Largest companies by market cap

Market capitalization shows the value of a corporation by multiplying the stock price by the number of stocks outstanding. Companies are sorted according to their market cap. Any public company with a market cap above $10 billion is generally considered to be a large cap company. Large-cap stocks are usually industry and sector leaders, and represent well-known, established companies.

SMSD SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO LTD (ATT) GDS (REPR 1/2 NON VTG PFD)(REG S) 971.000.00%0.00Buy579245.896B8.61299925.8098557.00Technology
SMSN SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO LTD (ATT) GDR (REP 1/2 COM STK KRW5000)(REG S) 1199.001.10%13.00Strong Buy16.172K245.896B8.61299925.8098557.00Technology
BC94 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO LTD (ATT) GDR (REPR 1/2 COM STK KRW5000)(144 A) 1201.000.84%10.00Strong Buy1.401K245.896B8.61299925.8098557.00Technology
RDSA ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC 'A' ORD EUR0.07 2519.500.90%22.50Buy4.037M211.285B19.701.4886000.00Energy
RDSB ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC 'B' ORD EUR0.07 2575.501.08%27.50Strong Buy5.130M211.285B19.701.4886000.00Energy
TYT TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Y50 6971.000.69%48.00Buy145.600K150.066B8.67811.27364445.00Consumer Cyclicals
BOE BOEING CO. COM STK USD5 337.65-0.25%-0.86Buy159142.098B28.8811.88140800.00Industrials
HSBA HSBC HOLDINGS PLC ORD $0.50 (UK REG) 707.200.86%6.00Buy16.199M141.764B18.060.39228687.00Financials
TTA TOTAL S.A. TOTAL ORD SHS 51.161.03%0.52Strong Buy218.493K117.529B19.022.6998277.00Energy
ULVR UNILEVER PLC ORD 3 1/9P 3866.00-0.17%-6.50Sell1.810M115.856B22.751.71160566.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
BP.B BP PLC 9% CUM 2ND PRF #1 167.000.00%0.00Buy2.891K103.396B33.820.1574000.00Energy
BP. BP PLC $0.25 521.600.66%3.40Buy23.395M103.396B33.820.1574000.00Energy
BP.A BP PLC 8% CUM 1ST PRF #1 152.000.00%0.00Sell1.282K103.396B33.820.1574000.00Energy
IBM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION COM STK USD0.20 145.460.31%0.45Sell6.406K95.370B12.2011.91366600.00Technology
GEC GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY COM STK USD0.06 11.93-0.17%-0.02Sell13.497K90.212B-0.30313000.00Industrials
BLT BHP BILLITON PLC ORD $0.50 1536.600.14%2.20Buy7.545M87.306B17.670.8826146.00Basic Materials
BATS BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC ORD 25P 3739.891.35%49.75Sell5.468M84.865B2.9212.7455761.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
HON HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED COM STK USD1 149.05-6.30%-10.02Sell2080.513B33.814.52131000.00Industrials
NPSN NASPERS LIMITED ADR (5 ADRS REPR 1 CLS N ORD) 45.100.00%0.00Sell079.175B31.9997.0924482.00Technology
BNC BANCO SANTANDER S.A. ORD EUR0.50 (CDI) 481.000.24%1.15Buy201.782K77.499B12.800.43202251.00Financials
RIO RIO TINTO PLC ORD 10P 3948.50-0.97%-38.50Buy4.295M71.194B10.903.6846807.00Basic Materials
