Sri Lankan companies with the highest net income

Net income shows the company's real profitability and how well it is managed. Sri Lankan companies below have the highest net income in their market. They're sorted by this indicator, but also have other ones to study.
Net income
Change %
Rel Volume
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
CTC.N0000CEYLON TOBACCO COMPANY PLC27.656 B LKR1246.00 LKR+1.55%6.27 K0.85233.265 B LKR8.44147.63 LKR+35.07%14.30%Consumer Non-Durables
HNB.N0000HATTON NATIONAL BANK PLC22.771 B LKR190.00 LKR−1.04%361.815 K0.44103.531 B LKR4.6640.77 LKR0.00%Finance
Strong buy
LOLC.N0000LOLC HOLDINGS PLC22.374 B LKR424.00 LKR−0.53%68.016 K0.52201.96 B LKR6.6064.21 LKR−51.97%0.00%Finance
COMB.N0000COMMERCIAL BANK OF CEYLON PLC21.115 B LKR104.50 LKR−1.42%346.831 K0.33138.633 B LKR6.5815.89 LKR0.00%Finance
Strong buy
DIAL.N0000DIALOG AXIATA PLC20.124 B LKR11.9 LKR+0.85%1.181 M0.5098.147 B LKR4.872.44 LKR0.00%Communications
Strong buy
DIST.N0000DISTILLERIES COMPANY OF SRI LANKA PLC18.843 B LKR26.6 LKR0.00%168.571 K0.48122.36 B LKR8.103.29 LKR−5.04%14.59%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
JKH.N0000JOHN KEELLS HOLDINGS PLC18.174 B LKR204.00 LKR0.00%116.312 K0.28282.819 B LKR39.335.19 LKR−72.12%0.74%Retail Trade
SAMP.N0000SAMPATH BANK PLC17.924 B LKR77.7 LKR0.00%565.224 K0.3190.884 B LKR5.0615.35 LKR4.35%Finance
Strong buy
MELS.N0000MELSTACORP PLC17.222 B LKR89.9 LKR+0.45%12.02 K0.08102.671 B LKR11.727.67 LKR−60.31%10.19%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
HAYL.N0000HAYLEYS PLC16.352 B LKR80.3 LKR−1.71%219.565 K0.6060.375 B LKR15.145.30 LKR−82.94%6.65%Producer Manufacturing
LOFC.N0000LOLC FINANCE PLC15.393 B LKR6.3 LKR+1.61%27.048 M3.65211.707 B LKR9.920.63 LKR−22.07%0.00%Finance
LIOC.N0000LANKA IOC PLC13.945 B LKR124.50 LKR−2.35%252.177 K0.3766.026 B LKR3.23%Distribution Services
Strong buy
NTB.N0000NATIONS TRUST BANK PLC11.471 B LKR112.75 LKR−0.66%175.309 K0.6036.341 B LKR3.1735.55 LKR2.16%Finance
CARS.N0000CARSON CUMBERBATCH PLC11.436 B LKR250.00 LKR−3.75%12 K6.0449.097 B LKR7.5033.32 LKR−58.62%0.84%Distribution Services
BUKI.N0000BUKIT DARAH PLC10.846 B LKR390.00 LKR−1.14%120.2040.29 B LKR9.5240.96 LKR+4.67%0.46%Producer Manufacturing
CINS.N0000CEYLINCO INSURANCE PLC10.773 B LKR2350.25 LKR−4.46%10.0054.62 B LKR1.83%Finance
VONE.N0000VALLIBEL ONE PLC9.524 B LKR52.3 LKR−1.88%159.751 K0.3259.793 B LKR6.068.63 LKR+1.37%1.90%Distribution Services
LFIN.N0000LB FINANCE PLC8.555 B LKR65.0 LKR−0.15%364.617 K1.5636.014 B LKR3.7517.32 LKR+18.53%8.08%Finance
