Stocks with the highest volatility

The volatility of a stock is the fluctuation of price in any given timeframe. The most volatile stocks may demonstrate price fluctuations of up to several hundred percent during the day. In the developed markets volatility tends to be much lower and doesn’t exceed 20-30% during the quiet periods. Price fluctuations aren’t always obvious when looking at stocks that are priced below $1. You can see price changes in percentages to spot such fluctuations.

ALAU Amundi Etf Amundi Etf Msci Em Latin America 16.88-0.25%-0.04Buy1.081M
OX3P Source Markets Public Limited Company Dj Stx'600'opt Food&bev S Eur 1.65-99.54%-356.45Neutral0
AASU Amundi Etf Amundi Etf Msci Em Asia Ucits Etf - B 36.350.37%0.14Buy100.163K
XUTD Xtrackers Ii X Usd Treasuries 209.300.04%0.09Sell2.711K
TIPS Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe I Plc Spdr Bbarc Us Tips Ucits Etf 30.170.25%0.07Sell37.094K
IEMB Ishares Ii Plc Ishrs J.p. Morgan $ Em Bond Etf Usd Dist 110.580.06%0.07Strong Sell143.225K
IFRB Ishares V Public Limited Company Ishrs France Gvt Bnd Etf Eur (dist) 146.50-0.08%-0.12Sell10.000K
IDUS Ishares Plc Ishares S&p 500 Ucits Etf Usd (dist) 48.3677.79%21.16Buy275.994K
MLPI Go Ucits Etf Solutions Plc Etfs Us Energy Infrastructure Mlp 5.78-0.90%-0.05Strong Sell382.218K
IDTM Ishares Ii Plc Ishrs $ Treas Bond 7-10yr Etf Usd (dist) 188.760.29%0.55Sell25.658K
IJPU Ishares Plc Ishares Msci Japan Ucits Etf Usd (dist) 15.450.54%0.08Buy72.749K
OSDD Source Markets Public Limited Company Stx Europe Mid 200 Source Etf 4783.005586.46%4698.89Buy30.000K
CBU7 Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Usd Trsry Bond 3-7yr Etf Usd (acc) 121.740.16%0.20Sell197.882K
OKYO Okyo Pharma Corporation Ord Npv (di) 1.509.09%0.12Buy371.585K5.826M-0.050.00Basic Materials
USG Ultimate Sports Group Plc Ord 10p 10.7526.47%2.25Buy522.424K1.939M-0.0165.00Consumer Cyclicals
HMCD Hsbc Etfs Plc Hsbc Msci China Ucits Etf 9.620.26%0.03Buy50.701K
D4LC Downing Four Vct Plc Dp2011 Low Carb Ord 0.1p 30.000.00%0.00Buy5.911K
PHE Powerhouse Energy Group Plc Ord 0.5p 0.5430.12%0.12Sell22.210M4.718M-0.000.00Energy
FOOT Footasylum Plc Ord Gbp0.001 206.00-33.55%-104.00Sell4.759K214.695M35.850.061162.00Consumer Cyclicals
MSG Milestone Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.143.70%0.01Strong Sell21.562M2.442M-0.0014.00Consumer Cyclicals
BOIL Baron Oil Plc Ord 0.025p 0.528.42%0.04Buy13.990M6.538M-0.0031.00Energy
ALPH Alpha Pyrenees Trust Ltd Ord Npv 0.060.00%0.00Sell9.000K
URU Uru Metals Limited Ord Usd0.01 (di) 0.856.25%0.05Buy21.138M6.228M-0.00Basic Materials
BPKD Bank Pekao Sa Gds (repr 1 Ord Pln1)(reg S) 28.750.00%0.00Sell2.899K7.350B18.147.3017381.00Financials
RRL Range Resources Limited Ord Npv (di) 0.200.00%0.00Sell9.227M12.777M-0.010.00Energy
LBP Lb-Shell Plc Ord 5p 0.293.66%0.01Buy23.362K577.470K-0.14436.00Financials