GSK GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLC ORD 25P 1445.001.05%15.00Buy6.982M70.913B26.880.5398462.00Healthcare
BFA BASF SE BASF SE REG SHS 87.050.42%0.36Buy366.469K69.429B13.116.62115490.00Basic Materials
SCL SCHLUMBERGER LD COM STK US$0.01 68.24-1.67%-1.16Buy49568.557B-1.03100000.00Energy
RIGD RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED GDR (EACH REPR 2 ORD INR10 LEVEL1)(144A) 27.85-0.36%-0.10Sell135.979K63.346B15.8358.7224167.00Energy
AZN ASTRAZENECA PLC ORD SHS $0.25 5015.000.78%39.00Buy1.349M63.026B29.151.7161100.00Healthcare
DGE DIAGEO PLC ORD 28 101/108P 2451.50-0.55%-13.50Sell2.175M60.646B21.821.1330051.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
SBER SBERBANK 14.68-1.58%-0.24Sell8.818M56.798B6.2234.63310277.00Financials
VOD VODAFONE GROUP PLC ORD USD0.20 20/21 213.871.78%3.74Buy62.444M56.103B-0.03111556.00Telecommunications Services
GLEN GLENCORE PLC ORD USD0.01 380.30-0.09%-0.35Buy40.487M55.249B12.970.30145977.00Energy
PRU PRUDENTIAL PLC ORD 5P 1890.500.83%15.50Strong Buy3.438M48.595B16.991.1027151.00Financials
LLOY LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC ORD 10P 66.441.08%0.71Sell146.382M47.337B15.130.0467905.00Financials
ROSN ROSNEFT OIL COMPANY GDRS (EACH REPR 1 ORD ) (REGS) 5.500.89%0.05Buy11.920M41.818B15.970.3470696.00Energy
OGZD PJSC GAZPROM LEVEL 1 ADS (REPR 2 ORD) 4.60-0.69%-0.03Sell17.432M39.795B3.871.19467400.00Energy
RB. RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLC ORD 10P 5513.00-1.99%-112.00Strong Sell1.645M39.622B20.462.7840400.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
LKOD PJSC LUKOIL ADR (EACH REPR 1 ORD RUB0.025) 64.21-1.17%-0.76Sell1.313M39.458B6.779.60109600.00Energy
LKOH LUKOIL 66.151.55%1.01Buy1.465K39.194B6.76589.30109600.00Energy
BVA BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA S.A. ORD EUR0.49 6.580.06%0.00Buy8.209M38.246B13.650.48131856.00Financials
TDE TELEFONICA SA TELEFONICA ORD SHS 8.331.08%0.09Buy73.378K37.346B14.790.56122718.00Telecommunications Services
BARC BARCLAYS PLC ORD 25P 216.350.39%0.85Strong Buy40.747M36.785B22.190.1079900.00Financials
HHPD HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO. LTD GDR (EACH REPR 2 SHS TWD10)(REG S) 5.59-2.61%-0.15Sell16.775K35.576B10.878.011290000.00Technology
SHP SHIRE PLC ORD 5P 3800.00-0.56%-21.50Strong Buy3.465M35.063B26.631.4523044.00Healthcare
CCL CARNIVAL PLC ORD USD 1.66 4741.001.46%68.00Buy640.575K33.573B17.902.6297000.00Consumer Cyclicals
RBS ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP PLC ORD 100P 275.900.62%1.70Buy8.022M32.885B43.010.0671200.00Financials
JAR JARDINE MATHESON HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.25(SINGAPORE REG) 62.350.00%0.00Neutral032.152B6.1610.07110000.00Industrials
JARB JARDINE MATHESON HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.25(BERMUDA REG) 61.961.77%1.08Sell7.500K32.152B6.1610.07110000.00Industrials
REL RELX PLC ORD 14 51/116P 1545.000.06%1.00Buy2.214M32.049B18.920.8231000.00Industrials
JDSB JARDINE STRATEGIC HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.05(BERMUDA REG) 38.41-3.40%-1.35Buy27.500K30.298B5.387.1130000.00Industrials
