The Korea Exchange (KRX) is the only stock exchange in South Korea. It was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Busan, the country's second most-populous city which is an international business and financial center. The KRX sets the rules for listings and memberships while its operations are supervised by The Securities and Futures Commission and the Financial Services Commission. Electronic trading is conducted through EXTURE+, a trading platform that was launched in 2014. It lists 2,059 companies with a market cap of $1.28 trillion, which makes it the 13th largest stock exchange worldwide. KRX also houses bonds, ETFs and derivatives. It is a member of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges, a project of the United Nations.

Among the listings are well-known and actively traded companies such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, LG Corporation, Shinhan Bank and Kia Motors. The main stock index is the KOSPI, a broad market index that tracks the performance of all common stocks. It is widely seen as the most representative index of the South Korean stock market. Related indices are the KOSPI 200 and the KOSPI 50, which track the performance of the 200 and 50 largest and most liquid South Korean companies, respectively. All constituents are screened for eligibility and reviewed periodically. The KRX also has a Large Cap, Mid Cap, and Small Cap index and indices that reflect the performance of sectors and industries.