US stocks that increased the most in price

US companies below are top stock gainers: they've shown the biggest daily growth in price. But there's always a risk of retracement — so make sure to consider all stats, including share price and market cap.
Change %
Rel Volume
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
RRENTRent the Runway, Inc.
+161.89%19.38 USD45.745 M90.6268.712 M USD−16.97 USD−72.72%0.00%Retail Trade
RLYBRallybio Corporation
+82.82%2.98 USD79.892 M281.49112.68 M USD−1.84 USD+12.48%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MGRMMonogram Orthopaedics Inc.
+79.30%4.07 USD9.048 M243.35128.75 M USD−0.55 USD−78.60%0.00%Health Technology
ELYMEliem Therapeutics, Inc
+71.54%4.58 USD39.106 M979.97126.955 M USD−1.31 USD+23.34%0.00%Health Technology
MMNDRMobile-health Network Solutions
+52.24%10.20 USD10.481 MTechnology Services
Strong buy
CADLCandel Therapeutics, Inc.
+42.75%7.28 USD64.185 M2.56213.65 M USD−1.31 USD−101.37%0.00%Health Technology
ALPNAlpine Immune Sciences, Inc.
+36.90%64.40 USD34.588 M13.874.221 B USD−0.69 USD+58.73%0.00%Health Technology
EGIOEdgio, Inc.
+30.22%17.28 USD685.216 K6.13101.18 M USD−27.56 USD−37.55%0.00%Technology Services
AADILAdial Pharmaceuticals, Inc
+27.90%2.98 USD37.667 M3.4612.083 M USD−6.43 USD+49.74%0.00%Health Technology
CONNConn's, Inc.
+26.33%4.03 USD753.102 K12.2898.937 M USD−3.22 USD−29.15%0.00%Retail Trade
Strong buy
HYMCHycroft Mining Holding Corporation
+24.89%4.24 USD4.391 M4.0489.062 M USD−2.09 USD+46.95%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
AKAa.k.a. Brands Holding Corp.
+22.59%12.10 USD18.698 K3.66127.064 M USD−9.25 USD+43.80%0.00%Retail Trade
CRMDCorMedix Inc.
+21.02%6.39 USD2.636 M4.75351.329 M USD−0.92 USD−24.39%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ELVNEnliven Therapeutics, Inc.
+20.18%23.82 USD3.348 M13.11984.901 M USD−2.18 USD−1063.16%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ENTXEntera Bio Ltd.
+19.28%2.66 USD691.314 K2.0694.38 M USD−0.31 USD+32.47%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
GYREGyre Therapeutics, Inc.
+18.52%16.45 USD120.538 K1.501.405 B USD−17.57 USD−411.93%0.00%Health Technology
VERAVera Therapeutics, Inc.
+17.30%48.82 USD4.635 M5.062.681 B USD−2.28 USD+31.36%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
NEOVNeoVolta Inc.
+17.02%2.20 USD395.717 K1.4073.119 M USD−0.06 USD+55.45%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong buy
BACKIMAC Holdings, Inc.
+16.37%3.27 USD393.456 K1.633.722 M USD−13.61 USD+14.37%0.00%Health Services
AVGRAvinger, Inc.
+16.35%4.27 USD49.058 K2.617.269 M USD−26.40 USD+62.82%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PALTPaltalk, Inc.
+15.99%4.03 USD58.46 K1.1537.119 M USD−0.12 USD+67.16%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
BNRGBrenmiller Energy Ltd
+15.73%2.45 USD5.044 K0.606.044 M USD0.00%Industrial Services
SONDSonder Holdings Inc.
+15.29%4.75 USD169.929 K2.2052.558 M USD−20.77 USD−41.80%0.00%Consumer Services
RELLRichardson Electronics, Ltd.
+15.08%10.76 USD632.764 K6.16151.412 M USD61.520.17 USD−90.61%2.23%Electronic Technology
SERASera Prognostics, Inc.
+15.03%11.25 USD425.08 K1.59364.789 M USD−1.16 USD+18.61%0.00%Health Services
Strong buy
CHCIComstock Holding Companies, Inc.
+14.99%6.29 USD172.253 K15.3561.681 M USD8.180.77 USD−21.87%0.00%Consumer Durables
SMXTSolarmax Technology Inc.
+14.90%13.65 USD155.188 K0.56614.798 M USD533.200.03 USD0.00%Industrial Services
NTICNorthern Technologies International Corporation
+13.64%13.75 USD75.633 K3.56129.629 M USD2.04%Process Industries
Strong buy
AEYEAudioEye, Inc.
+12.86%14.74 USD398.209 K2.20172.39 M USD−0.50 USD+44.90%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
ELTXElicio Therapeutics, Inc.
+12.77%9.89 USD71.718 K1.15101.229 M USD−6.15 USD+97.46%0.00%Health Technology
SVRASavara, Inc.
+12.66%5.34 USD1.676 M3.58737.711 M USD−0.33 USD−33.96%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PROPPrairie Operating Co.