JDS JARDINE STRATEGIC HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.05(SINGAPORE REG) 34.410.00%0.00Neutral030.298B5.387.1130000.00Industrials
MHM MARSH & MCLENNAN COS. INC COM US$1 81.000.00%0.00Buy030.108B22.083.8064000.00Financials
HYUP HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY GDS (EACH REPR 1/2 PREF KRW5000) 44.600.00%0.00Sell35027.809B10.6615011.2766404.00Consumer Cyclicals
HYUO HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY GDS (EACH REPR 1/2 ORD KRW5000) 73.002.82%2.00Strong Buy28727.809B10.6615011.2766404.00Consumer Cyclicals
HYUD HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY GDR (REPR 1/2 NV CAP KWN5000)(REG S) 42.500.00%0.00Buy26.849K27.809B10.6615011.2766404.00Consumer Cyclicals
NG. NATIONAL GRID PLC ORD 12 204/473P 796.50-2.02%-16.40Sell10.754M27.271B17.070.4822132.00Utilities
NVTK PAO NOVATEK GDR (EACH REPR 10 ORD) 'REG S' 125.90-1.39%-1.78Sell257.635K26.107B14.898.453600.00Energy
STAN STANDARD CHARTERED PLC ORD USD0.50 764.700.04%0.30Buy4.320M25.241B35.820.2286021.00Financials
AAL ANGLO AMERICAN PLC ORD USD0.54945 1775.600.48%8.40Buy4.401M24.825B10.101.7869000.00Basic Materials
MEL MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION COM STK Y50 1726.000.68%11.60Sell84.100K24.329B13.71125.01138700.00Industrials
BT.A BT GROUP PLC ORD 5P 243.800.83%2.00Buy16.396M23.991B14.260.17106400.00Telecommunications Services
CPG COMPASS GROUP PLC ORD 11 1/20P 1486.50-1.10%-16.50Sell2.507M23.802B21.040.72588112.00Consumer Cyclicals
TSCO TESCO PLC ORD 5P 239.800.17%0.40Buy33.817M23.381B19.810.12133041.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
IMB IMPERIAL BRANDS PLC ORD 10P 2395.50-0.29%-7.00Sell2.282M22.914B16.321.4833800.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
SKY SKY PLC ORD 50P 1308.50-0.27%-3.50Buy1.322M22.554B25.020.5328123.00Consumer Cyclicals
SBID STATE BANK OF INDIA GDR (EACH REP 10 SHS INR1)(REG S) 36.450.28%0.10Sell22.310K22.437B-0.14209567.00Financials
COD COMPAGNIE DE SAINT-GOBAIN COMPAGNIE DE ST-GOBAIN ORD SHS 44.571.08%0.48Buy116.083K21.242B15.642.83179149.00Consumer Cyclicals
CRH CRH PLC ORD EUR 0.32 2528.000.12%3.00Buy1.268M21.214B18.041.6185363.00Basic Materials
AV.A AVIVA PLC 8 3/4% CUM IRRD PRF #1 158.000.00%0.00Buy19.222K20.986B15.260.3530021.00Financials
AV. AVIVA PLC ORD 25P 527.201.14%5.92Buy7.025M20.986B15.260.3530021.00Financials
AV.B AVIVA PLC 8 3/8% CUM IRRD PRF #1 150.751.17%1.75Buy39.110K20.986B15.260.3530021.00Financials
ABF ASSOCIATED BRITISH FOODS PLC ORD 5 15/22P 2613.00-0.68%-18.00Buy1.004M20.829B19.931.32132590.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
LTOD LARSEN AND TOUBRO LIMITED GDS (REPR 1 ORD INR2)(REG'S') 20.35-0.73%-0.15Sell55.924K20.617B26.6551.6443354.00Industrials
MNOD ADR GMK NORILSKIYNIKEL ORD SHS [REPO] 17.14-0.13%-0.02Sell3.532M19.555B12.941.3282006.00Basic Materials
BA. BAE SYSTEMS PLC ORD 2.5P 605.200.70%4.20Strong Buy6.627M19.163B22.470.2783200.00Industrials
WPY WORLDPAY, INC. CLASS A COM STK USD0.00001 (DI) 5842.00-0.12%-7.00Buy18.224K18.140B106.410.803661.00Industrials
