Most actively traded US stocks in pre-market

US stocks below were the most actively traded in the pre-market. They often show large price movements and potential for gains (or additional risk). Stocks are sorted by pre-market volume, but have other important stats too.
Pre-market Vol
Pre-market Close
Pre-market Chg
Pre-market Chg %
Pre-market Gap %
Change %
Market cap
Market cap perf %
ASTIAscent Solar Technologies, Inc
73.31 M0.1371 USD0.0292 USD+27.06%+0.09%0.1190 USD+10.29%107.94 M3.658 M USD−42.18%
CRKNCrown Electrokinetics Corp.
53.339 M0.0408 USD−0.0092 USD−18.40%+0.40%0.0408 USD−18.40%121.817 M16.98 M USD+304.84%
ZCARZoomcar Holdings, Inc.
35.875 M0.1800 USD0.0338 USD+23.12%+7.73%0.1619 USD+10.74%44.961 M10.538 M USD−92.78%
DMTKDermTech, Inc.
27.868 M0.1505 USD0.0326 USD+27.65%+8.31%0.1250 USD+5.98%36.398 M4.369 M USD−87.71%
SPECSpectaire Holdings, Inc.
25.865 M0.6929 USD0.3529 USD+103.79%+185.59%0.5430 USD+59.71%57.756 M10.071 M USD−89.34%
AREBAmerican Rebel Holdings, Inc.
17.593 M0.5177 USD0.2167 USD+71.99%−0.33%0.6883 USD+128.66%253.846 M1.79 M USD−22.07%
NVDANVIDIA Corporation
16.23 M127.11 USD−3.67 USD−2.81%+0.30%129.78 USD−0.77%247.64 M3.192 T USD+202.64%
KTRAKintara Therapeutics, Inc.
15.93 M0.3081 USD0.0332 USD+12.08%+9.13%0.2705 USD−1.60%29.262 M14.96 M USD+62.98%
TPHSTrinity Place Holdings Inc.
15.529 M0.1487 USD0.0205 USD+15.99%+65.21%0.1345 USD+4.91%23.725 M8.614 M USD−56.34%
QLGNQualigen Therapeutics, Inc.
11.342 M0.2074 USD0.0303 USD+17.11%−6.10%0.1829 USD+3.27%23.97 M1.242 M USD−72.97%
NCPLNetcapital Inc.
8.615 M0.1103 USD−0.0127 USD−10.33%+0.41%0.1134 USD−7.80%13.056 M3.958 M USD−64.46%
NKLANikola Corporation
5.376 M0.3457 USD0.0161 USD+4.88%+2.61%0.3680 USD+11.64%74.485 M499.143 M USD−33.37%
MINMMinim, Inc.
4.797 M4.21 USD1.35 USD+47.20%0.00%3.75 USD+30.94%40.719 M10.522 M USD+9.83%
SVMHSRIVARU Holding Limited
4.375 M0.2081 USD−0.0071 USD−3.30%−2.42%0.2231 USD+3.67%5.58 M8.308 M USD
SRFMSurf Air Mobility Inc.
3.578 M0.4292 USD0.0092 USD+2.19%+32.50%0.4100 USD−2.38%5.2 M34.122 M USD
RSLSReShape Lifesciences, Inc.
3.503 M0.2030 USD0.0146 USD+7.75%−0.58%0.1942 USD+3.07%5.654 M4.555 M USD−26.11%
SMXSMX (Security Matters) Public Limited Company
3.105 M0.1316 USD−0.0292 USD−18.16%−6.72%0.1364 USD−15.17%9.306 M776.93 K USD−95.35%
PRSTPresto Automation, Inc.
2.772 M0.0778 USD−0.0070 USD−8.25%+3.18%0.0789 USD−6.96%9.873 M11.779 M USD−95.64%
HOLOMicroCloud Hologram Inc.
2.703 M1.0100 USD0.0400 USD+4.12%+3.09%0.9680 USD−0.21%8.89 M79.369 M USD−93.55%
CYNCyngn Inc.
2.69 M0.0745 USD−0.0038 USD−4.85%−1.15%0.0688 USD−12.20%19.955 M9.731 M USD−63.48%
FFIEFaraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.
2.471 M0.4140 USD0.0073 USD+1.79%+3.07%0.4028 USD−0.97%23.994 M177.186 M USD−96.62%
IPDNProfessional Diversity Network, Inc.
2.357 M0.4915 USD−0.1544 USD−23.90%+40.89%0.5100 USD−21.04%2.719 M5.955 M USD−84.77%
VHAIVocodia Holdings Corp.
2.07 M0.0920 USD−0.0100 USD−9.80%−3.73%0.0952 USD−6.67%7.567 M
AKTSAkoustis Technologies, Inc.
