US stocks at their all-time lows

These US stocks are at their all-time lowest prices: we sorted them alphabetically and supplied with companies' financials to help you decide which ones can actually go back up.
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Analyst Rating
ABCLAbCellera Biologics Inc.
3.87 USD−1.02%978.587 K0.931.133 B USD−0.51 USD−201.79%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ADPTAdaptive Biotechnologies Corporation
2.40 USD+2.78%2.342 M0.98348.221 M USD−1.56 USD−10.98%0.00%Health Technology
AGMHAGM Group Holdings Inc.
1.05 USD−5.41%84.807 K0.4527.673 M USD0.00%Technology Services
AAILEiLearningEngines, Inc.
6.76 USD−4.92%32.316 K55.463 M USD−0.39 USD−203.48%0.00%Finance
Strong buy
ALZNAlzamend Neuro, Inc.
0.6755 USD−2.24%28.688 K0.654.639 M USD−1.87 USD+21.44%0.00%Health Technology
AMLXAmylyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1.87 USD−5.56%2.504 M1.04126.753 M USD2.650.70 USD0.00%Health Technology
ANROAlto Neuroscience, Inc.
12.96 USD−4.00%235.763 K2.63348.416 M USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
AONCAmerican Oncology Network, Inc.
4.88 USD+7.96%18.277 K1.93174.296 M USD−1.53 USD−704.91%0.00%Health Services
APLMApollomics Inc.
0.4720 USD−7.45%182.63 K1.3742.242 M USD−2.80 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ASRTAssertio Holdings, Inc.
0.7730 USD+2.52%897.914 K1.3873.432 M USD−3.97 USD−326.60%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ATERAterian, Inc.
2.05 USD−3.30%208.467 K0.9615.728 M USD−11.53 USD+69.07%0.00%Retail Trade
AATGLAlpha Technology Group Limited
1.96 USD−9.47%5.411 K0.6029.846 M USDTechnology Services
6.80 USD−8.48%967.308 K1.46204 M USD−1.53 USD−187.38%0.00%Health Services
Strong buy
AUVIApplied UV, Inc.
0.6525 USD−6.60%119.833 K0.462.797 M USD−64.65 USD+62.23%0.00%Process Industries
BCDABioCardia, Inc.
0.3600 USD−4.51%97.291 K1.129.672 M USD−0.55 USD+18.53%0.00%Health Technology
BFLYButterfly Network, Inc.
0.7646 USD−6.76%2.093 M1.79161.089 M USD−0.65 USD+22.94%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
BKKTBakkt Holdings, Inc.
0.3978 USD−5.29%2.532 M0.76127.965 M USD−0.84 USD+88.85%0.00%Commercial Services
BBNAIBrand Engagement Network Inc.
4.95 USD−9.84%37.239 K1.24164.82 M USD−0.00 USD−102.34%0.00%Technology Services
BBOLDBoundless Bio, Inc.
10.09 USD−10.71%160.267 K0.95224.395 M USD0.00%Health Technology
BBONBon Natural Life Limited
3.51 USD−18.37%56.664 K1.264.892 M USD7.850.45 USD−18.89%0.00%Health Technology
BRLSBorealis Foods Inc.
4.00 USD−18.71%11.179 K4.7696.766 M USD−0.49 USD−3426.09%0.00%Technology Services
CARMCarisma Therapeutics, Inc.
1.63 USD−4.68%257.375 K1.3467.714 M USD−3.47 USD−73.75%443.52%Health Technology
Strong buy
CAUDCollective Audience, Inc.
0.4212 USD−6.25%194.77 K0.215.797 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
CCGCheche Group Inc.
2.26 USD−3.83%8.675 K0.33170.496 M USD−2.55 USD−1277.85%0.00%Technology Services
CCTGCCSC Technology International Holdings Limited
2.22 USD−7.50%85.707 K0.3924.975 M USD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
CEROCERo Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
1.50 USD−2.60%74.3 K0.3122.085 M USD−0.38 USD−572.16%0.00%Finance
CHPTChargePoint Holdings, Inc.
1.36 USD−1.45%7.889 M0.71575.769 M USD−1.23 USD−20.34%0.00%Retail Trade
CCISSC3is Inc.
1.17 USD−19.31%2.657 M0.631.919 M USD0.01142.64 USD0.00%Transportation
CLDICalidi Biotherapeutics, Inc.
0.1620 USD+1.25%1.246 M0.585.755 M USD−1.03 USD−2064.71%0.00%Health Technology
CMBMCambium Networks Corporation
3.27 USD−4.66%73.465 K0.5390.465 M USD−2.80 USD−491.20%0.00%Communications
CMRXChimerix, Inc.
0.8844 USD−5.14%427.003 K1.4078.898 M USD−0.93 USD−147.33%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
CNTGCentogene N.V.
0.4559 USD−1.11%79.406 K1.8112.704 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
CNXCConcentrix Corporation
55.19 USD+0.80%469.547 K0.843.642 B USD11.374.86 USD−38.29%2.09%Commercial Services
COSMCosmos Health Inc.