Strong buy
DFCC.N0000DFCC BANK8.485 B LKR77.4 LKR−2.03%474.563 K1.3933.315 B LKR3.9119.80 LKR3.71%Finance
CIC.N0000CIC HOLDINGS PLC7.801 B LKR73.0 LKR−1.35%689.46 K2.1625.85 B LKR2.8026.10 LKR+30.20%3.43%Producer Manufacturing
RCL.N0000ROYAL CERAMICS LANKA PLC7.747 B LKR31.1 LKR0.00%374.733 K0.5934.456 B LKR4.716.60 LKR−20.15%8.04%Producer Manufacturing
CFIN.N0000CENTRAL FINANCE COMPANY PLC7.227 B LKR110.00 LKR−2.44%62.609 K0.3125.009 B LKR3.1734.70 LKR+19.94%3.86%Finance
LION.N0000LION BREWERY (CEYLON) PLC6.992 B LKR1050.00 LKR0.00%1160.0883.88 B LKR11.1094.63 LKR+5.31%5.66%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
SPEN.N0000AITKEN SPENCE PLC6.644 B LKR130.00 LKR+1.36%1360.0254.606 B LKR−0.31 LKR−100.81%2.97%Consumer Services
Strong buy
DIPD.N0000DIPPED PRODUCTS PLC6.507 B LKR29.3 LKR+0.34%128.717 K0.6217.48 B LKR5.934.94 LKR−63.32%8.90%Producer Manufacturing
SEYB.N0000SEYLAN BANK PLC6.321 B LKR50.1 LKR0.00%92.385 K0.3928.051 B LKR4.9210.19 LKR0.00%Finance
AACL.N0000ACL CABLES PLC5.952 B LKR82.5 LKR−0.96%172.576 K1.2019.765 B LKR6.4912.70 LKR−59.49%1.52%Producer Manufacturing
HAYC.N0000HAYCARB PLC5.823 B LKR72.3 LKR−1.23%50.439 K1.3521.541 B LKR5.8212.42 LKR−45.12%8.28%Producer Manufacturing
NDB.N0000NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT BANK PLC5.759 B LKR73.0 LKR−0.68%203.351 K0.3830.332 B LKR5.2713.86 LKR2.63%Finance
CARG.N0000CARGILLS (CEYLON) PLC5.366 B LKR365.00 LKR+1.39%1.965 K4.7194.052 B LKR16.0222.78 LKR+7.17%3.56%Retail Trade
CTEA.N0000DILMAH CEYLON TEA COMPANY PLC5.034 B LKR985.00 LKR−3.41%60.0420.343 B LKR105.579.33 LKR−98.15%5.10%Consumer Non-Durables
TKYO.N0000TOKYO CEMENT COMPANY (LANKA) PLC4.989 B LKR50.7 LKR+0.60%11.876 K0.1521.038 B LKR8.665.85 LKR+18.88%2.70%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
RICH.N0000RICHARD PIERIS PLC4.979 B LKR20.2 LKR−0.98%14.075 K0.0841.108 B LKR64.090.32 LKR−91.20%5.94%Producer Manufacturing
LWL.N0000LANKA WALLTILE PLC4.36 B LKR50.0 LKR−2.53%289.803 K1.6613.65 B LKR4.4811.16 LKR−45.92%9.80%Producer Manufacturing
HHL.N0000HEMAS HOLDINGS PLC4.269 B LKR81.7 LKR−2.04%96.926 K0.1848.748 B LKR8.739.36 LKR+30.64%2.88%Health Services
Strong buy
JINS.N0000JANASHAKTHI INSURANCE COMPANY PLC4.135 B LKR48.0 LKR−2.64%117.192 K0.5310.873 B LKR2.6318.25 LKR+200.56%5.52%Finance
OSEA.N0000OVERSEAS REALTY (CEYLON) PLC3.853 B LKR17.4 LKR−0.57%118.513 K1.8521.629 B LKR5.613.10 LKR−36.59%7.18%Finance
UAL.N0000UNION ASSURANCE PLC3.758 B LKR48.5 LKR−1.02%37.725 K0.2028.757 B LKR7.606.38 LKR+36.81%17.93%Finance