ATAD PJSC TATNEFT ADS (REPR 6 ORD RUB0.10) 63.97-0.05%-0.03Buy257.822K17.417B11.885.3580560.00Energy
CFHS CATHAY FINANCIAL HOLDING CO LTD GDR (EACH REPR 10 TWD10)(REG S) 15.250.00%0.00Buy70.187K17.340B11.834.4754993.00Financials
GAZ PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY GAZPROM NEFT LEVEL 1 ADR 24.40-0.20%-0.05Sell2.154K16.619B5.594.37Energy
LGEN LEGAL & GENERAL GROUP PLC ORD 2 1/2P 277.600.87%2.40Buy15.395M16.398B10.480.267570.00Financials
RR. ROLLS-ROYCE HOLDINGS PLC ORD SHS 20P 852.40-1.59%-13.80Strong Sell3.712M16.110B3.772.3150000.00Industrials
RYA RYANAIR HOLDINGS PLC ORD EUR0.006 15.650.77%0.12Sell855.664K15.776B12.941.2113026.00Industrials
SGGD OJSC SURGUTNEFTEGAS ADR (EACH REPR 10 ORD) 4.710.01%0.00Sell688.455K14.949B7.900.60117000.00Energy
EXPN EXPERIAN PLC ORD USD0.10 1640.002.09%33.50Strong Buy2.297M14.834B27.390.6016000.00Industrials
LSE LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP PLC ORD SHS 6 79/86P 4215.00-0.82%-35.00Buy571.509K14.736B38.661.134908.00Financials
WPP WPP PLC ORD 10P 1118.00-2.49%-28.50Sell7.193M14.516B9.241.26133931.00Consumer Cyclicals
FERG FERGUSON PLC ORD 10 53/66P 5620.00-0.18%-10.00Buy470.523K14.040B19.043.0033511.00Consumer Cyclicals
AXB AXIS BANK LIMITED GDR EACH REPR 5 EQTY SHS 38.00-0.39%-0.15Sell6.667K13.989B82.776.2856617.00Financials
SSE SSE PLC ORD 50P 1319.50-0.60%-8.00Buy2.137M13.476B9.841.3521157.00Utilities
KYGA KERRY GROUP PLC 'A'ORD EUR0.125 86.15-1.20%-1.05Buy66.468K13.457B26.283.3423969.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
IAG INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATED AIRLINES GROUP S.A. ORD EUR0.50 (CDI) 618.201.18%7.20Buy3.119M12.539B7.500.8463422.00Industrials
LGLD LG ELECTRONICS INC GDS(REPR 1/2 NON-VTG STK KWN5000)(REG S) 21.002.94%0.60Strong Buy112.377B11.379584.1237902.00Technology
AIBG AIB GROUP PLC ORD EUR0.625 5.222.76%0.14Buy68.195K12.189B12.980.409720.00Financials
OML OLD MUTUAL PLC ORD 11 3/7P 249.202.72%6.60Buy10.692M11.967B878.990.0028313.00Financials
SN. SMITH & NEPHEW PLC ORD USD0.20 1389.002.74%37.00Buy6.169M11.828B20.730.6515933.00Healthcare
HKLJ HONG KONG LAND HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.10(JERSEY REG) 7.410.00%0.00Sell011.818B2.962.371883.00Financials
HKLB HONG KONG LAND HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.10(BERMUDA REG) 7.410.00%0.00Sell011.818B2.962.371883.00Financials
HKLD HONG KONG LAND HOLDINGS LD ORD US$0.10(SING.REG) 7.410.00%0.00Sell011.818B2.962.371883.00Financials
CZB COMMERZBANK AG ORD NPV 11.112.88%0.31Sell173.652K11.792B115.640.0949417.00Financials
S32 SOUTH32 LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) 202.00-5.78%-12.40Strong Buy9.191M11.095B13.980.2814002.00Basic Materials
SLA STANDARD LIFE ABERDEEN PLC ORD 12 2/9P 369.600.68%2.50Sell4.535M10.937B12.400.307768.00Financials
MHID MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LIMITED GDR (REPR 1 ORD INR10 REG 'S') 12.301.23%0.15Strong Buy51.459K10.711B212.883.7620366.00Consumer Cyclicals
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