0.4838 USD−20.39%680.275 K8.538.192 M USD−4.22 USD+90.92%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
CRNCCerence Inc.
10.35 USD0.00%544.52 K1.25431.333 M USD−0.81 USD+90.36%0.00%Technology Services
CRSRCorsair Gaming, Inc.
10.72 USD−0.37%277.365 K1.021.107 B USD374.830.03 USD0.00%Technology Services
CVACCureVac N.V.
2.44 USD0.00%793.106 K1.23546.275 M USD−1.53 USD−124.27%0.00%Health Technology
CYTOAltamira Therapeutics Ltd.
1.41 USD−5.73%46.743 K0.443.168 M USD0.00%Health Technology
DOUGDouglas Elliman Inc.
1.22 USD−2.40%1.092 M1.27111.673 M USD−0.51 USD−635.35%3.90%Finance
DTCSolo Brands, Inc.
1.81 USD+1.69%438.251 K0.76165.029 M USD−1.94 USD−2359.64%0.00%Distribution Services
EEDBLEdible Garden AG Incorporated
3.76 USD−17.90%361.911 K0.231.135 M USD−77.72 USD+91.41%0.00%Process Industries
Strong buy
EDITEditas Medicine, Inc.
5.49 USD−1.08%2.265 M1.39451.469 M USD−2.06 USD+35.88%0.00%Health Technology
EFTReFFECTOR Therapeutics, Inc.
1.70 USD−4.49%197.098 K0.316.268 M USD−7.19 USD−148.83%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ENSCEnsysce Biosciences, Inc.
0.5710 USD−1.59%187.232 K1.841.796 M USD0.00%Health Technology
1.73 USD−1.70%2.342 M1.01521.622 M USD−0.48 USD−20.40%0.00%Retail Trade
FFIEFaraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.
0.0587 USD−4.55%29.69 M0.862.505 M USD−67.45 USD+81.62%0.00%Consumer Durables
FGIFGI Industries Ltd.
1.0000 USD−21.27%96.703 K8.639.548 M USD13.550.07 USD−79.33%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong buy
FOAFinance of America Companies Inc.
0.6202 USD+1.39%94.701 K1.2559.888 M USD−1.34 USD+58.88%0.00%Finance
FUVArcimoto, Inc.
0.4020 USD−1.74%41.938 K1.073.799 M USD−9.64 USD+72.79%0.00%Consumer Durables
FWBIFirst Wave BioPharma, Inc.
2.60 USD−8.45%83.674 K2.215.266 M USD−86.07 USD+97.59%0.00%Health Technology
GGCTSGCT Semiconductor Holding, Inc.
3.90 USD−21.69%725.555 K0.1949.009 M USD−0.16 USD−128.46%0.00%Electronic Technology
GHGuardant Health, Inc.
16.07 USD−3.60%1.855 M0.981.956 B USD−4.28 USD+33.21%0.00%Health Services
Strong buy
GNPXGenprex, Inc.
2.13 USD−4.03%38.192 K1.114.069 M USD−22.93 USD−15.81%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
HCATHealth Catalyst, Inc
5.58 USD−2.02%563.701 K0.85326.782 M USD−2.10 USD+21.13%0.00%Technology Services
IIBTAIbotta, Inc.
98.00 USD−5.08%970.882 K2.975 B USD77.751.26 USD0.00%Technology Services
IMRXImmuneering Corporation
1.80 USD+1.69%515.62 K0.8652.71 M USD−1.89 USD+1.47%0.00%Health Technology
IINTJIntelligent Group Limited
1.57 USD+1.29%341.917 K2.3620.803 M USD39.650.04 USD0.00%Commercial Services
INVZInnoviz Technologies Ltd.
1.01 USD−4.72%1.971 M0.93167.498 M USD−0.85 USD+62.38%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong buy
JFBRJeffs' Brands Ltd
0.2975 USD−4.34%83.084 K0.59353.67 K USD−2.55 USD0.00%Consumer Durables
JWELJowell Global Ltd.
1.02 USD−15.31%1.266 K0.442.171 M USD0.00%Distribution Services
JZXNJiuzi Holdings, Inc.
0.3850 USD−16.29%792.717 K0.5345.315 M USD0.00%Retail Trade
KVYOKlaviyo, Inc. Series A
22.73 USD−0.26%883.636 K0.906.498 B USD0.00%Technology Services
KYTXKyverna Therapeutics, Inc.
18.20 USD−4.26%405.854 K1.22784.697 M USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
LLLL Flooring Holdings, Inc.
1.52 USD0.00%162.359 K0.8746.875 M USD−3.59 USD−743.16%0.00%Retail Trade
Strong sell
LPROOpen Lending Corporation
4.66 USD+0.65%551.074 K1.36553.966 M USD25.990.18 USD−66.02%0.00%Technology Services
MAXNMaxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd.
