After-hours US stocks that increased the most in price

The end of a trading session doesn't mean the end of trading — after the market closes investors can still buy and sell stocks outside the regular trading hours. Check out the stocks that gained the most in price during the post-market session. Analyzing the quotes below may help you perfect your strategy as after-hours trading lets investors react immediately to breaking news which can take ordinary investors by surprise when the regular trading session starts next morning.

Post-market Change %
Post-market Close
Post-market Change
Post-market Volume
Change % 1D
Volume 1D
Market cap
KSPNKaspien Holdings Inc.
59.04%0.3203 USD0.1189 USD4.57M0.2014 USD−32.03%5.2M999.952K USD
AUUDAuddia Inc.
54.59%0.6700 USD0.2366 USD2.716M0.4334 USD13.99%3.051M6.42M USD Inc.
32.96%0.3058 USD0.0758 USD2.751M0.2300 USD−2.46%4.221M2.74M USD
HLGNHeliogen, Inc.
14.73%0.2640 USD0.0339 USD110.193K0.2301 USD−4.09%2.271M45.295M USD
HSDTHelius Medical Technologies, Inc.
12.58%0.1700 USD0.0190 USD46.895K0.1510 USD−7.87%550.689K4.261M USD
ECORelectroCore, Inc.
12.12%4.50 USD0.49 USD1004.01 USD−6.31%29.352K19.045M USD
RANIRani Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
10.61%5.57 USD0.53 USD5245.04 USD1.82%65.834K249.441M USD
FLGCFlora Growth Corp.
9.52%3.99 USD0.35 USD4.061K3.64 USD−1.57%107.153K505.376M USD
GREEGreenidge Generation Holdings Inc.
9.41%1.86 USD0.16 USD19.385K1.70 USD−7.61%243.376K54.076M USD
JCSEJE Cleantech Holdings Limited
9.18%0.6305 USD0.0530 USD2.131K0.5775 USD−5.33%25.104K8.674M USD
EVOKEvoke Pharma, Inc.
8.11%1.60 USD0.12 USD2171.48 USD6.29%70.043K4.948M USD
BCDABioCardia, Inc.
8.02%2.29 USD0.17 USD1.538K2.12 USD0.00%21.442K42.864M USD
PHUNPhunware, Inc.
8.01%0.6000 USD0.0445 USD15.972K0.5555 USD−4.41%1.223M58.137M USD
WETGWeTrade Group Inc.
7.98%7.71 USD0.57 USD5.674K7.14 USD−0.75%254.11K7.528M USD
CDXSCodexis, Inc.
7.77%2.74 USD0.20 USD68.665K2.54 USD−0.78%398.915K169.59M USD
PALTPaltalk, Inc.
7.44%2.60 USD0.18 USD2022.42 USD−4.35%58.605K22.318M USD
TALKTalkspace, Inc.
7.44%1.30 USD0.09 USD14.21K1.21 USD7.08%1.744M198.028M USD
NBYNovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
7.34%0.7300 USD0.0499 USD34.088K0.6801 USD−1.43%306.67K2.863M USD
TBIOTelesis Bio, Inc.
7.33%1.61 USD0.11 USD4.423K1.50 USD7.14%81.522K44.548M USD
BGXXBright Green Corporation
7.20%0.9498 USD0.0638 USD26.934K0.8860 USD−4.99%269.598K154.539M USD
WAVDWaveDancer, Inc.
7.14%0.4500 USD0.0300 USD1.264K0.4200 USD5.00%96.69K8.089M USD
JXJTJX Luxventure Limited
7.10%3.32 USD0.22 USD2.759K3.10 USD−11.43%39.859K18.796M USD
AMPXAmprius Technologies, Inc.
7.05%10.17 USD0.67 USD14.34K9.50 USD3.49%1.9M807.229M USD
TCONTRACON Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
6.97%0.6323 USD0.0412 USD9710.5911 USD−7.64%231.646K14.627M USD
HSCSHeart Test Laboratories, Inc.
6.86%1.09 USD0.07 USD7001.02 USD−0.97%57.987K8.517M USD
ENSVEnservco Corporation
6.86%0.4300 USD0.0276 USD2.518K0.4024 USD−2.59%196.041K7.532M USD
RAVERave Restaurant Group, Inc.
6.59%1.94 USD0.12 USD3911.82 USD−4.21%91.428K25.761M USD
VVOSVivos Therapeutics, Inc.
6.58%0.4500 USD0.0278 USD7.313K0.4222 USD−10.17%241.228K12.636M USD
CTVInnovid Corp.
6.56%1.30 USD0.08 USD22.755K1.22 USD5.17%376.739K167.378M USD
IFBDInfobird Co., Ltd
6.53%1.55 USD0.10 USD29.307K1.46 USD0.34%245.145K6.675M USD
MICSThe Singing Machine Company, Inc.
6.38%1.50 USD0.09 USD3.861K1.41 USD6.82%56.439K4.446M USD
LSTALisata Therapeutics, Inc.
