Top gaining US stocks in pre-market

US stocks below are pre-market gainers: they increased the most in price before the start of regular trading hours. They're sorted by pre-market price change, but other stats are also available.
Pre-market Chg %
Pre-market Close
Pre-market Chg
Pre-market Vol
Pre-market Gap %
Change %
Market cap
Market cap perf %
RELIReliance Global Group, Inc.
+192.30%0.6489 USD0.4269 USD47.618 M+3.60%0.3911 USD+76.17%394.833 M3.369 M USD−73.23%
NLSPNLS Pharmaceutics Ltd.
+146.26%0.3652 USD0.2169 USD103.134 M+61.83%0.2701 USD+82.13%305.496 M11.718 M USD−83.97%
ASNSActelis Networks, Inc.
+111.30%2.43 USD1.28 USD18.853 M+110.43%2.12 USD+84.35%51.369 M10.619 M USD
SNOASonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+59.64%0.2690 USD0.1005 USD45.107 M+25.76%0.1920 USD+13.95%79.477 M2.997 M USD−53.08%
MMLGOMicroAlgo, Inc.
+42.25%5.05 USD1.50 USD8.76 M+1.13%4.08 USD+14.93%27.917 M31.068 M USD−68.97%
CMTLComtech Telecommunications Corp.
+40.55%3.05 USD0.88 USD1.963 M+10.60%4.07 USD+87.56%91.42 M115.888 M USD−73.61%
MBIOMustang Bio, Inc.
+29.33%0.9700 USD0.2200 USD46.821 M+6.68%0.8501 USD+13.35%291.93 M24.003 M USD−93.59%
GOVXGeoVax Labs, Inc.
+24.32%1.38 USD0.27 USD191.138 K+12.61%1.90 USD+71.17%35.636 M4.804 M USD−79.09%
MESAMesa Air Group, Inc.
+23.89%1.40 USD0.27 USD483.28 K+11.50%1.58 USD+39.82%4.701 M64.686 M USD−50.65%
SILKSilk Road Medical, Inc.
+23.58%26.78 USD5.11 USD4.478 M+2.08%26.88 USD+24.04%24.912 M1.06 B USD−31.21%
SSOPASociety Pass Incorporated
+18.52%1.60 USD0.25 USD2.2 K+5.19%1.34 USD−0.74%83.908 K3.538 M USD−71.21%
ONCOOnconetix, Inc.
+18.41%0.1891 USD0.0294 USD11.307 M−0.38%0.1531 USD−4.13%20.639 M3.418 M USD
OSTOstin Technology Group Co., Ltd.
+18.10%0.4854 USD0.0744 USD12.084 K+9.71%0.4250 USD+3.41%80.165 K7.143 M USD−44.34%
QLGNQualigen Therapeutics, Inc.
+17.73%0.2058 USD0.0310 USD17.342 M+10.87%0.1870 USD+6.98%27.99 M1.27 M USD−72.97%
SINGSinglePoint Inc.
+16.33%0.1710 USD0.0240 USD683.903 K+3.47%0.1732 USD+17.82%12.373 M196.535 K USD−99.51%
GWAVGreenwave Technology Solutions, Inc.
+15.68%2.14 USD0.29 USD2.486 M+4.86%1.76 USD−4.86%8.654 M22.441 M USD+41.72%
PNBKPatriot National Bancorp Inc.
+15.62%2.96 USD0.40 USD200+15.62%2.26 USD−11.72%22.898 K8.986 M USD−67.72%
CHGGChegg, Inc.
+15.33%3.01 USD0.40 USD849.893 K+19.16%2.70 USD+3.45%20.178 M275.987 M USD−74.60%
CLNNClene Inc.
+15.10%0.4300 USD0.0564 USD844.935 K+1.18%0.3801 USD+1.74%1.82 M48.818 M USD−38.21%
LZBLa-Z-Boy Incorporated
+14.32%38.97 USD4.88 USD78.203 K+9.03%40.70 USD+19.39%3.001 M1.735 B USD+23.27%
NUWENuwellis, Inc.
+13.62%0.2102 USD0.0252 USD10.165 M−2.54%0.2165 USD+17.03%16.948 M3.908 M USD−1.29%
XPONExpion360 Inc.
+13.39%1.27 USD0.15 USD3.2 K+13.39%1.15 USD+2.68%27.83 K8.562 M USD
OMGAOmega Therapeutics, Inc.
+12.90%2.10 USD0.24 USD31.578 K+0.54%2.22 USD+19.35%1.525 M122.444 M USD−73.52%
ARQArq, Inc.