+12.56%14.43 USD320.068 K3.14144.721 M USD−15.51 USD+54.73%0.00%Energy Minerals
Strong buy
LVWRLiveWire Group, Inc.
+12.43%7.60 USD32.597 K2.171.544 B USD−0.54 USD+71.32%0.00%Consumer Durables
JANXJanux Therapeutics, Inc.
+12.06%50.00 USD2.686 M3.922.583 B USD−1.34 USD+11.77%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
VYNEVYNE Therapeutics Inc.
+11.94%3.00 USD104.623 K0.6442.297 M USD−7.00 USD+39.57%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
BDTXBlack Diamond Therapeutics, Inc.
+11.85%5.57 USD572.072 K1.50288.068 M USD−1.92 USD+23.34%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
INTGThe Intergroup Corporation
+11.80%21.60 USD5.783 K0.6148.048 M USD−5.07 USD−272.21%0.00%Consumer Services
LBPHLongboard Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+11.69%20.45 USD591.355 K1.95736.553 M USD−2.39 USD+6.58%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ANABAnaptysBio, Inc.
+11.55%24.73 USD572.975 K1.47661.851 M USD−6.07 USD−32.73%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
VGASVerde Clean Fuels, Inc.
+11.42%4.00 USD19.171 K1.28127.715 M USD−0.41 USD−221.03%0.00%Process Industries
KAVLKaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc.
+11.32%2.95 USD368.593 K1.938.446 M USD−3.79 USD+49.54%0.00%Distribution Services
ANEBAnebulo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+11.15%2.89 USD2.079 K0.2574.947 M USD−0.41 USD+7.26%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ALXOALX Oncology Holdings Inc.
+11.04%13.38 USD587.676 K1.05671.035 M USD−3.74 USD−23.35%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
QQTTBQ32 Bio Inc.
+10.85%23.81 USD81.621 K2.50284.042 M USD−35.16 USD−1870.07%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
+10.69%43.18 USD2.749 M3.91445.893 M USD0.00%Retail Trade
RRNACCartesian Therapeutics, Inc.
+10.54%18.04 USD114.324 K1.1799.506 M USD−9.71 USD−197.93%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PULMPulmatrix, Inc.
+10.53%2.10 USD62.527 K2.747.67 M USD−3.87 USD+29.46%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
FHTXFoghorn Therapeutics Inc.
+10.19%8.00 USD128.284 K1.94340.527 M USD−2.35 USD+10.40%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
APGEApogee Therapeutics, Inc.
+9.99%58.04 USD372.446 K0.623.333 B USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
GALTGalectin Therapeutics Inc.
+9.95%4.20 USD408.157 K1.19259.995 M USD−0.75 USD−13.92%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MSGMMotorsport Games Inc.
+9.93%3.21 USD449.33 K0.3410.987 M USD−5.27 USD+82.88%0.00%Technology Services
LVTXLAVA Therapeutics N.V.
+9.87%3.34 USD525.407 K1.5887.806 M USD−1.59 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MPTIM-tron Industries, Inc.
+9.83%29.49 USD51.461 K0.7882.455 M USD23.101.28 USD+90.98%0.00%Electronic Technology
NRIXNurix Therapeutics, Inc.
+9.69%17.21 USD1.062 M0.86845.885 M USD−2.65 USD+24.89%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
GERNGeron Corporation
+9.59%3.77 USD18.558 M1.982.217 B USD−0.32 USD+11.31%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
VISLVislink Technologies, Inc.
+9.37%3.50 USD24.576 K3.598.569 M USD−3.83 USD+33.82%0.00%Distribution Services
Strong buy
NKTXNkarta, Inc.
+9.18%8.80 USD1.417 M1.11619.75 M USD−2.40 USD+9.59%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
TRVITrevi Therapeutics, Inc.
+9.16%2.98 USD160.686 K0.44205.501 M USD−0.29 USD+46.58%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
INDPIndaptus Therapeutics, Inc.
+9.13%2.75 USD94.037 K3.9023.482 M USD−1.84 USD−5.91%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
DNTHDianthus Therapeutics, Inc.
+9.11%24.90 USD166.965 K1.18730.734 M USD−13.05 USD+36.64%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
GCTGigaCloud Technology Inc
+8.95%33.80 USD2.92 M0.961.377 B USD14.682.30 USD+323.02%0.00%Distribution Services
Strong buy
CRDOCredo Technology Group Holding Ltd
+8.58%23.02 USD2.725 M1.853.759 B USD−0.23 USD−435.06%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
LYELLyell Immunopharma, Inc.
+8.57%2.66 USD903.555 K1.15675.896 M USD−0.94 USD−25.84%0.00%Health Technology
OMEROmeros Corporation
+8.24%3.94 USD531.15 K1.11228.294 M USD−1.88 USD−348.50%0.00%Health Technology
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Corp Com
+8.11%3.60 USD21.967 K3.129.196 M USD−9.29 USD−167.36%0.00%Finance
IRIXIRIDEX Corporation
+8.05%3.49 USD27.128 K0.3856.722 M USD−0.59 USD−25.22%0.00%Health Technology
FVRRFiverr International Ltd.
