Stocks that have decreased the most in 52 weeks

A 52-week low creates a strong support level, the same way a 52-week high forms a resistance level. The levels are at the opposite sides of the 52-week range. Technical traders and investors often observe this level when trading breakouts. Note that false breakouts happen too and it’s important to analyze the company financials to understand the reasons why the stock has been trading at such low prices.

ADOM Adomani Inc 1.90-3.80%-0.07Sell343.131K134.440M-0.344.00Consumer Cyclicals
AWRE Aware Inc 4.453.19%0.14Sell17.719K93.204M40.930.1168.00Technology
BIOC Biocept Inc 0.60-10.13%-0.07Strong Sell1.566M20.273M-0.8942.00Healthcare
BIS Proshares Ultrashort Nasdaq Biotechnology 18.24-2.20%-0.41Sell76.755KFinancials
BKT Blackrock Income Trust Inc (the) 5.98-0.66%-0.04Sell265.379K
CHKE Cherokee Inc 1.62-1.52%-0.03Sell65.152K23.019M-1.76123.00Consumer Cyclicals
CLNE Clean Energy Fuels Corp 1.68-8.20%-0.15Sell4.450M276.487M-0.36832.00Energy
CLNS Colony Northstar Inc 10.11-0.69%-0.07Sell7.985M5.553B-0.04575.00Financials
CRUSC Calvert Management Series Calvert Ultra-Short Income Nextshares 100.020.00%0.0047.359K
CYS Cys Investments Inc 7.470.40%0.03Sell1.320M1.153B-0.2017.00Financials
DDG Proshares Short Oil & Gas 21.35-0.61%-0.13Strong Sell107Financials
DNO United States Short Oil Fund 52.61-1.77%-0.95Sell13.339KFinancials
DOG Proshares Short Dow30 14.090.00%0.00Sell731.183KFinancials
DPK Direxion Developed Markets Bear 3x Shares 10.29-1.44%-0.15Strong Sell2.989KFinancials
DRIP Direxion Daily S&p Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bear 3x Shares 9.56-1.14%-0.11Sell1.513MFinancials
DUG Proshares Ultrashort Oil & Gas 31.830.09%0.03Sell88.597KFinancials
DXD Proshares Ultrashort Dow30 7.750.00%0.00Sell614.105KFinancials
EDZ Direxion Emerging Markets Bear 3x Shares 7.13-1.38%-0.10Sell366.503KFinancials
EEV Proshares Ultrashort Msci Emerging Markets 7.14-0.83%-0.06Sell25.804KFinancials
EFU Proshares Ultrashort Msci Eafe 20.22-1.17%-0.24Sell951Financials
EFZ Proshares Short Msci Eafe 23.96-0.25%-0.06Sell5.541KFinancials
EMAN Emagin Corp 1.604.92%0.07Sell428.323K53.333M-0.3398.00Technology
EMTY Proshares Decline Of The Retail Store Etf 31.780.35%0.11Sell9.528KFinancials
EPV Proshares Ultrashort Ftse Europe Etf 27.42-0.05%-0.01Sell9.262KFinancials
ERY Direxion Daily Energy Bear 3x Shares 7.090.42%0.03Sell765.151KFinancials
ESBA Empire State Realty Op, L.p. Series Es Operating Partnership Units Representing Ltd Partnership Interests 19.201.27%0.24Sell67.713K942.724M42.690.45819.00Financials
EUFX Proshares Short Euro 39.04-0.45%-0.18Sell1.528KFinancials
EUM Proshares Short Msci Emerging Markets 16.58-0.48%-0.08Sell99.061KFinancials
EUO Proshares Ultrashort Euro 20.21-0.59%-0.12Sell153.792KFinancials
EWV Proshares Ultrashort Msci Japan 22.81-2.19%-0.51Strong Sell2.449KFinancials