+12.65%6.50 USD0.73 USD7.986 K+2.95%5.88 USD+1.91%361.659 K211.916 M USD+463.89%
MGIHMillennium Group International Holdings Limited
+12.24%1.65 USD0.18 USD30.865 K−11.56%1.53 USD+4.08%246.974 K17.213 M USD
KRONKronos Bio, Inc.
+11.54%1.16 USD0.12 USD2.353 K+5.77%1.01 USD−2.88%236.555 K60.695 M USD−34.98%
TRAWTraws Pharma, Inc.
+11.23%0.5796 USD0.0585 USD550+2.67%0.4601 USD−11.71%259.672 K11.641 M USD−37.53%
STBXStarbox Group Holdings Ltd.
+11.18%0.1890 USD0.0190 USD2.893 K+8.00%0.1780 USD+4.71%46.839 K14.953 M USD
NCNCnoco-noco Inc.
+10.99%0.2000 USD0.0198 USD28.191 K−0.28%0.1900 USD+5.44%191.757 K25.732 M USD−71.35%
EFOIEnergy Focus, Inc.
+10.86%1.94 USD0.19 USD444+10.86%1.77 USD+1.14%18.77 K8.365 M USD+15.59%, Inc.
+10.72%1.65 USD0.16 USD689+10.72%1.40 USD−6.05%15.925 K6.693 M USD−42.21%
PTIXProtagenic Therapeutics, Inc.
+10.53%1.0500 USD0.1000 USD3.06 K+15.79%0.9600 USD+1.05%66.468 K4.274 M USD−49.91%
ITCIIntra-Cellular Therapies Inc.
+10.45%76.07 USD7.20 USD84.627 K+1.07%75.48 USD+9.60%4.707 M7.969 B USD+17.15%
SMTKSmartKem, Inc.
+10.25%7.10 USD0.66 USD600−19.57%6.00 USD−6.83%6.92 K8.63 M USD+147.76%
NMTCNeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation
+10.14%0.9693 USD0.0892 USD3.236 K+7.34%0.8154 USD−7.35%507.158 K22.702 M USD+26.79%
IPWiPower Inc.
+9.57%2.29 USD0.20 USD15.978 K0.00%2.00 USD−4.31%927.69 K59.636 M USD+191.34%
KTRAKintara Therapeutics, Inc.
+9.22%0.1955 USD0.0165 USD11.557 M+18.27%0.2160 USD+20.67%25.202 M11.946 M USD+62.98%
KAROKarooooo Ltd.
+9.10%31.66 USD2.64 USD510+6.31%32.43 USD+11.75%37.442 K1.002 B USD+49.71%
BNZIBanzai International, Inc.
+8.86%0.1830 USD0.0149 USD3.076 M+1.19%0.1850 USD+10.05%8.265 M4.969 M USD−95.63%
GRIGRI Bio, Inc.
+8.69%3.11 USD0.25 USD6.952 K−0.39%2.94 USD+2.75%364.898 K830.765 K USD−94.53%
SYNXSilynxcom Ltd.
+8.56%3.50 USD0.28 USD2.799 K+2.97%3.77 USD+16.93%82.505 K19.793 M USD
CGNTCognyte Software Ltd.
+8.49%8.69 USD0.68 USD97.565 K0.00%7.60 USD−5.12%888.746 K539.574 M USD+40.76%
PSHGPerformance Shipping Inc.
+8.48%2.43 USD0.19 USD200+2.68%2.20 USD−1.79%53.663 K27.084 M USD+273.88%
RLMDRelmada Therapeutics, Inc.
+8.33%3.25 USD0.25 USD1.1 K+5.33%3.03 USD+1.00%88.859 K91.428 M USD+18.33%
AWHAspira Women's Health Inc.
+8.31%1.89 USD0.14 USD2.793 K+8.31%1.64 USD−6.02%102.446 K20.417 M USD−4.04%
PALTPaltalk, Inc.
+8.30%4.24 USD0.33 USD2.401 K+4.47%3.82 USD−2.43%77.047 K35.229 M USD+57.87%
IBIOiBio, Inc.
+8.26%2.49 USD0.19 USD355+3.04%2.28 USD−0.87%60.514 K19.662 M USD+87.76%
PDCOPatterson Companies, Inc.
+8.10%24.70 USD1.85 USD41.174 K+2.23%25.38 USD+11.07%3.991 M2.274 B USD−24.87%
SUGPSU Group Holdings Limited
+8.10%2.27 USD0.17 USD18.471 K+9.52%2.32 USD+10.48%42.789 K30.74 M USD
FTHMFathom Holdings Inc.