VUSD Vanguard Funds Plc Vanguard S&p 500 Ucits Etf 51.820.06%0.03Buy532.757K
ZBO Zibao Metals Recycling Holdings Plc Ord 1p 1.620.00%0.00Sell70.000K1.978M22.340.009.00Basic Materials
MATD Petro Matad Limited Ord Usd0.01 11.0517.55%1.65Buy11.522M31.243M4.530.0216.00Energy
STX Shield Therapeutics Plc Ord 1.5p 24.504.26%1.00Sell92.034K27.360M-0.1529.00Healthcare
WIS Wistron Corporation Gdr(each Repr 10 Com Shs)(reg S) 7.00-21.35%-1.90Sell94
FLOW Flowgroup Plc Ord 0.1p 0.15-13.29%-0.02Sell45.146M2.527M-0.15296.00Industrials
FASS Fidelity Asian Values Plc Sub Shs 0.001p 19.000.00%0.00Sell5.854K260.194M5.550.680.00Financials
TERN Tern Plc Ord 0.02p 3.1225.00%0.62Buy3.086M4.323M6.080.002.00Technology
IGE Image Scan Holdings Plc Ord 1p 5.7526.37%1.20Buy566.623K6.188M10.860.0015.00Technology
RLD Richland Resources Ltd Com Shs Usd0.0003 0.30-7.69%-0.03Strong Sell3.867M1.539M-0.01670.00Basic Materials
SAPO South African Property Opportunities Plc Ord 1p 1.000.00%0.00Sell10622.930K0.160.062.00Financials
ASBE Associated British Engineering Plc Ord 2.5p 40.000.00%0.00Buy97819.600K-0.3926.00Consumer Cyclicals
AMP Amphion Innovations Plc Ord 1p 1.250.00%0.00Sell180.520K2.618M-0.067.00Financials
DRV Driver Group Plc Ord 0.4p 75.0014.50%9.50Buy113.111K35.280M25.830.03408.00Industrials
MORE Monreal Plc Ord 0.25p 0.2615.91%0.04Neutral21.409M1.190M-0.03Financials
MAIS Maistro Plc Ord 1p 5.1513.19%0.60Strong Buy1.906M8.036M-0.0531.00Technology
SGI Stanley Gibbons Group Plc Ord 1p 5.207.22%0.35Buy1.382M8.677M-0.15222.00Consumer Cyclicals
OCL4 Amundi Etf Lev Cac (eur) 175.09-17.25%-36.51Strong Sell124
VELA Vela Technologies Plc Ord 0.1p 0.7814.81%0.10Sell6.450M5.650M23.280.0055.00Consumer Cyclicals
RPT Regal Petroleum Plc Ord 5p 20.251.25%0.25Buy372.866K63.957M-0.00171.00Energy
AVN Avanti Communications Group Plc Ord 1p 10.2512.27%1.12Buy390.654K14.764M-0.33231.00Telecommunications Services
ENGI Energiser Investments Plc Ord 0.1p 1.200.00%0.00Sell3.250K1.487M-0.002.00Financials
PCGE Pcg Entertainment Plc Ord 0.1p (di) 0.205.26%0.01Sell38.729M1.975M9.00Consumer Cyclicals
RM2 Rm2 International S.a. Ord Usd0.01 (di) 1.05-16.00%-0.20Sell473.883K5.038M-0.09188.00Basic Materials
KEFI Kefi Minerals Plc Ord 1.7p 3.3013.79%0.40Sell1.044M9.648M-0.0145.00Basic Materials
DX. Dx (group) Plc Ord 1p 7.79-9.94%-0.86Sell1.087M17.345M-0.413044.00Industrials
ADL Andalas Energy And Power Plc Ord Npv 0.03-8.47%-0.00Sell116.868M1.761M-0.0011.00Financials
ARS Asiamet Resources Limited Com Shs Usd0.01 (di) 9.50-2.56%-0.25Sell2.748M83.312M-0.01Basic Materials
SCLP Scancell Holdings Plc Ord 0.1p 15.408.07%1.15Buy1.134M44.468M-0.0114.00Healthcare
SPSC Spectra Systems Corporation Com Shs Usd0.01 (di/regs) 100.000.00%0.00Buy5.000K50.007M17.720.0629.00Industrials
TOOP Toople Plc Ord 0.0667p 1.07-8.51%-0.10Sell370.461K2.063M-0.01Telecommunications Services