6.38%4.50 USD0.27 USD4.089K4.23 USD−1.11%59.073K33.732M USD
OTRKOntrak, Inc.
6.27%0.4899 USD0.0289 USD1.359K0.4610 USD−4.28%37.419K13.517M USD
CYTHCyclo Therapeutics, Inc.
6.25%1.70 USD0.10 USD9.113K1.60 USD8.84%117.587K24.269M USD
STSSSharps Technology Inc.
6.23%0.9260 USD0.0543 USD7000.8717 USD−7.27%265.58K10.161M USD
MNKMallinckrodt plc
6.11%1.39 USD0.08 USD5001.31 USD−8.39%249.649K17.254M USD
AIMAIM ImmunoTech Inc.
6.06%0.5320 USD0.0304 USD14.123K0.5016 USD10.41%259.848K24.282M USD
SELBSelecta Biosciences, Inc.
6.06%1.40 USD0.08 USD8.029K1.32 USD−3.65%553.042K202.524M USD
YSYS Biopharma Co., Ltd.
5.97%1.42 USD0.08 USD22.051K1.34 USD3.08%120.996K124.698M USD
OCUPOcuphire Pharma, Inc.
5.85%3.98 USD0.22 USD1.781K3.76 USD−5.05%163.48K78.78M USD
VAPOVapotherm, Inc.
5.84%0.6562 USD0.0362 USD2.487K0.6200 USD−4.41%179.599K28.656M USD
AEVAAeva Technologies, Inc.
5.76%1.47 USD0.08 USD32.853K1.39 USD0.00%620.741K306.302M USD
QSIQuantum-Si Incorporated
5.63%1.69 USD0.09 USD31.561K1.60 USD−5.33%390.879K226.395M USD
CCFChase Corporation
5.62%130.00 USD6.92 USD3.078K123.08 USD−1.05%26.109K1.17B USD
SQZSQZ Biotechnologies Company
5.56%0.5700 USD0.0300 USD7000.5400 USD−1.10%72.432K15.925M USD
WWRWestwater Resources, Inc.
5.50%0.8998 USD0.0469 USD3.059K0.8529 USD−3.90%144.521K43.412M USD
INVAInnoviva, Inc.
5.19%13.99 USD0.69 USD74.007K13.30 USD−3.06%489.786K871.208M USD
ATERAterian, Inc.
5.13%0.5699 USD0.0278 USD15.283K0.5421 USD−6.16%1.245M43.978M USD
STRCSarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation
5.12%0.3570 USD0.0174 USD25.872K0.3396 USD−1.79%321.816K52.4M USD
MIGIMawson Infrastructure Group Inc.
5.07%2.90 USD0.14 USD9502.76 USD2.22%16.806K44.734M USD
PACKRanpak Holdings Corp
5.07%4.56 USD0.22 USD36.44K4.34 USD0.46%720.952K344.972M USD
OPOceanPal Inc.
5.03%3.55 USD0.17 USD6193.38 USD−11.29%55.027K4.096M USD
KPLTKatapult Holdings, Inc.
5.00%0.6510 USD0.0310 USD1.626K0.6200 USD−10.14%248.448K61.728M USD
SSKNStrata Skin Sciences, Inc.
5.00%0.9345 USD0.0445 USD5740.8900 USD−2.20%6.829K31.044M USD
ACSTAcasti Pharma, Inc.
5.00%0.5145 USD0.0245 USD1.597K0.4900 USD0.00%35.205K21.86M USD
CELLPhenomeX Inc.
4.99%0.5660 USD0.0269 USD25.296K0.5391 USD−1.98%965.562K53.261M USD
FNCHFinch Therapeutics Group, Inc.
4.98%0.2845 USD0.0135 USD3.551K0.2710 USD−4.91%541.999K13.047M USD
PHIOPhio Pharmaceuticals Corp.
4.97%3.17 USD0.15 USD1.45K3.02 USD−2.27%52.221K4.544M USD
SLNASelina Hospitality PLC
4.95%1.06 USD0.05 USD1191.01 USD−0.98%41.909K99.584M USD
CRDFCardiff Oncology, Inc.
4.94%1.70 USD0.08 USD1.114K1.62 USD−0.61%59.457K72.377M USD
CRBPCorbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc.
4.93%9.16 USD0.43 USD1.35K8.73 USD−6.33%37.921K36.798M USD
OESXOrion Energy Systems, Inc.
4.92%1.92 USD0.09 USD1.807K1.83 USD7.65%40.811K59.096M USD
APYXApyx Medical Corporation
4.91%7.26 USD0.34 USD2.505K6.92 USD−0.57%168.145K239.417M USD
INBSIntelligent Bio Solutions Inc.
4.90%3.21 USD0.15 USD1003.06 USD−2.86%30.173K5.302M USD
STTKShattuck Labs, Inc.
4.90%3.00 USD0.14 USD9872.86 USD−2.43%18.532K121.468M USD
SERASera Prognostics, Inc.