+8.05%1.61 USD0.12 USD275+8.05%1.50 USD+0.67%58.804 K31.276 M USD−70.49%
HCTIHealthcare Triangle, Inc.
+8.05%0.8000 USD0.0596 USD32.746 K+10.17%0.6690 USD−9.64%193.99 K3.758 M USD−73.00%
GALTGalectin Therapeutics Inc.
+8.00%2.70 USD0.20 USD300+8.00%2.33 USD−6.80%128.532 K144.805 M USD+90.04%
CVMCel-Sci Corporation
+8.00%1.35 USD0.10 USD36.909 K−2.40%1.11 USD−11.20%732.933 K60.118 M USD−35.17%
CLEUChina Liberal Education Holdings Limited
+7.98%2.57 USD0.19 USD15.887 K−6.30%2.80 USD+17.65%628.421 K9.384 M USD−68.32%
CHROChromocell Therapeutics Corporation
+7.94%1.36 USD0.10 USD1.39 K+8.73%1.42 USD+12.70%8.018 K8.19 M USD
QNSTQuinStreet, Inc.
+7.89%16.82 USD1.23 USD17.24 K+1.35%16.21 USD+3.98%606.987 K896.037 M USD+96.96%
KOPNKopin Corporation
+7.83%0.7600 USD0.0552 USD101.383 K+4.14%0.7100 USD+0.74%875.725 K84.084 M USD−63.41%
AIHSSenmiao Technology Limited
+7.69%0.9800 USD0.0700 USD1.645 K+7.69%0.9148 USD+0.53%43.929 K8.753 M USD+56.82%
+7.63%0.6770 USD0.0480 USD1.559 K+7.90%0.5915 USD−5.96%30.895 K9.598 M USD
UNCYUnicycive Therapeutics, Inc.
+7.58%0.6996 USD0.0493 USD3.2 K0.00%0.6458 USD−0.69%505.459 K24.286 M USD+2.34%
TTBIOTelesis Bio, Inc.
+7.55%3.99 USD0.28 USD210+7.55%3.79 USD+2.16%18.767 K6.338 M USD−87.85%
ERASErasca, Inc.
+7.50%2.15 USD0.15 USD1.975 K0.00%2.04 USD+2.00%858.168 K530.085 M USD+35.65%
TBLTToughBuilt Industries, Inc.
+7.49%3.30 USD0.23 USD110.364 K+30.29%3.12 USD+1.63%670.364 K2.416 M USD−81.11%
AVGRAvinger, Inc.
+7.34%1.90 USD0.13 USD1.5 K+7.34%1.86 USD+5.08%39.279 K2.951 M USD−58.93%
SIEBSiebert Financial Corp.
+7.34%1.90 USD0.13 USD6.72 K−0.56%1.62 USD−8.47%47.589 K64.607 M USD−13.79%
GGCTSGCT Semiconductor Holding, Inc.
+7.28%5.60 USD0.38 USD36.622 K−1.15%4.87 USD−6.70%460.677 K223.485 M USD+89.53%
BACKIMAC Holdings, Inc.
+7.23%2.52 USD0.17 USD250+7.23%2.26 USD−3.83%17.244 K2.595 M USD−21.86%
INMInMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
+7.20%0.2351 USD0.0158 USD134.716 K−0.14%0.2759 USD+25.81%7.504 M2.306 M USD−53.04%
ONFOOnfolio Holdings Inc.
+7.14%1.50 USD0.10 USD9470.00%1.24 USD−11.79%129.058 K6.308 M USD
NXTTNext Technology Holding Inc.
+7.14%4.80 USD0.32 USD2.497 K+15.40%4.46 USD−0.45%12.7 K11.708 M USD−25.90%
MNTSMomentus Inc.
+7.11%0.5680 USD0.0377 USD6.31 K−2.98%0.4840 USD−8.73%219.357 K8.047 M USD−67.68%
CODXCo-Diagnostics, Inc.
+6.86%1.55 USD0.10 USD5.1 K+6.21%1.53 USD+5.52%286.554 K47.856 M USD+62.68%
SGMOSangamo Therapeutics, Inc.
+6.84%0.4419 USD0.0283 USD61.984 K−3.29%0.4212 USD+1.84%2.053 M87.403 M USD−42.05%
INBSIntelligent Bio Solutions Inc.
+6.74%2.06 USD0.13 USD350+0.52%1.89 USD−2.07%27.914 K5.891 M USD−10.55%
AISPAirship AI Holdings, Inc
+6.73%4.28 USD0.27 USD136.1 K−0.50%4.67 USD+16.46%2.457 M108.153 M USD−25.97%
MYNZMainz Biomed N.V.