EXD Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Bond Of Beneficial Interest 9.75-0.91%-0.09Sell141.343K
EZT Entergy Texas Inc First Mortgage Bonds 5.625% Series Due June 1, 2064 25.72-0.66%-0.17Sell1.898K1.197B16.731.54596.00Utilities
FAZ Direxion Financial Bear 3x Shares 10.03-0.79%-0.08Sell2.421MFinancials
FXP Proshares Ultrashort Ftse China 50 12.85-3.20%-0.43Strong Sell41.230KFinancials
GASX Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bear 3x Shares 18.45-3.05%-0.58Sell44.816KFinancials
GEO Geo Group Inc (the) Reit 22.22-0.80%-0.18Sell642.402K2.778B16.461.3719370.00Financials
GIG Gigcapital Inc 9.670.33%0.03974.732K
GPJA Georgia Power Company Series 2017a 5.00% Junior Subordinated Notes Due October 1, 2077 24.60-0.20%-0.05Sell41.915K45.198M0.18140.697909.00Utilities
GUDB Sage Esg Intermediate Credit Etf 49.29-0.04%-0.02Sell250
HDGE Ranger Equity Bear Bear Etf 7.48-0.27%-0.02Sell145.726KFinancials
HEBT Hebron Technology Co Ltd 1.98-2.46%-0.05Strong Sell16.782K29.832M4.120.49Industrials
HGT Hugoton Royalty Trust 0.91-1.62%-0.01Sell804.678K37.000M8.050.110.00Energy
HTBX Heat Biologics Inc 2.93-7.86%-0.25Sell329.999K113.809M-4.1719.00Healthcare
HTRB Hartford Total Return Bond Etf 39.65-0.35%-0.14Sell100Financials
HX Hexindai Inc 10.36-2.54%-0.27Strong Sell131.554K509.799M17.210.62Financials
HYUP Xtrackers High Beta High Yield Bond Etf 49.91-0.26%-0.13100.000K
ICLK Iclick Interactive Asia Group Ltd American Depositary Shares 7.02-2.90%-0.21Sell181.982K
IGEB Ishares Edge Investment Grade Enhanced Bond Etf 49.96-0.16%-0.08Strong Sell100Financials
IHTA Invesco High Income 2024 Target Term Fund Of Beneficial Interest, No Par Value Per Share 9.86-0.62%-0.06Sell14.565K
IPHI Inphi Corp $0.001 Par Value 31.15-0.86%-0.27Sell1.587M1.329B-1.32586.00Technology
IRIX Iridex Corp 7.43-0.80%-0.06Sell7.229K86.642M-1.70121.00Healthcare
KORP American Century Diversified Corporate Bond Etf 49.98-0.29%-0.14491
KSM Deutsche Strategic Municiple Income Trust Of Beneficial Interest 11.51-0.17%-0.02Sell53.091K
LABD Direxion Daily S&p Biotech Bear 3x Shares 3.07-6.40%-0.21Sell13.234MFinancials
LMBS First Trust Low Duration Opportunities Etf 51.53-0.13%-0.07Strong Sell285.136KFinancials
MBG Spdr Bloomberg Barclays Mortgage Backed Bond Etf 25.800.08%0.02Sell23.699KFinancials
MBSD Flexshares Disciplined Duration Mbs Index Fund 23.44-0.26%-0.06Sell533Financials
MGF Mfs Government Markets Income Trust 4.690.00%0.00Sell86.343K
MIDZ Direxion Mid Cap Bear 3x Shares 11.71-0.59%-0.07Strong Sell4.926KFinancials
MINC Advisorshares Newfleet Multi-Sector Income Etf 48.370.06%0.03Sell24.948KFinancials
MLQD Ishares 5-10 Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond Etf 49.10-0.50%-0.25Strong Sell4.089KFinancials
MNGA Magnegas Corp - 2.83-12.25%-0.40Sell922.598K39.258M-32.6831.00Energy