TILE.N0000LANKA TILES PLC3.688 B LKR50.0 LKR−1.96%130.561 K1.4713.236 B LKR4.2311.81 LKR−23.78%12.22%Producer Manufacturing
LLUB.N0000CHEVRON LUBRICANTS LANKA PLC3.595 B LKR112.75 LKR−1.10%35.077 K0.1427.18 B LKR12.36%Energy Minerals
Strong buy
PLC.N0000PEOPLE'S LEASING & FINANCE PLC3.507 B LKR11.1 LKR0.00%454.867 K0.3223.698 B LKR6.081.83 LKR−2.96%6.03%Finance
CTHR.N0000C T HOLDINGS PLC3.458 B LKR246.00 LKR+2.50%150.0051.409 B LKR12.1720.22 LKR+38.97%3.72%Consumer Services
BREW.N0000CEYLON BEVERAGE HOLDINGS PLC3.408 B LKR1550.00 LKR+9.93%40.0632.532 B LKR8.96172.91 LKR+1.69%5.24%Consumer Non-Durables
PLR.N0000PRIME LANDS RESIDENCIES LIMITED3.351 B LKR8.7 LKR+1.16%608.684 K0.618.063 B LKR8.860.98 LKR−76.07%11.63%Finance
GLAS.N0000PIRAMAL GLASS CEYLON PLC3.18 B LKR28.1 LKR−0.35%3.23 K0.0426.982 B LKR9.093.09 LKR−5.55%5.85%Process Industries
GRAN.N0000CEYLON GRAIN ELEVATORS PLC2.977 B LKR173.25 LKR−2.12%33.086 K0.2910.425 B LKR10.36%Process Industries
FCT.N0000FIRST CAPITAL TREASURIES PLC2.886 B LKR24.3 LKR−0.82%177.554 K0.8314.959 B LKR1.3617.93 LKR+500.25%59.67%Finance
AAIC.N0000SOFTLOGIC LIFE INSURANCE PLC2.838 B LKR63.2 LKR+1.94%199.614 K2.0224.15 B LKR8.357.57 LKR+5.80%5.82%Finance
CALT.N0000CAPITAL ALLIANCE PLC2.827 B LKR65.0 LKR−1.37%1.081 M0.8521.346 B LKR1.5143.06 LKR+807.58%13.95%Finance
NAMU.N0000NAMUNUKULA PLANTATIONS PLC2.814 B LKR351.00 LKR+0.57%130.028.295 B LKR3.9189.79 LKR−21.79%3.72%Process Industries
KCAB.N0000KELANI CABLES PLC2.787 B LKR310.00 LKR+3.33%32.719 K1.306.747 B LKR3.2296.38 LKR−31.32%2.10%Producer Manufacturing
COCR.N0000COMMERCIAL CREDIT AND FINANCE PLC2.616 B LKR33.7 LKR+2.43%1.038 M2.1510.592 B LKR3.3010.22 LKR−11.23%3.00%Finance
TPL.N0000TALAWAKELLE TEA ESTATES PLC2.575 B LKR112.00 LKR0.00%21.161 K1.505.225 B LKR2.7740.43 LKR−4.34%26.23%Consumer Non-Durables
CCS.N0000CEYLON COLD STORES PLC2.513 B LKR53.8 LKR−2.54%57.91 K0.7350.846 B LKR15.613.45 LKR+45.49%3.49%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
TAFL.N0000THREE ACRE FARMS PLC2.504 B LKR293.50 LKR−0.51%12.754 K1.386.905 B LKR9.55%Process Industries
AEL.N0000ACCESS ENGINEERING PLC2.482 B LKR23.3 LKR+1.30%690.35 K1.4623.2 B LKR2.977.85 LKR+227.12%2.16%Industrial Services
Strong buy
WATA.N0000WATAWALA PLANTATIONS PLC2.364 B LKR85.5 LKR0.00%22.438 K0.1917.383 B LKR8.849.67 LKR−42.01%14.04%Consumer Non-Durables
CFLB.N0000THE COLOMBO FORT LAND AND BUILDING COMPANY PLC2.346 B LKR30.0 LKR−1.64%588.768 K12.327.2 B LKR46.570.64 LKR−90.35%0.83%Finance
