Top gaining US stocks in post-market

US stocks below gained the most in price during the post-market session. They are sorted by post-market price percentage change and supplied with other important metrics, including volume and market cap.
Post-market Chg %
Post-market Close
Post-market Chg
Post-market Vol
Change %
Market cap
Market cap perf %
CPOPPop Culture Group Co., Ltd
+61.24%2.08 USD0.79 USD2.626 M1.29 USD+3.20%2.932 M5.081 M USD−85.37%
MWGMulti Ways Holdings Limited
+16.34%0.6200 USD0.0871 USD774.296 K0.5329 USD+34.18%4.203 M16.435 M USD
DXYNThe Dixie Group, Inc.
+14.38%0.8199 USD0.1031 USD1.934 K0.7168 USD+10.40%35.548 K10.494 M USD−47.33% Inc.
+13.67%1.65 USD0.20 USD1.316 K1.45 USD+2.84%51.544 K19.463 M USD
SISIShineco, Inc.
+13.06%0.9503 USD0.1098 USD2.08 M0.8405 USD−60.35%6.688 M5.418 M USD+151.70%
+11.43%1.17 USD0.12 USD3.554 K1.05 USD−0.94%64.383 K300.495 M USD−89.52%
SHPWShapeways Holdings, Inc.
+10.41%0.3670 USD0.0346 USD7.8 K0.3324 USD−9.70%1.989 M2.199 M USD−90.05%
JJZXNJiuzi Holdings, Inc.
+10.12%3.59 USD0.33 USD279.012 K3.26 USD−0.61%362.331 K33.93 M USD+325.75%
CDTConduit Pharmaceuticals Inc.
+9.68%0.2879 USD0.0254 USD149.646 K0.2625 USD−9.48%5.015 M19.38 M USD−31.03%
SGNSigning Day Sports, Inc.
+9.67%0.2700 USD0.0238 USD7.355 K0.2462 USD−0.81%59.019 K3.943 M USD
VINEFresh Vine Wine, Inc.
+8.85%0.6700 USD0.0545 USD94.952 K0.6155 USD−8.15%487.394 K9.833 M USD
DXRDaxor Corporation
+8.70%10.00 USD0.80 USD1009.20 USD+1.21%35844.5 M USD−5.22%
RSLSReShape Lifesciences, Inc.
+8.15%0.2308 USD0.0174 USD995.672 K0.2134 USD−3.44%1.952 M6.271 M USD+5.79%
LUCDLucid Diagnostics Inc.
+8.06%0.9348 USD0.0697 USD6.927 K0.8651 USD+1.06%90.778 K45.347 M USD−26.73%
CNEYCN Energy Group Inc.
+7.54%0.5650 USD0.0396 USD27.553 K0.5254 USD+7.20%132.11 K1.042 M USD−96.16%
CJJDChina Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc.
+7.21%2.38 USD0.16 USD5002.22 USD−5.47%8.856 K14.772 M USD+48.56%
CETUCetus Capital Acquisition Corp.
+7.04%6.08 USD0.40 USD3.87 K5.68 USD−8.83%102.3 K21.816 M USD
DDCDDC Enterprise Limited
+6.90%0.6200 USD0.0400 USD2.677 K0.5800 USD−6.00%88.185 K12.511 M USD
LIPOLipella Pharmaceuticals Inc.
+6.50%0.4900 USD0.0299 USD2.357 K0.4601 USD−13.35%105.863 K3.499 M USD
APVOAptevo Therapeutics Inc.
+6.42%0.3330 USD0.0201 USD5.071 M0.3129 USD−5.47%5.325 M2.41 M USD−76.97%
CTNTCheetah Net Supply Chain Service Inc.
+6.38%0.5000 USD0.0300 USD241.369 K0.4700 USD−5.49%1.93 M15.227 M USD
ETNB89bio, Inc.
+6.38%9.34 USD0.56 USD120.112 K8.78 USD+0.11%1.29 M863.812 M USD−37.14%
CLBTCellebrite DI Ltd.
+6.19%12.46 USD0.73 USD34.358 K11.73 USD+0.17%643.442 K2.408 B USD+75.90%
BBTTRBetter Choice Company Inc.
