US stocks that've decreased the most in a year

It's unlikely that you care that much about a global conglomerate's all-time low back when it was a penny stock 40 years ago. Therefore, the 52-week lows might be a better measure for getting a gauge on a company's recent performance and whether this moment represents a good opportunity to buy into it or not. Still — if an asset's at its 52-week low — it's definitely recommended you do your own research to find out exactly why before pumping any hard won cash into it.

Change % 1D
Change 1D
Technical Rating 1D
Volume 1D
Volume * Price 1D
Market cap
P/E ratio
ADVAdvantage Solutions Inc.
1.62 USD−1.22%−0.02 USD
470.71K762.55K USD521.876M USD−4.32 USD75KCommercial Services
AEHLAntelope Enterprise Holdings Limited
1.02 USD−3.32%−0.04 USD
301.321K307.347K USD13.322M USD−1.22 USD236Producer Manufacturing
AGFYAgrify Corporation
0.1601 USD4.91%0.0075 USD
1.734M277.606K USD1.421M USD−62.05 USD141Producer Manufacturing
AGLEAeglea BioTherapeutics, Inc.
0.2906 USD−3.17%−0.0095 USD
Strong Sell
215.44K62.607K USD19.004M USD−1.12 USD69Health Technology
ALLOAllogene Therapeutics, Inc.
4.97 USD−2.74%−0.14 USD
1.547M7.689M USD718.152M USD−2.32 USD361Health Technology
ALLRAllarity Therapeutics, Inc.
1.76 USD−2.22%−0.04 USD
235.512K414.501K USD1.725M USD−76.52 USD9Health Technology
ALRNAileron Therapeutics, Inc.
1.26 USD−1.56%−0.02 USD
21.267K26.796K USD5.722M USD−6.02 USD6Health Technology
ALRSAlerus Financial Corporation
15.63 USD−3.34%−0.54 USD
Strong Sell
41.785K653.1K USD313.516M USD7.682.13 USD837Finance
ALXOALX Oncology Holdings Inc.
4.56 USD−8.80%−0.44 USD
185.296K844.95K USD186.336M USD−3.03 USD58Commercial Services
AMNAMN Healthcare Services Inc
81.77 USD−2.06%−1.72 USD
484.353K39.606M USD3.358B USD8.489.90 USD4.23KCommercial Services
AMTBAmerant Bancorp Inc.
21.30 USD−2.07%−0.45 USD
Strong Sell
89.319K1.902M USD720.619M USD11.721.87 USD683Finance
AMTXAemetis, Inc
2.15 USD−4.44%−0.10 USD
Strong Sell
870.302K1.871M USD78.802M USD−3.11 USD168Process Industries
ANGOAngioDynamics, Inc.
9.10 USD−27.02%−3.37 USD
Strong Sell
1.877M17.08M USD356.121M USD−0.95 USD760Health Technology
ARDSAridis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
0.3433 USD−8.13%−0.0304 USD
501.034K172.005K USD12.385M USD−2.28 USD34Health Technology
ARENThe Arena Group Holdings, Inc.
3.87 USD−2.03%−0.08 USD
26.646K103.12K USD70.833M USD−4.06 USDTechnology Services
AROWArrow Financial Corporation
24.43 USD−2.44%−0.61 USD
Strong Sell
37.656K919.936K USD404.365M USD8.492.96 USDFinance
0.1371 USD−2.07%−0.0029 USD
8.201M1.124M USD104.64M USD2.695KConsumer Durables
ASMBAssembly Biosciences, Inc.
0.8000 USD−10.11%−0.0900 USD
652.156K521.725K USD41.558M USD−1.92 USD68Health Technology
AUUDAuddia Inc.
0.7521 USD−1.05%−0.0080 USD
15.225K11.451K USD9.665M USD−0.55 USD15Technology Services
AVGRAvinger, Inc.
0.7852 USD−0.61%−0.0048 USD
50.261K39.465K USD7.918M USD−4.73 USD71Health Technology
BACKIMAC Holdings, Inc.
0.1371 USD−9.39%−0.0142 USD
637.516K87.403K USD4.491M USD−0.53 USD177Health Services
BBBYBed Bath & Beyond Inc.
0.5936 USD−26.23%−0.2111 USD
Strong Sell
158.606M94.149M USD254.119M USD−15.21 USD32KRetail Trade
BBLNBabylon Holdings Limited
4.82 USD−2.43%−0.12 USD
83.383K401.906K USD119.829M USD−25.26 USD1.895KHealth Services
BFLYButterfly Network, Inc.
