UK bonds

The United Kingdom is one of the key players in the world economy, so to help you better understand its economic growth, we've gathered the list of UK government bonds in the table below.
Yield %
Maturity date
Term to maturity
Change %
GGB01MYUnited Kingdom 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%5.284%2024-08-1226 days99.625 GBP+0.61%0.032 GBP
GGB03MYUnited Kingdom 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%5.238%2024-10-1489 days98.739 GBP+0.17%0.009 GBP
GGB06MYUnited Kingdom 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%5.167%2025-01-13180 days97.515 GBP+0.17%0.009 GBP
GGB01YUnited Kingdom 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.63%4.591%2025-06-07325 days96.587 GBP+0.46%0.021 GBP
GGB02YUnited Kingdom 2 Year Government Bonds Yield0.13%3.998%2026-01-301 year 197 days94.296 GBP+0.53%0.021 GBP
GGB03YUnited Kingdom 3 Year Government Bonds Yield1.25%4.007%2027-07-223 years 5 days92.254 GBP+0.91%0.036 GBP
GGB04YUnited Kingdom 4 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%4.082%2028-06-073 years 326 days101.486 GBP+1.06%0.043 GBP
GGB05YUnited Kingdom 5 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.907%2029-01-314 years 198 days85.964 GBP+0.21%0.008 GBP
GGB06YUnited Kingdom 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.38%3.858%2030-10-226 years 97 days80.786 GBP+0.44%0.017 GBP
GGB07YUnited Kingdom 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.25%3.896%2031-07-317 years 14 days77.750 GBP−0.31%−0.012 GBP
GGB08YUnited Kingdom 8 Year Government Bonds Yield4.25%3.935%2032-06-077 years 326 days102.112 GBP+0.54%0.021 GBP
GGB09YUnited Kingdom 9 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%4.017%2033-01-318 years 198 days94.499 GBP+0.53%0.021 GBP
GGB10YUnited Kingdom 10 Year Government Bonds Yield4.63%4.073%2034-01-319 years 198 days104.323 GBP+0.54%0.022 GBP
GGB12YUnited Kingdom 12 Year Government Bonds Yield4.25%4.172%2036-03-0711 years 234 days100.714 GBP+0.48%0.020 GBP
GGB15YUnited Kingdom 15 Year Government Bonds Yield1.13%4.332%2039-01-3114 years 198 days65.675 GBP+0.46%0.020 GBP
GGB20YUnited Kingdom 20 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%4.505%2044-01-2219 years 189 days83.825 GBP+0.36%0.016 GBP
GGB25YUnited Kingdom 25 Year Government Bonds Yield1.75%4.525%2049-01-2224 years 189 days59.150 GBP+0.22%0.010 GBP
GGB30YUnited Kingdom 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.38%4.563%2054-07-3130 years 14 days96.939 GBP+0.26%0.012 GBP
GGB40YUnited Kingdom 40 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%4.497%2063-10-2239 years 97 days90.871 GBP+0.27%0.012 GBP
GGB50YUnited Kingdom 50 Year Government Bonds Yield1.13%4.125%2073-10-2249 years 97 days37.002 GBP+0.24%0.010 GBP