US stocks with unusual trading volume

Unusually high or low volume may influence future prices, so it's useful to detect it to make timely decisions. US stocks below show out-of-the-ordinary trading volume now and are sorted by relative volume.
Rel Volume
Change %
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
RWODRedwoods Acquisition Corp.
2643.1410.08 USD+26.05%6.118 M17.743 M USD92.820.11 USD+31.32%0.00%Finance
NVFYNova Lifestyle, Inc
1397.992.76 USD+30.81%33.479 M6.409 M USD−4.49 USD+63.60%0.00%Consumer Durables
IPDNProfessional Diversity Network, Inc.
98.611.17 USD−30.36%214.609 K13.399 M USD−0.41 USD−36.08%0.00%Commercial Services
ZCMDZhongchao Inc.
88.251.94 USD+33.79%31.482 M14.39 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
SSERVServe Robotics Inc.
87.513.14 USD−40.30%1.487 MProducer Manufacturing
CSLRComplete Solaria, Inc.
67.030.4500 USD+69.81%16.641 M22.093 M USD−2.18 USD−1674.19%0.00%Industrial Services
NPABNew Providence Acquisition Corp. II
41.8910.87 USD+0.65%119.161 K125.199 M USD69.810.16 USD+196.57%0.00%Finance
AULTAult Alliance, Inc.
33.240.3040 USD+25.57%56.975 M9.14 M USD−2404.81 USD+56.97%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
NKGNNKGen Biotech, Inc.
27.461.11 USD+28.60%4.922 M25.223 M USD−4.10 USD−2035.24%0.00%Finance
OLBThe OLB Group, Inc.
23.340.3300 USD−14.95%1.535 M5.971 M USD−1.53 USD−191.67%0.00%Technology Services
RMGCRMG Acquisition Corp. III
21.7210.03 USD+0.40%43.04 K127.489 M USD−0.50 USD−296.37%0.00%Finance
NURONeuroMetrix, Inc.
20.664.33 USD+18.63%254.83 K8.602 M USD−5.94 USD−19.14%0.00%Health Technology
EGOXNext.e.GO N.V.
16.680.0512 USD+42.22%333.643 M4.833 M USD0.00%Consumer Durables
IVCAInvestcorp India Acquisition Corp.
16.1611.25 USD+0.27%155.831 K182.905 M USD32.140.35 USD+66.67%0.00%Finance
CNSCohen & Steers Inc
13.5772.39 USD+9.50%2.007 M3.585 B USD28.172.57 USD−22.90%3.18%Finance
SSBFMSunshine Biopharma Inc.
13.431.77 USD−46.84%11.903 M1.755 M USD−19.05 USD+86.26%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MITAColiseum Acquisition Corp.
12.0810.82 USD0.00%10.448 K71.697 M USD37.600.29 USD−28.96%0.00%Finance
DUOLDuolingo, Inc.
11.79200.15 USD−2.39%6.564 M8.582 B USD619.660.32 USD0.00%Technology Services
WLGSWang & Lee Group, Inc.
11.600.5950 USD+19.00%2.513 M8.982 M USD0.00%Industrial Services
AGBAAGBA Group Holding Limited
10.301.25 USD+21.36%128.762 M92.989 M USD−0.75 USD−379.54%0.00%Finance
MPBMid Penn Bancorp
10.1220.50 USD+3.54%300.531 K339.761 M USD8.962.29 USD3.90%Finance
Strong buy
NXTTNext Technology Holding Inc.
9.445.98 USD+12.83%162.788 K15.698 M USD1.993.00 USD0.00%Technology Services
DITAMCON Distributing Company
9.39165.70 USD−9.70%2.16 K104.451 M USD11.7414.11 USD−46.19%0.43%Distribution Services
PAPLPineapple Financial Inc.
9.281.31 USD−20.12%1.189 M9.408 M USD−0.31 USD−13.44%0.00%Finance
FGIFGI Industries Ltd.
8.631.0000 USD−21.27%96.703 K9.548 M USD13.550.07 USD−79.33%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong buy
COSMCosmos Health Inc.
8.530.4838 USD−20.39%680.275 K8.192 M USD−4.22 USD+90.92%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PEGRProject Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp.
8.489.20 USD+0.11%251.146 K160.759 M USD78.300.12 USD−70.81%0.00%Finance
8.3513.22 USD+2.56%1.687 M3.527 B USD−2.07 USD−1723.47%0.00%Health Technology
IPXXInflection Point Acquisition Corp. II
8.2510.52 USD0.00%338.426 K328.75 M USD48.730.22 USD0.00%Finance
INSGInseego Corp.
7.823.00 USD+23.97%331.087 K35.637 M USD−4.26 USD+35.59%0.00%Electronic Technology
SBFGSB Financial Group, Inc.
7.7213.43 USD+0.83%11.286 K91.155 M USD7.681.75 USD3.95%Finance
Strong buy
MRDBMariaDB plc
7.700.5390 USD+28.36%2.181 M36.517 M USD−0.71 USD−865.91%0.00%Technology Services
BOWNBowen Acquisition Corp
7.5410.47 USD+0.10%26.391 K95.973 M USD64.670.16 USD0.00%Finance
JWSMJaws Mustang Acquisition Corp.