+6.67%0.6400 USD0.0400 USD1.58 K+8.17%0.5752 USD−4.13%472.888 K12.589 M USD
SLRXSalarius Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+6.55%3.71 USD0.23 USD900+2.01%2.99 USD−14.13%174.813 K1.784 M USD−58.82%
ADCTADC Therapeutics SA
+6.38%3.00 USD0.18 USD17.336 K+1.06%2.72 USD−3.55%407.849 K261.734 M USD+63.23%
HRYUHanryu Holdings, Inc.
+6.32%0.2860 USD0.0170 USD16.954 K+4.46%0.2800 USD+4.09%271.303 K14.786 M USD
ENTXEntera Bio Ltd.
+6.28%2.20 USD0.13 USD100+6.28%2.11 USD+1.93%67.07 K75.575 M USD+207.84%
VSMEVS Media Holdings Limited
+6.28%1.54 USD0.09 USD2.6 K−10.97%1.46 USD+0.76%148.595 K7.038 M USD
REVBRevelation Biosciences, Inc.
+6.25%2.38 USD0.14 USD300+6.25%2.31 USD+3.12%42.357 K3.772 M USD−45.04%
RKLBRocket Lab USA, Inc.
+6.22%4.61 USD0.27 USD584.401 K+5.99%4.91 USD+13.13%19.721 M2.42 B USD−17.53%
PRFXPainReform Ltd.
+6.21%0.5300 USD0.0310 USD6.283 K−6.27%0.4910 USD−1.60%216.557 K1.215 M USD−74.60%
BKYIBIO-key International, Inc.
+6.01%1.59 USD0.09 USD1.088 K+10.00%1.53 USD+2.00%4.898 K2.776 M USD−54.86%
LINKInterlink Electronics, Inc.
+5.97%4.26 USD0.24 USD100+5.97%4.07 USD+1.24%4.522 K40.132 M USD−42.01%
VXRTVaxart, Inc. - Common Stock
+5.86%0.5560 USD0.0308 USD932.751 K+4.72%0.6836 USD+30.16%34.749 M120.886 M USD+12.14%
FLFVFeutune Light Acquisition Corporation
+5.78%8.60 USD0.47 USD4.314 K+16.85%7.76 USD−4.55%14.739 K43.514 M USD
LLAPTerran Orbital Corporation
+5.74%0.7848 USD0.0426 USD82.629 K+1.13%0.7648 USD+3.05%7.616 M154.53 M USD−27.15%
PLURPluri Inc.
+5.69%5.76 USD0.31 USD907+5.69%5.65 USD+3.74%11.848 K30.469 M USD−19.91%
BIORBiora Therapeutics, Inc.
+5.69%0.7100 USD0.0382 USD2.359 K+0.03%0.6849 USD+1.95%93.068 K24.577 M USD−54.84%
MNPRMonopar Therapeutics Inc.
+5.65%0.9086 USD0.0486 USD7.022 K+7.60%0.8270 USD−3.84%122.795 K14.459 M USD+43.03%
SANWS&W Seed Company
+5.54%0.2800 USD0.0147 USD7.231 K+4.98%0.2455 USD−7.46%85.547 K10.641 M USD−75.01%
IONMAssure Holdings Corp.
+5.50%0.2300 USD0.0120 USD32.922 K+4.13%0.2200 USD+0.92%605.673 K1.98 M USD−44.16%
EVOKEvoke Pharma, Inc.
+5.45%0.5570 USD0.0288 USD589+13.08%0.5038 USD−4.62%27.331 K4.331 M USD−18.68%
DSPViant Technology Inc.
+5.41%9.93 USD0.51 USD200+5.41%9.56 USD+1.49%99.695 K607.008 M USD+112.80%
TTOOT2 Biosystems, Inc.
+5.37%5.41 USD0.28 USD500+3.12%5.31 USD+3.51%90.855 K81.594 M USD+3229.89%
RCATRed Cat Holdings, Inc.
+5.36%1.18 USD0.06 USD8.056 K0.00%1.02 USD−8.93%552.405 K75.767 M USD+50.21%
GMGIGolden Matrix Group, Inc.
+5.35%3.15 USD0.16 USD200+4.35%2.98 USD−0.33%115.779 K354.275 M USD+403.78%
SSNTSenstar Technologies Corporation
+5.26%2.00 USD0.10 USD6.374 K+5.79%1.87 USD−1.58%49.947 K43.59 M USD+6.25%