030 ZAR
ZA30YSouth Africa 30 Year Government Bonds Yield8.75%12.535%2048-02-28876671.434 ZAR+0.24%0.030 ZAR