NUOG Nu-Oil And Gas Plc Ord 0.1p 1.536.62%0.10Buy35.918M17.487M-0.007.00Energy
MSYS Microsaic Systems Plc Ord 0.25p 2.80-5.08%-0.15Sell47.491K5.350M-0.0239.00Technology
D467 Downing Four Vct Plc Dp67 Ord 0.1p 41.000.00%0.00Sell4.104K
GDL Greka Drilling Limited Ord Usd0.00001 (di) 2.170.00%0.00Buy176.695K8.599M-0.01665.00Energy
C21 21st Century Technology Plc Ord 6.5p 2.500.00%0.00Sell161.146K2.331M-0.0273.00Technology
UKOG Uk Oil & Gas Investments Plc Ord 0.01p 1.8012.50%0.20Sell130.510M58.689M-0.003.00Energy
EUA Eurasia Mining Plc Ord 0.1p 0.46-5.15%-0.03Strong Buy24.332M8.777M-0.0019.00Basic Materials
PRS Paternoster Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.140.00%0.00Sell6.657M2.416M-0.002.00Financials
PPP Pennpetro Energy Plc Ord 1p 70.000.00%0.00Buy10.000K
HUW Helios Underwriting Plc Ord 10p 115.00-6.12%-7.50Sell10.581K17.370M184.290.010.00Financials
TEK Tekcapital Plc Ord £0.004 18.500.00%0.00Sell11.567K7.870M29.630.010.00Technology
BOR Borders & Southern Petroleum Plc Ord 1p 4.0510.96%0.40Buy905.872K17.623M-0.005.00Energy
LCG London Capital Group Holdings Plc Ord 5p 0.80-8.57%-0.07Sell84.510K
AURA Aura Energy Limited Ord Npv (di) 1.250.00%0.00Strong Sell431.874K10.629M-0.013.00Energy
OXT Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trust Plc Ord 10p 35.000.00%0.00Buy2.357K
ZIOC Zanaga Iron Ore Company Limited Ord Npv (di) 15.90-1.40%-0.23Strong Buy3.552M44.833M-0.004.00Basic Materials
MYN Mayan Energy Limited Ord Npv (di) 0.775.48%0.04Buy12.802M8.492M-0.109.00Industrials
MBO Mobilityone Limited Ord 2.5p 4.400.00%0.00Buy6.589K4.677M13.540.0070.00Industrials
MUBL Mbl Group Plc Ord 7.5p 9.500.00%0.00Sell1.692K1.643M-0.0453.00Consumer Cyclicals
WRES W Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.6310.53%0.06Buy49.685M29.393M-0.006.00Basic Materials
ALGW Alpha Growth Plc Ord Gbp0.001 1.200.00%0.00Sell1.159M1.276MFinancials
AFN Advfn Plc Ord 0.2p 46.00-5.15%-2.50Sell9011.787M47.870.0153.00Industrials
EQT Eqtec Plc Ord Eur0.001 1.952.63%0.05Sell1.889M25.605M-0.013.00Energy
AERO Strat Aero Plc Ord 0.01p 0.05-4.55%-0.00Strong Sell45.103M2.961M-0.008.00Industrials
DCD Dcd Media Plc Ord Gbp1.00 560.00-2.61%-15.00Sell15014.232M20.070.2862.00Consumer Cyclicals
CRV Craven House Capital Plc Ord Usd1.00 4.70-12.96%-0.70Sell1.062K8.396M1.453.250.00Financials
SPDI Secure Property Development & Investment Plc Ord Eur0.01 (di) 11.500.00%0.00Sell6.000K14.653M-0.4010.00Financials
CSFG Csf Group Plc Ord 10p 1.050.00%0.00Sell1.400K1.669M-0.04161.00Industrials
OBC Online Blockchain Plc Ord 5p 87.502.94%2.50Sell94.552K7.363M361.700.003.00Financials
IQE Iqe Plc Ord 1p 139.0012.55%15.50Strong Buy10.300M933.722M53.860.02475.00Technology
ALB Albert Technologies Ltd Ord Nis0.01 (di) 38.0011.76%4.00Strong Buy87.613K21.156M-0.1445.00Technology
VRS Versarien Plc Ord 1p 73.503.52%2.50Sell1.358M105.552M-0.0178.00Industrials