1.8 M0.1205 USD−0.0026 USD−2.11%+1.87%0.1246 USD+1.22%4.778 M13.602 M USD−93.12%
PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc.
1.677 M24.72 USD−0.84 USD−3.29%−0.82%24.30 USD−4.95%28.844 M54.103 B USD+47.36%
MBIOMustang Bio, Inc.
1.614 M0.5073 USD−0.0532 USD−9.49%−0.07%0.6301 USD+12.41%58.064 M17.79 M USD−93.59%
NVNOenVVeno Medical Corporation
1.602 M4.58 USD−0.09 USD−1.93%+4.28%4.47 USD−4.28%2.282 M59.585 M USD+129.05%
CEROCERo Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
1.545 M0.3180 USD0.0280 USD+9.66%+0.48%0.2999 USD+3.41%2.568 M4.517 M USD−92.60%
VERBVerb Technology Company, Inc.
1.51 M0.1236 USD0.0014 USD+1.15%+0.65%0.1232 USD+0.82%5.585 M12.858 M USD+113.10%
RELIReliance Global Group, Inc.
1.493 M0.4907 USD−0.1132 USD−18.74%−9.29%0.4686 USD−22.40%6.699 M4.037 M USD−73.23%
MUMicron Technology, Inc.
1.247 M137.90 USD−6.29 USD−4.36%+1.38%142.36 USD−1.27%24.664 M157.645 B USD+110.46%
MGOLMGO Global Inc.
1.173 M0.6500 USD−0.0990 USD−13.22%−5.21%0.6736 USD−10.07%3.495 M12.233 M USD
AAPLApple Inc.
1.096 M210.45 USD0.77 USD+0.37%−0.10%211.18 USD+0.72%41.055 M3.238 T USD+12.29%
NDRAENDRA Life Sciences Inc.
1.087 M0.1176 USD−0.0009 USD−0.76%−3.97%0.1229 USD+3.71%9.041 M8.637 M USD−35.46%
PLUGPlug Power, Inc.
1.071 M2.56 USD0.02 USD+0.99%+1.38%2.49 USD−1.78%12.293 M1.849 B USD−67.54%
SLNASelina Hospitality PLC
1.013 M0.0676 USD−0.0026 USD−3.70%−0.28%0.0668 USD−4.84%3.4 M7.299 M USD−91.11%
AVTEAerovate Therapeutics, Inc.
976.806 K1.60 USD0.14 USD+9.59%+9.59%1.54 USD+5.34%3.883 M44.329 M USD+68.19%
CLNNClene Inc.
941.642 K0.3798 USD−0.0114 USD−2.91%−0.31%0.4036 USD+3.18%1.204 M51.839 M USD−38.21%
AGRIAgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.
938.685 K0.0831 USD0.0003 USD+0.36%+1.69%0.0817 USD−1.33%5.198 M5.27 M USD+26.74%
LRHCLa Rosa Holdings Corp.
923.461 K1.55 USD−0.03 USD−1.90%+0.63%1.41 USD−10.76%1.627 M21.339 M USD
NLSPNLS Pharmaceutics Ltd.
867.87 K0.1917 USD0.0048 USD+2.57%−5.56%0.1879 USD+0.54%7.699 M8.152 M USD−83.97%
KAVLKaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc.
809.781 K1.38 USD−1.50 USD−52.09%−0.70%1.53 USD−46.86%2.975 M4.366 M USD−91.12%
MARAMarathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
799.419 K19.90 USD−0.76 USD−3.68%−0.53%19.26 USD−6.80%26.237 M5.256 B USD+244.80%
TRVNTrevena, Inc.
755.058 K0.2170 USD−0.0290 USD−11.79%−6.50%0.2212 USD−10.08%2.91 M4.057 M USD−35.71%
STSSSharps Technology Inc.
745.049 K0.2751 USD−0.0098 USD−3.44%+1.86%0.2609 USD−8.44%1.822 M6.025 M USD
ALURAllurion Technologies, Inc.
713.857 K2.56 USD−0.04 USD−1.54%−5.38%2.20 USD−15.38%2.525 M105.49 M USD−79.75%
KITTNauticus Robotics, Inc.
691.805 K0.1386 USD0.0010 USD+0.73%−0.07%0.1358 USD−1.31%3.314 M17.328 M USD−90.34%
HOODRobinhood Markets, Inc.
620.624 K21.54 USD−0.19 USD−0.87%−0.92%22.22 USD+2.23%7.531 M19.523 B USD+127.30%
CTLTCatalent, Inc.
