Most actively traded US stocks in post-market

In the post-market, fewer shares are required to make an impact, so traders use it to quickly adjust strategies. Sorted by post-market volume, US stocks below were traded the most actively in the after-hours session.
Post-market Vol
Post-market Close
Post-market Chg
Post-market Chg %
Change %
Market cap
Market cap perf %
PRSTPresto Automation, Inc.
27.563 M0.0990 USD0.0254 USD+34.51%0.0736 USD−5.15%46.155 M8.305 M USD−95.64%
SMXSMX (Security Matters) Public Limited Company
24.674 M0.1400 USD0.0210 USD+17.65%0.1190 USD+19.00%28.474 M677.821 K USD−95.35%
NVDANVIDIA Corporation
21.372 M136.40 USD0.82 USD+0.60%135.58 USD+3.51%294.333 M3.335 T USD+202.64%
VHAIVocodia Holdings Corp.
17.422 M0.0941 USD0.0086 USD+10.06%0.0855 USD+8.92%42.836 M
RELIReliance Global Group, Inc.
12.527 M0.4756 USD0.0845 USD+21.61%0.3911 USD+76.17%394.833 M3.369 M USD−73.23%
AAPLApple Inc.
10.084 M214.02 USD−0.27 USD−0.13%214.29 USD−1.10%79.941 M3.286 T USD+12.29%
KVUEKenvue Inc.
8.853 M18.65 USD0.13 USD+0.69%18.52 USD−1.44%21.747 M35.462 B USD−29.98%
CYNCyngn Inc.
7.885 M0.0890 USD0.0096 USD+12.09%0.0794 USD−8.10%23.188 M11.238 M USD−63.48%
NXLNexalin Technology, Inc.
7.859 M1.56 USD0.52 USD+50.00%1.04 USD+37.77%9.737 M7.89 M USD+53.20%
INTCIntel Corporation
7.379 M30.63 USD0.00 USD0.00%30.63 USD−1.13%33.294 M130.392 B USD−13.21%
MOAltria Group, Inc.
7.053 M44.84 USD0.04 USD+0.10%44.80 USD+0.22%16.403 M76.95 B USD−0.29%, Inc.
6.619 M182.85 USD0.04 USD+0.02%182.81 USD−0.68%36.659 M1.902 T USD+46.68%
BACBank of America Corporation
6.591 M40.00 USD0.01 USD+0.03%39.99 USD+1.21%30.804 M312.737 B USD+31.18%
CMCSAComcast Corporation
5.756 M36.90 USD0.00 USD0.00%36.90 USD−1.10%22.445 M144.782 B USD−14.71%
CRKNCrown Electrokinetics Corp.
5.752 M0.0574 USD0.0002 USD+0.35%0.0572 USD−13.46%92.392 M23.805 M USD+304.84%
GOVXGeoVax Labs, Inc.
5.265 M2.15 USD0.25 USD+13.15%1.90 USD+71.17%35.636 M4.804 M USD−79.09%
PFEPfizer, Inc.
5.191 M27.42 USD0.01 USD+0.04%27.41 USD+1.59%29.817 M155.321 B USD−30.18%
AKLIAkili, Inc.
5.007 M0.4110 USD−0.0144 USD−3.39%0.4254 USD+0.26%5.148 M33.49 M USD−66.75%
VZVerizon Communications Inc.
4.878 M40.13 USD0.05 USD+0.12%40.08 USD+1.57%17.125 M168.707 B USD+9.30%
NKLANikola Corporation
4.755 M0.4699 USD−0.0110 USD−2.29%0.4809 USD−2.08%55.207 M652.365 M USD−33.37%
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.
4.692 M45.94 USD−0.03 USD−0.07%45.97 USD+0.61%17.627 M185.205 B USD−13.34%
MBIOMustang Bio, Inc.
4.531 M0.7629 USD−0.0872 USD−10.26%0.8501 USD+13.35%291.93 M24.003 M USD−93.59%
EXCExelon Corporation
4.321 M34.89 USD0.00 USD0.00%34.89 USD−0.80%9.493 M34.891 B USD−12.78%
CSXCSX Corporation
4.189 M33.08 USD0.05 USD+0.15%33.03 USD+1.29%12.604 M64.571 B USD−6.79%
TAT&T Inc.
4.101 M18.05 USD0.00 USD+0.00%18.05 USD+2.15%33.711 M129.421 B USD+10.56%
WBDWarner Bros. Discovery, Inc. - Series A
3.775 M7.05 USD0.06 USD+0.86%6.99 USD−2.37%24.31 M17.128 B USD−44.15%
WFCWells Fargo & Company
3.597 M58.64 USD−0.41 USD−0.69%59.05 USD+1.39%15.547 M205.867 B USD+25.62%
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation
3.496 M446.42 USD0.08 USD+0.02%446.34 USD−0.45%17.112 M3.317 T USD+26.80%
FFord Motor Company
3.371 M11.78 USD0.00 USD0.00%11.78 USD−0.59%29.021 M47.03 B USD−17.54%
NLSPNLS Pharmaceutics Ltd.
3.366 M0.2171 USD−0.0530 USD−19.62%0.2701 USD+82.13%305.496 M11.718 M USD−83.97%
TSLATesla, Inc.
3.351 M184.68 USD−0.18 USD−0.10%184.86 USD−1.38%68.982 M589.555 B USD−28.25%
DOWDow Inc.
3.3 M55.44 USD0.00 USD0.00%55.44 USD+0.38%6.082 M38.986 B USD+4.22%
CARTMaplebear Inc.
3.271 M33.84 USD0.00 USD0.00%33.84 USD+1.81%6.805 M8.957 B USD
XOMExxon Mobil Corporation
3.229 M109.50 USD0.12 USD+0.11%109.38 USD+0.94%17.763 M490.671 B USD+15.30%
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc.
3.21 M2.80 USD0.03 USD+1.08%2.77 USD+4.53%64.473 M10.655 B USD−34.05%
GMGeneral Motors Company
3.013 M47.39 USD−0.05 USD−0.11%47.44 USD+0.08%9.691 M54.127 B USD+2.84%
PLUGPlug Power, Inc.
2.921 M2.64 USD−0.01 USD−0.19%2.64 USD−2.94%22.252 M1.96 B USD−67.54%
MNSTMonster Beverage Corporation
2.811 M48.42 USD0.00 USD0.00%48.42 USD−1.45%9.377 M50.44 B USD−17.54%
VVisa Inc.
2.788 M273.62 USD0.00 USD0.00%273.62 USD+0.90%6.707 M547.513 B USD+17.04%
WBAWalgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.
2.774 M16.05 USD−0.06 USD−0.37%16.11 USD+6.34%19.149 M13.898 B USD−51.75%
NDRAENDRA Life Sciences Inc.
2.753 M0.1269 USD−0.0030 USD−2.31%0.1299 USD−6.55%60.645 M9.129 M USD−35.46%
BMYBristol-Myers Squibb Company
2.694 M40.81 USD0.00 USD+0.00%40.81 USD−0.39%18.747 M82.726 B USD−38.11%
HBANHuntington Bancshares Incorporated
2.649 M12.46 USD0.00 USD0.00%12.46 USD+0.56%20.53 M18.058 B USD+13.76%
MRKMerck & Company, Inc.
2.596 M127.99 USD0.00 USD0.00%127.99 USD+0.38%6.532 M324.174 B USD+18.04%
PCGPacific Gas & Electric Co.
2.578 M17.76 USD−0.02 USD−0.11%17.78 USD0.00%19.296 M37.999 B USD+14.04%
NYCBNew York Community Bancorp, Inc.
2.559 M3.08 USD0.01 USD+0.33%3.07 USD−3.46%13.933 M2.52 B USD−67.41%
FCELFuelCell Energy, Inc.
2.558 M0.7800 USD0.0074 USD+0.96%0.7726 USD−3.50%52.958 M384.018 M USD−59.85%
MUMicron Technology, Inc.
2.55 M154.87 USD1.42 USD+0.93%153.45 USD+3.80%42.192 M169.926 B USD+110.46%
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
2.534 M153.90 USD−0.73 USD−0.47%154.63 USD−2.38%51.85 M249.931 B USD+29.18%
WMTWalmart Inc.