CFVF.N0000FIRST CAPITAL HOLDINGS PLC2.342 B LKR29.1 LKR−1.02%184.987 K0.2411.826 B LKR1.2922.62 LKR+719.24%49.66%Miscellaneous
SUN.N0000SUNSHINE HOLDINGS PLC2.264 B LKR58.0 LKR−0.85%99.65 K0.5828.436 B LKR7.108.17 LKR+25.78%3.72%Retail Trade
Strong buy
LGL.N0000LAUGFS GAS PLC2.222 B LKR38.0 LKR+1.33%11.026 K1.0813.842 B LKR108.570.35 LKR−83.72%0.00%Distribution Services
LCEY.N0000LANKEM CEYLON PLC2.177 B LKR70.0 LKR−0.57%4.233 K2.563.603 B LKR41.081.70 LKR−95.57%14.29%Process Industries
TJL.N0000TEEJAY LANKA PLC2.127 B LKR37.1 LKR−0.80%18.984 K0.0626.734 B LKR36.941.00 LKR−74.30%2.01%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
KVAL.N0000KELANI VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC2.087 B LKR72.5 LKR−0.68%1.103 K0.054.93 B LKR4.9114.75 LKR−62.97%7.93%Process Industries
PABC.N0000PAN ASIA BANKING CORPORATION PLC1.855 B LKR22.5 LKR−1.32%817.98 K0.3210.002 B LKR5.374.19 LKR0.00%Finance
ELPL.N0000ELPITIYA PLANTATIONS PLC1.831 B LKR112.50 LKR0.00%29.815 K0.908.216 B LKR6.0118.73 LKR−36.20%16.85%Non-Energy Minerals
HASU.N0000HNB ASSURANCE PLC1.765 B LKR56.5 LKR+0.89%9.131 K0.428.34 B LKR4.8011.76 LKR−3.60%6.56%Finance
AGST.N0000AGSTAR PLC1.669 B LKR7.8 LKR+1.30%303.82 K0.703.717 B LKR8.140.96 LKR−62.73%0.00%Process Industries
HPL.N0000HATTON PLANTATIONS LIMITED1.668 B LKR24.4 LKR−2.40%1.728 K0.255.822 B LKR6.054.03 LKR−56.21%12.20%Consumer Non-Durables
CDB.N0000CITIZENS DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS FINANCE PLC1.627 B LKR218.00 LKR+9.00%5010.0513.79 B LKR10.1621.45 LKR−37.93%2.32%Finance
RCH.N0000RENUKA HOTEL PLC1.588 B LKR83.8 LKR+0.24%1920.023.377 B LKR12.456.73 LKR−92.47%0.60%Consumer Services
EBCR.N0000E B CREASY & COMPANY PLC1.513 B LKR24.8 LKR+3.77%1260.026.136 B LKR8.173.04 LKR−53.90%6.20%Process Industries
CARE.N0000PRINTCARE PLC1.489 B LKR44.8 LKR−0.44%13.737 K1.543.869 B LKR13.503.32 LKR−88.05%10.00%Commercial Services
WIND.N0000WINDFORCE LIMITED1.48 B LKR19.6 LKR−1.01%20.883 K0.3926.475 B LKR21.660.91 LKR−19.77%5.10%Utilities
Strong buy
ASIR.N0000ASIRI HOSPITAL HOLDINGS PLC1.469 B LKR23.9 LKR0.00%8820.0327.073 B LKR11.332.11 LKR+21.48%0.00%Health Services
PACK.N0000EX-PACK CORRUGATED CARTONS PLC1.414 B LKR14.1 LKR−0.70%116.153 K0.334.7 B LKR7.751.82 LKR−59.62%4.75%Process Industries
ABL.N0000AMANA BANK PLC1.387 B LKR2.3 LKR−4.17%3.182 M1.6212.676 B LKR5.060.45 LKR0.00%Finance
LHCL.N0000THE LANKA HOSPITALS CORPORATION PLC1.345 B LKR115.00 LKR+3.60%31.959 K2.7125.282 B LKR2.65%Health Services
RENU.N0000RENUKA CITY HOTELS PLC.1.338 B LKR360.00 LKR0.00%2.192 K0.662.52 B LKR−11.24 LKR−101.88%0.56%Consumer Services
