Top losing US stocks in post-market

Post-market trading risk is often compensated by the timing advantage. US stocks below are the biggest losers of the last after-hours session, they’re sorted by post-market price change and supplied with other stats too.
Post-market Chg %
Post-market Close
Post-market Chg
Post-market Vol
Change %
Market cap
Market cap perf %
KAVLKaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc.
−24.50%4.50 USD−1.46 USD1.184 M5.96 USD+338.24%70.985 M3.894 M USD−87.72%
APVOAptevo Therapeutics Inc.
−15.33%0.6500 USD−0.1177 USD236.873 K0.7677 USD−1.70%306.819 K3.132 M USD−71.62%
SPECSpectaire Holdings, Inc.
−15.10%0.3650 USD−0.0649 USD37.221 K0.4299 USD−12.46%281.238 K7.973 M USD−90.75%
OTRKOntrak, Inc.
−13.08%0.2159 USD−0.0325 USD10.055 K0.2484 USD+9.04%336.657 K11.915 M USD−19.41%
NXLNexalin Technology, Inc.
−12.02%0.7911 USD−0.1081 USD95.71 K0.8992 USD−34.85%3.928 M6.687 M USD−16.50%
MYMDMyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
−11.87%1.93 USD−0.26 USD2902.19 USD+0.46%36.06 K5.054 M USD−92.76%
VIRIVirios Therapeutics, Inc.
−11.84%0.2100 USD−0.0282 USD198.033 K0.2382 USD+2.67%1.166 M6.612 M USD−79.45%
MWGMulti Ways Holdings Limited
−11.74%0.3750 USD−0.0499 USD213.242 K0.4249 USD+32.00%13.366 M13.104 M USD
TWOU2U, Inc.
−11.61%6.62 USD−0.87 USD36.449 K7.49 USD+9.74%222.533 K19.146 M USD−93.10%
PIXYShiftPixy, Inc.
−10.99%1.62 USD−0.20 USD12.164 K1.82 USD−2.67%232.985 K12.295 M USD−56.85%
VLCNVolcon, Inc.
−10.15%4.25 USD−0.48 USD40.254 K4.73 USD−20.28%1.057 M1.561 M USD−79.95%
RRTCBaijiayun Group Ltd - Class
−10.07%2.41 USD−0.27 USD4.345 K2.68 USD+1.52%51.966 K110.87 M USD−61.76%
DDCDDC Enterprise Limited
−10.00%1.08 USD−0.12 USD88.781 K1.20 USD+5.26%2.955 M26.936 M USD
VIRCVirco Manufacturing Corporation
−9.27%15.86 USD−1.62 USD8.712 K17.48 USD−1.41%459.926 K283.309 M USD+258.52%
LRHCLa Rosa Holdings Corp.
−8.55%1.07 USD−0.10 USD1.987 M1.17 USD+91.43%40.602 M9.25 M USD
ALLGAllego N.V.
−8.23%0.6745 USD−0.0605 USD1.157 K0.7350 USD−2.65%71.898 K199.193 M USD−66.17%
VSVersus Systems Inc.
−8.13%1.47 USD−0.13 USD7241.60 USD+3.90%81.278 K4.01 M USD−26.79%
SRFMSurf Air Mobility Inc.
−7.99%0.2650 USD−0.0230 USD75.348 K0.2880 USD+12.50%2.849 M23.968 M USD
QLIQilian International Holding Group Ltd.
−7.94%0.6810 USD−0.0587 USD1.249 K0.7397 USD+8.33%6.812 K26.444 M USD−14.73%
CEROCERo Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
−7.88%0.3500 USD−0.0300 USD259.272 K0.3799 USD+5.65%4.846 M5.722 M USD−86.25%
ASSTAsset Entities Inc.
−7.80%0.4140 USD−0.0350 USD17.242 K0.4490 USD+13.56%194.894 K6.477 M USD
SVMHSRIVARU Holding Limited
−7.74%0.2099 USD−0.0176 USD2.489 M0.2275 USD+49.18%276.026 M8.471 M USD
APLTApplied Therapeutics, Inc.
−7.52%4.67 USD−0.38 USD45.153 K5.05 USD−3.99%672.435 K577.05 M USD+527.51%
GOVXGeoVax Labs, Inc.