1.82 USD−4.96%3.869 M1.4896.06 M USD−5.35 USD+16.12%0.00%Utilities
MCRBSeres Therapeutics, Inc.
0.5599 USD−4.16%3.749 M0.8684.55 M USD−0.90 USD+61.82%0.00%Health Technology
MGXMetagenomi, Inc.
6.89 USD−11.10%182.01 K1.92258.184 M USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MTEMMolecular Templates, Inc.
1.47 USD−1.01%12.509 K0.057.9 M USD−1.56 USD+93.70%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MTTRMatterport, Inc.
1.74 USD−0.57%1.816 M0.93540.978 M USD−0.66 USD−61.83%0.00%Technology Services
MULNMullen Automotive, Inc.
2.60 USD−10.65%915.248 K1.6617.036 M USD−2356.61 USD+94.34%0.00%Technology Services
NNANano Labs Ltd
0.4300 USD−18.17%628.574 K0.1516.014 M USDElectronic Technology
NDLSNoodles & Company
1.19 USD+0.85%275.531 K0.6753.538 M USD−0.22 USD−196.45%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
NOVASunnova Energy International Inc.
3.80 USD+0.53%10.24 M1.15465.44 M USD−3.51 USD−161.42%0.00%Utilities
NRGVEnergy Vault Holdings, Inc.
1.08 USD+0.93%669.481 K0.54159.698 M USD−0.69 USD−3.54%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
NUWENuwellis, Inc.
0.2570 USD−1.31%244.682 K1.131.748 M USD−13.46 USD+89.22%0.00%Health Technology
NVOSNovo Integrated Sciences, Inc.
0.4512 USD−3.26%1.197 M0.978.597 M USD−0.74 USD+77.11%0.00%Health Services
NVRONevro Corp.
12.07 USD−2.03%385.671 K0.98439.322 M USD−2.57 USD−5701.13%0.00%Health Technology
NXPLNextPlat Corp
1.20 USD−8.75%223.406 K0.0522.47 M USD−0.21 USD+84.97%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
OCUPOcuphire Pharma, Inc.
1.66 USD−0.90%237.605 K1.0941.066 M USD−0.47 USD−162.51%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
OMHOhmyhome Limited
0.4900 USD−18.77%657.834 K2.2911.161 M USD0.00%Finance
Strong buy
OPTNOptiNose, Inc.
0.8942 USD−3.61%653.709 K1.38100.733 M USD−0.32 USD+63.98%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
OPTTOcean Power Technologies, Inc.
0.1790 USD−8.21%681.854 K0.4610.644 M USD−0.52 USD−33.28%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
PIXYShiftPixy, Inc.
1.71 USD−8.06%171.295 K0.7210.239 M USD−86.72 USD+97.48%0.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
PLPlanet Labs PBC
1.75 USD−0.57%1.645 M0.95508.585 M USD−0.50 USD+16.88%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
PLAGPlanet Green Holdings Corp.
0.1788 USD−10.59%214.863 K6.9012.89 M USD−0.29 USD+23.55%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
PMNTPerfect Moment Ltd.
2.85 USD−2.06%11.237 K4.5344.614 M USD0.00%Retail Trade
PNSTPinstripes Holdings, Inc.
2.92 USD+2.10%20.128 K0.49117.056 M USD0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
PREPrenetics Global Limited
2.90 USD−9.09%39.534 K0.3835.179 M USD−4.85 USD+89.18%0.00%Finance
Strong buy
PRMEPrime Medicine, Inc.
4.51 USD−1.74%929.147 K1.47540.926 M USD−2.14 USD−45.24%0.00%Health Technology
PTONPeloton Interactive, Inc.
3.03 USD−0.98%10.342 M0.861.112 B USD−2.45 USD+69.90%0.00%Consumer Services
PWMPrestige Wealth Inc.
1.03 USD−2.78%55.222 K0.659.429 M USD0.00%Finance
RGSRegis Corporation
5.41 USD−1.58%7.515 K0.5912.339 M USD−2.94 USD+80.97%0.00%Consumer Services
RLAYRelay Therapeutics, Inc.
5.96 USD−2.45%2.368 M1.90781.827 M USD−2.79 USD−7.57%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
RPTXRepare Therapeutics Inc.
3.15 USD+4.30%219.182 K2.32132.874 M USD−2.23 USD−184.10%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
RRRichtech Robotics Inc.
1.31 USD−2.24%150.207 K0.8686.777 M USD−0.03 USD0.00%Consumer Durables
SCLXScilex Holding Company
0.8978 USD−0.24%2.099 M1.94149.205 M USD−0.87 USD−386.34%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SSERVServe Robotics Inc.
3.14 USD−40.30%1.487 M87.51Producer Manufacturing
SFIXStitch Fix, Inc.
2.14 USD−2.28%1.56 M1.26257.167 M USD−1.04 USD+61.27%0.00%Retail Trade
SGNSigning Day Sports, Inc.
0.2554 USD−5.37%40.913 K0.123.924 M USDTechnology Services