TMT Tmt Investments Plc Ord Npv 3.3514.73%0.43Strong Buy1.000K64.454M-0.105.00Financials
MKA Mkango Resources Ltd Cmn Shs Npv (di) 9.001.41%0.12Buy550.753K8.994M-0.00Basic Materials
ANR Altona Energy Plc Ord 0.01p 0.4014.29%0.05Sell1.562M6.236M-0.007.00Energy
AMC Amur Minerals Corporation Ord Npv 5.12-5.62%-0.30Sell1.838M34.358M-0.0049.00Basic Materials
BOOM Audioboom Group Plc Ord Shs Npv 3.606.67%0.22Buy2.975M33.503M-0.0159.00Technology
TLOU Tlou Energy Limited Ord Npv (di) 9.15-6.15%-0.60Strong Sell1.700M31.404M-0.01Energy
ACP Armadale Capital Plc Ord 0.1p 2.124.94%0.10Buy391.100K4.954M-0.004.00Basic Materials
AKR Akers Biosciences, Inc. Com Shs Npv 30.000.00%0.00Sell1.804K28.084M-0.5728.00Healthcare
PEB Pebble Beach Systems Group Plc Ord 2.5p 1.700.00%0.00Sell7.000K2.118M-0.0396.00Technology
LDSG Leeds Group Plc Ord 12p 35.000.00%0.00Sell28.788K9.573M14.300.02147.00Consumer Cyclicals
RMP Red Emperor Resources Nl Ord Npv (di) 1.1013.33%0.13Sell10.000K5.484M-0.00Energy
ABM African Battery Metals Plc Ord 0.001p 0.069.09%0.01Buy28.683M3.870M-0.0060.00Basic Materials
AGTA Agriterra Ld Ord 10p 15.000.00%0.00Sell13.178M971.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
GOT Gotech Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.38-9.86%-0.04Sell1.020M961.220K-0.045.00Technology
VEL Velocity Composites Plc Ord 0.25p 77.503.33%2.50Sell4.276K26.847M-0.03Industrials
CMB Cambria Africa Plc Ord 0.01p 1.100.00%0.00Sell378.537K3.868M-0.0187.00Financials
FKE Fiske Plc Ord 25p 67.500.00%0.00Sell1.128K7.803M186.980.0025.00Financials
GCG Golden Rock Global Plc Ord 1p 9.000.00%0.00Sell4
HAWK Nighthawk Energy Plc Ord 0.25p 0.450.00%0.00Sell280.730K4.327M-0.0116.00Energy
NOG Nostrum Oil & Gas Plc Ord 1p 295.008.46%23.00Buy217.304K510.497M-0.10985.00Energy
YOLO Yolo Leisure And Technology Plc Ord 1p 0.43-5.56%-0.03Sell1.813M1.986M2.660.002.00Industrials
WLFE Wolf Minerals Limited Ord Npv (di) 3.250.00%0.00Strong Sell287.465K32.352M-0.07Basic Materials
KAT Katoro Gold Plc Ord Gbp0.01 2.250.00%0.00Sell2.888K2.454M-0.03Basic Materials
ERIS Erris Resources Plc Ord Gbp0.01 20.50-10.87%-2.50Strong Sell40.000K6.377M16.280.01Basic Materials
PML Papua Mining Plc Ord 0.1p 0.930.00%0.00Strong Sell2.004M3.167M-0.0341.00Basic Materials
LION Lionsgold Limited Ord Npv 3.23-4.44%-0.15Sell7.166M14.162M-0.026.00Basic Materials
GATC Gattaca Plc Ord 1p 207.501.47%3.00Sell26.168K65.033M9.240.23740.00Industrials
UPL Upland Resources Limited Ord Npv (di) 2.601.96%0.05Buy3.163M11.660M-0.00Energy
COS Collagen Solutions Plc Ord 1p 4.2012.00%0.45Strong Buy1.223M12.169M-0.017.00Healthcare
TAVI Tavistock Investments Plc Ord 1p 2.95-6.35%-0.20Strong Sell566.862K16.921M1050.000.0026.00Financials
TPOP People's Operator Plc (the) Ord Gbp0.0005 0.08-3.03%-0.00Sell22.542M2.479M-0.0742.00Telecommunications Services