−7.50%1.11 USD−0.09 USD18.239 K1.20 USD−14.29%228.031 K3.034 M USD−73.05%
NNCINeo-Concept International Group Holdings Limited
−7.39%0.7603 USD−0.0607 USD27.924 K0.8210 USD−7.23%1.332 M16.683 M USD
ANTXAN2 Therapeutics, Inc.
−7.37%2.01 USD−0.16 USD1.84 K2.17 USD+9.05%123.356 K64.729 M USD−58.61%
AEHLAntelope Enterprise Holdings Limited
−7.30%1.83 USD−0.14 USD1.139 K1.97 USD−0.79%95.226 K17.512 M USD−8.69%
ALCEAlternus Clean Energy, Inc.
−7.13%0.3518 USD−0.0270 USD2 K0.3788 USD+5.11%25.589 K30.833 M USD
GPAKGamer Pakistan Inc.
−7.05%0.2215 USD−0.0168 USD39.48 K0.2383 USD+5.91%336.969 K6.096 M USD
STISolidion Technology, Inc.
−6.99%1.97 USD−0.15 USD10.557 K2.12 USD+12.17%264.891 K184.229 M USD−7.90%
PRTGPortage Biotech Inc.
−6.96%0.2326 USD−0.0174 USD15.469 K0.2500 USD−1.66%94.537 K4.946 M USD−92.19%
CJETChijet Motor Company, Inc.
−6.95%0.3443 USD−0.0257 USD346.62 K0.3700 USD+27.59%15.572 M59.462 M USD−91.45%
DECADenali Capital Acquisition Corp.
−6.94%5.50 USD−0.41 USD3845.91 USD−3.59%17.929 K42.022 M USD
ILAGIntelligent Living Application Group Inc.
−6.92%0.3630 USD−0.0270 USD2.506 K0.3900 USD−12.00%525.061 K7.043 M USD
EYENational Vision Holdings, Inc.
−6.92%12.50 USD−0.93 USD192.607 K13.43 USD−2.40%1.081 M1.055 B USD−44.37%
PZGParamount Gold Nevada Corp.
−6.85%0.4200 USD−0.0309 USD25.812 K0.4509 USD+2.22%67.815 K28.722 M USD+107.85%
SGEStrong Global Entertainment, Inc.
−6.80%1.44 USD−0.10 USD2.344 K1.55 USD−1.68%19.652 K12.171 M USD
HEPAHepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
−6.65%1.04 USD−0.07 USD3301.11 USD−6.81%15.506 K6.07 M USD−85.01%
BLINBridgeline Digital, Inc.
−6.48%1.01 USD−0.07 USD5601.08 USD+1.89%10.608 K11.251 M USD−2.65%
CRGYCrescent Energy Company
−6.39%11.14 USD−0.76 USD162.201 K11.90 USD+0.08%2.941 M2.112 B USD+28.36%
CVKDCadrenal Therapeutics, Inc.
−6.27%0.4500 USD−0.0301 USD9.224 K0.4801 USD+8.42%189.461 K7.686 M USD
RENBRenovaro Inc.
−6.10%1.54 USD−0.10 USD12.554 K1.64 USD+13.10%735.8 K241.908 M USD+345.64%
−6.00%1.88 USD−0.12 USD7.432 K2.00 USD−6.10%69.276 K11.408 M USD+64.66%
NNUVOHoldco Nuvo Group D.G Ltd.
−5.99%1.57 USD−0.10 USD6.012 K1.67 USD−5.65%76.275 K55.547 M USD−67.76%
JYDJayud Global Logistics Limited
−5.96%0.6301 USD−0.0399 USD1 K0.6700 USD+3.08%6.994 K14.306 M USD
NKGNNKGen Biotech, Inc.
−5.93%1.27 USD−0.08 USD2791.35 USD+2.27%44.299 K33.599 M USD−66.16%
SHIMShimmick Corporation
−5.81%1.62 USD−0.10 USD5951.72 USD+1.78%14.165 K44.244 M USD
AIMAIM ImmunoTech Inc.
−5.81%0.4229 USD−0.0261 USD7.358 K0.4490 USD+9.22%422.237 K25.654 M USD+0.01%
BBSFCBlue Star Foods Corp.
−5.71%2.31 USD−0.14 USD28.917 K2.45 USD+2.94%560.863 K2.335 M USD−38.00%
SYTASiyata Mobile, Inc.