VFIN.N0000VALLIBEL FINANCE PLC1.327 B LKR40.7 LKR−0.49%39.601 K0.109.583 B LKR5.058.06 LKR+17.75%2.46%Finance
JAT.N0000JAT HOLDINGS LIMITED1.305 B LKR18.1 LKR+0.56%716.926 K2.309.289 B LKR10.371.75 LKR−40.02%4.34%Finance
BOPL.N0000BOGAWANTALAWA TEA ESTATES PLC1.228 B LKR36.6 LKR0.00%2210.193.065 B LKR5.316.89 LKR−54.03%4.10%Non-Energy Minerals
GREG.N0000AMBEON HOLDINGS PLC1.218 B LKR42.4 LKR−0.24%10.841 K0.2014.989 B LKR6.456.58 LKR+456.12%4.05%Commercial Services
GUAR.N0000CEYLON GUARDIAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC1.207 B LKR94.0 LKR0.00%3650.028.253 B LKR2.6335.67 LKR2.34%Miscellaneous
LMF.N0000LANKA MILK FOODS (CWE) PLC1.189 B LKR29.8 LKR−1.00%2.079 M0.9611.919 B LKR6.054.92 LKR+96.58%2.11%Consumer Non-Durables
LDEV.N0000LANKEM DEVELOPMENTS PLC1.113 B LKR16.7 LKR−1.18%560.623 K1.971.992 B LKR4.533.68 LKR−63.39%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
AGAL.N0000AGALAWATTE PLANTATIONS PLC1.081 B LKR33.2 LKR+0.30%100.054 K3.405.156 B LKR0.00%Process Industries
REXP.N0000RICHARD PIERIS EXPORTS PLC978.907 M LKR440.00 LKR−1.95%3.696 K3.384.915 B LKR−6.91 LKR−103.79%2.73%Producer Manufacturing
VLL.N0000VIDULLANKA PLC957.026 M LKR8.5 LKR+1.19%212.842 K1.297.406 B LKR7.091.20 LKR+51.92%5.29%Utilities
CWM.N0000C. W. MACKIE PLC916.125 M LKR96.5 LKR0.00%22.158 K2.663.473 B LKR10.359.32 LKR−69.27%12.44%Producer Manufacturing
MASK.N0000MASKELIYA PLANTATIONS PLC886.551 M LKR32.0 LKR+2.56%14.887 K2.421.689 B LKR5.675.64 LKR−72.01%0.00%Process Industries
UDPL.N0000UDAPUSSELLAWA PLANTATIONS PLC827.71 M LKR70.0 LKR−2.10%9.091 K2.861.358 B LKR2.6526.43 LKR−49.74%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
KGAL.N0000KEGALLE PLANTATIONS PLC751.156 M LKR114.00 LKR−0.22%1750.042.85 B LKR−9.16 LKR−116.20%3.07%Process Industries
SIRA.N0000SIERRA CABLES PLC707.411 M LKR11.2 LKR+0.90%80.511 K0.115.966 B LKR8.211.36 LKR−28.49%0.00%Electronic Technology
DPL.N0000DANKOTUWA PORCELAIN PLC670.674 M LKR24.0 LKR−2.04%5030.033.885 B LKR11.322.12 LKR−51.88%0.00%Consumer Durables
CINV.N0000CEYLON INVESTMENT PLC656.802 M LKR52.1 LKR−4.40%12.406 K0.255.177 B LKR2.9117.90 LKR1.06%Finance
CIND.N0000CENTRAL INDUSTRIES PLC643.189 M LKR118.50 LKR−2.07%231.602 K1.122.861 B LKR4.5226.23 LKR+33.47%2.46%Producer Manufacturing
PINS.N0000PEOPLE'S INSURANCE PLC635.959 M LKR23.9 LKR+3.02%2.525 K0.034.68 B LKR8.352.86 LKR−20.78%10.68%Finance
APLA.N0000ACL PLASTICS PLC634.96 M LKR390.25 LKR−1.20%2.428 K0.741.649 B LKR4.2591.84 LKR−58.26%3.83%Process Industries