TBGR Tiso Blackstar Group Se Ord Eur0.76 36.00-4.00%-1.50Sell12.484K100.591M106.630.004319.00Consumer Cyclicals
OKEY O'key Group S.a. Gdr (each Repr 1 Ord) (reg S) 2.42-2.42%-0.06Sell1.685K482.251M-0.0525000.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
FLYB Flybe Group Plc Ord 1p 43.20-8.09%-3.80Strong Buy4.973M101.829M-0.122388.00Industrials
GSH Green & Smart Holdings Plc Ord Npv 6.120.00%0.00Sell19.757K17.865M3.100.0220.00Utilities
CRON Cronin Group Plc Ord 0.01p 2.450.00%0.00Sell1.659K13.493M-0.0012.00Industrials
CBUY Cloudbuy Plc Ord 1p 4.35-2.25%-0.10Buy175.267K5.804M-0.0283.00Technology
THR Thor Mining Plc Ord 0.01p 3.25-3.70%-0.12Buy1.243M20.468M-0.01Basic Materials
STAR Starcom Plc Ord Npv 2.62-4.55%-0.12Sell2.138M7.042M-0.0132.00Technology
UKR Ukrproduct Group Limited Ord 10p 4.500.00%0.00Sell42.000K1.785M-0.011640.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
PAT Panthera Resources Plc Ord 1p 13.50-10.00%-1.50Sell20.000K9.151M-0.03Basic Materials
GLIF Gli Finance Limited Ord Npv 9.00-2.70%-0.25Strong Sell64.419K50.697M-0.08Financials
STI Stratex International Plc Ord 1p 0.90-5.26%-0.05Buy680.402K4.439M-0.0019.00Basic Materials
NGR Nature Group Plc Ord 0.2p 4.30-7.53%-0.35Sell56.875K3.687M-0.0467.00Industrials
AO. Ao World Plc Ord 0.25p 139.205.78%7.60Buy348.330K603.766M-0.042506.00Technology
ALTN Altyn Plc Ord 0.1p 1.2011.63%0.12Sell319.303K27.529M-0.00655.00Basic Materials
FBDU Flying Brands Ld Ord Gbp0.01 4.479.15%0.38Buy456.659K2.770M-0.01207.00Consumer Cyclicals
PAL Equatorial Palm Oil Plc Ord 1p 2.450.00%0.00Sell2.605K8.706M-0.017.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
OCST Lyxor International Asset Management Ucits Stoxx Eur600 C&m 50.60-9.76%-5.48233
KGP Kingspan Group Plc Ord Eur0.13 35.86-3.97%-1.48Sell422.059K5.913B25.561.4810396.00Consumer Cyclicals
CRU Coral Products Plc Ord 1p 11.250.00%0.00Buy2.766K9.294M-0.00121.00Basic Materials
SAR Sareum Holdings Plc Ord 0.025p 0.982.63%0.03Strong Buy5.326M26.080M67.860.002.00Healthcare
GUN Gunsynd Plc Ord 0.01p 0.050.00%0.00Buy59.073M2.441M5.560.003.00Healthcare
TILS Tiziana Life Sciences Plc Ord 3p 97.25-7.38%-7.75Sell18.343K131.482M-0.096.00Financials
VRP Verona Pharma Plc Ord 5p 132.508.16%10.00Buy30.823K128.646M7.00Healthcare
TECH Techfinancials Inc Ord Usd0.0005 (di) 25.50-3.77%-1.00Buy83.852K19.174M14.180.0293.00Industrials
N4P N4 Pharma Plc Ord 0.4p 31.250.00%0.00Buy1.474M27.461M-0.0031.00Healthcare
GMD Game Digital Plc Ord Gbp0.01 29.75-1.16%-0.35Sell964.480K51.429M-0.074668.00Consumer Cyclicals
ROSE Rose Petroleum Plc Ord 0.1p 3.60-4.00%-0.15Buy443.670K4.213M-0.0552.00Basic Materials
MXO Mx Oil Plc Ord 0.01p 0.600.00%0.00Sell3.572M10.028M-0.0021.00Basic Materials
MLVN Malvern International Plc Ord 5p 3.870.00%0.00Buy15.850K4.419M-0.01203.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
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