−5.67%1.33 USD−0.08 USD19.4 K1.41 USD+0.71%162.074 K856.554 K USD−89.38%
VHAIVocodia Holdings Corp.
−5.57%0.0898 USD−0.0053 USD4.098 M0.0951 USD−12.83%19.548 M
AAILEiLearningEngines, Inc.
−5.52%7.36 USD−0.43 USD1.631 K7.79 USD+11.29%229.062 K1.102 B USD+454.58%
HTCRHeartcore Enterprises, Inc.
−5.50%0.6993 USD−0.0407 USD2000.7400 USD+1.37%3.611 K15.439 M USD
VIVKVivakor, Inc.
−5.43%1.74 USD−0.10 USD5001.84 USD+0.02%11.219 K50.984 M USD+127.42%
WTOUTime Limited
−5.41%0.4700 USD−0.0269 USD3090.4969 USD+5.57%332.36 K9.077 M USD−46.69%
DDSYBig Tree Cloud Holdings Limited
−5.26%2.43 USD−0.13 USD4.013 K2.57 USD−4.81%231.192 K12.827 M USD
HHPCOHempacco Co., Inc.
−5.20%0.9101 USD−0.0499 USD15.702 K0.9600 USD+1.04%698.912 K3.671 M USD
GROVGrove Collaborative Holdings, Inc.
−5.11%1.67 USD−0.09 USD5671.76 USD+9.32%191.063 K67.2 M USD−7.35%
COEPCoeptis Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
−5.02%0.3125 USD−0.0165 USD2.186 K0.3290 USD+6.80%243.794 K12.212 M USD−68.11%
DAREDare Bioscience, Inc.
−5.00%0.4273 USD−0.0225 USD7.693 K0.4498 USD+3.31%229.619 K45.472 M USD−37.83%
PWMPrestige Wealth Inc.
−5.00%0.8170 USD−0.0430 USD3.326 K0.8600 USD−2.27%19.728 K7.869 M USD
HUMAHumacyte, Inc.
−4.96%6.70 USD−0.35 USD241.623 K7.05 USD−2.08%1.169 M839.545 M USD+95.30%
RETOReTo Eco-Solutions, Inc.
−4.95%1.92 USD−0.10 USD8052.02 USD+5.21%37.845 K7.679 M USD+46.71%
VERBVerb Technology Company, Inc.
−4.92%0.1160 USD−0.0060 USD637.131 K0.1220 USD−4.31%7.846 M12.733 M USD+167.04%
FATFAT Brands Inc.
−4.84%5.10 USD−0.26 USD7065.36 USD+0.28%5.25 K90.886 M USD−14.29%
VTGNVistagen Therapeutics, Inc.
−4.83%3.35 USD−0.17 USD3.508 K3.52 USD0.00%307.332 K95.129 M USD+557.75%
SGDSafe and Green Development Corporation
−4.83%0.4654 USD−0.0236 USD14.331 K0.4890 USD−2.98%407.515 K7.842 M USD
SLNASelina Hospitality PLC
−4.82%0.0731 USD−0.0037 USD558.057 K0.0768 USD−5.19%11.156 M8.391 M USD−92.85%
JEWLAdamas One Corp.
−4.63%0.2433 USD−0.0118 USD11.51 K0.2551 USD+4.08%1.259 M7.141 M USD
GGCTKGlucoTrack, Inc.
−4.58%2.29 USD−0.11 USD2002.40 USD−2.04%14.893 K13.149 M USD+86.11%
EEZGOEZGO Technologies Ltd.
−4.57%1.67 USD−0.08 USD4111.75 USD+2.94%24.433 K4.47 M USD−95.69%
WLGSWang & Lee Group, Inc.
−4.54%0.6778 USD−0.0322 USD10.011 K0.7100 USD+10.94%528.205 K10.717 M USD
COSMCosmos Health Inc.
−4.53%0.6300 USD−0.0299 USD3.209 K0.6599 USD−2.28%14.911 K11.174 M USD−69.60%
ICCMIceCure Medical Ltd.
−4.52%0.7820 USD−0.0370 USD3.935 K0.8190 USD+7.76%57.308 K39.262 M USD−2.75%
ZCARZoomcar Holdings, Inc.