1.64 USD−0.61%−0.01 USD
Strong Sell
2.077M3.406M USD333.641M USD−0.84 USD330Health Technology
BIOLBiolase, Inc.
0.3025 USD−7.63%−0.0250 USD
Strong Sell
1.098M332.277K USD7.313M USD−4.10 USD192Health Technology
BMRCBank of Marin Bancorp
22.21 USD−3.18%−0.73 USD
Strong Sell
86.66K1.925M USD356.611M USD7.862.93 USD313Finance
BNGOBionano Genomics, Inc.
1.06 USD0.00%0.00 USD
3.293M3.49M USD324.613M USD−0.46 USD405Health Technology
BRBSBlue Ridge Bankshares, Inc.
10.09 USD−1.85%−0.19 USD
Strong Sell
41.391K417.635K USD191.17M USD6.931.48 USD535Finance
BSFCBlue Star Foods Corp.
0.1287 USD−18.03%−0.0283 USD
13.112M1.687M USD4.728M USD−0.31 USD21Consumer Non-Durables
BVSBioventus Inc.
1.21 USD0.00%0.00 USD
514.247K622.239K USD94.064M USD−2.07 USD1.2KHealth Technology
CARACara Therapeutics, Inc.
4.89 USD−3.74%−0.19 USD
655.291K3.204M USD263.783M USD−1.59 USD106Health Technology
CCCCC4 Therapeutics, Inc.
3.10 USD−8.82%−0.30 USD
Strong Sell
542.572K1.682M USD152.058M USD−2.62 USD146Health Technology
CCNECNB Financial Corporation
18.98 USD−3.21%−0.63 USD
Strong Sell
46.481K882.209K USD400.8M USD5.973.29 USD759Finance
CFBCrossFirst Bankshares, Inc.
10.28 USD−2.00%−0.21 USD
Strong Sell
151.84K1.561M USD498.527M USD8.521.24 USD465Finance
CFFNCapitol Federal Financial, Inc.
6.72 USD−1.32%−0.09 USD
Strong Sell
757.268K5.089M USD914.892M USD11.760.58 USD733Finance
CHRACharah Solutions, Inc.
2.63 USD−9.00%−0.26 USD
Strong Sell
56.936K149.742K USD8.869M USD−12.18 USD693Industrial Services
CIVBCivista Bancshares, Inc.
16.70 USD−2.28%−0.39 USD
Strong Sell
43.28K722.776K USD262.568M USD6.652.57 USD530Finance
CKPTCheckpoint Therapeutics, Inc.
3.35 USD−4.01%−0.14 USD
Strong Sell
298.837K1.001M USD52.266M USD−8.31 USD14Health Technology
CLOVClover Health Investments, Corp.
0.8247 USD−2.98%−0.0253 USD
Strong Sell
4.995M4.12M USD401.81M USD−0.71 USD656Finance
CPFCentral Pacific Financial Corp New
17.59 USD−4.82%−0.89 USD
Strong Sell
174.617K3.072M USD474.39M USD6.902.70 USD781Finance
CR/ICrane Company
74.00 USD2.78%2.00 USD38.551K2.853M USD
CTBICommunity Trust Bancorp, Inc.
37.67 USD−1.77%−0.68 USD
Strong Sell
43.846K1.652M USD677.183M USD8.374.59 USD985Finance
CUTRCutera, Inc.
23.52 USD−0.34%−0.08 USD
899.214K21.15M USD461.356M USD−4.38 USDHealth Technology
CVBFCVB Financial Corporation
16.38 USD−3.08%−0.52 USD
Strong Sell
1.3M21.292M USD2.285B USD10.161.67 USD1.072KFinance
1.51 USD−1.31%−0.02 USD
229.535K346.598K USD12.96M USD1.630.94 USD2Technology Services
CXDOCrexendo, Inc.
1.56 USD−1.27%−0.02 USD
52.749K82.288K USD40.007M USD−1.46 USD181Technology Services
CXT/ICrane NXT, Co.
38.50 USD−2.53%−1.00 USD73.31K2.822M USD
CYANCyanotech Corporation
0.8465 USD1.99%0.0165 USD
18.614K15.757K USD5.309M USD−0.28 USD95Health Technology
CYTHCyclo Therapeutics, Inc.
0.8200 USD−7.88%−0.0701 USD
Strong Sell
73.285K60.094K USD8.655M USD−1.83 USD9Health Technology
CYXTCyxtera Technologies, Inc.