618.489 K56.66 USD1.84 USD+3.36%+3.06%56.58 USD+3.21%2.996 M10.24 B USD+28.91%, Inc.
600.37 K187.80 USD1.70 USD+0.91%−0.09%188.13 USD+1.09%26.181 M1.958 T USD+46.68%
GILDGilead Sciences, Inc.
579.503 K71.57 USD3.08 USD+4.50%+1.62%69.84 USD+1.97%11.401 M87.01 B USD−19.64%
SRPTSarepta Therapeutics, Inc.
571.388 K162.00 USD38.50 USD+31.17%+36.48%165.87 USD+34.31%8.131 M15.679 B USD−3.62%
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
555.301 K161.82 USD0.04 USD+0.02%+0.28%162.51 USD+0.45%29.582 M262.667 B USD+29.18%
RKLBRocket Lab USA, Inc.
543.86 K4.81 USD0.01 USD+0.21%+2.92%4.96 USD+3.33%3.626 M2.444 B USD−17.53%
RIOTRiot Platforms, Inc.
542.077 K10.11 USD−0.31 USD−2.98%−0.29%9.76 USD−6.38%11.802 M2.817 B USD+81.66%
CLOVClover Health Investments, Corp.
516.048 K1.16 USD0.13 USD+12.65%+9.71%1.32 USD+27.67%17.1 M652.815 M USD+6.51%
AZTRAzitra Inc
514.859 K0.1411 USD−0.0013 USD−0.91%+3.23%0.1455 USD+2.18%3.233 M4.191 M USD
PBMPsyence Biomedical Ltd.
495.534 K0.4546 USD−0.1454 USD−24.23%−14.17%0.4012 USD−33.13%2.064 M5.372 M USD−70.64%
SLDBSolid Biosciences Inc.
477.002 K7.15 USD0.85 USD+13.49%+11.59%6.50 USD+3.17%2.293 M249.466 M USD+166.17%
NCLNorthann Corp.
458.678 K0.2598 USD0.0054 USD+2.12%−1.73%0.2570 USD+1.02%941.699 K5.495 M USD
GMEGameStop Corporation
450.352 K25.32 USD−0.27 USD−1.06%−1.13%24.77 USD−3.20%9.823 M10.557 B USD+35.10%
CEICamber Energy, Inc.
430.693 K0.1114 USD−0.0019 USD−1.68%−0.79%0.1162 USD+2.56%5.946 M20.428 M USD+6.71%
ENSCEnsysce Biosciences, Inc.
420.993 K0.5211 USD−0.0244 USD−4.47%+16.41%0.5000 USD−8.34%546.001 K3.793 M USD+31.40%
CLSKCleanSpark, Inc.
410.83 K18.50 USD−0.67 USD−3.50%−5.16%18.15 USD−5.32%15.829 M4.136 B USD+838.71%
TSLATesla, Inc.
381.355 K182.17 USD0.60 USD+0.33%−0.16%182.28 USD+0.39%32.506 M581.327 B USD−28.25%
SOUNSoundHound AI, Inc.
367.748 K4.00 USD−0.05 USD−1.23%+1.48%3.92 USD−3.21%7.607 M1.29 B USD+107.58%
NNIVFNewGenIvf Group Limited
365.907 K0.9120 USD0.0680 USD+8.06%+0.19%1.0500 USD+24.41%2.98 M10.657 M USD−81.13%
GDHGGolden Heaven Group Holdings Ltd.
365.854 K0.1602 USD−0.0025 USD−1.54%+0.25%0.1583 USD−2.70%1.413 M6.609 M USD−96.20%
SPCBSuperCom, Ltd.
364.979 K0.1821 USD0.0001 USD+0.05%+6.04%0.1865 USD+2.47%866.553 K6.41 M USD+3.36%
INTCIntel Corporation
364.387 K30.91 USD0.29 USD+0.95%+0.23%31.00 USD+1.22%21.008 M131.946 B USD−13.21%
EJHE-Home Household Service Holdings Limited
354.68 K0.9263 USD0.0263 USD+2.92%−2.28%0.8690 USD−3.44%1.913 M15.516 M USD+219.28%
OPENOpendoor Technologies Inc
350.561 K1.87 USD0.02 USD+1.08%+0.54%1.81 USD−2.43%6.504 M1.248 B USD−24.88%
SOFISoFi Technologies, Inc.
348.758 K6.30 USD−0.02 USD−0.32%+0.32%6.26 USD−0.92%11.634 M6.62 B USD−19.99%
FRGTFreight Technologies, Inc.
342.073 K0.3489 USD−0.0182 USD−4.96%−0.16%0.3780 USD+2.97%2.773 M1.945 M USD−22.94%
MTCMMTec, Inc.