−4.32%0.1416 USD−0.0064 USD203.568 K0.1480 USD+0.41%1.958 M9.633 M USD−91.01%
NOTEFiscalNote Holdings, Inc.
−4.32%1.33 USD−0.06 USD33.081 K1.39 USD+6.92%587.042 K186.786 M USD−59.30%
KODKodiak Sciences Inc
−4.27%2.69 USD−0.12 USD19.097 K2.81 USD+1.81%194.133 K147.623 M USD−68.29%
BGXXBright Green Corporation
−4.25%0.2500 USD−0.0111 USD135.619 K0.2611 USD−4.85%600.992 K49.652 M USD−65.46%
LGMKLogicMark, Inc.
−4.25%0.6511 USD−0.0289 USD7770.6800 USD−2.79%14.046 K1.494 M USD−56.34%
LIPOLipella Pharmaceuticals Inc.
−4.22%0.6512 USD−0.0287 USD3100.6799 USD+1.48%8.663 K5.171 M USD
HCTIHealthcare Triangle, Inc.
−4.20%0.6407 USD−0.0281 USD5180.6688 USD−0.55%19.09 K3.757 M USD−73.51%
TLSATiziana Life Sciences Ltd
−4.12%0.7095 USD−0.0305 USD2000.7400 USD+1.65%87.394 K76.285 M USD+35.74%
OCTOEightco Holdings Inc.
−4.08%0.4699 USD−0.0200 USD117.395 K0.4899 USD−5.66%349.424 K4.288 M USD−2.72%
BIMIBIMI International Medical Inc.
−4.04%2.02 USD−0.08 USD9.092 K2.11 USD+22.45%1.363 M24.396 M USD+234.03%
FOAFinance of America Companies Inc.
−4.03%0.5115 USD−0.0215 USD16.338 K0.5330 USD−3.72%117.206 K52.665 M USD−63.14%
DFLIDragonfly Energy Holdings Corp
−4.02%0.8115 USD−0.0340 USD14.832 K0.8455 USD−6.42%508.521 K51.161 M USD−57.95%
ISPCiSpecimen Inc.
−4.02%0.4799 USD−0.0201 USD3.746 M0.5000 USD+22.28%11.499 M6.538 M USD−64.62%
−4.00%0.1632 USD−0.0068 USD46.809 K0.1700 USD−4.49%1.567 M12.542 M USD
AVXLAnavex Life Sciences Corp.
−3.94%3.62 USD−0.15 USD157.825 K3.77 USD+1.07%1.159 M319.099 M USD−55.71%
AEMDAethlon Medical, Inc.
−3.90%0.6660 USD−0.0270 USD543.425 K0.6930 USD+0.87%10.936 M6.396 M USD−32.75%
INVOINVO BioScience, Inc.
−3.84%0.99 USD−0.04 USD17.749 K1.03 USD+8.73%436.741 K3.923 M USD+6.37%
MYNZMainz Biomed N.V.
−3.81%0.6012 USD−0.0238 USD7930.6250 USD−5.30%273.229 K13.679 M USD
TOVXTheriva Biologics, Inc.
−3.77%0.2473 USD−0.0097 USD20.509 K0.2570 USD+6.64%225.173 K4.44 M USD−56.97%
HUDAHudson Acquisition I Corp.
−3.77%13.52 USD−0.53 USD75014.05 USD+4.07%17.929 K25.521 M USD
TRXTRX Gold Corporation
−3.74%0.4066 USD−0.0158 USD3000.4224 USD+3.99%274.045 K117.949 M USD−0.67%
ADDColor Star Technology Co., Ltd.
−3.73%0.2088 USD−0.0081 USD3.1 K0.2169 USD+3.78%453.384 K2.336 M USD−82.30%
KRONKronos Bio, Inc.
−3.70%1.04 USD−0.04 USD4.233 K1.08 USD+1.89%539.125 K64.902 M USD−54.46%
PPIKKidpik Corp.
−3.70%2.86 USD−0.11 USD1.584 K2.97 USD+2.06%107.795 K5.796 M USD
ENSVEnservco Corporation
−3.69%0.2061 USD−0.0079 USD7.656 K0.2140 USD−1.06%274.075 K5.914 M USD−11.24%
CAUDCollective Audience, Inc.
−3.69%0.3838 USD−0.0147 USD1.171 K0.3985 USD+5.15%200.337 K5.484 M USD−83.82%