4.89%3.22 USD0.15 USD6993.07 USD2.33%25.436K95.33M USD
CRGOFreightos Limited
4.87%2.37 USD0.11 USD6622.26 USD−0.88%39.284K107.204M USD
ITIIteris Inc
4.86%4.96 USD0.23 USD1.667K4.73 USD−3.47%73.255K202.322M USD
CUECue Biopharma, Inc.
4.85%3.89 USD0.18 USD3.481K3.71 USD−1.59%247.769K160.191M USD
HEPAHepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
4.84%11.05 USD0.51 USD91610.54 USD−11.58%84.704K40.173M USD
PEPGPepGen Inc.
4.81%12.87 USD0.59 USD5.716K12.28 USD−25.08%213.337K292.047M USD
AMTIApplied Molecular Transport Inc.
4.79%0.3458 USD0.0158 USD88.815K0.3300 USD25.28%4.307M12.982M USD
BFRGBullfrog AI Holdings, Inc.
4.77%3.95 USD0.18 USD8.439K3.77 USD−10.24%363.601K21.331M USD
MMATMeta Materials Inc.
4.76%0.2375 USD0.0108 USD190.75K0.2267 USD−4.75%7.303M105.916M USD
PRQRProQR Therapeutics N.V.
4.71%1.78 USD0.08 USD2.749K1.70 USD−3.13%738.195K137.389M USD
NAOVNanoVibronix, Inc.
4.68%3.58 USD0.16 USD1503.42 USD−1.44%1.701K5.685M USD
INTZIntrusion Inc.
4.67%1.57 USD0.07 USD6.904K1.50 USD−3.85%75.672K31.997M USD
IVDAIveda Solutions, Inc.
4.64%1.21 USD0.05 USD6501.16 USD−3.75%105.279K18.495M USD
NEONeoGenomics, Inc.
4.62%17.22 USD0.76 USD82.126K16.46 USD−5.18%508.284K2.1B USD
UPCUniverse Pharmaceuticals Inc
4.61%0.9373 USD0.0413 USD1.242K0.8960 USD−0.22%41.564K19.488M USD
CLEUChina Liberal Education Holdings Limited
4.60%0.9100 USD0.0400 USD67.072K0.8700 USD2.35%561.628K27.491M USD
THMOThermoGenesis Holdings, Inc.
4.58%1.37 USD0.06 USD5341.31 USD−9.03%237.86K2.495M USD
SLGCSomaLogic, Inc.
4.58%2.71 USD0.12 USD49.429K2.59 USD−5.47%1.024M486.778M USD
WLMSWilliams Industrial Services Group Inc.
4.55%0.4600 USD0.0200 USD19.81K0.4400 USD4.27%119.349K11.973M USD
ILAGIntelligent Living Application Group Inc.
4.55%1.15 USD0.05 USD3001.10 USD−3.51%43.897K19.866M USD
ROCROC Energy Acquisition Corp.
4.54%6.68 USD0.29 USD1006.39 USD3.06%52.91K171.578M USD
STRRStar Equity Holdings, Inc.
4.50%1.16 USD0.05 USD3.274K1.11 USD1.83%85.269K16.868M USD
APVOAptevo Therapeutics Inc.
4.48%1.63 USD0.07 USD1.129K1.56 USD−3.11%58.35K11.373M USD
CSSEChicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc.
4.48%1.40 USD0.06 USD3.128K1.34 USD−7.59%163.433K39.175M USD
EVEXEve Holding, Inc.
4.42%8.68 USD0.37 USD3.819K8.31 USD3.88%119.658K2.236B USD
AFMDAffimed N.V.
4.39%0.7411 USD0.0312 USD29.79K0.7099 USD2.06%1.273M106.016M USD
SMFLSmart for Life, Inc.
4.39%1.19 USD0.05 USD15.993K1.14 USD−2.56%138.35K2.117M USD
GNPXGenprex, Inc.
4.38%0.9399 USD0.0394 USD1.706K0.9005 USD−0.28%139.994K46.807M USD
DBGIDigital Brands Group, Inc.
4.34%0.7314 USD0.0304 USD3000.7010 USD−5.27%58.43K4.188M USD
ONCSOncoSec Medical Incorporated
4.26%0.4379 USD0.0179 USD4.105K0.4200 USD−1.52%107.846K2.504M USD
AWINAERWINS Technologies Inc.
4.26%0.4900 USD0.0200 USD4000.4700 USD−7.48%186.291K26.386M USD
VYNEVYNE Therapeutics Inc.
4.22%5.49 USD0.22 USD2015.27 USD−8.98%16.802K17.24M USD
LEDSSemiLEDS Corporation
4.20%2.48 USD0.10 USD2.78K2.38 USD−6.67%36.203K11.642M USD
ZYNEZynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
4.18%0.3636 USD0.0146 USD2.741K0.3490 USD1.39%193.533K18.725M USD
SLQTSelectQuote, Inc.
4.17%1.75 USD0.07 USD44.461K1.68 USD−3.45%549.441K279.984M USD