+6.17%3.79 USD0.22 USD1 K3.57 USD+1.70%12.125 K3.271 M USD−56.32%
UPCUniverse Pharmaceuticals Inc
+6.06%3.50 USD0.20 USD4143.30 USD−5.17%153.887 K12.032 M USD+59.25%
IVDAIveda Solutions, Inc.
+6.03%0.5124 USD0.0291 USD5000.4833 USD−2.17%18.122 K7.863 M USD−55.24%
KPTIKaryopharm Therapeutics Inc.
+5.99%1.0000 USD0.0565 USD26.077 K0.9435 USD−1.96%847.184 K117.575 M USD−42.59%
PPHIOPhio Pharmaceuticals Corp.
+5.94%5.35 USD0.30 USD1005.05 USD−13.60%24.827 K2.576 M USD−25.95%
GRNQGreenpro Capital Corp.
+5.67%0.9225 USD0.0495 USD6000.8730 USD−0.80%16.063 K6.561 M USD−50.66%
KNSLKinsale Capital Group, Inc.
+5.56%411.14 USD21.65 USD19.725 K389.49 USD+2.01%125.664 K9.066 B USD+3.66%
+5.52%3.00 USD0.16 USD2 K2.84 USD+5.58%8.467 K23.231 M USD
AGMHAGM Group Holdings Inc.
+5.49%0.5075 USD0.0264 USD3.681 K0.4811 USD−12.69%11.761 K12.679 M USD−66.01%
GENKGEN Restaurant Group, Inc.
+5.47%9.06 USD0.47 USD4.887 K8.59 USD+3.12%67.972 K278.306 M USD−49.12%
OCTOEightco Holdings Inc.
+5.47%0.5399 USD0.0280 USD31.07 K0.5119 USD+9.66%480.713 K4.48 M USD−7.54%
AIEVThunder Power Holdings, Inc.
+5.33%1.20 USD0.06 USD110.852 K1.14 USD+18.69%2.757 M3.607 M USD
MMFHMercurity Fintech Holding Inc. - American
+5.26%1.90 USD0.09 USD11.39 K1.81 USD+3.14%50.69 K109.78 M USD−2.44%
KODKEastman Kodak Company
+5.20%5.87 USD0.29 USD48.841 K5.58 USD−2.45%442.827 K446.958 M USD−6.08%
AATNF180 Life Sciences Corp.
+5.16%2.24 USD0.11 USD8.959 K2.13 USD−7.79%147.643 K2.006 M USD−61.11%
AATRAAtara Biotherapeutics, Inc.
+5.06%11.00 USD0.53 USD2.707 K10.47 USD+3.15%106.554 K51.348 M USD−78.40%
RNAZTransCode Therapeutics, Inc.
+5.02%0.9000 USD0.0430 USD6130.8570 USD−1.49%102.557 K5.675 M USD+147.78%
CACOCaravelle International Group
+5.00%0.5565 USD0.0265 USD1080.5300 USD+0.84%21.367 K27.971 M USD−13.99%
QNCXQuince Therapeutics, Inc.
+5.00%0.8171 USD0.0389 USD1.447 K0.7782 USD−10.35%150.342 K33.63 M USD−43.93%
BTAIBioXcel Therapeutics, Inc.
+4.96%1.27 USD0.06 USD11.703 K1.21 USD+0.83%434.536 K45.412 M USD−87.56%
RAPTRAPT Therapeutics, Inc.
+4.96%3.60 USD0.17 USD42.226 K3.43 USD−1.44%284.848 K119.719 M USD−83.64%
AAILEiLearningEngines, Inc.
+4.92%9.59 USD0.45 USD25.001 K9.14 USD+1.56%286.267 K1.293 B USD+924.78%
PRMEPrime Medicine, Inc.
+4.90%5.99 USD0.28 USD78.628 K5.71 USD−4.83%1.006 M685.376 M USD−53.52%
UPXIUpexi, Inc.
+4.88%0.4667 USD0.0217 USD1.668 K0.4450 USD+10.53%87.677 K9.296 M USD−81.74%
TTWGTop Wealth Group Holding Limited
+4.84%0.8180 USD0.0378 USD7320.7802 USD−6.45%9.145 K22.626 M USD
HNRAHNR Acquisition Corp
+4.83%2.39 USD0.11 USD9802.28 USD−2.57%5.076 K16.727 M USD−78.87%
ZNTLZentalis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+4.79%4.16 USD0.19 USD118.648 K3.97 USD−0.25%1.367 M281.923 M USD−85.45%
CRISCuris, Inc.