+7.96%20.75 USD3.162 M3.14803.069 M USD242.970.09 USD0.00%Technology Services
CDLXCardlytics, Inc. Common Stock
+7.96%14.38 USD995.929 K0.49634.289 M USD−3.49 USD+74.90%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
CCTNMContineum Therapeutics, Inc.
+7.93%15.92 USD209.019 K400.082 M USD0.00%Health Technology
MTTRMatterport, Inc.
+7.89%2.05 USD2.654 M0.88637.36 M USD−0.66 USD−61.83%0.00%Technology Services
TCRXTScan Therapeutics, Inc.
+7.88%7.80 USD168.253 K0.79340.124 M USD−1.89 USD+31.37%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
GBIOGeneration Bio Co.
+7.82%4.00 USD154.382 K0.51265.908 M USD−1.97 USD+16.45%0.00%Health Technology
HAOHaoxi Health Technology Limited
+7.80%4.70 USD70.141 K4.26149.836 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
FLUXFlux Power Holdings, Inc.
+7.80%4.84 USD58.473 K0.6180.022 M USD−0.36 USD+43.85%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong buy
CPSSConsumer Portfolio Services, Inc.
+7.69%9.24 USD53.695 K1.73195.151 M USD5.151.79 USD−44.09%0.00%Finance
HRTXHeron Therapeutics, Inc.
+7.69%2.94 USD1.368 M1.21441.966 M USD−0.87 USD+49.36%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SWINSolowin Holdings
+7.65%9.15 USD470.479 K1.20132.675 M USD0.00%Finance
PPALIPalisade Bio, Inc.
+7.62%4.38 USD121.314 K1.103.729 M USD−28.25 USD+92.22%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SATSEchoStar Corporation
+7.59%14.45 USD1.461 M1.063.923 B USD−6.28 USD−400.16%0.00%Communications
RANIRani Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
+7.45%4.47 USD61.894 K0.62224.201 M USD−1.33 USD−4.03%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
RZLTRezolute, Inc.
+7.44%2.60 USD185.905 K0.80103.026 M USD−1.11 USD+25.35%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
FBYDFalcon's Beyond Global, Inc.
+7.43%10.70 USD7690.281.459 B USD0.00%Industrial Services
ELEVElevation Oncology, Inc.
+7.39%4.94 USD374.968 K0.33240.336 M USD−1.53 USD+62.65%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PARAParamount Global
+7.33%11.27 USD27.581 M0.917.967 B USD−1.69 USD−205.21%1.77%Consumer Services
IPSCCentury Therapeutics, Inc.
+7.14%4.05 USD248.594 K2.06262.512 M USD−2.30 USD−1.45%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
DHXDHI Group, Inc.
+7.11%2.41 USD198.082 K0.70115.758 M USD30.820.08 USD−11.54%0.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
SYRSSyros Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+7.05%5.92 USD258.228 K0.69156.607 M USD−5.77 USD+54.86%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SITMSiTime Corporation
+6.99%87.84 USD252.973 K1.122.006 B USD−3.63 USD−455.41%0.00%Electronic Technology
PDSBPDS Biotechnology Corporation
+6.98%3.37 USD587.003 K0.41123.609 M USD−1.39 USD+4.64%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
WETHWetouch Technology Inc.
+6.95%2.00 USD85.326 K0.5223.786 M USD1.851.08 USD−81.03%0.00%Electronic Technology
PTNPalatin Technologies, Inc.
+6.95%2.00 USD303.968 K0.2032.273 M USD−2.58 USD+17.48%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PFMTPerformant Financial Corporation
+6.94%2.62 USD246.475 K0.47201.532 M USD−0.10 USD−10.90%0.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
CREVCarbon Revolution Public Limited Company
+6.91%15.00 USD3.816 K0.7528.128 M USD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong buy
EFSH1847 Holdings LLC
+6.88%2.33 USD108.685 K0.546.388 M USD−237.54 USD+77.34%0.00%Commercial Services
CURVTorrid Holdings Inc.
+6.88%4.35 USD47.854 K0.44453.82 M USD38.940.11 USD−76.63%0.00%Retail Trade
TOSTToast, Inc.
+6.88%24.56 USD8.16 M1.3813.459 B USD−0.46 USD+12.94%0.00%Technology Services
EVCEntravision Communications Corporation
+6.86%2.18 USD1.283 M1.16195.151 M USD−0.18 USD−185.07%9.17%Consumer Services
Strong buy
ATHAAthira Pharma, Inc.
+6.85%2.65 USD258.198 K1.03101.566 M USD−3.09 USD−22.09%0.00%Health Technology
MAXMediaAlpha, Inc.
+6.85%20.12 USD1.035 M2.941.324 B USD−0.89 USD+34.49%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
PEPGPepGen Inc.
+6.81%12.71 USD37.371 K0.64411.226 M USD−3.30 USD+84.69%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy