After-hours US stocks that were traded the most

During the after-hours trading session investors usually use thin volume and wide spreads to push prices higher or lower. You can get a full overview of the most actively traded post-market stocks from the table below — it will help you direct your trading strategy as in this period fewer shares are required to make a substantial impact.

Post-market Volume
Post-market Close
Post-market Change
Post-market Change %
Change % 1D
Volume 1D
Market cap
AAPLApple Inc
7.909M181.11 USD0.16 USD0.09%180.95 USD0.48%61.996M2.846T USD
UPWKUpwork Inc.
7.278M8.85 USD0.07 USD0.80%8.78 USD3.17%8.941M1.172B USD
FRZAForza X1, Inc.
6.917M2.32 USD1.07 USD85.69%1.25 USD−1.61%7.294M13.056M USD
BACBank of America Corporation
5.735M28.68 USD−0.03 USD−0.10%28.71 USD3.35%66.577M228.794B USD
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.
5.59M50.07 USD0.05 USD0.10%50.02 USD0.56%19.155M203.834B USD
LCIDLucid Group, Inc.
5.418M6.59 USD−0.01 USD−0.15%6.60 USD1.54%52.417M12.106B USD, Inc.
4.856M124.19 USD−0.06 USD−0.05%124.25 USD1.21%61.264M1.211T USD
TAT&T Inc.
4.704M15.24 USD0.03 USD0.20%15.21 USD−3.80%105.293M108.736B USD
INTCIntel Corporation
4.416M31.40 USD0.09 USD0.29%31.31 USD0.58%36.521M130.594B USD
AUMNGolden Minerals Company
4.351M0.1528 USD0.0417 USD37.53%0.1111 USD4.52%5.61M19.736M USD
PFEPfizer, Inc.
3.477M38.13 USD−0.23 USD−0.60%38.36 USD0.89%22.736M216.554B USD
3.462M12.35 USD−0.04 USD−0.32%12.39 USD2.31%65.261M49.57B USD
TSLATesla, Inc.
3.443M213.80 USD−0.17 USD−0.08%213.97 USD3.11%164.396M678.179B USD
VZVerizon Communications Inc.
3.274M34.63 USD0.05 USD0.14%34.58 USD−3.19%61.528M145.374B USD
KOCoca-Cola Company (The)
3.167M61.07 USD−0.09 USD−0.15%61.16 USD1.93%15.26M264.491B USD
MSFTMicrosoft Corp.
3.155M335.10 USD−0.30 USD−0.09%335.40 USD0.85%25.873M2.494T USD
CMCSAComcast Corporation
2.859M39.19 USD0.00 USD0.00%39.19 USD0.38%24.603M163.376B USD
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices Inc
2.706M117.41 USD−0.45 USD−0.38%117.86 USD−1.35%52.382M189.797B USD
FFIEFaraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.
2.69M0.2438 USD0.0038 USD1.58%0.2400 USD9.59%63.646M307.156M USD
IDEXIdeanomics, Inc.
2.675M0.0423 USD−0.0014 USD−3.20%0.0437 USD3.31%26.237M30.528M USD
GOOGAlphabet Inc (Google) Class C
2.61M125.13 USD−0.10 USD−0.08%125.23 USD0.69%19.367M1.586T USD
NEMNewmont Corporation
2.545M42.09 USD−0.00 USD−0.01%42.09 USD−0.89%11.465M33.449B USD
ABTAbbott Laboratories
2.499M104.20 USD0.00 USD0.00%104.20 USD1.34%6.024M181.198B USD
WFCWells Fargo & Company
2.467M41.13 USD−0.11 USD−0.27%41.24 USD2.95%16.906M154.742B USD
TFCTruist Financial Corporation
2.41M32.08 USD0.00 USD0.00%32.08 USD3.62%14.179M42.728B USD
PINSPinterest, Inc.
2.355M23.47 USD0.00 USD0.00%23.47 USD−0.59%11.907M16.045B USD
NVDANVIDIA Corporation
2.275M392.25 USD−1.02 USD−0.26%393.27 USD−1.11%48.272M971.377B USD
CCitigroup, Inc.
2.255M45.95 USD−0.37 USD−0.80%46.32 USD3.30%19.454M90.174B USD
GMGeneral Motors Company
2.237M34.20 USD−0.08 USD−0.23%34.28 USD3.82%15.316M47.653B USD
WBDWarner Bros. Discovery, Inc. - Series A
2.108M11.66 USD−0.09 USD−0.77%11.75 USD3.52%19.219M28.624B USD
JPMJP Morgan Chase & Co.
2.054M140.33 USD−0.14 USD−0.10%140.47 USD2.10%12.922M410.494B USD
XOMExxon Mobil Corporation
2.007M105.84 USD0.08 USD0.08%105.76 USD2.32%14.112M427.586B USD
SOFISoFi Technologies, Inc.