2.438 M67.60 USD0.00 USD0.00%67.60 USD+0.27%12.093 M543.744 B USD+26.31%
NEENextEra Energy, Inc.
2.385 M70.50 USD0.06 USD+0.09%70.44 USD−2.59%29.17 M144.721 B USD−0.07%
DJTTrump Media & Technology Group Corp.
2.375 M27.07 USD−4.24 USD−13.54%31.31 USD−9.82%10.014 M5.532 B USD+1379.05%
DNAGinkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc.
2.374 M0.4234 USD0.0024 USD+0.57%0.4210 USD−1.82%28.558 M930.948 M USD−74.58%
BKRBaker Hughes Company
2.301 M32.14 USD0.00 USD0.00%32.14 USD+0.34%5.904 M32.076 B USD+3.11%
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company
2.282 M6.75 USD0.00 USD0.00%6.75 USD−1.75%15.92 M7.444 B USD+28.23%
VSTVistra Corp.
2.276 M87.80 USD0.22 USD+0.25%87.58 USD+4.21%8.668 M30.431 B USD+225.07%
HPEHewlett Packard Enterprise Company
2.263 M22.15 USD0.31 USD+1.42%21.84 USD+0.83%44.296 M28.385 B USD+25.49%
KOCoca-Cola Company (The)
2.214 M62.63 USD0.00 USD0.00%62.63 USD+0.02%10.652 M269.807 B USD+2.48%
GISGeneral Mills, Inc.
2.2 M66.66 USD0.00 USD0.00%66.66 USD+0.56%4.663 M37.633 B USD−21.87%
SYYSysco Corporation
2.198 M72.68 USD0.00 USD0.00%72.68 USD−0.36%4.876 M36.193 B USD−4.88%
CCLCarnival Corporation
2.197 M16.00 USD0.05 USD+0.31%15.95 USD+1.66%28.004 M19.961 B USD+3.02%
JPMJP Morgan Chase & Co.
2.18 M197.01 USD0.01 USD+0.01%197.00 USD+1.04%9.023 M565.719 B USD+33.00%
VRTVertiv Holdings, LLC
2.153 M95.36 USD0.02 USD+0.02%95.34 USD+6.47%11.453 M35.69 B USD+315.74%
IPGInterpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (The)
2.152 M29.58 USD0.00 USD0.00%29.58 USD0.00%5.017 M11.164 B USD−27.98%
CHPTChargePoint Holdings, Inc.
2.146 M1.52 USD0.02 USD+1.33%1.50 USD−9.09%21.848 M637.956 M USD−77.12%
2.141 M13.58 USD0.00 USD0.00%13.58 USD+0.15%13.804 M12.804 B USD+36.42%
GOOGAlphabet Inc.
2.133 M176.60 USD0.15 USD+0.09%176.45 USD−1.30%15.64 M2.171 T USD+36.48%
SNAPSnap Inc.
2.119 M15.83 USD0.03 USD+0.19%15.80 USD−0.25%16.582 M25.928 B USD+50.03%
PRPermian Resources Corporation
2.064 M15.42 USD0.00 USD0.00%15.42 USD+1.45%7.468 M11.873 B USD+99.94%
MPLNMultiPlan Corporation
2.06 M0.3990 USD0.0170 USD+4.45%0.3820 USD−4.28%3.608 M246.34 M USD−75.69%
TJXTJX Companies, Inc. (The)
2.054 M110.26 USD0.00 USD0.00%110.26 USD+0.04%4.869 M124.61 B USD+30.66%
LVSLas Vegas Sands Corp.
2.053 M44.29 USD−0.01 USD−0.02%44.30 USD−0.11%7.336 M33.006 B USD−26.76%
PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc.
2.036 M25.91 USD0.09 USD+0.35%25.82 USD+3.20%54.446 M57.499 B USD+47.36%
SOFISoFi Technologies, Inc.
2.028 M6.40 USD−0.02 USD−0.31%6.42 USD−0.62%28.417 M6.787 B USD−19.99%
CLFCleveland-Cliffs Inc.