7.4511.00 USD+0.27%33.771 K300.083 M USD78.800.14 USD−61.33%0.00%Finance
FRLAFortune Rise Acquisition Corporation
7.3211.17 USD+0.18%485.9 K70.056 M USD−0.09 USD−2210.81%0.00%Finance
CABOCable One, Inc.
7.30395.61 USD−0.68%1.101 M2.223 B USD8.7645.18 USD+25.14%2.96%Consumer Services
PNRGPrimeEnergy Resources Corporation
7.27101.04 USD+1.26%11.93 K180.886 M USD8.6311.71 USD−34.80%0.00%Energy Minerals
DOMADoma Holdings, Inc.
7.236.01 USD−0.50%303.12 K83.466 M USD−9.38 USD+37.78%0.00%Finance
CPRXCatalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
7.1915.13 USD−1.37%7.422 M1.783 B USD24.840.61 USD−18.43%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
BSFCBlue Star Foods Corp.
7.110.0760 USD+18.01%94.727 M3.092 M USD−1.93 USD+81.10%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
VNCEVince Holding Corp.
7.062.95 USD0.00%32.693 K36.883 M USD1.941.52 USD0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
CNDAConcord Acquisition Corp II
6.9410.56 USD+0.19%178.913 K229.167 M USD47.740.22 USD−46.66%0.00%Finance
PLAGPlanet Green Holdings Corp.
6.900.1788 USD−10.59%214.863 K12.89 M USD−0.29 USD+23.55%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
CVVCVD Equipment Corporation
6.754.38 USD−7.20%87.214 K29.891 M USD−0.61 USD−1680.29%0.00%Electronic Technology
WAVSWestern Acquisition Ventures Corp.
6.6210.73 USD0.00%2.622 K38.16 M USD−0.14 USD+26.70%0.00%Finance
HEPAHepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
6.612.01 USD−4.82%157.182 K11 M USD−12.32 USD−3.61%0.00%Health Technology
CHROChromocell Therapeutics Corporation
6.331.54 USD+25.71%119.29 K8.882 M USD−1.27 USD−276.40%0.00%Health Technology
JJUNEJunee Limited
6.264.07 USD−0.73%393.202 K51.747 M USD0.00%Miscellaneous
GTIGraphjet Technology
6.186.43 USD−33.09%95.332 K930.129 M USD88.200.07 USD0.00%Finance
PTCTPTC Therapeutics, Inc.
6.0525.32 USD+2.55%3.932 M1.94 B USD−8.37 USD−7.52%0.00%Health Technology
GSUNGolden Sun Health Technology Group Limited
5.883.73 USD−23.89%65.919 K20.648 M USD−0.31 USD−371.86%0.00%Commercial Services
ITOSiTeos Therapeutics, Inc.
5.8210.56 USD+2.23%943.393 K378.503 M USD−3.15 USD−223.91%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
AACIArmada Acquisition Corp. I
5.7611.13 USD−0.36%54.71 K89.851 M USD−0.15 USD−216.91%0.00%Finance
LYTLytus Technologies Holdings PTV. Ltd.
5.764.19 USD+3.97%1.538 M6.542 M USD0.00%Technology Services
TRTLTortoiseEcofin Acquisition Corp. III
5.7310.75 USD−0.46%1.771 M278.314 M USD33.120.32 USD−1.55%0.00%Finance
ATIFATIF Holdings Limited
5.710.9900 USD+1.02%7.257 K9.531 M USD−0.48 USD+70.68%0.00%Finance
GBRNew Concept Energy, Inc
5.621.44 USD+33.32%1.335 M7.389 M USD−0.00 USD−111.61%0.00%Finance
BRKHBurTech Acquisition Corp.
5.6010.98 USD−0.64%11.27 K166.469 M USD140.940.08 USD+422.82%0.00%Finance
CKXCKX Lands, Inc.
5.4713.68 USD+3.41%4.053 K27.745 M USD222.470.06 USD0.00%Miscellaneous
ARBBARB IOT Group Limited
5.461.18 USD+22.92%329.303 K31.196 M USD0.00%Technology Services
DVAXDynavax Technologies Corporation
5.4411.80 USD+4.06%9.29 M1.541 B USD−0.07 USD−103.52%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ILAGIntelligent Living Application Group Inc.
5.260.4700 USD+3.36%115.704 K8.488 M USD0.00%Consumer Durables
GRIGRI Bio, Inc.
5.250.5279 USD+2.03%437.247 K1.687 M USD−63.58 USD+61.85%0.00%Health Technology
CHRCheer Holding, Inc.
5.152.60 USD+7.00%30.843 K26.14 M USD0.00%Technology Services
TCJHTop KingWin Ltd
5.131.46 USD0.00%203.677 K21.535 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
PIRSPieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
5.120.1450 USD−6.60%1.975 M14.346 M USD−0.29 USD+36.06%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
IMTEIntegrated Media Technology Limited
5.071.56 USD−17.90%10.067 K3.352 M USD0.00%Electronic Technology
CFBKCF Bankshares Inc.