+4.76%7.27 USD0.33 USD7496.94 USD+0.29%49.061 K40.905 M USD−60.47%
FBRXForte Biosciences, Inc.
+4.65%0.5712 USD0.0254 USD1.545 K0.5458 USD−15.12%43.811 K19.89 M USD−12.59%
CMAXCareMax, Inc.
+4.65%2.25 USD0.10 USD5.748 K2.15 USD0.00%135.088 K8.176 M USD−97.11%
BGLCBioNexus Gene Lab Corp
+4.65%0.5293 USD0.0235 USD12.052 K0.5058 USD+4.31%80.143 K8.936 M USD−94.22%
AVGRAvinger, Inc.
+4.64%1.76 USD0.08 USD2461.68 USD+2.56%10.412 K3.418 M USD−58.06%
AMRXAmneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+4.59%7.52 USD0.33 USD124.262 K7.19 USD−0.83%1.276 M2.219 B USD+371.67%
AUMNGolden Minerals Company
+4.59%0.4173 USD0.0183 USD1.597 K0.3990 USD−1.72%63.451 K5.815 M USD−53.33%
SPRCSciSparc Ltd.
+4.58%0.7425 USD0.0325 USD16.001 K0.7100 USD−0.60%75.753 K1.74 M USD−60.14%
QUADQuad Graphics, Inc
+4.45%6.10 USD0.26 USD17.109 K5.84 USD−0.34%90.639 K303.319 M USD+19.49%, Inc.
+4.39%1.19 USD0.05 USD25.443 K1.14 USD−5.00%561.156 K64.636 M USD−76.24%
AEHLAntelope Enterprise Holdings Limited
+4.36%5.27 USD0.22 USD4.868 K5.05 USD−15.27%977.134 K52.384 M USD+3,339.17%
ARCTArcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc.
+4.32%24.16 USD1.00 USD76.717 K23.16 USD−2.53%618.323 K623.741 M USD−28.91%
CVKDCadrenal Therapeutics, Inc.
+4.28%0.4800 USD0.0197 USD3000.4603 USD−1.86%113.803 K7.369 M USD
ENSCEnsysce Biosciences, Inc.
+4.23%0.4800 USD0.0195 USD1.75 K0.4605 USD−1.83%105.775 K3.493 M USD−33.90%
ATCHAtlasClear Holdings, Inc.
+4.20%0.7398 USD0.0298 USD2500.7100 USD−8.97%115.605 K8.843 M USD−88.92%
CXDOCrexendo, Inc.
+4.17%4.00 USD0.16 USD12.551 K3.84 USD+13.61%241.768 K102.531 M USD+97.94%
PEVPhoenix Motor Inc.
+4.07%0.4787 USD0.0187 USD1.014 K0.4600 USD+0.59%132.116 K16.136 M USD−13.29%
BFIBurgerFi International Inc
+4.03%0.2000 USD0.0078 USD10.271 K0.1923 USD+0.39%249.701 K5.268 M USD−88.88%
SSBFMSunshine Biopharma Inc.
+4.02%0.3443 USD0.0133 USD41.167 K0.3310 USD−2.93%763.982 K7.749 M USD−31.35%
CDLXCardlytics, Inc. Common Stock
+4.01%8.30 USD0.32 USD55.746 K7.98 USD−2.09%404.256 K389.289 M USD+34.86%
LLBLandBridge Company LLC
+3.96%32.00 USD1.22 USD11.297 K30.78 USD+2.94%627.558 K446.31 M USD
SSOPASociety Pass Incorporated
+3.91%1.33 USD0.05 USD2.007 K1.28 USD+0.79%57.036 K3.379 M USD−80.99%
CREGSmart Powerr Corp.
+3.88%1.07 USD0.04 USD4371.03 USD+4.04%82.872 K8.639 M USD−30.91%
VVINOGaucho Group Holdings, Inc.
+3.87%6.44 USD0.24 USD1516.20 USD−3.88%4.802 K5.513 M USD+60.59%
SESSES AI Corporation
+3.85%1.35 USD0.05 USD85.027 K1.30 USD−3.70%790.936 K464.116 M USD−56.76%
AERTAeries Technology, Inc.