0.4245 USD−34.69%−0.2255 USD
Strong Sell
2.873M1.22M USD76.276M USD−1.99 USD755Technology Services
DFFNDiffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
4.30 USD−12.78%−0.63 USD
Strong Sell
21.863K94.011K USD8.771M USD−7.65 USD13Health Technology
DYNTDynatronics Corporation
1.49 USD−4.45%−0.07 USD
Strong Sell
23.74K35.299K USD5.827M USD−1.39 USD197Health Technology
7.98 USD−0.25%−0.02 USD
91.721K731.934K USD247.769M USD−1.32 USD765Electronic Technology
EDITEditas Medicine, Inc.
7.03 USD−5.13%−0.38 USD
Strong Sell
2.001M14.07M USD484.86M USD−3.21 USD226Health Technology
EFTReFFECTOR Therapeutics, Inc.
0.3498 USD−2.04%−0.0073 USD
Strong Sell
164.618K57.583K USD14.832M USD−0.55 USD15Health Technology
EVLOEvelo Biosciences, Inc.
0.1738 USD−11.33%−0.0222 USD
Strong Sell
678.028K117.841K USD19.28M USD−1.46 USD66Health Technology
FCBCFirst Community Bankshares, Inc.
25.26 USD−3.51%−0.92 USD
Strong Sell
23.886K603.36K USD409.926M USD9.282.83 USD631Finance
12.36 USD−1.20%−0.15 USD
Strong Sell
779.411K9.634M USD1.275B USD9.161.37 USD1.403KFinance
FCUVFocus Universal Inc.
2.37 USD−2.67%−0.07 USD
Strong Sell
52.73K124.706K USD154.419M USD−0.07 USD17Commercial Services
FLICThe First of Long Island Corporation
13.29 USD−2.64%−0.36 USD
Strong Sell
102.237K1.359M USD299.19M USD6.682.05 USD303Finance
FRBAFirst Bank
10.00 USD−4.40%−0.46 USD
Strong Sell
37.955K379.55K USD196.299M USD5.681.86 USD241Finance
FRTXFresh Track Therapeutics, Inc.
0.7006 USD−4.04%−0.0295 USD
108.22K75.819K USD2.111M USD−8.58 USD16Health Technology
FSEAFirst Seacoast Bancorp, Inc.
8.41 USD−2.55%−0.22 USD
Strong Sell
24.105K202.723K USD42.684M USD29.020.30 USD83Finance
FTFTFuture FinTech Group Inc.
1.06 USD−0.93%−0.01 USD
55.123K58.43K USD15.5M USD−0.81 USD71Finance
FULCFulcrum Therapeutics, Inc.
2.83 USD−9.87%−0.31 USD
Strong Sell
1.08M3.057M USD174.778M USD−2.49 USD89Health Technology
FWBIFirst Wave BioPharma, Inc.
2.60 USD4.42%0.11 USD
26.146K67.98K USD4.029M USD−178.29 USD10Health Technology
GHGuardant Health, Inc.
22.92 USD−2.84%−0.67 USD
1.861M42.659M USD2.353B USD−6.41 USD1.793KHealth Services
GIPRGeneration Income Properties Inc.
4.56 USD−0.31%−0.01 USD
10.559K48.106K USD11.895M USD−1.40 USD6Finance
GLBSGlobus Maritime Limited
1.21 USD18.63%0.19 USD
325.198K393.49K USD24.905M USD0.861.18 USD22Transportation
GMVDG Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd.
1.66 USD−38.29%−1.03 USD
Strong Sell
1.47M2.44M USD3.26M USD−51.25 USDElectronic Technology
GRINGrindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd.
10.49 USD−2.87%−0.31 USD
Strong Sell
61.04K640.31K USD204.261M USD2.025.48 USD607Transportation
GRPNGroupon, Inc.
3.37 USD−3.99%−0.14 USD
Strong Sell
1.077M3.63M USD103.484M USD−7.88 USD2.904KRetail Trade
GSBCGreat Southern Bancorp, Inc.
50.42 USD−0.96%−0.49 USD
Strong Sell
30.903K1.558M USD614.085M USD9.006.08 USD1.124KFinance
GSITGSI Technology, Inc.
1.48 USD0.34%0.01 USD
42.297K62.6K USD36.534M USD−0.67 USD180Electronic Technology
GTBPGT Biopharma, Inc.
