Government bonds

Indian bonds

India has a fast-growing economy with a population over 1 billion, so investors looking for Indian bonds often look here. We gathered all Indian g-secs below to help you out.
Yield %
Maturity date
Term to maturity
Change %
IN03MYIndia 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%6.850%2024-09-1288 days98.412 INR−0.15%−0.010 INR
IN06MYIndia 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%6.990%2024-12-12179 days96.721 INR−0.43%−0.030 INR
IN01YIndia 1 Year Government Bonds Yield5.22%6.985%2025-06-15364 days98.336 INR+0.32%0.022 INR
IN02YIndia 2 Year Government Bonds Yield7.33%6.975%2026-10-302 years 136 days100.750 INR0.00%0.000 INR
IN03YIndia 3 Year Government Bonds Yield7.38%6.993%2027-06-203 years 4 days101.033 INR0.00%0.000 INR
IN04YIndia 4 Year Government Bonds Yield7.37%6.998%2028-10-234 years 129 days101.361 INR−0.03%−0.002 INR
IN05YIndia 5 Year Government Bonds Yield7.10%7.004%2029-04-184 years 306 days100.374 INR−0.09%−0.006 INR
IN06YIndia 6 Year Government Bonds Yield7.32%6.983%2030-11-136 years 150 days101.457 INR+0.06%0.004 INR
IN07YIndia 7 Year Government Bonds Yield6.10%7.040%2031-07-127 years 26 days94.833 INR−0.11%−0.008 INR
IN08YIndia 8 Year Government Bonds Yield7.26%7.052%2032-08-228 years 67 days101.259 INR−0.09%−0.006 INR
IN09YIndia 9 Year Government Bonds Yield7.18%7.040%2033-08-149 years 59 days100.918 INR+0.04%0.003 INR
IN10YIndia 10 Year Government Bonds Yield7.10%6.984%2034-04-089 years 296 days100.799 INR−0.03%−0.002 INR
IN11YIndia 11 Year Government Bonds Yield6.64%7.055%2035-06-1611 years96.862 INR−0.11%−0.008 INR
IN12YIndia 12 Year Government Bonds Yield7.54%7.044%2036-05-2311 years 342 days103.954 INR−0.10%−0.007 INR
IN13YIndia 13 Year Government Bonds Yield7.41%7.051%2036-12-1912 years 186 days102.951 INR−0.17%−0.012 INR
IN14YIndia 14 Year Government Bonds Yield7.18%7.041%2037-07-2413 years 38 days101.165 INR0.00%0.000 INR
IN15YIndia 15 Year Government Bonds Yield7.23%7.026%2039-04-1514 years 303 days101.845 INR+0.19%0.013 INR
IN19YIndia 19 Year Government Bonds Yield7.69%7.079%2043-06-1719 years 1 day106.333 INR−0.06%−0.004 INR
IN24YIndia 24 Year Government Bonds Yield7.06%7.079%2046-10-1022 years 116 days99.779 INR−0.13%−0.009 INR
IN30YIndia 30 Year Government Bonds Yield7.30%7.088%2053-06-1929 years 3 days102.590 INR−0.23%−0.016 INR
IN40YIndia 40 Year Government Bonds Yield7.34%7.107%2064-04-2239 years 311 days103.062 INR−0.18%−0.013 INR