+3.83%2.44 USD0.09 USD3.937 K2.35 USD+12.44%163.961 K91.408 M USD−27.14%
HYPRHyperfine, Inc.
+3.81%1.09 USD0.04 USD2.362 K1.05 USD+0.96%82.358 K75.608 M USD−54.26%
TARAProtara Therapeutics, Inc.
+3.81%2.45 USD0.09 USD2.063 K2.36 USD+0.85%139.484 K48.592 M USD+60.54%
LTBRLightbridge Corporation
+3.75%4.15 USD0.15 USD2.844 K4.00 USD+7.24%276.305 K57.738 M USD−24.95%
SNDXSyndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+3.70%24.35 USD0.87 USD130.688 K23.48 USD−0.09%849.863 K1.995 B USD+38.44%
BMRABiomerica, Inc.
+3.67%0.3700 USD0.0131 USD2000.3569 USD−2.75%62.59 K6.004 M USD−69.57%
HUBCHub Cyber Security Ltd.
+3.65%0.7500 USD0.0264 USD11.605 K0.7236 USD+1.34%161.614 K7.112 M USD−82.05%
CRDFCardiff Oncology, Inc.
+3.59%2.60 USD0.09 USD61.334 K2.51 USD+1.62%1.06 M112.259 M USD+55.80%
RXTRackspace Technology, Inc.
+3.59%2.60 USD0.09 USD68.996 K2.51 USD−3.46%1.145 M561.865 M USD+11.40%
APTOAptose Biosciences, Inc.
+3.52%0.7350 USD0.0250 USD9690.7100 USD−0.71%88.139 K12.858 M USD−53.30%
DDSYBig Tree Cloud Holdings Limited
+3.50%1.48 USD0.05 USD3.75 K1.43 USD−8.33%521.458 K7.151 M USD
AEONAEON Biopharma, Inc.
+3.45%1.45 USD0.05 USD6.815 K1.40 USD+32.08%186.02 K54.771 M USD−35.17%
RRELIReliance Global Group, Inc.
+3.43%4.52 USD0.15 USD4.699 K4.37 USD+7.11%160.053 K4.025 M USD−48.25%
HHSCSHeart Test Laboratories, Inc.
+3.42%4.20 USD0.14 USD6444.06 USD+0.50%83.187 K2.662 M USD
UPWheels Up Experience Inc.
+3.39%3.97 USD0.13 USD117.133 K3.84 USD−3.76%1.895 M2.678 B USD+6,201.92%
TSHATaysha Gene Therapies, Inc.
+3.38%2.45 USD0.08 USD126.731 K2.37 USD−3.66%1.938 M477.269 M USD+893.61%
FLUXFlux Power Holdings, Inc.
+3.34%4.60 USD0.15 USD6.992 K4.45 USD+9.61%197.631 K74.237 M USD−22.50%
UGROurban-gro, Inc.
+3.33%1.55 USD0.05 USD3.394 K1.50 USD+2.74%20.179 K18.478 M USD+3.74%
SSDSTStardust Power Inc.
+3.28%7.88 USD0.25 USD1.184 K7.63 USD+7.16%132.89 K70.918 M USD
OSUROraSure Technologies, Inc.
+3.26%4.44 USD0.14 USD96.998 K4.30 USD+0.12%880.751 K318.025 M USD−9.06%
SQFTPresidio Property Trust, Inc.
+3.21%0.7400 USD0.0230 USD2.551 K0.7170 USD+11.86%44.775 K10.371 M USD−25.20%
GIGMGigaMedia Limited
+3.21%1.32 USD0.04 USD3001.28 USD+1.51%4.992 K14.136 M USD−9.24%
INBSIntelligent Bio Solutions Inc.
+3.18%1.93 USD0.06 USD3.481 K1.87 USD−0.53%35.328 K5.829 M USD−21.14%
NKGNNKGen Biotech, Inc.
+3.13%0.9900 USD0.0300 USD2.552 K0.9600 USD−7.69%408.672 K24.74 M USD−72.22%
YCBDcbdMD, Inc.
+3.10%0.5995 USD0.0180 USD10.3 K0.5815 USD+2.02%22.519 K2.25 M USD−40.88%