0.4648 USD−3.17%−0.0152 USD
63.256K29.401K USD15.11M USD−1.04 USD8Health Technology
GTECGreenland Technologies Holding Corporation
1.58 USD−8.14%−0.14 USD
73.409K115.986K USD20.506M USD5.460.32 USDProducer Manufacturing
HFWAHeritage Financial Corporation
21.11 USD−3.65%−0.80 USD
Strong Sell
228.684K4.828M USD741.102M USD9.492.33 USD829Finance
HLPHongli Group Inc.
3.57 USD2.00%0.07 USD415.154K1.482M USD44.625M USD12.120.29 USDProducer Manufacturing
HOTHHoth Therapeutics, Inc.
1.98 USD−1.89%−0.04 USD
85.177K168.395K USD2.848M USD−10.52 USD4Health Technology
HRTXHeron Therapeutics, Inc.
1.54 USD−8.88%−0.15 USD
2.166M3.336M USD183.659M USD−1.72 USD203Health Technology
HTBKHeritage Commerce Corp
8.11 USD−4.81%−0.41 USD
Strong Sell
401.078K3.253M USD493.88M USD7.821.10 USD340Finance
IMNNImunon, Inc.
1.27 USD−2.31%−0.03 USD
Strong Sell
70.383K89.386K USD9.442M USD−14.52 USD29Health Technology
IMTEIntegrated Media Technology Limited
0.4600 USD−4.36%−0.0210 USD
100.977K46.449K USD7.261M USD320.630.00 USD13Electronic Technology
INOInovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
0.7922 USD−9.79%−0.0860 USD
Strong Sell
8.019M6.353M USD206.077M USD−1.19 USD184Health Technology
IOBTIO Biotech, Inc.
1.88 USD−1.05%−0.02 USD
35.279K66.325K USD54.173M USD−2.48 USD57Health Technology
IPSCCentury Therapeutics, Inc.
3.40 USD−3.68%−0.13 USD
Strong Sell
79.832K271.429K USD201.18M USD−2.27 USD163Health Technology
IROQIF Bancorp, Inc.
15.50 USD−0.26%−0.04 USD
1.522K23.591K USD51.733M USD8.891.79 USD114Finance
ISTRInvestar Holding Corporation
14.22 USD−3.98%−0.59 USD
Strong Sell
15.022K213.613K USD140.951M USD4.233.53 USD338Finance
JAGXJaguar Health, Inc.
0.7016 USD−4.74%−0.0349 USD
2.623M1.84M USD2.903M USD−51.24 USD60Health Technology
JWELJowell Global Ltd.
0.1820 USD−13.33%−0.0280 USD
Strong Sell
511.087K93.018K USD5.731M USD−0.52 USD242Distribution Services
KLRKaleyra, Inc.
1.74 USD−4.92%−0.09 USD
32.635K56.785K USD22.795M USD−7.76 USD675Communications
KPLTKatapult Holdings, Inc.
0.4224 USD−8.37%−0.0386 USD
Strong Sell
261.51K110.462K USD41.704M USD−0.39 USD120Commercial Services
KRBPKiromic BioPharma, Inc.
3.58 USD−4.28%−0.16 USD
Strong Sell
14.468K51.795K USD2.447M USD−74.03 USD59Health Technology
KTTAPasithea Therapeutics Corp.
0.3750 USD0.03%0.0001 USD
44.922K16.846K USD10.968M USD−0.33 USD3Health Technology
KZRKezar Life Sciences, Inc.
3.16 USD−2.17%−0.07 USD
Strong Sell
1.097M3.465M USD223.74M USD−1.02 USD84Health Technology
LCILannett Co Inc
1.64 USD5.13%0.08 USD
30.482K49.99K USD17.657M USD−18.90 USD564Health Technology
LEELee Enterprises, Incorporated
12.32 USD0.98%0.12 USD
8.091K99.681K USD74.411M USD−2.18 USD4.365KConsumer Services
LVROLavoro Limited
5.90 USD−3.59%−0.22 USD
Strong Sell
105.985K625.312K USD687.989M USD25.190.24 USDDistribution Services
MBOTMicrobot Medical Inc.
2.21 USD−5.56%−0.13 USD
35.201K77.794K USD17.438M USD−1.97 USD20Health Technology
MICSThe Singing Machine Company, Inc.
1.68 USD−11.12%−0.21 USD
Strong Sell
13.345K22.42K USD5.297M USD−1.98 USD32Consumer Services