MOSC.U Mosaic Acquisition Corp 10.10-0.49%-0.05Sell58.389K
MYI Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund Iii Inc 13.350.15%0.02Sell110.442K
MYY Proshares Short Midcap400 10.74-0.28%-0.03Strong Sell37.770KFinancials
MZZ Proshares Ultrashort Midcap400 17.10-0.32%-0.06Strong Sell718Financials
NNA Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp Common Stock 0.89-5.91%-0.06Sell1.390M141.848M-0.314.00Industrials
NUSA Nushares Enhanced Yield 1-5 Year U.s. Aggregate Bond Etf 24.710.08%0.02Sell786Financials
NYH Eaton Vance New York Municipal Bond Fund Ii Of Beneficial Interest, $.01 Par Value 11.33-0.09%-0.01Sell1.487K
OBLN Obalon Therapeutics Inc 3.46-33.33%-1.73Strong Sell5.093M90.523M-1.9391.00Healthcare
OILD Proshares Ultrapro 3x Short Crude Oil Etf 8.54-4.58%-0.41Sell747.542KFinancials
OMED Oncomed Pharmaceuticals Inc 2.921.39%0.04Sell327.327K109.027M-1.90122.00Healthcare
P Pandora Media Inc 4.160.73%0.03Sell8.390M1.027B-2.492488.00Consumer Cyclicals
PAVM Pavmed Inc 1.78-1.11%-0.02Strong Sell60.209K24.975M-0.933.00Healthcare
PBND Powershares Purebeta Us Aggregate Bond Portfolio 24.81-0.56%-0.14Strong Sell12.100KFinancials
PCK Pimco California Municipal Income Fund Ii Of Beneficial Interest 8.87-0.45%-0.04Strong Sell126.652K
PETX Aratana Therapeutics Inc 4.933.79%0.18Strong Sell635.903K204.248M-1.4585.00Healthcare
PFFD Global X U.s. Preferred Etf 24.630.08%0.02Sell26.890KFinancials
PFXF Vaneck Vectors Preferred Securities Ex Financials Etf 19.550.26%0.05Sell287.046KFinancials
PHH Phh Corp 9.75-0.91%-0.09Sell349.410K320.265M-5.743500.00Financials
PIR Pier 1 Imports Inc 3.86-2.03%-0.08Sell1.879M328.391M13.740.294500.00Consumer Cyclicals
POR Portland General Electric Co 42.520.50%0.21Sell873.795K3.769B18.322.312752.00Utilities
PRSS Cafepress Inc 1.66-6.21%-0.11Strong Sell40.888K29.847M-0.43316.00Technology
PSQ Proshares Short Qqq 32.70-0.79%-0.26Sell793.789KFinancials
QID Proshares Ultrashort Qqq 11.31-1.57%-0.18Sell4.198MFinancials
RAND Rand Capital Corp ($0.10 Par Value) 2.76-0.72%-0.02Sell19.863K17.575M-0.184.00Financials
REW Proshares Ultrashort Technology 14.16-1.80%-0.26Sell3.672KFinancials
RUSS Direxion Daily Russia Bear 3x Shares 16.46-0.36%-0.06Sell46.452KFinancials
RWGE Regalwood Global Energy Ltd Class A Ordinary Shares 9.600.00%0.00200.000K
RWLK Rewalk Robotics Ltd - Ordinary Shares 1.07-2.18%-0.02Sell170.923K31.787M-1.5994.00Healthcare
RWM Proshares Short Russell2000 40.32-0.32%-0.13Sell294.348KFinancials
RXD Proshares Ultrashort Health Care 26.30-0.21%-0.06Sell2.020KFinancials
S Sprint Corp 5.30-0.38%-0.02Sell23.209M21.282B-0.1528000.00Telecommunications Services
SBB Proshares Short Smallcap600 32.99-1.13%-0.38Strong Sell1.403KFinancials
SBI Western Asset Intermediate Muni Fund Inc 9.290.32%0.03Sell33.743K
SBM Short Basic Materials 16.90-1.02%-0.17Strong Sell195Financials