2.012 M14.71 USD0.00 USD0.00%14.71 USD−0.88%11.251 M6.994 B USD−18.25%
JNJJohnson & Johnson
2.004 M145.66 USD0.01 USD+0.01%145.65 USD−0.21%6.157 M350.533 B USD−17.73%
BETRBetter Home & Finance Holding Company
1.989 M0.3490 USD−0.0084 USD−2.35%0.3574 USD+8.30%4.962 M270.436 M USD+178.37%
TOSTToast, Inc.
1.975 M24.03 USD−0.01 USD−0.04%24.04 USD+6.37%14.607 M13.346 B USD+3.24%
SBUXStarbucks Corporation
1.939 M80.20 USD0.00 USD0.00%80.20 USD−1.39%9.664 M90.843 B USD−21.80%
KMIKinder Morgan, Inc.
1.935 M19.83 USD0.09 USD+0.46%19.74 USD+0.36%8.88 M43.811 B USD+15.04%
GILDGilead Sciences, Inc.
1.9 M63.22 USD0.07 USD+0.11%63.15 USD−1.74%6.685 M78.676 B USD−19.64%
MSMorgan Stanley
1.877 M97.57 USD0.00 USD0.00%97.57 USD+0.55%4.558 M158.567 B USD+4.04%
DALDelta Air Lines, Inc.
1.87 M49.50 USD−0.08 USD−0.16%49.58 USD−0.26%5.027 M31.995 B USD+17.47%
TELLTellurian Inc.
1.869 M0.5940 USD0.0032 USD+0.54%0.5908 USD−6.00%45.059 M494.043 M USD−11.16%
PARAParamount Global
1.851 M9.60 USD−0.01 USD−0.10%9.61 USD−2.24%14.856 M6.706 B USD−33.34%
SQBlock, Inc.
1.846 M62.00 USD0.10 USD+0.16%61.90 USD−0.96%7.176 M38.195 B USD−3.89%
GLWCorning Incorporated
1.792 M40.39 USD0.18 USD+0.45%40.21 USD+3.77%15.808 M34.445 B USD+13.39%
USBU.S. Bancorp
1.719 M39.29 USD0.00 USD0.00%39.29 USD+0.51%6.309 M61.31 B USD+20.05%
ABTAbbott Laboratories
1.711 M103.43 USD−0.56 USD−0.54%103.99 USD+0.52%4.501 M180.905 B USD−1.46%
FTNTFortinet, Inc.
1.706 M59.18 USD0.03 USD+0.05%59.15 USD−2.87%5.502 M45.187 B USD−20.37%
BENFranklin Resources, Inc.
1.687 M22.40 USD0.00 USD0.00%22.40 USD+1.08%3.73 M11.784 B USD−15.51%
MARAMarathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
1.671 M20.29 USD0.01 USD+0.05%20.28 USD+1.30%36.05 M5.536 B USD+244.80%
RIVNRivian Automotive, Inc.
1.669 M10.99 USD−0.03 USD−0.27%11.02 USD+0.55%20.048 M10.968 B USD−22.77%
SCHWCharles Schwab Corporation (The)
1.65 M72.78 USD−0.06 USD−0.08%72.84 USD+0.04%5.869 M133.164 B USD+32.80%
KDPKeurig Dr Pepper Inc.
1.641 M34.49 USD0.00 USD0.00%34.49 USD−0.58%4.622 M46.754 B USD+3.56%
1.641 M36.84 USD0.09 USD+0.24%36.75 USD+2.28%9.608 M35.962 B USD+16.32%
METAMeta Platforms, Inc.
1.621 M499.54 USD0.05 USD+0.01%499.49 USD−1.41%13.06 M1.267 T USD+77.01%
FFIEFaraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.
1.612 M0.4750 USD0.0015 USD+0.32%0.4735 USD−7.57%42.9 M208.312 M USD−96.62%
KRKroger Company (The)
1.602 M52.15 USD0.17 USD+0.33%51.98 USD+1.82%11.16 M37.82 B USD+11.49%
EAFGrafTech International Ltd.
1.582 M1.15 USD0.09 USD+8.49%1.06 USD+3.92%4.037 M272.597 M USD−75.41%