1.972M7.01 USD−0.02 USD−0.28%7.03 USD3.08%63.572M6.614B USD
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc.
1.965M3.58 USD−0.00 USD−0.00%3.58 USD−3.24%16.895M13.849B USD
RFRegions Financial Corporation
1.934M18.06 USD0.00 USD0.00%18.06 USD4.03%9.687M16.946B USD
HPEHewlett Packard Enterprise Company
1.891M15.16 USD−0.08 USD−0.52%15.24 USD3.89%20.04M19.749B USD
FCXFreeport-McMoRan, Inc.
1.769M37.48 USD0.29 USD0.78%37.19 USD4.85%20.451M53.304B USD
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company
1.726M5.00 USD0.04 USD0.81%4.96 USD4.86%19.823M5.462B USD
AMCRAmcor plc
1.678M9.97 USD0.00 USD0.00%9.97 USD2.57%8.81M14.67B USD
DISHDISH Network Corporation
1.658M7.22 USD−0.08 USD−1.10%7.30 USD16.24%43.84M3.888B USD
PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc.
1.643M14.41 USD−0.11 USD−0.76%14.52 USD−0.14%79.488M30.76B USD
NCLHNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.
1.607M15.71 USD−0.07 USD−0.44%15.78 USD1.74%15.616M6.693B USD
GERNGeron Corporation
1.594M3.62 USD0.02 USD0.56%3.60 USD6.51%16.832M1.832B USD
KHCKraft Heinz Foods Company
1.592M38.62 USD0.11 USD0.29%38.51 USD0.84%9.653M47.261B USD
UBERUber Technologies, Inc.
1.562M39.72 USD−0.01 USD−0.03%39.73 USD3.25%21.219M80.407B USD
KMIKinder Morgan, Inc.
1.554M16.75 USD0.00 USD0.00%16.75 USD3.01%18.618M37.54B USD
METAMeta Platforms, Inc.
1.536M272.25 USD−0.36 USD−0.13%272.61 USD0.00%19.416M698.741B USD
HBANHuntington Bancshares Incorporated
1.502M10.95 USD0.06 USD0.55%10.89 USD4.11%13.303M15.721B USD
TMUST-Mobile US, Inc.
1.463M130.24 USD−0.95 USD−0.72%131.19 USD−5.56%37.26M157.414B USD
NWLNewell Brands Inc.
1.456M8.79 USD0.01 USD0.11%8.78 USD7.07%13.51M3.636B USD
NKLANikola Corporation
1.431M0.5845 USD−0.0010 USD−0.17%0.5855 USD1.97%34.849M406.39M USD
MUMicron Technology, Inc.
1.407M69.09 USD−0.08 USD−0.12%69.17 USD0.12%13.468M75.699B USD
CVXChevron Corporation
1.388M156.74 USD0.48 USD0.31%156.26 USD2.69%9.464M296.057B USD
MRVLMarvell Technology, Inc.
1.374M60.00 USD−0.18 USD−0.30%60.18 USD−1.51%18.03M51.755B USD
AALAmerican Airlines Group, Inc.
1.372M14.85 USD−0.02 USD−0.13%14.87 USD1.16%31.077M9.708B USD
NYCBNew York Community Bancorp, Inc.
1.367M10.74 USD−0.04 USD−0.36%10.78 USD2.08%9.851M7.785B USD
FHNFirst Horizon Corporation
1.366M11.30 USD0.26 USD2.36%11.04 USD5.65%10.539M5.937B USD
PEPPepsiCo, Inc.
1.361M184.06 USD0.00 USD0.00%184.06 USD1.03%4.288M253.578B USD
PSXPhillips 66
1.361M97.03 USD0.00 USD0.00%97.03 USD4.28%4.659M44.523B USD
NKENike, Inc.
1.36M107.75 USD−0.03 USD−0.03%107.78 USD4.00%11.837M165.668B USD
USBU.S. Bancorp
1.343M31.71 USD−0.03 USD−0.09%31.74 USD4.00%13.744M48.655B USD
PPLPPL Corporation
1.335M26.52 USD0.00 USD0.00%26.52 USD1.61%6.291M19.547B USD
JNJJohnson & Johnson
1.302M156.70 USD−0.27 USD−0.17%156.97 USD1.57%7.66M407.923B USD
RIVNRivian Automotive, Inc.
1.295M14.50 USD0.02 USD0.14%14.48 USD−0.69%20.139M13.604B USD
CCLCarnival Corporation
1.278M12.16 USD−0.02 USD−0.16%12.18 USD2.78%36.332M15.166B USD
WMBWilliams Companies, Inc. (The)
1.264M30.23 USD0.00 USD0.00%30.23 USD3.85%11.369M36.826B USD
BMYBristol-Myers Squibb Company
1.264M65.80 USD0.14 USD0.21%65.66 USD1.52%6.769M137.942B USD
MOAltria Group, Inc.