4.9618.40 USD−0.76%18.267 K116.68 M USD7.042.62 USD1.30%Finance
SJScienjoy Holding Corporation
4.920.8301 USD−13.40%123.455 K34.066 M USD−0.08 USD−119.59%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
FEIMFrequency Electronics, Inc.
4.869.55 USD−2.90%48.19 K90.604 M USD27.890.34 USD0.00%Electronic Technology
IARTIntegra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation
4.8428.68 USD−9.33%2.916 M2.243 B USD34.010.84 USD−60.91%0.00%Health Technology
NFLXNetflix, Inc.
4.77555.04 USD−9.09%16.45 M240.199 B USD38.5114.41 USD+54.76%0.00%Technology Services
BRLSBorealis Foods Inc.
4.764.00 USD−18.71%11.179 K96.766 M USD−0.49 USD−3426.09%0.00%Technology Services
OCULOcular Therapeutix, Inc.
4.755.22 USD−10.92%9.126 M775.835 M USD−1.26 USD−27.41%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PKGPackaging Corporation of America
4.73179.89 USD+0.92%2.529 M16.122 B USD21.228.48 USD−23.00%2.78%Process Industries
ELDNEledon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
4.731.86 USD−6.53%420.856 K45.009 M USD−1.90 USD+69.95%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MGLDThe Marygold Companies, Inc.
4.661.32 USD+16.81%14.021 K51.986 M USD−0.03 USD−143.24%0.00%Miscellaneous
EEIQEpicQuest Education Group International Limited
4.620.8700 USD−5.10%26.209 K10.786 M USD−0.58 USD−431.32%0.00%Commercial Services
LICNLichen China Limited
4.591.00 USD+5.91%819.279 K27.135 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
BLBXBlackboxstocks Inc.
4.532.78 USD+6.69%10.816 K8.953 M USD−1.44 USD−14.62%0.00%Technology Services
PMNTPerfect Moment Ltd.
4.532.85 USD−2.06%11.237 K44.614 M USD0.00%Retail Trade
RBKBRhinebeck Bancorp, Inc.
4.507.49 USD−2.73%8.828 K82.934 M USD18.480.41 USD0.00%Finance
UGIUGI Corporation
4.4925.74 USD+8.20%8.32 M5.394 B USD−2.21 USD−352.15%5.83%Distribution Services
WMPNWilliam Penn Bancorporation
4.4812.26 USD+0.25%19.367 K115.955 M USD153.060.08 USD0.98%Finance
Strong buy
CDIOCardio Diagnostics Holdings Inc.
4.440.8700 USD−20.18%696.144 K18.784 M USD−0.73 USD−46.44%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
APLTApplied Therapeutics, Inc.
4.414.38 USD−7.59%2.888 M500.379 M USD−1.32 USD+59.67%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
WALWestern Alliance Bancorporation
4.3057.44 USD+3.05%4.029 M6.33 B USD8.376.86 USD2.54%Finance
Strong buy
GPREGreen Plains, Inc.
4.2522.23 USD+5.16%4.83 M1.429 B USD−1.62 USD+32.48%0.00%Process Industries
Strong buy
PBBKPB Bankshares, Inc.
4.2312.00 USD−0.62%11.723 K31.62 M USD15.870.76 USD0.00%Finance
DMTKDermTech, Inc.
4.200.6440 USD+8.97%679.56 K22.297 M USD−3.13 USD+19.38%0.00%Health Technology
FXNCFirst National Corporation
4.1915.05 USD+0.60%18.254 K94.474 M USD9.821.53 USD3.99%Finance
TPVGTriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp.
4.139.50 USD+3.94%883.375 K357.391 M USD−1.10 USD−83.23%16.84%Finance
GRMNGarmin Ltd.
4.08139.52 USD−0.85%2.924 M26.757 B USD20.786.71 USD+33.08%2.09%Electronic Technology
HNNAHennessy Advisors, Inc.
4.066.89 USD−2.48%9.981 K52.845 M USD10.820.64 USD−10.74%7.99%Finance
ADDColor Star Technology Co., Ltd.
3.970.2400 USD+6.19%366.364 K2.585 M USD0.00%Technology Services
INTEIntegral Acquisition Corporation 1
3.9710.89 USD+0.09%8.767 K43.814 M USD123.750.09 USD0.00%Finance
DSAQDirect Selling Acquisition Corp.
3.9611.18 USD+0.05%41.801 K126.788 M USD−0.38 USD−194.14%0.00%Finance
CRKNCrown Electrokinetics Corp.
3.950.0555 USD+6.73%13.823 M2.869 M USD−24.19 USD+52.39%0.00%Commercial Services
ARLAmerican Realty Investors, Inc.
3.9214.80 USD+0.68%13.011 K239.05 M USD60.240.25 USD−98.93%0.00%Finance
AGRIAgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.
3.890.1638 USD+9.13%5.708 M3.698 M USD−0.94 USD−22.68%0.00%Commercial Services