SCC Proshares Ultrashort Consumer Services 21.33-1.25%-0.27Sell580Financials
SCO Proshares Ultrashort Bloomberg Crude Oil 21.09-2.99%-0.65Sell1.831MFinancials
SDD Proshares Ultrashort Smallcap600 14.35-0.95%-0.14Sell600Financials
SDOW Ultrapro Short Dow30 16.390.00%0.00Sell1.446MFinancials
SDS Proshares Ultrashort S&p500 36.49-0.41%-0.15Sell3.641MFinancials
SEF Proshares Short Financials 11.02-0.33%-0.04Sell36.651KFinancials
SFB Stifel Financial Corp 5.20% Senior Notes Due 2047 24.03-0.66%-0.16Sell88.030K4.509B26.212.967100.00Financials
SH Proshares Short S&p500 28.47-0.21%-0.06Sell2.231MFinancials
SHAG Wisdomtree Barclays Yield Enhanced U.s. Short-Term Aggregate Bond Fund 49.38-0.35%-0.17Strong Sell8.687KFinancials
SKF Proshares Ultrashort Financials 18.97-0.73%-0.14Sell10.738KFinancials
SMDD Ultrapro Short Midcap400 8.90-0.89%-0.08Strong Sell1.205KFinancials
SO Southern Company (the) 44.470.98%0.43Sell10.274M44.200B79.310.5732015.00Utilities
SOXS Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3x Shares 11.88-2.22%-0.27Sell544.949KFinancials
SPDN Direxion Daily S&p 500 Bear 1x Shares 28.86-0.31%-0.09Sell12.593KFinancials
SPXS Direxion Daily S&p 500 Bear 3x 25.09-0.63%-0.16Sell2.256MFinancials
SPXU Proshares Ultrapro Short S&p500 9.52-0.73%-0.07Sell7.444MFinancials
SQQQ Proshares Ultrapro Short Qqq 16.65-2.46%-0.42Sell6.103MFinancials
SRTY Proshares Ultrapro Short Russell2000 27.92-1.03%-0.29Sell498.737KFinancials
SSG Proshares Ultrashort Semiconductors 8.78-0.85%-0.08Sell4.970KFinancials
STLY Stanley Furniture Company Inc 0.63-23.17%-0.19Sell741.542K12.368M-0.0770.00Consumer Cyclicals
STNG Scorpio Tankers Inc 3.091.64%0.05Strong Sell3.913M959.411M-0.7919.00Energy
STNL Sentinel Energy Services Inc 9.70-1.02%-0.103.100K299.400M3.00Financials
SUSB Ishares Esg 1-5 Year Usd Corporate Bond Etf 24.85-0.04%-0.01Sell8.287KFinancials
SYNC Synacor Inc 2.00-1.23%-0.03Strong Sell256.059K78.339M-0.39449.00Technology
SZK Proshares Ultrashort Consumer Goods 13.00-1.20%-0.16Strong Sell835Financials
TECS Direxion Technology Bear 3x Shares 5.52-1.60%-0.09Sell268.553KFinancials
TWM Proshares Ultrashort Russell2000 15.85-0.56%-0.09Sell822.490KFinancials
TZA Direxion Small Cap Bear 3x Shares 10.60-0.93%-0.10Sell6.447MFinancials
USOD United States 3x Short Oil Fund 9.00-4.37%-0.41Sell2.940KFinancials
UUP Powershares Db Usd Index Bullish 23.51-0.25%-0.06Sell735.489KFinancials
VESH Virtus Enhanced Short U.s. Equity Etf 21.87-0.95%-0.21Sell1.210KFinancials
WYDE Proshares Cds Short North American Hy Credit Etf 32.10-0.03%-0.01Sell1.001KFinancials
YANG Direxion Daily Ftse China Bear 3x Shares 3.85-4.47%-0.18Sell904.266KFinancials
YXI Proshares Short Ftse China 50 16.72-2.28%-0.39Strong Sell15.123KFinancials
ZBIO Proshares Ultrapro Short Nasdaq Biotechnology 8.55-3.61%-0.32Sell109.639KFinancials
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