308.318 K0.3590 USD−0.0169 USD−4.50%−5.03%0.4008 USD+6.62%4.383 M79.817 M USD−1.88%
TPSTTempest Therapeutics, Inc.
285.308 K1.95 USD−0.06 USD−2.95%+3.48%2.01 USD+0.03%1.893 M44.672 M USD+309.16%
TELLTellurian Inc.
285.069 K0.6400 USD0.0025 USD+0.39%−2.75%0.6139 USD−3.70%14.93 M513.36 M USD−11.16%
MAXNMaxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd.
284.684 K1.02 USD0.01 USD+0.99%+4.95%1.06 USD+4.95%2.168 M59.048 M USD−94.73%
ESPREsperion Therapeutics, Inc.
265.412 K2.33 USD0.04 USD+1.75%+4.80%2.23 USD−2.62%2.799 M380.049 M USD+282.19%
IONQIonQ, Inc.
231.773 K6.73 USD−0.07 USD−1.03%+0.29%6.44 USD−5.29%4.362 M1.362 B USD−18.41%
ZZAPPZapp Electric Vehicles Group Limited
229.429 K2.20 USD−0.16 USD−6.78%−5.93%2.21 USD−6.39%1.618 M6.915 M USD−94.19%
SNOASonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
226.315 K0.1911 USD−0.0129 USD−6.32%−7.75%0.2089 USD+2.40%2.335 M3.922 M USD−53.08%
NXLNexalin Technology, Inc.
226.193 K1.09 USD−0.01 USD−0.91%+8.18%2.16 USD+96.36%34.292 M8.345 M USD+53.20%
FCXFreeport-McMoRan, Inc.
222.612 K49.25 USD−0.11 USD−0.22%+0.69%49.31 USD−0.11%6.858 M70.826 B USD+20.00%
AMCAMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
219.737 K4.82 USD0.01 USD+0.21%+0.21%4.73 USD−1.67%10.162 M1.398 B USD−37.81%
STISolidion Technology, Inc.
204.3 K0.5600 USD−0.0101 USD−1.77%+0.28%0.5300 USD−7.03%1.028 M46.057 M USD+0.23%
BRSHBruush Oral Care Inc.
199.132 K0.0840 USD0.0022 USD+2.69%−0.98%0.0810 USD−0.98%1.369 M5.425 M USD
DELLDell Technologies Inc.
196.507 K146.00 USD−2.52 USD−1.70%+0.44%146.71 USD−1.22%9.666 M104.049 B USD+162.24%
ONCOOnconetix, Inc.
190.867 K0.1420 USD−0.0130 USD−8.39%−3.23%0.1470 USD−5.16%435.317 K3.282 M USD
WTOUTime Limited
182.095 K0.5420 USD0.0181 USD+3.45%+1.58%0.5561 USD+6.15%425.224 K10.159 M USD−56.30%
HIMSHims & Hers Health, Inc.
173.552 K22.51 USD0.12 USD+0.54%+0.45%21.91 USD−2.14%6.518 M4.706 B USD+184.16%
WULFTeraWulf Inc.
173.354 K4.36 USD−0.27 USD−5.83%−1.08%4.33 USD−6.59%11.302 M1.444 B USD+385.66%
CIFRCipher Mining Inc.
172.859 K5.00 USD−0.24 USD−4.58%−0.19%4.49 USD−14.31%9.294 M1.392 B USD+149.61%
CCLCarnival Corporation
169.976 K15.92 USD−0.14 USD−0.87%−0.44%15.92 USD−0.90%11.153 M19.919 B USD+3.02%
RIVNRivian Automotive, Inc.
164.325 K10.35 USD0.02 USD+0.19%+0.48%10.37 USD+0.39%10.014 M10.321 B USD−22.77%
NVOSNovo Integrated Sciences, Inc.
157.753 K0.6659 USD−0.0676 USD−9.22%−1.85%0.7753 USD+5.70%616.684 K14.773 M USD−0.24%
CTNTCheetah Net Supply Chain Service Inc.
157.637 K0.5070 USD0.0070 USD+1.40%−0.02%0.5174 USD+3.48%547.528 K16.763 M USD
VXRTVaxart, Inc. - Common Stock
153.786 K0.7386 USD0.0197 USD+2.74%+1.54%0.6970 USD−3.05%2.757 M158.516 M USD+12.14%
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc.
151.324 K2.96 USD0.06 USD+2.07%0.00%2.99 USD+3.04%36.646 M11.495 B USD−34.05%
IRENIris Energy Limited
150.472 K13.42 USD−0.48 USD−3.45%−0.58%13.05 USD−6.13%8.006 M1.913 B USD+1006.79%