1.261M45.30 USD−0.03 USD−0.07%45.33 USD1.68%7.208M80.916B USD
TXNTexas Instruments Incorporated
1.254M175.26 USD0.03 USD0.02%175.23 USD−0.33%4.788M159.048B USD
EBAYeBay Inc.
1.254M44.30 USD−0.09 USD−0.20%44.39 USD2.61%4.642M23.737B USD
PGProcter & Gamble Company (The)
1.253M146.00 USD−0.52 USD−0.35%146.52 USD1.78%6.124M345.343B USD
PYPLPayPal Holdings, Inc.
1.244M63.87 USD−0.09 USD−0.14%63.96 USD1.44%16.439M71.361B USD
VTRSViatris Inc.
1.24M9.34 USD0.01 USD0.11%9.33 USD1.63%10.19M11.187B USD
MMacy's Inc
1.236M15.38 USD−0.04 USD−0.26%15.42 USD12.15%35.548M4.185B USD
PCGPacific Gas & Electric Co.
1.235M16.66 USD0.01 USD0.06%16.65 USD0.54%13.758M33.23B USD
WBAWalgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.
1.234M31.12 USD−0.07 USD−0.22%31.19 USD2.87%7.212M26.911B USD
CSXCSX Corporation
1.219M31.92 USD0.00 USD0.00%31.92 USD1.72%10.738M64.895B USD
1.216M30.69 USD0.14 USD0.46%30.55 USD3.84%10.256M30.121B USD
1.206M115.67 USD0.05 USD0.04%115.62 USD−0.18%7.873M128.801B USD
MRKMerck & Company, Inc.
1.192M112.70 USD0.18 USD0.16%112.52 USD1.43%5.793M285.512B USD
KDPKeurig Dr Pepper Inc.
1.189M31.46 USD0.01 USD0.03%31.45 USD0.90%7.18M44.149B USD
DOWDow Inc.
1.148M51.40 USD−0.21 USD−0.41%51.61 USD5.33%7.787M36.505B USD
PSTGPure Storage, Inc.
1.144M34.24 USD−0.01 USD−0.03%34.25 USD−0.09%11.457M10.523B USD
WETGWeTrade Group Inc.
1.141M0.0427 USD−0.0013 USD−2.95%0.0440 USD−3.72%6.504M8.583M USD
DISWalt Disney Company (The)
1.137M90.68 USD−0.09 USD−0.10%90.77 USD2.46%14.35M165.864B USD
SSentinelOne, Inc.
1.135M13.35 USD−0.09 USD−0.67%13.44 USD−35.14%61.486M3.914B USD
GPSGap, Inc. (The)
1.133M8.72 USD0.02 USD0.23%8.70 USD7.67%12.585M3.202B USD
SLBSchlumberger N.V.
1.127M46.61 USD−0.16 USD−0.34%46.77 USD3.98%11.283M66.663B USD
ACIAlbertsons Companies, Inc.
1.113M20.50 USD0.00 USD0.00%20.50 USD1.54%5.296M11.766B USD
VVisa Inc.
1.112M228.45 USD−0.34 USD−0.15%228.79 USD1.01%5.897M469.02B USD
ORCLOracle Corporation
1.101M105.70 USD−0.19 USD−0.18%105.89 USD−0.09%8.652M285.882B USD
CTRACoterra Energy Inc.
1.085M23.89 USD−0.01 USD−0.04%23.90 USD4.05%8.802M18.103B USD
ABBVAbbVie Inc.
1.083M137.00 USD0.13 USD0.09%136.87 USD2.57%6.662M241.478B USD
SCHWCharles Schwab Corporation (The)
1.081M54.38 USD0.01 USD0.02%54.37 USD3.17%12.28M98.955B USD
MSMorgan Stanley
1.054M84.00 USD−0.35 USD−0.41%84.35 USD2.78%6.218M140.874B USD
DDDuPont de Nemours, Inc.
1.04M72.05 USD−0.32 USD−0.44%72.37 USD7.31%8.259M33.219B USD
BFAMBright Horizons Family Solutions Inc.
1.038M91.25 USD3.52 USD4.01%87.73 USD3.80%1.34M5.072B USD
SBUXStarbucks Corporation
1.024M99.45 USD−0.05 USD−0.05%99.50 USD2.03%6.221M114.067B USD
RTXRaytheon Technologies Corporation
1.012M96.09 USD0.01 USD0.01%96.08 USD2.11%5.559M140.387B USD
GRABGrab Holdings Limited
997.493K3.02 USD0.00 USD0.00%3.02 USD1.34%8.373M11.627B USD